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December 20, 2016
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October 25, 2007
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February 17, 1981
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Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 ? SECRET ? 17 February 1981 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Staff Meeting Minutes of 17 February 1981 Clarke was in the chair. The Director was out of the city and the DDCI was delayed due to a traffic accident. McMahon reported that a private Rome television station produced a story on CIA wrongdoings around the world. Hugel initiated a general discussion of the hiring freeze and ceilings, and Fitzwater noted that the DDCI instructed him to hire only those people whose skills were on the critical skills list. In response to Hugel's question about the skills on the list, Fitzwater said they included anon others communicators, engineers, analysts, lawyers, and clericals. Hitz noted that Senator Glenn is in the building to receive a briefing on NATO and the space shuttle. Hitz commented that the HPSCI will choose its Members this afternoon. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 ? SECRET ? In response to Hitz' question about the article in today's New York Times (attached) which reports the release of two Americans by the Yemenis, McMahon said that neither worked for the Agency Hetu noted two articles in the 17 February Wall Street Journal. One deals with the failure of a bank in The Bahamas and a possible CIA connection (attached); the other is an editorial about Seymour Hersh and his relationship with former U.S. Ambassador of Chile Edward Korry (attached). said the draft of the travel exemption paper for the Director will be completed on 19 February. reported that the Comptroller is sending the DDCI a statement for his use at the 26 February HPSCI hearing, added that the DDCI would like the four Deputies to accompany him to the hearings. Attachments: As stated 2 SECRET Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 f? Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 Office of Current Oper!tons The Operations Center News Service Distribution II ItErn from NEW YORK TIMES, Page 1, 17 Feb 81. Yemen Frees U.S. Pair Heid as Spies By A. 0. SULZBERGER . SprxialtoTteNewYorkTbtas. ? ' WASHINGTON, Feb.:10.? Two Aimee- to Saudi Arabia on matters relating to can citizens were held by Yemen for a. Yemen and, because of Saudi concerns, year on charges of being spies in?a case the, Government sent large shipments of never disclosed by the State Department. rulitarY equipment to Yemen during the Carter Administration. ? The two men were finally released on hen mamas, reached by telephone at Feb. 8, after months of behind-the-scenes bis borne in Madrid, said that he and Mr. Terrell .were -"tried by a National Se- eurity Court" in Yemen in September. "We were-never given the verdict," be Said, "but later we learned that the court bed fotmdlle all net glIfity.r ? . - Mr. Thomas, who " was held for 10 months, said that the State Department did everything in. its. power to gain an early release, but that its power was "in- to extract confessions from them. ? ? sufficient. . ? ? -- Mr. Terrell, 24 years old, said that after "em's-very little You cap do %adman a month of beatings he had confessed thata sovereign nation," he said.