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December 21, 2016
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June 11, 2008
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November 1, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310012-1 Corporate Researc i Staff Mr. Harry Fitzwater Deputy Director/Administration Central Intelligence Agency Washington, DC 20505 Dear Harry: Enclosed is a rather lengthy letter that I recently wrote to as CSPO. It details a variety of technical points that happened to catch my ear as we worked through the PDR. There is no need for you to take action on any of these things. They represent detailed technical matters for CSPO's attention. Perhaps the principal value of this letter, from your point of view, is simply more evidence that .the schedule is very very tight. I have flagged it for Bob's attention, as you will see on the opening page of the letter. Since Deliver-2 is the big step on which all subsequent deliveries depend, it is much better that we slip its date than to rush it and endanger all subsequent ones. In a complex system design of this kind there are always details identified as "to be determined" and there are always others identified as "to bP resolved." One way to keep track of project progress is to monitor the number-of TBDs and TBRs that have yet to be worked through. Together they represent one metric that indicates the state of design completeness. Depending upon how you have arranged the project oversight responsibility between yourself and you might decide to keep an eye on these two particular parameters. Sincerely, WHW:dms Encl: Letter to dtd. 11/1/83 THE RAND CORPORATION, 1700 MAIN STREET, SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA 90406, PHONE: (213) 393-0411 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310012-1