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December 12, 2016
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February 14, 2002
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March 21, 1963
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Approved For Ref X2002/03/25 : CIA-RDP85-00375RO 00 10 120016-Y COMPTROLLER GENERAL Or THE UNITED ITAM WA HINSTON M March 21, 196: orable Dcrnard L. Doutin ~.. Ocnoral ulcrviceo Administration ,.~ Dcar 11r. 13outint On .February 26, 1963, you suir itted for our dccici~on the qi: z:thins vhwthor the anoint payable for the coot of t ho pre-paracion of t,o re- mains of a docoaved General Corvicon .Adrainijtration e.iployco i,ho r,:zs otfircial17 ctationod at Juneau.. Alanlca, and who died uhhilo in a travel atatuo at 'iranCell, Alac?:a, is eowrod by Part II or Part III of ::Yyecu- tivo Order Uo, 85A, dated Soptcnl,er 30, 1940, izs od pur cu ant to t' o act of .Yuy 8, VIA, 5 U. s. C. 103a, as amended by 10209, datod Fobruar,T 1, 19551.. You refer to our dacioion at 39 Co'. ;,Gen. 716 in v Lch to held that after the admission of Alaalcn and i;airaii as :'tates, the bonefito pcrablo under the 19!40 atatuto in tho case or Goricrn.;ont oc:;~lavr 4a dyin , viiiiin thooe risIicLions would bo the am -.c as those for on,)loytea stationed olaci4ioi'o within the United : tato3 rather than thoco appli- cable In the caco of onp1oycea atatiorwd in the Turritorios or poacco- sionn, etc. Ties, employcos tdio din s, kilo in a travel ctatun in Alas::a or itcnaaii ~ torat "their United ~tata~s"aastueod in thot~atatntok-oaa :~'`ratoa are within :notion 3, Part II , of the Em cuti'w order' as a nded, applicable In the cam of cw ploycos who die a ilro tz't~u' '?,,o .,i ?, . busincaa /1tirithin the ?cantincrrtal limits of` iC United CtaLoo" ao provided in section 2 thereof, ]limits: to :;150 tlw allo:jabio costa of pre: ))ration remains. On the other hand, e;cction 6, Part III, applicablo in the aaro, anent?, othoro, of e7, 1"os tiho dio chile travolin- on official business "ontsido the continental limits or the United !Utca" a3 pro- vidod in noction 5, dons not cpocity any limitation on the allo.:able coots of ouch propagation. The bL ito for transportation of romaine are mho omm_..in.. either event. Section 1(o), Part I, of Executive Order 11o. )557, dcfincs "Conti- nental United ,tatos as mcania- V e h3 "tatoo and the DiaLrict of Colu:a'uia. 1..a noto that no a:~.rL i nt has born mace to rich i:xecutivo order since the date of Alacha'e aciiiionion as one of the United :~tatcs. Approved For Release 2002/03/25 : CIA-RDP85-00375R000100120016-2 Approved For Rel see2002/03/25 :CIA-RDP85-00375R00010120016-2 8-1Y23 In view of the definition of "Continental Unitod Statoa? oontained in Ibmautive Ordor No. 6557, we hold that tho allousbis oosts of prs- ppaa-mLion of remains of ampIM es who die wlhil. traveling on official buoinoas in Alaska or flswaii an governed h7 Pair III of the Mims order rather than Farb 11. Your snbaission is answsred aoosedlnb+ly. . 3" rely Ti's, icum CJ B= Comptroller General at the *h itod States Approved For Release 2002/03/25 : CIA-RDP85-00375R000100120016-2