Study of Intelligence Production on Chile

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December 9, 2016
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July 30, 1998
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August 29, 1972
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Approved For Release 2001/08/14: CIA-RDP84B00506R000100050012-7 DRAFT 29 August 1972 ~T Study of Intelligence Production on Chile Pur ose: To assess the quality of intelligence production on Chile, and on the basis of lessons learned, to prepare conclusions and recommendations regarding intelligence processes and products. Scope: The study would cover intelligence production of the community and the individual agencies, including NIEs, from January 1970 to July 1972. Operational matters relating to Chile would be excluded. Questions to be addressed would include: 1. What guidance and requirements for intelligence production were provided by end users? 2. What have been the trends in the size and nature of the production effort (numbers of personnel, qualifications, educational and experience backgrounds, etc.) during the period under study? 3. What was produced, to whom was it disseminated, and to what extent was it responsive to user needs? What feedback has been received from end users to help in production and in collection tasking? Approved For Release 2001/08/14: CIA-RDP84B00506R000100050012-7 Approved For ReI - Ue 2001/08/14: CIA-RDP84B00506R0Q 100050012-7 4. Irrespective of substantive judgments, what has been the quality of the intelligence products? 5. To what extent have the production efforts been coordinated in the community? Have differing points of view been well articulated? Has.there been undesirable duplication? Study Procedure: This study would be conducted by a task group of CIA, DIA, and INR representatives. It is suggested that CIA chair the study. A user panel would be selected to assist in assessing the quality and responsiveness of the products. Approved For Release 2001/08/14: CIA-RDP84B00506R000100050012-7