S.1411 (REPORT NO. 96-930)

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December 20, 2016
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May 17, 2007
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June 26, 1979
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Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 ISISLA `E FILE COPY 96TH CONGRESS 2D SESSION Calendar No. 1015 5.1411 [Report No. 96-930] To improve the economy and efficiency of the Government and the private sector by improving Federal information management, and for other purposes. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES JUNE 26 (legislative day, JUNE 21), 1979 Mr. CHILES (for himself, Mr. BENTSEN, Mr. DANFORTH, Mr. ROTH, Mr. COCH- RAN, Mr. HUDDLESTON, Mr. GARN, Mr. RIBICOFF, Mr. MELCHER, Mr. DOLE, Mr. HOLLINGS, Mr. LUGAR, Mr. HEINZ, Mr. PRYOR, Mr. JOHN- STON, Mr. PERCY, and Mr. LEVIN) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Governmental Affairs SEPTEMBER 8 (legislative day, JUNE 12), 1980 Reported by Mr. CHILES, with an amendment and an amendment to the title [Strike out all after the enacting clause and insert the part printed in italic] A BILL To improve the economy and efficiency of the Government and the private sector by improving Federal information man- agement, and for other purposes. 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- 2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9.~. Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 2 1 Tko thisA4 way beei es the "aid Redtape 2 Reduetieft Aet of 1979". 3 FiNDINGO AND DBOLARATiONS 4 'SB~ 2 The Congress hereby fin is 5 paperwork an4 r-edtape- 6 (4 aye wea;keffin the effeetiveiies-a e? Federal 8 (124 are eesting exeee a-Motts of ffiefley 9 through direct taxes of the hidde taxes of higher pre- 10 duetiee Bests a ewer priees; aad 11 (~r} aye eentfibutiftg to lenses of *44 12 a eases in ip"qftfiefi. 13 (b) The Congress further finds that p ens of unn eees 14 eery paper ork ax4 redtape ea* he eliminated of substantial - 15 ly ameliorated if the following principles are followed when 16 legislation and regulations are being draped axd when pfe- 17 grams are being planned ands 18 (4 The ? 41 Bests a *d vftlue of Government pre- 19 gr-affis, eat e& to the r "e m cnt bat else to indi-vid 20 eels and groups outside the Government mast be e- 21 a-fflified. 22 (24 Alter-native s to ran programs must be 23 take into account se that a conscious eheiee can be 24 made as to who will bear the Bests of the programs 25 and who will receive benefits from thena. Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 3 1 (34 Indivi"alsT business , S~ae a 2 local , and eta and iffstitti 3 dens Delved in Federal pis mist be allowed to 4 e suggestion-a regarding thedesig}ate eiFa4ttafieii 5 of these programs se that Government agencies can be 6 alerted to potential pfebleffis of unneeessar-Y eest-s-, 7 losses in effeetive?ess and ;ern appr-eaehes. 8 (4) The full array of ' and paperwork 9 ha*d4ing technologies iek fflight aid in egg 10 programs must be identi?ied and aa4yoed, to ire 11 thftt their a eatiee is eafeful eeer-diftated- within 12 and among ageneies and that waste, and d?t- 13 plieatien acre avoided. These 14 aye net rued equip 15 nwnt, word o iee mantes and eiere- 16 for. 17 (e} The Congress hereby domes thftt new i4erma 18 Lien policies and fflanageffle procedures are necessary to 19 elifflinate needless paperwork and fedtape and make the Fed- 20 era} rover ?t en effective and effieieiit tr-ttmeftt in 21 iee to the Amefiean people. These policies and 22 should be founde en trees that is net a 23 free gee&, btA a N-aittAle reseuree. Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 4 TITLE 1 GENT APXAGEMENT AND 1 2 CONTROL RESPONSIBILITY 3 6 B OF ~~ iNFORMAT MANAGEMENT POLICY 4 Sn 441,~a}TWe44of he Unite States Coe is 5 amende by striking eetehapter5aRd inserting in its place 6 the fellewing new ehapten! 7 "CHAP 35 COORDINATION OF FEDERAL 8 lam. Information fer Federal agencies. "3602: "3503. Offiee of Federal Information Mkt Policy. "8604. Authority aid functions of Adffiinistmten Designation of central eelleetion aged. "3506. independent collection by ai ageeey Vied. "8607. Deterw4fiftfieff of necessity ?of iftfeffaation; heaidfig. "3508. Cooperation of agencies in maamg info ice ? ailable. "3509. Information collection aetivities sabmissien to Administrator; approval. "8610. 