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December 20, 2016
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October 29, 2007
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November 23, 1982
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Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010434-8 0 SECRET MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Staff Meeting Minutes of 23 November 1982 The DDCI chaired the meeting. 0 The DDCI noted that he was impressed with the graphological and psychological study of written documents done by OTS which aided the Secret Service in catching an individual who threatened the President and asked Hineman to determine whether a letter of commendation to OTS should be The DDCI asked Sporkin to give him a briefing on the Foster vs. US patent claim in which the plaintiff is claiming $100 million from CIA. reported tha will keep the DCI apprised. Taylor announced that the NIESO. (C) Agency be relook is being reorganized and he will become the new Director of asked that all requests from Hill staffers for jobs with the sent to him for handling. He noted that some of the Job requests are being accompanied by strong recommendations by Congressmen. Gates briefed on the current Andropov appointments. Gates discussed the proposals for an international financial early warning system and noted that the NIO for Economics and the Director of OGI will prepare a coordinated plan to be presented to the DDCI. The DDCI commented that the Director had recently disapproved a plan to establish a separate NIO for Economic Early Warning since he felt a mechanism already Glerum reported that the DCI is still concerned over the Agency's contribution to the Combined Federal Campaign. Glerum noted the Agency has reached more than 90 percent of its goal and asked all the component heads to ensure that their employees' pledge cards are returned as soon as nnccihlp 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010434-8 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010434-8 0 SECRET 0 The DDCI initiated a discussion on the Seymour Hersh article on Chile in today's Washington Post (attached). In response to the DDCI's question, Briggs said as far as he could recall, the Breckinridge Committee, which investigated allegations of CIA operations to destablize Chile, never turned up any evidence which indicated the CIA was tasked to assassinate Chilean President Allende. The DDCI asked Taylor to call Breckinridge, who is now retired, to get his opinion of the Hersh article. Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84BOOl30R000600010434-8 Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010434-8 OP1 TIONS CENTE?CURR.ENT SUPPORT SOUP News Bulletin From the WASHINGTON POST, PAGE A-2 New charges Reported In CIA Piot'on Allende Allende"--an order that Hersh con- tends amounted to a go-ahead to as- sassinate Allende if necessary. "Helms told the associate there was no doubt in his mind at the time what Nixon meant," Hersh writes. The "close associate," Hersh i By John Dinges @peclal to The Wuhington Post CIA activities to prevent Salvador Allende from assuming the Chilean presidency in 1970 were more exten- sive than previously acknowledged in official accounts, author Seymour M. Hersh asserts in the December issue of Atlantic Monthly. Hersh charges, based on the ac- count of an unnamed "close associ- ate" of then-CIA director Richard Helms, that President Nixon "spe- cifically ordered the CIA to get rid of 23 November 1982 Item No. 1 accounts from a half-dozen alleged participants in the Chile operations, including two deep-cover CIA oper- atives whose identities were previ- ously unknown. The agents, called "false-flaggers" by the CIA because of their use of false Latin American passports as cover, were veteran agents assigned to give CIA money and instructions to "extreme right-wing terrorists," in- cluding cashiered Gen. Roberto Viaux and other Chilean military leaders plotting against Allende, Hersh writes. Viaux led a kidnaping attempt Oct. 22, 1970, that resulted in the murder of the head of the Chilean armed forces, Gen. Rene Schneider-an operation the CIA has disavowed. Hersh quotes the U.S. military at- tache in Chile at the time, Col. Paul C. Wimert Jr., as saying he "figured they [the false-flaggers] had . been sent to Santiago to arrange for Al- lende's death." 'According to the article, an aide in the National Security Council, Yeo- man Charles E. Radford, told Hersh that he saw option papers that dis- cussed ways to assassinate Allende. Hersh's article does not cite any ev- idence that plans to kill Allende were put into operation. ' writes, was relating Helms' personal account of a Sept. 15, 1970, Oval Of- fice meeting of Nixon and then na- tional security adviser Henry A. Kissinger, who the source said later "pressured [Helms] again on the sub- ject." Helms testified in 1975 hearings before the Senate Intelligence Com- mittee that Nixon's orders at that meeting referred to Allende's over- throw and did not "in his mind" in- clude assassination. Hersh's account, which is adapted from his forthcoming biography of Kissinger, does not contain the kind of smoking gun evidence that would drastically alter the picture drawn in the 1975 Senate hearings. Testimony then revealed that the CIA financed an unsuccessful covert propaganda campaign against Al- lende's election, and later partici- pated in various plots with Chilean politicians and military, leaders to keep him from taking office after his plurality victory in September, 1970. The article, however, has direct Approved For Release 2007/10/29: CIA-RDP84B00130R000600010434-8