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December 20, 2016
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May 8, 2007
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September 13, 1983
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Approved For Re,se 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP85B00263RD200140004-3 OL~ M PlL SECLlt2t Ci4 S g113193 1. The subject of intelligence support to the overall effort of providing security for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California was first raised in the Intelligence Community during the summer of 1982. At that time, it was agreed that for planning purposes the FBI, as the Federal lead agency, would assume the leading role. It was at that time premature to take any specific steps but the FBI assured us that efforts were already underway at FBI headquarters in Washington and in conjunction with appropriate authorities in California. 2. In the spring of 1983, the Interagency Intelligence Commm.itte on Terrorism (IICT) formally established a sub- committee charged with responsibility for insuring the appropriate coordination of collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence pertinent to any security/- terrorirst threat to the Olympic Games. In view of its Federal role as lead agency in any international terrorist S H C R H T Approved For R.. se 20071058D8F C ]ARR[EPS5B00263 0200140004-3 event which transpires within the boundary of the U.S., the FBI representative was named chairman of this subcommittee. That group has met on several occasions and will meet with increasing frequency from now until the termination of the '84 Olympic Games. All members of the Interagency Intelligence Committee on Terrorism recognize and accept the FBI's lead agency role in this effort. 3. The CIA views its role as one of providing both operational and finished intelligence to the FBI - the coordinator at the Federal level of intelligence support for the games. In this regard, the CIA will task all appropriate assets in its efforts to collect all possible relevant intelligence. Our "normal" procedure in the face of a "special" event such as the 1984 Olympic Games is to make special note of this collection requirement for our Stations world-wide. Collection against possible terrorist threats and attacks carries a very high priority at all times. Tailored requirements and guidance, however, will be provided to our Stations early in 1984. Moreover, specific requirements will be levied upon Stations with established capabilities for collecting against specific groups e.g., Armenians or Palestinians. Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP85B00263R000200440004-3 S E C R E T 4. As the lead agency the FBI will be the recipient of all pertinent intelligence collected by the CIA on the Olympic Games. Efforts are currently underway to insure that the dissemination of our intelligence to the Bureau and thence to appropriate offices in California will function efficiently and expeditiously. Guidance to both field and headquarters elements of the CIA is being prepared in support of that goal. Problems caused by CIA responsibility for protection of sources and methods, such as the ORCON classification on selected CIA reports, will be resolved to the fullest extent possible prior to dissemination from CIA headquarters. To insure prompt and complete dissemination to the State and local authorities, CIA will be working closely with the FBI which will function as the Federal dissemination point. 5. It is CIA's intention to provide the fullest possible support to the FBI and to State and local authorities and we anticipate increasingly close working relationships to develop over the next ten months. Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP85B00263R000200140004-3