National Security council Intelligence Committee WORKING GROUP Minutes of the Sixth Meeting

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December 12, 2016
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April 15, 2002
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October 3, 1972
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Approved For Relea, ,2002/05/ P84B00506ROOO-110009?9@1527-0781 *NSC Review Completed* National Security Council Intelligence Committee WORKING GROUP Minutes of the Sixth Meeting 1430 Hours , 3 October 91 72 DCI Conference Room, CIA Headquarters Mr. Bronson Tweedy, D/DCI/IC, Chairman presiding. Members present were: Mr. Andrew Marshall, NSC Staff; Dr. Ray S. Cline and Mr. Seymour Weiss, Department of State; Dr. Albert C. Hall, Vice Admiral Vincent P. de Poix, and Brig. General Richard A. Bresnahan (representing Lt. General Seith), Department of Defense; Mr. Bernard A. Wells (representing Mr. Maroney), Department of Justice; Dr. EdwW062haor and M-- W. Huizenga, CIA. Others present: Executive Secretary; Capt. George Pickett, C Staff, and Mr. Richard Curl, Department of State. Agenda Item 1: Minutes of the 6 July meeting The minutes distributed on 11 July were approved as amended by changes proposed by Dr. Cline. The principal change. was addition of comments on the quality of the India-Pakistan- crisis study. (Copies of the amended minutes are being distributed). Agenda Item 2: India-Pakistan Crisis Study Discussion centered on the draft memorandum Mr. Marshall had prepared for forwarding to the Chairman, NSCIC, requesting NSCIC consideration of problems discussed in the study involving communication of intelligence needs from the intelligence .community, communication of intelligence judgments to policy levels, and the content and quality of the intelligence community response to policy.level needs. The group approved the draft memorandum as amended by proposals from the Chairman,-Dr. Cline, Mr. Weiss, Dr. Hall and Mr. Huizenga, and authorized the Chairman to forward copies of the memorandum to the Chairman and members of the NSCIC. A `c } `~ f lorq DIA review(s) chppobe4ed1For Release 2002/05/29: CIA-R les a s.ut r t xa cr r.e.) 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/05/ DP84B00506R0Q00020015-7 Agenda Item 3: On-Going studies Mr. Marshall reported the status of studies under his cognizance as follows: NSSM-69 - Re-draft by Capt. Pickett will be completed by 1 November. Arab-Israeli Ceasefire - Outline of the final report and listing of identified issues is not yet ready but a study draft is expected by mid-November. 25X1A9A Jordan/Fedayeen Civil War - study well in hand and should have a draft by 1 November. has the 25X1A2G I _J Some materials are being assembled but non-availability of personnel has prevented actual initiation of the study effort. Mr. Marshall said he had noted a slackening in provision of study support by participating organizations. The discussion which followed centered on non-availabilit to the study group of CIA er 2 5X1A2 G sonnel who are knowledgeable on and the need for a reex4mination of the adequacy of terms of reference for the study. Mr. Marshall agreed to review the entire problem once again. Dr. Hall reported the status of the study under his cognizance as follows: Cruise Missile - The task group has distributed two questionnaires to users requesting assessment of the content and usefulness of pertinent intelligence products. Responses are now due and the final report will be available by the end of October. Agenda Item 4: Studies of Intelligence Production Proposed by Dr. Cline The group agreed to initiate the Yugoslavia study immediately, but to defer further consideration of studies of Chile and NSSM-108 until toward the end of the year. A study of Yugoslavia was looked upon as particularly timely in view of the potential for a near-term crisis situation there. Because of objections raised to the NSSM-108 topic, the Chairman asked that group members whose organiza- tions would be involved in such a study reexamine its suitability. The group agreed it would be worthwhile to use outside consultants in the Yugoslavia study. Dr. Cline estimated that $2,000 should be sufficient for consultants' fees and he considered the INR Office of External Research probably could provide such a sum. Both Dr. Hall and Dr. Proctor expressed willingness to investigate the availability of funds if such proved necessary. Approved For Release 2002/05/29 : C1A2RDP84B00506R000100020015-7 Approved For Release 2002/0 4 eft w Dr. Cline nominated Kenneth Kerst of INR as Chair- man of the task rou for the Yugoslavia study, and Dr. Proctor 25X1A9 nominated as his representative. Mr. Marshall agreed A to oversee the project through agreement on the terms of reference. Agenda Item 5: Manpower and Cost Trends in U.S. Intelli ence Production FY 1966 - FY 1973 After considerable discussion the study was remanded to a task group for revision and expansion to work out definitional problems, verify the statistical data, amplify the presentation of meaningful changes and identified trends, and the reasons therefore, and to address the adequacy of the present resource situation as basis for a new set of recommendations. Dr. Proctor, Dr. Hall and Dr. Cline each considered the manpower data obtained concerning his organization from the CIA/PPB, DOD/FYDP and INR were not correct. Dr. Proctor urged that manpower be presented in terms of "average employment" rather than authorized positions. Mr. Weiss asked that additional attention be given to "constant dollars'.' to show the impact of inflation. The group noted the study was intended only for its background use, but Mr. Weiss felt the question of current adequacy of resources should be addressed to make the study useful to policy makers. Admiral de Poix considered that since reallocation of resources is unlikely, the study should seek to provide basis for leverage which would result in the use of better production techniques. Mr. Marshall expressed surprise at some of the changes indicated by the statistics and thought more attention should be directed to explaining the basis for the changes. Agenda Item 6: Survey of Current Intelligence Publications The study was remanded to a task group for restructuring, for further examining the publications in terms of national, departmental and command intelligence, and for assessing whether some of the reports which the producers su%itted as current intelligence publications should not more properly be classified as raw information. In opening the discussion the Chairman reported that the DCI, on the basis of his own personal review of the study, had sent a memorandum to the Chairman, NSCIC, requesting confirmation that the present scope and character of current intelligence coverage is in keeping with today's U.S. security and policy interests, and a memorandum to the directors of production organizations asking that they review the require- ments on which their current intelligence publications are based and re-check the dissemination of these products against "need to know" criteria. 3 Approved For Release 2002/05/29: CIA-RDP84B00506R000100020015-7 Approved For Release 2002/ _ DP84B00506R000100020015-7 Admiral de Poix noted he had been somewhat reassured by the results of the survey. Dr. Proctor said his concern related primarily to the structure of the study, which discussed the 316 submissions as a total before describing the factors which he felt limited the significance of the total. He considered many of the publications submitted by producers were really raw information, and he thought most of the publications submitted by CIA were not really current intelligence. It was his view that publications which appeared in multiple versions should not be listed as separate items. In noting that State had submitted only one report, Dr. Cline explained that INR operates on the basis of oral briefings from cables rather than through preparation of publications. He considered the survey had definitional problems which should be examined and he asked that the study delve more deeply into differentiation among types of publications, particularly in view of the large number of NSA inputs to the survey. The meeting adjourned at 1600 hours. No da e was cot for the next meetinn Bronson Tweedy Chairman, NSCIC Working roup 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/05/ .9. - DP84B00506R000100020015-7