- .a ? ? - Mr. Terrell said he was arrested by the he as an Israeli srsi: In his nsnlessinni Yetisenis while visiting the burial site of which he ear; was fraudulent, he said Salaam Shabazzi, a Yemeni Jew who be. teat Mr. Thomas, 60, whornbe knew, was came a wellknown-mutiotiat aria poet th- an agent working for the Central Intelli- Israel. adr. Terrell had lived in Israel for. gence Agency. Mr. Thomas was then ax- the previous four years while working ; rested and also tortured. He says that he there for the Southern Baptist Church. I was never a spy and that he did not con- While in Israel he established close des to fess to being one. the Yemeni Jewish community, which Seven Yemenis, three of them Jews. spurred his ?interest in visiting. the ?min" try. ere also arrested and charged with ' For about a month after his arrival in being part of the spy plot. Three of the Yemen. Mr. Terrell Worked for Mr. Yemenis were released on Jan. 14, but as Thomas, who 'had lived in Sena, the far as tiae two Americans know the four Yemeni capital, since December 1977 and others are still imprisoned, was employed by Aeromaritime -Inc., a ' A State Department official said that Washington-based marketing concern. the Yemeni Government had not given a , Visit Made by U.S. Consul . I reason for releasing the two Americans Nine months after Mr. Terrell was ar- But both men said they believed that the rested on Feb. 4, 1980, he received his , Government had finally decided the evi- t first visit from an -American official, dance against them was not sufficient for I John Vessey, the American Consul in holding them any longer. 'Sena. He said that George M. Lane, the The United States bee had cordial rela- I United States Ambassador to Yemen, tons with Yemen, which is strategically had made three visits to All Abdullah Sal situated at the southwestern corner of the I a, the Yemeni President, and on the third visit was told that the Americans Arabian Peninsula, though not as inti- , would be released. mate as those with neighboring Saudi ! Arabia. ? i The quiet diplomacy involved is in The Yemen Arab Republic produces no sharp contrast to the public handling of oil but it is sandwiched between the con- the case of the 52 American hostages held servative kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in Iran. President Saleh apparently or- the pro-Soviet nation of Southern Yemen derd the two Americans released on Jan. and is just across the narrow strait of Bab 20, the day that the Iranians released el Mandeb from Marxist-ruled Ethiopia. their hostages, but it took some time be- American officials have been con- fore his orders were carried out. ? cerned over periodic reports of merger discussions between the two Yemens. Generally, the United States has deferred efforts by the State Department, which had never revealed that the two men, were imprisoned. : - Both . of the Americans. William Thomas Jr., whose borne is in Madrid, and DuWayne Terrell of Colorado Springs, Colo., said they had been tor- tured by Yemeni authorities in an effort Date. 17 Feb 81 Item No. 2 Ref. No _Mr. Terrell, Who is. now. ;this- 'parents' home in Colorado Springs, said he had been told by Ambassador Lane after his release that the negotiations had reached a point. at ,which the State- Department was faced with the question whether to sacrifice - relatiotis with the.. strategic country for the sake of the two Amen.. LetteraWritten in Hebrew . "They snspected I wilt a apy," Mr. Ter-. tell said. "I had letters for Israel on me written in Hebrew-They *ere nothing in- criminating, but it made them think I was with Israeli intelligence." ? - He was taken to the city.of Tam, where he was interrogated for two months and subjected to torture. -.. . He was hpag upside down by his leg hems for hours at a time, he said. One night his guards heat the soles of his feet.- He passed out five times and lost tour toe. nails, he said. . ? . . He was compelled, he went on, to write a totally fabricated statement saying that he was a spy. In it he named Mr. Thomas as being part of the American spy community, and the older man was detained Olt-Aril . ? 'No Idea Why Was Arrested' "Initially I had no idea why I was ar- rested," Mr. Thomas said. Be was then told he was accused of being an American spy. "I denied it all and was then con- fruited with this kid who had been tor- tured into accusing me falsely," he said. Mr. Thomas said he had been tortured four or five times while being kept in soli- tary confinement in the headquarters of the Yemeni secret police. Re, too, was suspended upside down by leg irons for hours and was beaten:: - Following a secret trial before a Mili- tary court, the two men were transferred _ to Sana's general prison, where they were held until their release eight days ago. - ? ? Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 N Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 33 ',NALL STEM JOURNAL 17 February 1981 alellePOININIIIIIIN00111111111111111111111111110111111111MINb. ? ... --7.3 : 2. :I-. i..... ? - ? (.. -' ..:i......; , .., . .? - , ? ? %,?-,-i- - ???????:r.f?-t:iii-... ? ? .. ,.._,,, ,..,, ...,?st . 7 ... ,.,....._ ? ? T.? ? - ? ...? ?:::::.....,:a ? ,s...-i; .:.....:;:,-.57a----.7.7.7:t., .?-. . . :.??? -... ? ?. Prompted .,rom e , Lir. e:-...o-fBa - amas: . :..,,,,?,.._ ..?,....,.,,,,,......,..........,..........,,,, ...,.,,.....),?.......?.,,,,,,..,..?..4.,_,, ...,...?..?,.....?,?..?....:.....,...?-......e..,-i5:.,2,-...,;t:......,....,... -1.1.. ' ?;.,- ..-..:,...-,,,,,,:-?,;4 .'"'"7.t.r.i.el"' '-- --'-'-'? i - ' ? " ? ' ".? -"' ' . . -,.: - ., -.-.4),??x 7,.... ?;- --. t ? ? ccoun. ing n us ry Prac ' ce-on- na ti ? " ? ???- 7. ? -; ? -As-a...I.-es.4 Mercantile slaw v cy, ? - .3..e.p.orZor ormew ALLSTRICIIT ? - Erni .of? WILliants 8; Connolly-1'; 'has tm-':vraythere.'-rtiuld b& signifirant7 in how- the accounting profession ??nem= itsbusinesi.---?%; ? In. suit filedin-fediraiistrIct court in ccas.14-.-tftrt thaaatteropts: to Dm the blame.; ct- a- B4atnian-bank collapse, Calwar.arpti, ..w? that Price Waterhouse sboirs1 beheld:liable for, of a.Bahd4 Jrjan? ;??1?1a trr- reFpanslawforellt-e4 Water7F: ea-EY-ire ther . 7?71i 1 taibffiCeSIV?-117diiieliditittr0311& 7"4 ""-le?;;C?613216117,:triadY,`. ;MAI Seitted Lre: awiFi'itif.thati-daftirme--X:fettital of has. itiledithieseitiekrindit-Standard nevi, LiM 'YUIP?:= ???-?- ? agA0341i;Crtril?'=,U:','Ir=2": r44; ? .:,A=:rneys., for Ervei a. the, ling:Siihrac- mitog: _concerns,- argued: unsuccessfully- ?7-Ls osm-e. of -dr e reporti would prart- ?-_.-?Ity d...ntroy the .effectiveness of the: ao- ? _1?.?,, prafessiort-Shey Say they haven't ; cecided whether to.appeelt: - -7 ??Manwhlle, there are-indications that an F...x=Mat for .Prire' ;Waterhouse'S ? Baha- =;az affiliate mar; have-- had connections with the Central Troaligence Armcy.--Price Tiaterimuse denies any involvement.._ Cie- court battle, Williams & Connolly --i'PribtSt:the-rliqtddatars f.ob,!Mereantile Tru Co:?Frec.port,; the-Baliatnas..- 2-2- two-thirdx interest. in. Mercantil Bank of Ws:c114.-stan, a diversified holding company* Iatermilanalhoueit i stake from Mercare largest- shareltolderr-a?.-Pan2rtrrin- Gcesn controlled by L Gordon Mosvold,-.a a?Noravoi,an.shipping famil7- te:lre,! ?-?:?sAc="rding is documents filed-la:the- suit-, ?"- dt--,::,s for International discovered in 1975- flat ' practically all. ,of ,Merrantiles' assets.. ciestanding': 'pans) .z-weretTla,r.g*r ? Pezte -Waterhouses ? Freeport officef had Mama tile's 'outside auditor since the lf,Tor was. farmed in 19a.-. Shortly after the's auditors,. Price.: Watarboase withdrew its unqualified opinim at Mercantile's financial statements,. accordi ;?-?0- to Price Waterhouse documents. In 197t. c9art records in the. Bahamas show,, the Ba:-: l!Proiin government suspended Mercantile' IR:etse and.puttlie bank into. liquidation-,....;* ',;-- -,14". i '???c?-?;?'?-- %-3. 3:. :.--;?:.-r)..- ! ? : - - . - ...:! ? :Conrulintiat reports,:.accortling to .aafitiavits filed rt cour:,_would bensischier at best ais13-at worst;..!?-atruld, break dawn" the ac4 :Counting-process -raround the world." thoS,,"the public .inter - i - ..est4r,...';' ,'!--;;,,--.":4t'''''";.?'..::-- *4.---:-.?''J:?; est 'i-Ziar4nong.-..rnace-!'sulio-rting this argument- .et Peat . Mar-wirit2:3Etritell-- -et + Co' ?Tauciii;Rcss- &-,Co.Arthor Young Zr-Co.;1- Brnst-,&:WhinneY, and-John. C..BUrtan4ort, mer.Chief accountant fotthe SEC.?:*,.........,4,-,:-.4. l'.