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December 16, 2016
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December 2, 1998
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December 20, 1979
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Approved For Release 2005/06/22 : CIA-RDP85-00988R000600060008-3 Washington Headquarters Services No. PBA 79-56 Building Circular Date: December 20, 1979 Expiration: December 20, 1980 SUBJECT: Pentagon Parking Purpose: This circular provides the new fee payment schedule and related information concerning paid parking. Fee Collection Deadline. Paid parking stickers for the month of January 1980 must be purchased, affixed in the upper left corner, and properly displayed on all valid Pentagon parking permits by 0600 hours, January 1, 1980. Failure to do so will subject the driver of the vehicle to a parking violation notice and fine. Parking sticker fees may be paid at the Fee Collection office at the South end of the Concourse opposite the stage, Room 2E165, during operating hours, through December 28, 1979. Februa _Fee Collection. All holders of valid Pentagon parking permits, except those specifically exempted, are responsible for paying the $10.00 February 1980 fee in cash in accordance with the schedule on the reverse of this circular. Remember to complete your receipt form (DOD Parking Record/Receipt, DD Form 2213) and to include your parking permit number copied from your permit or previous paid parking receipt prior to paying your parking fees. These receipt forms are available in all organization parking offices, the Central Parking Control Office, and at the Mall, River, and Concourse Information Desks. Special Fee Window. Starting at 0800 hours, January 2, 1980 and continuing during regular Parking Fee Collection Office working hours, a special window (#4) will be open for collecting fees for the month of January 1980. Window #4 should be used to pay January 1980 parking fees only by holders of non- exempt permits issued after January 1, 1980. qtLK-K- .44-- . HASELBUSH DOD Building Administrator Pentagon Area DISTRIBUTION: B (OSD) (DA) (DN) (DAF) (DIA) (DCA) (DCPA) Approved For Release 2005/06/22 : CIA-RDP85-00988R000600060008-3