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December 20, 2016
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May 14, 2007
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A! Approved For Release 2007/05/14: CIA-RDP84B00274R000300020006-2 Suggested Questions for CIA Deputy Director McMahon 1. Can you describer the political relations emerging between the different political parties in El Salvador, between Assembly President d'Aubuisson, President Magana and the army high command? What kind of political platform do each seek to promote? 2. Can you give a brief assessment of the status of the military campaign? Is the Salvadoran military gaining in its efforts to control the insurgency? What was the impact of the elections on the guerrilla forces? Do the guerrillas continue to receive supplies from Nicaragua through Honduras? What evidence is there of_ this? 3. Is it your assessment that the insurgency is spreading elsewhere in Central America, especially to Honduras', or does it remain confined, more or less, to El Salvador and the El Salvador-Honduras border area? 4. How effective have the various directives from the army high command, the instructions from the International Commission of the Red Cross, and U.S. trailing been in curtailing violence by the Salvadoran armed forces? 5. Is there a useful distinction to be made between army units and other security force units when one assigns responsibility for violence in El Salvador? 6. What are the groups responsibile for evicting peasants from the land slated for reform under Decree 207? Who provides motivation and/or remuneration to these groups? 7. Can'_y.ouedescribetthexpressures on the judicial system in El Salvador? Is it realistic to expect the system to be able to prosecute civilians or military per- sonnel for political crimes of violence? 8. What evidence is there of systematic efforts to assassinate leaders of parties like the Christian Democrats? 9. What efforts have been made by the--new government or by the individual political parties to contact elements of the opgosition-,outside El Salvador? What message did ex-President Duarte carry to Europe in his visit':last month(June)? 10. Friday's newspaper carried the statement that the CIA has provided intelligence assistance and supplies of invisible ink to the Salvadorans at the time of the elections. While the Intelligence is not available elsewhere(probably), the article in the New York Timessays that the ink would be. Under these circumstances, why did the Agency become involved in this transaction? (CHP: the article and Casey's letter to the editor says the ink was put on the voter's wrist, when it actually was painted on the index finger... you may want to "rib" them about the accuracy of the intelligence) Approved For Release 2007/05/14: CIA-RDP84B00274R000300020006-2