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November 17, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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June 4, 1974
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Approved For Releas2 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP85-00988 000600140002-0 SUBJECT: Reports Prepared by OL/RECD The Real Estate and Construction Division is responsible for providing a report to the Office ofFina ?ce covering the Agency Real Pro_perty Capital ,_ Co t,9. A copy of the report is also forwarded to the Comptrolfer_. This report was prepared on a semiannual basis until FY 1974, when the Office of Finance agreed that an annua report by 30 June would meet OF requirements. The Office of Finance posts the Capital Costs furnished in this report to the General Ledger Accounts for the Agency.. The information to compile the report is taken from an established Real Property Reporting system which was computerized in 1969. Each Agency component (domestic and overseas) using real property submits asummary~ bT_their property for review and updat- ing on an annual basis. The report to OF consists of two typed pages which are compd by one Real Property Assistant and one typist. This report is reviewed by the Chief, Real Estate Branch. ,.copies are produced. After receipt of the basic data, it takes approxi- mately forty hours to prepare. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP85-00988R000600140002-0 Approved For F oa 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP85-009888000600140002-0 W100011, I low Y i-.,s ~'~Y ? ".. .'n'$ ff S'i {aa I[' :3Le. 1t r, S -L4 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Plans and Programs Staff SUBJECT Reports Prepared for Other Agency Components Per your request, following are listed the reports pre- pared by the Personnel and Training Staff for other Agency components; Annual Personnel Plan - Annual Personnel Development Plan - Annual] Advance Staffing Plan - Annual I';P Estimated Military Personnel Requirements - Annual Personal Rank Assignments - Annual - oP Clerical Requirements - Monthly--6 P Non-reimbursable Employees - Quarterly (by telephone) - ..f =. ;` Chief, Personnel Ej Training Staff, OL 25X1A9a Z401 7v-'n'e fi f I L4 USE. Approved For Release 2000/05/31 : CIA-RDP85-00988R000600140002-0