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December 21, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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July 29, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85BO1152RO01001290018-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85BO1152RO01001290018-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85BO1152RO01001290018-8 SLI A P I DATE / J3 L TRANSMITT TO: ROOM NO. I BUILDING ' 9b / 9 REMARKS: %oje~S.~ O FROM: ROOM NO NO. BUILDING EXTENSION FORM NO. 24 REPLACES FORM 36-8 (47) iiw SS 1 WHICH MAY BE USED. Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85BO1152RO01001290018-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85B0l 152R001001290018-8 i X15 -1:7L If DDA 83-0451/24 asJUL MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence VIA: Executive Director [L':l:J Inspector General Director of Personnel FROM: Harry E. Fitzwater Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT: Consolidation of Travel Processing Services 1. As we are all aware, current procedures for the processing of travel within the Agency represent a "mixed bag." While some travel arrangements are made on a centralized basis, many components (and some individuals) continue to make their own travel arrangements. In the light of budgetary constraints and the increasing complexities and nuances involved with regulating travel, per se, we can no longer afford to conduct our travel affairs in this decen- tralized manner. 2. Recently we have observed growing pressures for the centralization of travel in all other government agencies which are being stimulated by the Office of Management and Budget as well as by a number of reform movements within the current Administration. As you are aware, the DCI has expressed his concerns to me regarding the manner in which travel is administered in the Agency. He believes that savings can be achieved by "centralizing travel commitments and expenditures." Moreover, there presently exists a loss of discount options (primarily through the use of Government Travel Requests (GTRs)) which are not being exploited by a number of Agency components which are making their own travel arrangements. In order to streamline our effectiveness and efficiency in this area, I propose that steps be taken to centralize travel services within the Agency to the maximum extent possible. 3. Two Agency components presently furnish travel processing services on a centralized basis. The Central Travel Branch (CTB) of the Office of Finance, consisting of [_~ positions designated for Finance careerists, processes travel STAT vouchers. To i ustrate the inefficient and parochial influences which .characterize our present system, CTB must.follow 16 different exception guide- lines submitted to them by various Agency comp ts. The C Processing Branch (CPB), Office of Personnel, consists of7positions, d hated STAT for Office of Logistics personnel, for Finance careeris s, anposition1STA'STAT designated for use by Office of Personnel, primarily clerical and technical Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85B0l 152R001001290018-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85BOl 152RO01001290018-8 employees. While CPB is technically responsible for the processing of both TDY and PCS travel, a substantial amount of TDY travel performed by Agency components is, in fact, not handled by CPB. 4. Both CTB,and CPB obviously need to closely coordinate their activities and exchange their unique expertise, particularly in order to stay abreast of the rapidly changing requirements and procedures associated with travel matters. In addition, both components, for policy guidance, rely heavily on the Special Support Assistant to the DDA (SSA/DDA) in view of the latter's special responsi- bilities in the travel arena and the delegations of authority which have'been given to him. 5. In consideration of my proposal to centralize all travel services, the need for much more extensive collaboration, and the fact that the majority of personnel involved are Directorate of Administration (DA) careerists, it is recommended that CTB and CPB be combined as a separate staff within the DA, effective 1 October 1983. Initially, for the first six to twelve months of its new existence, the Central Travel Staff (CTS) will receive guidance and direction from the SSA/DDA. During this period, we plan to form a task force consisting of individuals from the Offices of Finance and Logistics chaired by the SSA/DDA which will formulate our efforts to centralize travel procedures and policy for all Agency components. Along these lines, we expect the APOLLO system (a computer reservation and ticketing capability) to be fully operational by October 1983. 6. As the APOLLO system comes on line, we would expand services to the outlying buildings and assume responsibility for all travel throughout the Agency. At that point, the CTS could provide efficient, timely, and cost effective travel support to all Agency components. It is understood that this expansion of. service will necessarily result in a realigning of personnel re- sources. There are a number of personnel within Agency components who devote a considerable amount of their time to providing travel services to that component. This is particularly true in the Directorate of Science and Technology. As CTS assumes increased responsibility for all travel services, we would negotiate with all directorates to obtain those resources which are primarily being devoted to travel efforts. 7. Once travel is centralized Agencywide, we would be able to assume a greater degree of control from the authorizing through the approval stages of all PCS and TDY travel. I would further propose at that time that no individual be reimbursed.for official travel who had not utilized CTS services without written approval of the DDA. 8. I recommend that you approve this reorganization and transfer of resources. Fitswoter Hari! Harry E. Fitzwater Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85BOl 152RO01001290018-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85BOl 152RO01001290018-8 SUBJECT: Consolidation of Travel Processing Services Director of Personnel Inspector General APPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Distribution: 0 - Return to DDA 1 - DDCI 1 - EXDIR - ER 1 - IG 1 - D/OP 1 - SSA/DDA - D/OF - D/OL 1 - DDA Subject 1 - DDA Chrono 1 - HEF Chrono 1 - EO Chrono EO/DD4----]ba(29Jul83) STAT Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP85BOl 152RO01001290018-8