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December 20, 2016
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March 22, 2007
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Approved For Release 2007/03/23: CIA-RDP84B00049R001800150005-7 NSSD 2/82 Chronology of Principal Actions (All dates 1982) 17 February NSSD 2/82 received by DCI. (DDCI in Hawaii until 2/22.) 22 February Met with John Bross, to discuss NSSD and to 25X1 structure approach to TOR. 23 February John Bross memo to DDCI with his observations. 24 February Submitted memo to DDCI reporting 22 February meeting and sug- gesting methodology, scope, draft outline, and draft letter to Judge Clark., 26 February Met wi Also there were Messrs. O'Malley J McMahon, 25X1 Stein, and Bross. DDCI indicated desire to have NSSD 25X1 withdrawn. If not successful, he would conduct study along narrow lines of a "capabilities study" using the SIG-I (which he would chair) as the steering group and the IG/CI as the working group. Other study subjects would be deferred for later attention. Group instructed to do nothing until further advised. 26 February Met with to report on developmen s. I lagree to support CCIS staff augmenta- tion if necessary to accomplish study work. 1 March DDCI instructed me to proceed to develop a response (to Judge Clark) along the lines we discussed on 2/26/82. 2 March Revised draft letter, outline, and Terms of Reference submitted to DDCI in accordance with instructions. 4 March Met with Britt Snider and Jack Donnelly in OSD on other matters, but asked for and got DDCI permission to provide status report on NSSD 2 actions. 8 March DDCI returned to me the 2 March drafts with several changes and request that it be prepared for him by COB 3/8. This was done. 9 March Apparently after discussion with DCI, DDCI made a few further changes in draft. Retyping was done and letter was signed by DDCI morning of 9 March. DMS directed to hand-deliver to Robert McFarlane, Deputy Assistant to the President, as soon as pos- sible. Receipted for at 1152/9 March. DDCI indicated no need to coordinate in Community. MNUMENTIAL 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/03/23: CIA-RDP84B00049R001800150005-7 ON UONT A 12 March Sent note to DDCI soliciting guidance for further actions, in- cluding Community coordination and distribution, since nothing had been heard from NSC. 15 March Received my 3/12 note back with annotations by DDCI directing immediate promulgation of TOR, etc., to Community and scheduling of SIG-I and IG/CI meetings. DDCI said he wanted to sign promulgation letter by COB 3/15, if possible. This was done, and letter signed 15 March. 17 March SIG-I meeting scheduled for 1530/25 March in White House Situa- tion Room, DCI chairing. 19 March Judge Clark sends letter to DDCI asking for submission of ex- panded outline and TOR to be fully responsive to the President's directive. (DDCI in Florida until 3/22.) 22 March Initiated TOR revision responsive to NSSD and Clark 3/19 letter in preparation for meeting with Koehler and DDCI at 1600. Just before meeting, DDCI advised he would not address the subject and that any further discussions should be with DCI. II 25X1 made appointment with DCI for 0900/23 March. 23 March Met with DCI (with Summarized background, reviewed papers and provided draft copy of broadened TOR. Discussed problem areas and sensitivities. DCI agreed to feasibility of broadened study. Preferred not to hold SIG-I meeting until he could at least talk matter over with Judge Webster. Noted he will have breakfast with Webster on 2 April, so asked that SIG-I meeting for 3/25 be cancelled and rescheduled at least two weeks later. DCI asked me to advise O'Malley of developments. DCI kept draft revised TOR to review. 23 March Talked to Ed O'Malley at 1700/23 March and gave him complete summary of actions and future plans. He was appreciative and asked for whatever supporting papers could be provided to him for briefing Judge Webster prior to meeting DCI on 2 April. 24 March Met with John McMahon to bring him up to date on developments and actions. 29 March Met with Ed O'Malley to discuss breakfast meeting 2 April and to provide copies of pertinent papers for his use in briefing Judge Webster. He indicated Judge Webster had asked him to accompany him to breakfast. 31 March Provided talking points and related papers to DCI and DDCI in preparation for 2 April breakfast. CONFIDENTIAL