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December 21, 2016
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June 11, 2008
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May 24, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310043-7 SUBJECT: (Optional) .Letter of Appreciation R~J19'd~~G Ai~i~D ~~~~~;D S~~~Y ' ?I~arry E. Fitzwater Deputy Director _for Adini:nistration 7D 24 Has . TO: {Officer designation,- room number, and building) 1 ,` Director. of Security 4E 60 .Has. _., = _ . , ,. OFFICER'S INITIALS DDA 83-0341/13, DATE 26 May 1983 COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) Pleasepass on ltty thanks to those, in your Office who assisted. DI:A as rioted in the attached. FORM ~~ ? USE PREYIOUS I_~~ EDITIONS DDA:1-LFFitzwater:lrnlg (26 May 83) Distribution: Orig PRS - D/OS w/cy Att Oria PFS - D/.ODP w/cy Att Ori_g PRS - AD/OL iv/cy Att i Orig PRS - AD/OTE w~cy Att 1 -DDA Subi w/Orig Att 1 -DDA Chrono I 1 - HEF Chrono f Att : Ltr dtd 24 r~4ay 83 to DDA ~ fr AD-RS/DIA re appreciatior` I Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310043-7 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310043-7 ? EFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ~ rD~~ Pei s~~^y 2 4 h~AY 1983 Mr. Harry Fitzwater Deputy Director for Administration Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. 20505 Dear Harry: Although I have mentioned it to you before, I wanted to formally thank you for your recent assistance to me and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Your quick support in arranging for regularly scheduled destruction of burn bags has been a tremendous assistance to us in relieving what was becoming a real serious backlog and potential security risk. I also wanted to express my appreciation for your personal intervention in setting up the arrangements for SAFE training of DIA personnel at the Information Service Center. It is a good example of how, with cooperative effort, we could maximize the use of an existing facility to meet immediate needs of both agencies. Lastly, I also wanted to mention your assistance to speed up the clearance process for DIA personnel needed for SAFE Early Capability in DIA. I have personally enjoyed working with you over the last several months and appreciate your continued cooperation. Sincerely, Assistant Director for Resources and Systems cc: CSPO STAT Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310043-7 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310043-7 ? ~ ~'. Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310043-7 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310043-7 TO: (Name, office symbol, room number, building, Agency/Post) Igitials Rate 2 ~~~' .~ 25 ~.~$ .q. ~ ~ v J . 4. ctiQn File Note and Return PProval ~ For Clearance Per Conversation s Requested For Correction Prepare Reply irculate For Your Information See Me mment Investigate Signature Coordination Justi DO NOT use this form as a clearances, an semi ar actions FROM: (Name, org. symbol, Agency/Post) Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310043-7 Phone No. OPTIANAL FORM 41 (Rev. 7-76) __ Pns~ribed X GSA