3e lifi$t for aetiea by "3 . Pales ac4 mss. "3642. Consultation otl-ef agencies: "3513. Administrative powers. "8614. Responsiveness to Congress. "3515. E?feet on existing l "3616. E feet on existing regulations. "3517. Aeeess to ififefffiatieft. "3618. Unla l disclosure of inier-fflation; penalties; release of information to other agencies- "3519. Penalty for fai re to furnish ie?efmation.. 9 3501. ?ef Fedeial agencies 10 needed by Feder-al agencies sha4 be eb- 11 twined wkh a fftiftifauffi Wr-den ftpeff business , es- 12 peeially s be es , SteAe wed lee-a4 govern 13 melts and edief persons wed to furnish the 14 nod eA a fflinimum eest to the Gove-rnment Vfifieeessar-y du- 15 pheatiee of ems in obtaining infeffnatieffl. thy-ough the ti-Re of Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 5 1 reports, , and et-hff needs s be eiimi 2 nated ae rapidly ae eellected and 3 to ated by e Federal agency s es ?a es is expedient, be 4 tabulate in ft manner- to e3a-mimizethe usefitiftess of the in- 5 for-fflation to eflief Federal agencies and the 6 "?3 7 -4snsedin thisehaipter-, the term 9 Felicy in the Office 10 of Maaageme and Budge 11 "42} agency' ffleans any exec e de- 12 militafy depar-tfflentq Government corpora 13 Lien; Gover-ftffle controlled , Of ether es- 14 tablishment infihe exeeutive of the Goveffimefft 15 (fig the awe Office of the President), of 16 any indepefident rely ageney; but does net in- 17 elude the Office Of the govern 18 ments of the District of Columbia and of the ter-r- es 19 and possessions of the United States, and their various 20 s bd; . n, 21 484 ndependent feg tery agency' means the 22 Beard of rs of the Federal Reserve Systefa, 23 the Civil Feat the Commodity ins 24 wading the per Vm"et Safe 25 , the Federal Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 (14 ?' means the Adfaittistr- fef Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 6 1 the f t , the Fed- 2 erg Election Ceffifflissieff,- the feral Energy Regula 3 tefy , the Feder-&! Heme Lean Bank 4 Beard, the Federal Mar-ififfle , the Federal 5 Tr-ftde Ceffifflissieff-, the Interstate wee Ceffimis 6 sien, the Mine Efger-eefne y and Health Review 7 , the National Baler Relations Bearer the 8 Nuclear Regttlatefy , the Oeetipati 9 844y amd Health Bevies Cefflfnissiei+, the Postal 10 Bate , and the yes and Exchange 11 ; 12 44} see'' ffleatts an i as- 13 section, , busiiiess tfus-t-,- er legal repre 14 e- an er-ga-Hize gr-ottjp of mss, e, teffi- 15 terial, of local gover-nment of branch thereof, of a p0- 16 meal sew of ft State, ter-fitery, er local govern 17 ffiefit of abr-aneh e?a pelitieal s"visien, 18 } `e lzmleetion of ' means the obtain 19 ing Of seheitifig of facts of opinions fef any jpttr-pese by 20 aFeder-M agencyby the use of written t?or-ffis, 21 applieez ?erffis, s -+-jr-Ptififf 22 er , of other sifflilar- meth 23 e4o Balling fef either 24 "(A} answers to identical questions posed to 25 Of identieal reporting of reeer keepifig require- Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 7 1 nos imposed en ten of more persons other than 2 strumentalities, of employees of the ageneie~ 3 United States; of 4 wars to questions posed to agencies, 5 instrumentalities, of efflpleyees of the United 6 States and whieh are to be used ?er statistical 7 eefnpilati of general die it; 8 46) 'infer-fflatien el n request' means a writ- 9 ten report ?erm, application fora, sehedu4e, question 10 naire, of reporting of reeerc leg fef 11 the eelleetien of ' 12 474 ' ear' means the time, effort, end financial 13 expended by persons to pre e 14 eelleeted by e Feder-al agency and 15 deal ttiilky' means the "ility of an 16 ageney to use 4 reeeives, the 17 eapability to process such in a timely and 18 useful fashion.. 19 3503. Office of 20 Poliey 21 i444 There is sta shed in the Of ice of Ma-npgefne 22 end Budget en office te be known &R the Offiee of Feder-a! 23 Wer-ffiatioii Management Policy (herei after in this chapter 24 referred to es the 'Office'). Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 Approved For Release 2007/05/17: CIA-RDP85-00003R000300050007-9 8 1 "4} There shall be et the head of the Offiee ee Adffliflis 2 tr-ater- ?er Federal Policy (herein 3 after in tThie chapter re?erred to es the n aw';?;strator'' whe 4 shall be appointed by the ~ t, by axd with the advice 5 and consent of theSeflate. 6? 3504. Authority and fie of