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December 12, 2016
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December 18, 2001
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June 5, 1979
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Cents! Intell,gence Agency proved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R00GW130009-0 Juii Mr. Michael T. Blo uin Director, Informat ion Security Oversight Office General Services A dministration Washington, D.C. Dear Mr. Blouin: 20405 Enclosed for your review are guidelines issued pursuant to Executive Order 12065 for the systematic review of United States originated classified information over twenty years old and under Central Intelligence Agency classification jurisdic- tion. Also enclosed is a copy of trty letter to the Archivist of the United States -Forwarding these guidelines for his use. Yours sincerely, STANSFffL[I TURNER Enclosures Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 Central Intcliigence /Ag~nq Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 i`3 Dr. James B. Rhoads Archivist of the United States National Archives and Records Service Eighth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20408 Dear Dr. Rhoads: Pursuant to Section 3-402 of Executive Order 12065, I hereby issue and enclose for your use the required systematic review guidelines cover- ing classified information of United States origin and more than twenty years old over which the Central Intelligence Agency has classification jurisdiction. These guidelines were prepared in consultation with your designated representative Mr. Edwin A. Thompson, Director of the Records Declassification Division, National Archives and Records Service. Copies of this letter and of the enclosed guidelines have been for- warded to the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office (IS00) for his review,_as provided by the Order. Systematic review guidelines for "foreign government information" as defined in Section 6-103 of the Order and in Section I/F of ISOO Directive No. 1 will be provided at a later date, in compliance with the provisions of the Order and Directive concerning such information. Yours sincerely, `;TANSPI1 LD TURNER Enclosure Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 Approved For Re e,se 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 A. Authorization. The following guidelines apply- to information of United States origin wMich is more than 20 years old and over which the Central Intelligence Agency has classification jurisdiction. Under the provisions of Section 3-402 of Executive Order 12065, the CIA authorizes the Archivist of the United States to use these guidelines in the review of such informa- tion upon its transfer to the General Services ,\ln inistration and accession into the National Archives. B. Categories of Information. Excepted from Automatic Declassification. Except for foreign government is exempt from automatic declassification under Section 3-404 of the Order, all classified informa- tion over 20 years old which is under the classification jurisdiction of this agency is automatically declassified unless it falls within one or more of the categories described below. Information in these categories shall not be declassified until reviewed for declassification by designated CIA personnel, and must be referred to CIA for such review by all other agencies having custody thereof. Waiver of the Order's 10-year review interval requirevient having been granted pursuant to Section 3-401 by the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office, information in Categories 1 through 5 below is to be systematically reviewed again 30 years following its initial review. Information in all other categories listed below shall be re-reviewed at 10-year intervals, as necessary, until it can be declassified or assigned a date or event for automatic declassifi- cation. Category 29 is a new category under Section 1-301(g) of the Order. CATEGORY 1 Information constituting or concerning cryptologic, cryptographic or signals intelligence including information on the development and/or use of any method, means, system, device, installation or activity for the production, acquisition or transmission of such intelligence or for the protection of cryptographically processed data, including cryptographic, corimmications and emanations security procedures, techniques, materials and equipment. (Next Review Date: 30 years following initial review.) CATEGORY 2 Information constituting or concerning counterintelligence, defined by Executive Order 12036 of 24 January 1978 (Section 4-202) as "...information gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage and other Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R001't0130009-0 clandestine intelligence activities, sabotage, international terrorist activities or assassinations conducted for or on behalf of foreign powers, organizations or persons, but not including personnel, physical, document or communications security programs." (Next Review Date: 30 years following initial review.) CATEGORY 3 Information concerning or covered by special access, distribution and protection programs continued or established pursuant to Section 4-2 of Executive Order 12065. (Next Review Date: 30 years following initial review.) Information which identifies any undercover personnel or unit(s), or clandestine human agent(s), of the Central Intelligence Agency or of a predecessor agency; or which otherwise reveals information classifiable under the provisions of Executive Order 12065 concerning intelligence sources, methods or activities including intelligence plans, policies, or operations of the Central Intelligence Agency, a predecessor agency, or any element of either. (Next Review Date: 30 years follow?iiim; initial review.) CATEGORY 5 Information covertly acquired which is contained in intelligence reports and other documents that bear the legend "niIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION" or, lacking this or an equivalent narking, are similar in format or content to items so marked; and in which the formats used, subject matter, source descriptions or other content would, in collec- tions or aggregates of such reports and/or other documents, reveal the nature, scope or extent of United States intelligence activities in, or in relation to, particular foreign countries or areas or would identify intelligence sources or methods. (Next Review Date: 30 Years following initial review.) CATEGORY 6 Information which reveals or identifies a present, past, or prospec- tive intelligence source, whether a per~=en, organization, group, technical Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 Approved For Relee 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R00'00130009-0 system, mechanism, device, or any other means or instrument that provides, has provided, or is being developed to provide intelligence. (A'IT;Gf)RY 7 Information which reveals or identifies a present, past, or prospective intelligence method, procedure, mode, technique, or requirement used or being developed to acquire, transmit, analyze, correlate, evaluate, or process intelligence or to support an intelligence source, operation, or activity. CATLGORY 8 Information that discloses the organizational structure of the Central Intelligence Agency; the numbers and assignments of CIA personnel; the size and composition of the CIA budget, including internal and external funding; logistical and associated support activities and services; security procedures, techniques, and activities including those applicable to the fields of communications and data processing; or other quantitative or qualitative data revealing or indicating the nature, objectives, requirements, priorities, scope or thrust of CIA activities, inclLuiing the missions, functions, and locations of certain CIA components or installations. CATEGORY 9 Information pertaining to intelligence-related methodologies, techniques, formulae, equipment, programs or models, including computer simulations, ranging from initial requirements through planning, source acquisition, contract initiation, research, design, and testing to production, personnel training, and operational use. Information which identifies research, procedures, or data used by CIA in the acquisition and processing of intelligence or the production of finished intelligence, when such identification could reveal the particular intelligence interest of the CIA, the value of the intelligence, or the extent of the CIA's knowledge of a particular subject of intelligence interest. L,MI;GORY 11 Information pertaining to training in intelligence sources, methods, and activities provided under the auspices of CIA to individuals, organi- zations, or groups that could reveal or identify equipment, materials, training sites, methods and techniques of instruction, or the identities of students and instructors. Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 Approved For Relee 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000130009-0 CATEGORY 12 Information that could disclose CIA policies and procedures used for personnel recruitment, assessment, selection, training, assignment, and evaluation. CATEGORY 13 Information that could lead to foreign political, economic, or military action against the United States or other friendly nations. CATEGORY 14 Information that could create, stimulate, or increase international tensions in such manner as to :impair the conduct of United States foreign policies. CATEGORY 15 Information that could deprive the United States of a diplomatic or economic advantage related to the national security, or that could weaken the position of the United States or its allies in international negotia- tions, or adversely affect other activities pertinent to the resolution or avoidance of international conflicts or differences having national security significance. CATEGORY 16 Information concerning plans prepared, under preparation, or contem- plated by officials of the United States to meet diplomatic or other contingencies affecting the national security. CAIT GORY 17 Information that identifies or otherwise reveals activities conducted abroad in support of national foreign policy objectives, and planned and executed so that the role of the United States Government is not apparent or acknowledged publicly; or information that discloses support provided to such activities. Information revealing that the United States has obtained, or seeks to obtain, certain data or materials from or concerning a foreign nation, organization, or group; the disclosure of which information could adversely affect United States relations with or activities in a foreign country. Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 Approved For Relse 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236Rd200130009-0 CATEGORY 19 Information that could lead to political or economic instability, or to civil disorder or unrest, in a foreign country or jeopardize the lives, liberty, or property of United States persons in such a country or could. endanger United States Government personnel or installations there. CATEGOIhY 20 Information concerning foreign intentions, capabilities, or activities which could pose a potential threat to United States national security interests or to those of allied or other friendly governments. Information indicating the extent of, or degree of success achieved by, United States collection of intelligence on and assessment of foreign military plans, weapons, capabilities, or operations. CATEGORY 22 Information revealing defense plans or posture of the United States, its allies, or other friendly countries or enabling a foreign nation or entity to develop countermeasures to such plans or posture. CATEGORY 23 Information-disclosing the capabilities, vulnerabilities, or deployment of United States weapons or weapons systems. CATEGORY 24 Information that continues to provide the United States with a scientific, technical, engineering, economic, or intelligence advantage of value to the national security. CATEGORY 25 Information concerning research of a scientific or technical nature leading to the development of special techniques, procedures, equipment and equipment configurations, systems, or devices for collection or production of foreign intelligence; or the operational planning for, deployment or use thereof in such collection or production, or for other national security purposes. CATEGORY 26 Information concerning United States Government programs to safeguard nuclear materials, techniques, capabilities, or facilities that could com- promise, jeopardize or reduce the effectiveness of such programs. Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 Approved For Rel se 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236RW200130009-0 Information on foreign nuclear programs, activities, capabilities, technologies, facilities, plans and intentions, weapons and their deployment that could disclose the nature, scope, or effectiveness of United States intelligence efforts to monitor nuclear develojvnents abroad or could cause such efforts to fail or be restricted in a manner detrimental to national security. ( 'VIE( ORY 28 Information pertaining to contractual relationships or joint arrange- merits with individuals, commercial concerns or other entities when such a relationship or arrangement involves a specific intelligence interest, or reveals the extent or depth of knowledge or technical expertise possessed by CIA, or when disclosure of the relationship or arrangements could. jeopardize the other party's willingness or ability to provide services to CIA. CATEGORY 29 Information that could result in or lead to action(s) placing an individual in jeopardy. C. renc Assistance to the National .Archives. This agency has designated experienc personnel to gu cue anccFissist NatT-onal Archives personnel in identifying and separating documents and specific elements of information within documents under these categories that are deemed to require continued protection. These CIA-designated personnel are authorized to declassify categories of information exempted from automatic declassification (listed in the preceding section) if it is determined that they no longer require protection. These CIA personnel will make recommendations for continued classification of the documents or categories of information requiring continued protection. D. Continuin ,~pA lication of Earlier Guidelines. The systematic review guide Ines an instructions -dent iedae o-w shall remain in effect until canceled or superseded: 1. Downgrading instructions provided in the letter of 16 April 1973 from Lawrence R. Houston, Central Intelligence Agency General Counsel, to Dr. James B. Rhoads, Archivist, of the United States. 2. Instructions concerning information on Secret Writing (S/W), cited STATINTL in the letter of 8 June 1973 from Central Intelligence Agency Archivist, to Mr. Edwin A. Thompson, Director of the Records Declas- sification Division, National Archives and Records Service. Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0 Approved For Rele 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R0b100130009-0 STATSPEC 3. Guidelines concerning material, cited in the letter of L August 1977 to Mr. cwin Thompson, Director of the Records Declassification Service, National Archives and STATINTL Records Service, from Central Intelligence Agency Senior Review Officer. 4. Central. Intelligence Agency issuance dated 11 December 1978 and entitled "GUIDELINES FOR CIASSIFICATION REVIEW OF CIA PREDECESSOR RECORDS STATINTL AND INFORMATION BETWEEN 1941-1946", signed by Chief of the Classification Review Group, Information Systems 1 la vsi s , aff, Direc- torate of Administration. Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP85B00236R000200130009-0