Memorandum from Mr. Helms on Policy Guidance on Current Intelligence Reporting

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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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October 20, 1972
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Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84B00506R000100030006-6 TA B Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP84B00506R000100030006-6 Approved For Releas 000/09/14: CIA-RDP84B00506000100030006 614acutiVat Registry OSD de'ctassification/release instructions on file FOR TILE To Tii1 G.xt- NA'J .1.O1E(4' L 510. c?1117f'Y A 1 ~~.:f.?LS SUI3J 'CT: J1^icn:ox'anclun:i morn. Mr. licln.1s Oil Gui~l ""'C', can. Current Intelligence F cmpor;in, The nne].n.ora.nduzn-i from Mr. was based on a sil no-e l l condoc:tcd. for c7r1e i'vSCIC Working Group, which I nad~.] st=gin 1_ is caxryi.~:lg out sevcr-al studies to provide insight on the -asclu:r1trss and x e ponsive less of intelligence precincts. I understand that the Working Group reviewed the study subsequent to the memorandum to you and concluded that the survey, while useful, was deficient in certain respects: a) Many of the reports which were considered as intcll gen,lct; products ma,y be more accurately described as the dis[ribu i.o of rz-i-; i. ni:ell.i.gence data. b) There are other reports which were not courted but r nay be considered to be i7a similar categories with those were included in the count I understand that a review of the iiifornlation upon the report was based is being made under t:he-a~;sp:ices of the l\ C"=1C Working Group. I believe, becaus . oft e ].nai;cc :es stated -I.1 0 ,:hat -v-,~e should request the corunl.ents oi: the Group i.t:si 11' upon this study. T!1 tli _'. n-i.e 'ntirne, however, we have ttrid% t l:en in t`1e J_ir>Xj,17. . nc ut: '1"i:5 to .,;:I- and to 1"1 .1n .u 7 u._ne ( .jZu sh. Approved For Release 2000/09/14::CIA-RDP84B00506R000100030006-6