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December 20, 2016
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May 8, 2007
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Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP85B00263R000200140013-3 Approved For Release 2007/05/08: CIA-RDP85B00263R000200140013-3 Approved For Release 2007/05/08 CIA-RDP85B002.63R00020014 STATUS.OF,LEGISLATION.AFFECTINGTERRORISM., 01'. Legislation to implement the Montreal Convention, .,on the Suppression.. of Unlawful ,Acts. Against:.-the' Safety of. Civil Aviation. The Department of State,. the Department of `Justice, and the . Federal Aviation-Administration have proposed legislation which would provide for implementation of the :Montreal.Convention .This proposal is in response tothe obligation. the United, States, incurred when. the Convention entered into force for us.. The Convention requires that contracting. states. establish jurisdiction over certain offenses', including damaging or:destroying aircraft or air ' navigation facilities, or committing violence '.against ,the safety: ,of the aircraft. The bill would also provide for extra-territorial jurisdiction in certain instances,-,and, in this regard, is similar to existing,:legislation:enacted to implement:the'~ conventions on aircraft hijacking, protection -o'f.diplomats,.and. attacks on nuclear facilities. An 'omnibus:. bill' (HR` 380) also ..contains provisions forthis purpose. What is needed, however,is stand. alone legislation solely to permit full U.S. compliance' with the convention.. The proposed. legislation for this purpose; was transmitted by State. to OMB by letter of June .8,..:1983. 2. the International Convention Against the Taking of Hostages.. The President signed the instrument ratifying. this convention . on . September . 4, 1981 Proposed legislation was transmitted. to OMB by,,'~the Department of State by letter of June 8,,'1983.- Prompt introduction. and early enactment of this legislation will enable. us to; discharge,,-;our,.'.', international:. obligations. under the Hostages Convention::, and ., will all'. nations in-..combatting -assist us in securing. the cooperation of ., -terrorism. Under the- Convention, our internal: law ,must?~provide sanctions, against those.-who commit_ the, offense of hostage-taking as defined in the Convention. In essence, -the, proposed legislation amends the' federa,l kidnapping', in which- a. threat.- is made to`kill, injure, or continue to - detain= the victim 'in.. 'order;: to., ` compel a third party to do or`.abstain; from taking action. The bill would also prohibit attempted, hostage-taking and would provide for extraterritorial jurisdiction in certain instances. ,-In thus regard, the proposal is similar to legislation enacted'toimplement'- the conventions on-:aircraft hijacking, protection ofidiplomats,;and attacks on nuclear fac lilies . ti's^eaQ? 1A 1D 081400MMO Approved For Release.2007/05108 CIA~..RDP85B00263R000200140013=3., 3. Training of Foreign Law Enforcement Officials to..Deal with Terrorist Attacks. The.Presidentapproved in. July 1981 an initiative to train foreign law enforcement. officials to 'deal with various kinds of terrorist attacks. The President.'s_proposal-was submitted,to ,the Congress, as an - amendment to the Foreign Assistance. Act . together with a ' request, for. $5 million-to-initiate the.program. Both authorizing` committees acted -: favorably`.-but the -Foreign ,Assistance Act was not voted on in 1982. The Senate .Appropriations Committee included - funds` in the Continuing Resolution but receded when' the House was unwilling to include it. on is similar`; this year. Both;authorizing.,committeeshave approved identical >.` provisions. The Senate -AppropriationsCommittee (Kastens) is again., favorable. The House- :.(Long) has not been willing -to ,act favorably so far,' but a. majority of his =sub-committee appear to be ,favorable.' . Protection of:Foreign Officials in the.Un'ited'States The Administration proposed legislation. in.19'82-to'assist'state and local. jurisdictions to protect foreign officials. The :Senate Foreign Relations Committee acted favorably but the House:did.not A different proposal was submitted this year with the same objective of assisting state and local jurisdictions. Both 'the Senate and. House authorizing committees have. acted.. favorably. and the House has also approved the proposal contained.-in-the State Department authorization. The Senate has. not acted. Unfortunately, -neither the House Appropriations.Subcommittee (Neil Smith of Iowa) or the Senate (Laxalt. of Nevada) .has included funds to carryout the authorization. Both. are reluctant -toassist-the states in carrying out the USG obligations under the Vienna Conventions for fear the cost will. escalate. `Both seem willing, however, if the authorizing committees would approve very-tight: restr.ictions on.:.what-financial. assistance the USG will provide-.,to the states. 5. .Rewards, for Information on International Terrorists. ...The. Interdepartmental Group on:Terrorism (IG/T) agreed in -December. 1982 on a legislative proposal to offer. rewards for information: leading-to the arrest and/or conviction of persons committing: international terrorist acts. Similar. authority. already' exists for terrorist acts, committed within the-jurisdiction of::the r ..U.S The Secretary of State, in consultation,with the Attorney.,- General, would pay the rewards. This IG/T proposal is . pending formal. clearance, through: the OMB process. Prompt action would -"` governments on.. permit us to cooperate more fully .with other, tracking. down, and apprehending- international terrorists. eas 26 W f flp6v800 000200' &