----,4%-lederal-itidg,e in WashingtorrilliOituit-7 7.---t- . - ? . -led: the arL.flavits_ antl; listen ed. tri? thelarp, . :merits :recently-:deride&tliey i werr"selft. g4 -Servin He ordered Price Waterhouse- tri _turn over: the:rantested:repOrts, to .Williams TiOninolly.: lawyers for the liqpidatois=:?. ?Zv:::zaits defense;. Price-Waterhouse argued -sae:mien sly that the reviews dtt"rnentiont. jMercantile in. any.way"::ancLdon7"1-!rfiti1714- ;=;:anY.evaluition'of-,thellerrantile audits-Z.' ---xl,ez- Why?..Price Waterhouse won't elaborate,1 -But a former Malarial says "rertabiiper.- sons", wete-.?7'.`underarders'.:?. to- maker didn't gerarress to Mercantile!s .booksr.lf llieypoked- around. he says,-they 1. ?"could unravel- a trail Da-- the ' intelBOn. . . community. 7;;:-..-- f'en'.1"." ::-.--?? :13 A- , --.---The: official says-Merr.antile..,?timfipet.-;: .formed : some". fur.rtions"-:.for the ClAx.befm* .IntP.snadonal purchased control of the-bank:. :i'f-A?-:_dedinesf., _ were; .4 .;,../.....-.,r.:.,,-....; .:?:::..-7.;----.:'?:;.7:-3 :i_ also says.B:B.. Fineand. the. senicir:Ofinaging partner-lof :',Prire, Wateri.: house'SFieeport office-until '1970.. was ihe: person .the-CIA.- dealt with. "Merr-andle's/ - -books' wer4:speriallr .7- handled., the " former' otfidal,saysY4L;1 ..;7.,--"After'-leaving Price Waterhouse:Mr : 'FIng,land- became- a? director of 'Mertrantile4 ?:.The_liquidatore lawsoirallegestiatOurilit ? lIa time: - Mr. FinOand !lartivelr pardrii. pated in the accounting.fithest businessA. . court filingm: Mr: I.'in giandand-PriciWiterf liallia.have denied-any:WLiangdoingl%ir ccording: to several intelligence-coranur ..nitY sourrm.-Metrantile.Wai a frequenbcini; ' duit..forCIA-trion'ivz rriosat in the 19E.Oiblit --aLso-lInt:(1--several-nionths:.before-Inte-r-fia, 7.iiiirat'S Pii-rrhase:Frinit its- inceptors. in 1952. ,Aint.l.its:coilapi& ir4 1977. Meraantiles most commomIdirerto is and shareholders 'and 'had.. transz:ctiorts. with- Castle .Bank, & Trust Co a Nacan bank that is defunct As reported earlier in. this newspaper; Caitle :it/as' Controlled by, the CIA..;.The same irtnip .;of .dirertois and shareholders operated th ' ? other Caribbean. ba which- the.CIA': ii- ,pa..oly_iiSed to-launder money.-- fff.r. l?-..*CLA;.; spokeician says. his agency' neve . _porn:mot; on-such allegadons 7 l..awyer'; for the liquklators say they-pl..' ,..a. ' suit ..a?,-rizi= the-CIA. because:the :agency hasn't released derrineraboat Mercantile .requested undethe Freedom &Informal( -C6f ? -.,,- ' Ili; t..-national says it sustained about '9:1rnulboa "d.arnages. .15.7 million of which was ?;c?=r,- gen.?against previous. years', earnings: International -sued Price 'Waterhouse and ?Mercantiles?previous osimers. and. dirertors: ?ekrusirig,them:ol Laud .; ?-? licpiklitois' in the Ba- ?;_liiiiled'aiirnilar suit in federal court in 2.Wa5hingtan:.,-The" liquidators, Dennis Cross ?.`a.nctDavid.liamilton (who are accountants .;!-for...41A-,,-11..assait..Lort-lrf-_ of, peat?Marwick. -Malzq1ege-th atinterna;-; tionaricrieriart:',ar :tional-?denies T;;;TrAZCarditiFiciithi Iiiiitidaforel snit.; Mars- "eantiles-problerni-began?when Mr..; Mosvold? ; Others: dinied.the Ibink'-to.feridseveral- :rraillortr: denim. bzwunidentifiedAinerican- v-eStas"F fol"..stark4riarkettauirtases4- ;When MerdintilW:ralled the Dims-due: aftei. pe;f StOck"lThirkgr;7 p1iu4,c,:-,Etthg,'suit"'ilY*Iia**irmirers re-:, InSed to TIMYI.; Mosvold deni tha :":?%.hide...the had leans; iic; suit says, Mer- .7.nrfile officials created. sliell! companies to "bur the loans The practice-allegedly con-:- .Yanedi lintilwIrt-Prnalionalts:- auditors, uncov,-: eredit-Lliquldatoms' report inoAugust 1977, 7said 'Mercale'S! liabilities! weren asSeM4werezr.5.1:: million,: of- t..-120. ,A 7 'consisted: of.: alleged .? ? T14:: I: :gs: 47; -; TliesuitaLsir-rimtends: that?Price:Water-, ,house'SFreeporfaffice declared Merrantlie. ?.to- be. 