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December 22, 2016
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June 5, 2008
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August 27, 1982
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Approved For Release 2011/05/17: CIA-RDP84M00395R000600260016-1 ACTION INFO DATE 1 DCI 2 DDC 3 EXDIR -4J /ICS 5 DDI 6 DDA 7 DDO 8 DDS&T 9 Chm/NIC ,, 10 GC 11 IG 12 Compt 13 D/EEO 14 D/Pers 15 D/OEA 16 C/PAD/OEA 17 SA/IA 18 A0/DCI 19 C/IPD/0IS 20 21 22 EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT f6 Routing Slip 9 - -i f. a" info rr7 Z, Fi; I:::1 Executive Secretary r~ !t S` 82 1 EP E Approved For Release 2011/05/17: CIA-RDP84M00395R000600260016-1 nn i t rc nrLITI AU 5%L_ ' Approved For Release 2011/05/17: CIA-RDP84M00395R000600260016-1 VIA LDX THE DIRFC OR, OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET THE DIREC R OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE THE ADMIN STRATOR, AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOP NT August 27, 1982 MEMORANDU)i FOR THE SE RETABY OF STATE THE SECRE ARY OF THE TREASURY THE SECRE ARY OF DEFENSE The election of a new Lebanese President, and the continuing evacuation of the PLO from Beirut, helps create the environment necessary for Lebanon s economic and political reconstruction. Our objectives in thi process are: the restoration of Lebanon's full sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity; the rapid withdrawal 6f all foreign forces from that country; helping insure the security of northern Israel; and the eventual restoration of the Lebanese economy. (C) In order to work effectively toward these objectives, the President has directe~ the Department of State to chair an Interagency Steering croup on Lebanon (ISGL).. The ISGL will: Develop a U United Stat establish a authority o diplomatic and efforts S. strategy for and coordinate s Government. efforts to re- strong Lebanese government with er all of Lebanon, to include nd political support for Lebanon to upgrade the defense capability of the Lebanese armed forces; Coordinate international cooperation programs, including the contribution to this effort of our EuropeaI allies, particularly France; Provide policy guidance to the President's Personal Re resentative for U.S. relief to Lebanon for his relief and reconstruction efforts. (C) The President asks th t the Steering Group prepare an initial report on.its plans a d programs by September 15, 1982. (U) CONFIDENTIAL Declassify on: DADR Approved For Release 2011/05/17: CIA-RDP84M00395R000600260016-1