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December 20, 2016
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October 24, 2007
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March 26, 1979
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Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00l30R000600010022-5 - TOP SECRET - MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Staff Meeting Minutes of 26 March 1979 The Director chaired the meeting. reported that the Soviet military exercise is winding down. two motorized rifle divisions have been left behind in Mongolia. In response to the Director's question of where these divisions came from, speculated that they were moved from within the Far Eastern area. The Director asked that this be sorted out specifying whether there are now 47 instead of 45 divisions in t e Far East or whether the number of divisions remains the same but has just been deployed differently. noted that the General Petrov who was in the area of the exercise is the same individual who was in Ethiopia. Later in the meeting, the Director asked to include in a retrospective analysis of the exercise whether or not the Soviets have augmented or changed their military posture in the Far East and whether or not they have established a new theater of war command in the area. (Action: NFAC) the facility in Korea has been dismantled and the armor has vanished, presumably moving to the east. reported that Afghanistan is moving significant military units closer to its border. 0 added that they were originally three miles from the border and are now moving closer. Bowie noted receipt of a call advising that Dick Lehman suffered a mild stroke while in Honolulu and is returning to Washington today. Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00l30R000600010022-5 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010022-5 - TOP SLUKLI Calling attention to an article in the Washington Post (attached) about the HPSCI evaluation of the performance of the Intelligence Community during the recent Indo-Chinese crisis, Hitz said that Congressman Aspin's press release had both positive and negative comments, but the press did not pick up the negative. Hitz added that Congressman Aspin was helpful in a disagreement over classification this weekend by deleting the number of Americans slated to go to the Yemens from Defense testimony. Hitz said that he would call and thank him for doing so. Briggs noted that Waller has returned from his Far East trip. Wortman advised that if Deputies take his memorandum seriously about reducing the handwritten corrections in cables, DDA will be able to save four man-years. Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010022-5 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010022-5 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010022-5 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010022-5 ? Noting an item in Sunday's Washington Post about sections deleted from the American version of former DCI Colby 's book that were printed in the French version, the Director said that this was an embarrassing situation that opens up the thorny question of whether or not the Agency treats former employees' publications differently. He asked that Lapham address the question of whether or not Mr. Colby and are in the same category as Snepp and Stockwell. 0 noted that these cases were different. The Director asked OGC to be certain the Agency could answer questions about possible selective treatment of former employees' publica- tions. (Action: OGC) Noting that the State Department Iranian Working Group has suspended publication, the Director asked NFAC to be sure and keep him and the DDCI up to date on the general tenor of the Iranian situation, possibly on a weekly basis, as appropriate. (Action: NFAC)0 25X1 In response to the Director's comment about State Department's optimistic outlook on the oil situation, Bowie said that he has asked OER for an assessment. (Action: NFAC) 0 25X1 Noting that he would be leaving the city for a few days, the Director asked attendees to advise him of anything he could do for them at SAC Headquarters. 0 25X1 Noting that an important meeting on SALT is scheduled for 30 March, the Director said that Bowie would attend. The major issue should be whether or not Brezhnev has responsed on the telemetry issue. The Director asked EA/DCI 0 to arrange in advance for a secure phone in the Los 25X1 Angeles area on which he could discuss this issue with Bowie on 29 March. (Action: EA/DCI) 0 25X1 Returning to the subject of the alternatives the Director 25X1 said that it has been agreed not to brief on this subject in any detail until this matter is addressed by the SCC. He asked Hitz to keep him informed if Congressional pressure continued to build for such briefings. (Action: OLC) In response to the Director's question, and Hitz responded 25X1 that there may not be a CIAP briefing before the House Appropriations Committee. explained that House Appropriations Committee Staffer 25X1 Snodgrass is concentrating on IRA matters 25X1 4 SECRET Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010022-5 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010022-5 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010022-5 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010022-5 TV I1J1111 \ V 1 It-F1 I I "OX Mteiiigence Agencies Receive. ... g, he.Iill Unusual Accolade on t By Don Oberdorfer Washington Post Staff Writer along their ! common " 'border. China In an unusual accolade for the per., had. anticipated Soviet actions by lormance of U.S.. intelligence 'agen- evacuating large. numbers of civilians aes, a House subcommittee chairman and .some vulnerable military units . reported yesterday that they "served' from the area near the Sino-Soviet the nation well" during the recent border. C'hinese Invasion of Vietnam. Aspin said a memorandum pub- Rep. Les Aspin (D-Wis.), chairman lished by U.S. Intelligence,-agencies if the House Intelligence subcom- last November. erroneously held that inittee on oversight, said in a written Vietnam would not overrun . all of report that the Central Intelligence Cambodia--as Hanoi forces actually Agency provided at least six weeks' did, starting around Christmas. warning that China might take the action it did. However, he 'said the 'Strategic He said his findings were based on Warning Staff argued it is "difficult classified testimony before the sub- to believe" that such a large Vietnam- committee by State and Defense de- ese force deployed along the Cambo- partment officials. dian border was intended for only a Aspin quoted an "alert memoran- limited objective. dum" issued by the CIA in early Janu- Aspin said, from a poll iymaker's ary as concluding that "the Chinese viewpoint, intelligence shortcomings in this situation were "minor" corn ? pared to the overall success In follow- may choose to engineer a strong local- ing Vietnamese military preparations. ized demonstration of Chinese power ? On the whole, .he concluded, the. along the (Vietnamese] frontier." He ability of U.S. intelligence "rapidly to, said the CIA continued to reinforce . r r this view until the Chinese attack into" observe, assess and report "military` 17- Vietnam s border area an Feb. ed preparations .informed , policymakers On the other hand, he reported that' of impending Vietnamese, Chinese U.S. ~ agencies "had trouble In`assess and Soviet actionsmell in advance." lug the likelihood of Soviet Involve., He also praised the recent practice ment" as China moved to the attack. of permitting the full presentation of He quoted a report by the Strategic competing views,' which he attributed Warning Staff, jointly manned by the to CIA Director Stanfield Turner. CIA and :the Pentagon, as saying the : Aspin suggested that the' airing. of Soviets ,almost. ,certainly: will competing views should be continued attempt counterpressures along and strengthened, based on The record ?the Sino Soviet .border.. , :. ;, of intelligence performance 'in the. This view was revised laterlto roc- Sino-Vietnamese war: , ognize that the likelihood of Soviet in ?;wy.- tervention would depend on the'depth, of China's penetration into. Vietnam, Aspin said. f r . As far ? as Is known, :the 'Soviet Un- ion made no move against China - Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010022-5