'Soiiiiii"rafter audit and. after ;%kg.:speciae!afidit nr1977.1rrcenneticiri 7.the sale biliiternationaLThe:eicantint of-:: ?iffcm'*piere" clear!, j." rer.kle, wan- ton and:wilitar.tInistonduct.theSuit charges. response,--. Price!,Witerhouse's' ;Pik headquarteri;says.:'.all:tPriret:.Water4 Ionse,.nffillates'arerindependek'.7partiiers. flittnai no'reiponsibilx :ity.foe.:0.nrAthit 4;4'7 ?tits -Bahamian- ?filint-.:,--Eawyers; fort the-liqiddators. hope to; -Shawlxiwever4ttiat Price.Waterhouse-IsTa -04e/international.: bniiness-!'entitY.7 They; :cite a:Price..Waterhouse recriiiting; brochare' the.firni ai'Va global organi-; ;sr Theliiiidahn-S4sdiarejpressuig- toob- Price,Waterhouse'saudit standard_ :- 'oviewS7 rrEthecBahamiatiLaffillat&-prePared 1971;1974and 1976'..? price?Waterhouse.614:- trials. in New York desdribe the- reviews as ? ternai,Irandarted periaditally to hi- ?ware?ecomplLanCei-witir and start Tryingi,to:!prevent.disclosuie",..S1J2ielre- ;.portg,Price-yaterhause marshalled these Ipaairr:f2.43r4other:AiBig.: Eighti...arcountIng 'tar* anctsome former:SeruritfeS' and Ex-- 43anger..0iirlif*torl.nm-i'14 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 . . ON FLGE 20 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0 S WALL STET JOTTIAL 17 February 1981 '5''''''''!1?711."?1$47Aitr............, ,74?2.4--irr?lr?It-i:-.X11#1;'-'?t17:1,7-7:" ;I? 13.1.:'z:,:?:4?2,.? -11 ^ -The ers Story Better Late ' ? 4.4-? . - "? - LtIVI:xcii, ? f3V &n.t believe it. 'THOMAS' sighs _Seyriinur Herilforiner NevilYceii Timeereporteri andi Pulitzer ?Tim. Winner,. as be- juggles one, telephone, inquiri- after a.nother. id his ? Wasiingtatroffice- !' L. thought was, doing ? a gocd?deed..Now everybody is after me.."1:. Edward' Korri,: ambassador:to: Chile at, theiTtiiiie-7?Of 7MarxisV, Salvador -".-Allende's election. tritlie. presidency in 197k. Can't be.. either;.A"long free-lance article by,-. Mr. Herililiaijust vapPiared. in: the Thnes heartlineW'New-Bvidence?Hacks..Ei7Enyor on Eis /t"appears to be a: Mece'Citipa by- Mr: Hers' who. in 1971. had eierarrlines-articies Karti-,to; coup to prevent Mr.. Own: ? ".taking:Office:'.: .Mr; Hersh . :-.64-pe4tori Ppparently arose ontof a. se- ries..4-conversations-hvirhich?Mt. Heidi ? wax'seekinglir.::.-Kprry.'s help; e: new book tang anegative view of former-Sec- retary of State. Hearylrngeir.= an& Mri ? Korry Wai:titying to get a New York Tithes stciry set gout hi:syiew Of thiChilein erir- isade?:.Mr:=Hersh is being bombarded With ? questinns about his Motives for the story, Mr. Korry feels he, got only minimal satis- faction out of his end of :..- Ldidret need Hersh. to- tell-theworld I was innocent,-"!. he fairly shouts toan inter ? viewer seeking his reaction: to the article: ',That"i old nevigi:..' The, Church committee rnediqt;Cleii:. five f: wanted': Hersh: to tell-. What really happened down' there:,* ;rasnX, the CIA that got, Allencle, it. was-...?Ol'i and- Soviet dpuble, dealing and. the- Allende govertuneirs own:, (COrruption;'ButHeish -dciesn! t vier- it tn bear- ?-A--.What.the article was intended to:acorn:: a,:little: muse(' begair On, the ? froni.-'-page!:and -Fcontinuedr inside::: fitting.' ?mdcii of six Cb1umi4.-'-"Evidencie has come Hersh- announced thesec- . . ond_,paragraplu .!?!saggesting that- 1CorrY, despite hiS stiljag Opposition to the 'Allende, cantlidacy,:was frozen out of the'Planning? for a proposed military Coug and_warned-:. _ -the- White,.House that it. would be-:risking another `Bay of Pigs' if It got Involved in mtary' plots: ice stoP: Dr.. Allende's elec- ??k:?;;?.. t**- ? i""i-f article goes, on to note mr- KOITY's- i!,'partICULar; bitterness' toward-- The New -York Times,!:' but then things begin to get a little fury. The much?touted."new:evi- = dence" never, quite seems to surface. d& references to clasSified?:cloctimentV imnarnect_CIA sources and interviews w?itn "Whi*House officials." And in any case, the,..voiltral: fact of the case?that Mr. 'Korry knew nothing about a coup?wasn't exactly new, The Senate Select Committee ?