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December 20, 2016
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May 16, 2007
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Approved For Relea-49 2007/05/16: CIA-RDP84B00274R000011000 Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger has written to 70 newspapers to 'dis- pute what he contends are "com= pletely inaccurate" impressions that Reagan' Administration policy in- volves. the possibility of protracted nuclear war. = - "Our entire strategy aims to deter war of all kinds, but most particu- larly to deter nuclear war," Wein- berger wrote. "To accomplish this objective, our forces must be able to respond in a measured and prudent manner to the threat posed by the Soviet Union." Improvements in U.S. strategic forces are needed, Weinberger said.. "but it does not mean that we en- dorse the concept of protracted nu- clear war, or nuclear 'warfight- ing'" Instead, he argued, "It is the Soviet Union that appears to be building forces for a 'protracted' conflict" - WASHINGTON (0-Defense. fence guidance statement;,: which:' wail" in a nuclear war and the belief the Pentagon draws up e ach year to that the Soviets perceive nuclear project its needs, - said that 'pro- ' war as winnable. tracted nuclear war is possible': -"This is the kind of semantic game that I don't think is useful to ,F. get into,? Catto said. ;'The main $. Text Of.* ' letter- Part : point is that nobody is going to win g clear war-perhaps as long as sd; Henry Catto,refused Tuesday to capable of fighting a prolonged nu-.' Weinberger's chief spokesman, the Administration had decided that any attack. Otherwise, we would be to deter nuclear war, the United tempting them to employ nuclear (The letter was sent MondaY .. tended period. ..u-. response to press accounts, based on' - ..'Defer Any Attack' :(The Los Angeles Times also re ported ~ that, last fall,. the nation Security Council adopted National Security Decision -Document 13, which- for-the first time declared that it is U.S. policy to prevail in a protracted nuclear war.) In his letter, sent to 30 U.S. news- papers and 40 foreign publications, Weinberger said he was "increas- ingly concerned with news ac- counts that portray this Adminis- tration as planning to wage pro- tracted,nuclear war .... This is stories ' misrepresent the Adminis- tration's policies to the American public and to our allies and adver- Weinberger said that although cept of protracted war, "we must have a capability for a survivable strate that our strategic forces could : that "the United States' nuclear ca-.. pabilities must prevail even under' the condition of a prolonged wai." ` ` (Weinberger signed the defense guidance statement, which was leaked to the New York Tunes this spring. The Pentagon subsequently completed a strategic master plan to give the United States the capacity to wage a protracted nuclear war, which the Los Angeles Times re- ported last week. That plan is now awaiting the approval of the Na- tional SecurityCounc7.< . =