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December 20, 2016
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October 29, 2007
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February 9, 1979
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Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010038-8 0 SECRET - 9 February 1979 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Staff Meeting Minutes of 9 February 1979 The Director was at NSA; Mr. Carlucci chaired the meeting. Dirks noted there have been no significant changes in the situation in Iran while Mr. Carlucci has been out of the city. McMahon added that Wortman advised that in response to Mr. Carlucci's earlier request to investigate the validity of suggestions that senior staff officers were generating a pessimistic outlook in their talks to Agency training classes, he spoke with the Director and Deputy Director of Training. They both confirmed this phenomenon, and Wortman suggested the best way of counter- ing it would be for attendees to address this problem at their staff meetings. Later in the meeting McMahon said that he had learned it was not individual presentations per se that were causing "gloom and doom" but the overall impact of all of the presentations together, which could include highlighting growing FOIA work loads, increased Congressional inquiries and restrictions placed on counterintelligence activities. Wortman highlighted the Presidential Management Intern Program, which places top graduate students from well known public policy schools in two- year rotational assignments in government agencies. One intern has been placed in DDA and a rotation may be arranged for him in NFAC. Wortman said that he favors increasing the number of interns at CIA to three and encouraged NFAC, Office of the Comptroller, and RMS to consider placing such individuals. said that they would be interested in doing so. In response to Mr. Carlucci's question, Hitz confirmed that Congressman Burlison offered to include relief from the FOIA in the CIA authorization bill. confirmed that the Agency FOIA proposal was included in the 25X1 budget pac age. In response to Mr. Carlucci's question about the status of the Attorney General's task force on FOIA, Lapham said that the group imme- diately bogged down and does not seem likely to be very productive. McMahon noted that an appellate court recently sent back several FOIA cases because the judges had not vigorously pursued the law in their decisions. The appellate court decreed that judges have to address classification claims de novo, justify every deletion made for security reasons, and outline the potential impact of releasing the deleted information. McMahon suggested that doing so could quadruple the time required for handling FOIA requests. Lapham confirmed McMahon's account of the court cases, which claimed that the government has been circumventing the act. He suggested that these procedures would significantly add to the FOIA work load ~ 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010038-8 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010038-8 0 49 Lapham reported that after four years the Justice Department has dismissed the case against ITT official Berrellez. A decision in the remaining case against ITT official Gerrity is expected within 10 days. The latter case is less threatening from the Agency's point of view. Lapham said that U.S. Ambassador to Chile Landau was in town, and he put him in touch with the Department of Justice. The Ambassador made a very strong presentation to Justice officials on the impact the ITT case would probably will not be helpful. Hitz noted that Senate Foreign Relations Committee Staffer Bader requested a briefing on Taiwan, which was declined. Hitz added that Senator Church also intends to look into the Iranian situation, which have on Chile if it had been brought to trial. said that the hearing is now scheduled for mid-March. Hitz expressed concern about Congressman Aspin's proposed hearings on sensitive collection operations. Mr. Carlucci noted his understanding that the Congressman hoped to increase the reporting requirements for these operations. Lapham explained that the Executive Order that was implemented about a year ago calls for standards to be established by the President regarding the review process for sensitive collection operations. He said that numerous drafts have been written but none have yet been approved. The Agency circulated a draft set of procedures six months ago for concur- rence. The Department of Defense concurred, but the Departments of Justice and State opposed them. Meetings have been held to try to reconcile differences, and two days ago the Department of Justice circulated a new set of draft procedures. McMahon said that he would like to have a set of approved standards before attending Congressman Aspin's hearings. Hitz Senate Energy Committee yesterday went very well. Hitz reported that the energy briefing for the Minority members of the Bowie expressed concern that NFAC did not receive a sensitive DDO report distributed yesterday to the White House and the Departments of State and Defense until late last evening. He noted this could have caused some embarrassment. McMahon pointed out that the reports were disseminated by NFAC's Operations Center. Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010038-8 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010038-8 0 SECRET ? McMahon said that DDO is checking on a report that the Soviets are hiuc1ng up Iranian currency at 8 1/2 percent higher than the market rate. McMahon noted that the situation in Lebanon seems to be heating up again. Recalling that U.S. firms paid about $30 million in ransoms last year for kidnapping in El Salvador, McMahon said that U.S. companies there have begun hiring security people, many of whom are former Agency employees who are now asking for intelligence information. He added that Cuban Prime Minister Castro has reputedly given up on his efforts in Guatemala to concentrate on El Salvador Mr. Carlucci noted that he was surprised to learn from his DDO briefing of the increasing number of independent ministates in the Caribbean that have great potential for future instability. He suggested that NFAC and DDO may want to consult on preparing a Presidential briefing on this area. (Action: NFAC & DDO) Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010038-8