_":cin Intelligence?the so-called Church corn- mittee=rhad concluded as much years ear- -lieginapublic report on the Chile affair. _ . fill'Hersh also asserts that his new ma- ?': teriale!'r-aise new questions -about the ex- tent of 'operations in_Chile in 497p and fthOffiCitcy of", later congressional investi- Lgations .pf.? that. affair.. Again.; 'however_ ip* hints Seem scarce eiteePt?for the ap, Patently.newrand brief-4tevelation. that two-CIA agents had entered Chile and were,?. respectively,?-e Mafioso and a ,foundation official-- Hardly the stuff of 3.;- 000-Word?articles in-the Tlines.71' Seri the questions. remain., Why- did ? . . Hersh write the story, and. Why did the lilies 'print it? *..?4.:7- - Ozintactecl by the Journal, Mr.' Korry re- counts events froth his perspective. In mid- :November he was contacted by Mr. Hersh -seeld'ng help on his book about Mr. Within- ger:. Mr. Hersh told Mr. Korry that he had changed his. mind about the lattees role in "X can't undo what went before," :MtKorzyrecalis Mr. Hers?i. as saying, c.'rbitt I can male it clear that you did not 'know" of the coup plotting. How he could 1,...make,it dear wasn't stated,. though Mr. 'Hersh: Who accepts Mr. Korry's version up .to..thiepointdenies that he was offering any sort of qruid pro quo. " ^".:!:*f::- ? That.:.WOuldn't - be.?.-ethical..? and I wouldn't says Mn- Hersh. Besides, ,heiatids, Mr. Korry's hel;V-ort, his book :wasn'ttharvital.-"I already had stuff he ilidifeiven ? know abont-'- a:CIA agent pis- tot?WhiPPing a7 Chilean general,:', more Money ?.*.Jhan anybody,: realizes,;,' Matt. oso,"; , ?. _ : Korry agreesllint it Was he. not 'Nit... Hersh, who actually suggested calling_the...TImes. ,Mr. Hersh says he !talked with A.M. Rosenthal. the executive .editor,-who commissioned a story.,"He felt 'tthatif we had screwed Korry on page one; iwe should.- correct it-on page one,? recalls !Meliersh.'...(Mr. Rosenthal also. adds that he had no knowledge of any "deal" between : Tha.n Never. lAVLI i? .het. A the-two and stands by: the nein value of ? ? ? ?. ? the article.). - "Deal" or not, Nfr.-Korry Seized.?on : oPPOrtunity to clear his name in the Times; "Until Hersh decided he needed help on boOlc,, I. was in permanent purptory4.'lle - Hersh irrote'hiS article" and Submit;: s. ted it to the. Times inDecember. Between' ? then and Feb. 9 when it ran?held. up, Mr, . Hersh says, for rewritingand. the Iran hos+ :.tage? storyr-Mr. :Korrytliays- Mr:- Hersh ? Called him numerons times. seeking .mor information for his was sucking it out- or me" Mr. :korry:dainia.' Not says Mr. Hersh, who repeats that he dicta' really .need information, from. Mr. Korri. ; and claims Mr. KorryWaiover-suspiciotai about the delay on theitorid. t . . . . ? ? -Mr. Korry now- teacitet a course in. Inj ternational relations at Connecticut College but has 'spent much V.f?dielast decade hi embittered;semi-retirementr?angry: at-the press for their treatment ?Liam. furious at what he feels was Nixon administration du+ plicity in going behind- his back in Chil6 Most of all he resents what he believes is a deliberate effort; starting With the Chu committee and continuing with Mr: Hersh, to distort what-actually haPpened inChilei Mr: Hersh's- long, "correction" wilt .onl)4 serve to cover Up the real truth, he feels. ? f : 4" 94, +11..ryt Hersh-seems surprised: that any!: body- ,would queitioir-histintentiOns.. Hit Times article was Motivated, by - new information and -a:desire id -right a?I wron& he, says....;:lEd *airy:Can't believe:. that some things happea. just beeiuse they, happerr."eays the hard-bitten investigative reporter,, who-calls- himself! .a -"skeptic':: when? it comes to the, motivesof .- Only one thing is reallynleartjt is nom, . fit to print-that, SeyniourHersh_ now heves what. even:the. Cluirdi. committee conceded years ago_ about Mr.: Korry... .Mr.. Bray isran associatr,:plitor;of the! Journal's editorial Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010414-0