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August 19, 1982
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Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 ? SAF-E348-82 19 August 1982 MEh10RANDUh7 FOR : Director of Data Processing Chief, Operations Support Segment/CSPO/ODP SUBJECT Impact of Not Obtaining GH-62 Office Space on Project SAFE 1. PURPOSE AND SCOPE -This memorandum presents my assessment of the impact of not obtaining in September 1982 office space to support implementation of the SAFE Early Capability in the Spring of 1983. Background information is provided in Paragraph 2, below; the CSPO staff position is presented in Paragraph 3, below; and Paragraph 4, below, contains a summary of the impact of not obtaining .the requested office space on the Early. Capability activities and schedule. 2. BACKGROUND INFORh1ATION - In June 1981, 4,000 square feet of office space within Headquarters Building was requested to support TR~Y's system testing activities for the initial system capability (previously defined as Block 1) which was being developed by TROY. This space was originally requested to be made available in play 1982. Subsequently, 2,100 square feet of office space was allocated to the CSPO and was scheduled to be available in July 1982 and was re-scheduled later to be available later in September 1982. STAT Page 1 of 5 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 ? The requested office space was planned to supplement the Northside (SAFE) Computer Center, located in Room GE-40, which is being renovated in two phases. The Phase 1 area, consisting of approximately 9,000 square feet, was completed in October 198?. Note that renovation of the Phase 2 area, consisting of approximately 7,000 square feet which includes office space, work space and a library area, has not yet been started and the current completion date is October 1983. The Phase 1 area (see Attachment 1) is to house the computer and peripheral equipment. The GH-62 office space (see Attachment 2) is currently planned to be used as a work space for contractor and Government personnel involved in system testing and maintenance activities for the Early Capability. In addition, this space is planned to be the Northside Computer Center management work space for planning and developing standard operating procedures, training of computer operators -and operations management of the Early Capability systems required for CIA and DIA analysts. SAFE Project re-direction plans, effective circa July 1982, Gail for the installation of six computers, five communications front-end processors and associated peripheral equipment within the Phase 1 area of the Northside (SAFE) Computer Center. These computers will be configured to place into operation two independent systems for the CIA and DIA intelligence analysts in the Spring of 1933. The purpose of the Early Capability systems is to provide: (a) visibility to SAFE-like functions to a Page 2 of 5 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 ? Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 larger group of DDI anal~s than is possible with the c~rent SAFE Pilot Mail Operation and (b) SAFE-like functions to DDI and DIA analysts so that user feed-back, based on hands-on experience, is available to adjust the ultimate SAFE requirements and the resulting SAFE capabilities. The requested office space, shown in Attachment 2, contains positions for eighteen people and a cluster room for 10 terminals and 7 printers. The space is to support the following Early Capability activities: o Application software modification, development and maintenance by contractor personnel. o System testing, acceptance testing and operational testing by CSPO personnel. o Computer operations planning, support and management by CSPO personnel. 3. STAFF POSITION - Existing space is NOT available within the space allocated to the CSPO to accommodate the Early Capability activities, cited above. Because of the Project's re-direction and organizational re-structuring, 10 additional DlA personnel have been requested to be added to the Consolidated SAFE Project Office staff. These additional DIA personnel, expected in October 1982, will be housed within the fourth floor of Ames Building along with the current (CIA and DIA) CSPO staff Personnel. As a result of the additional DIA personnel and the CSPO reorganization, two computer operator work positions in Ames Building are to be re-located into the GH-62 area in September 1982 to aid in alleviating the CSPO space problem. The computer operator personnel along with two DIA computer operator personnel would then be conveniently located to. counterpart ODP personnel required for planning, training and managing Page 3 of 5 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 ~~ ~ ~ Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 their computer operations~sks. ? Six contractor personnel required to modify the Pilot h1ail Operation software are also scheduled to be housed within the GH-62 office space. In addition to their required access to a terminal. cluster room and work positions, access is required by these personnel to both OCR/DDI and Processing/ODP personnel in perfo-?ming P"~tO software modification and development tasks. The remaining eight positions within the GH-62 area will be allocated to CSPO personnel required to perform and approve system testing, acceptance testing and operational testing activities for the Early Capability system deliveries. Space within the Phase 1 area of the Northside Computer center cannot accommodate the activities, cited above, because of the extended periods of time contractor personnel are- expected to work to meet the Early Capability schedule. Further, because of the amount of work- that must be done to prepare the computer room for the installation of equipment and the amount of equipment planned to be installed, this area would not be conducive to the work required for software modification and development activities. Page 4 of 5 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 =' Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 4. SUh1~rtARY - The space allocated (2,100 square feet) is approximately one-half of what was originally requested in June 1981. The current availability date has been re-scheduled three times and additional re-scheduling will delay the activities required to meet the announced Early Capability system delivery dates to which we are committed to the Director, Defense Intelligence Agency and Deputy Director of Intelligence/CIA. Existing CSPO space v.~ithin the Northside Computer Center and Ames Building cannot be provided to accommodate the required activities. If the GH-62 office space is not made available during September or early October 1982, the Early Capability schedule cannot be met. STAT Attachments: 1 -Floor Layout of the Northside Computer Center 2 - CSPO's Floor Layout of the GH-62 office space Distribution: Orig. -Addressee 1 - DD/ODP 1 - D/CSPO/ODP 1 -SAFE Chrono Page S of 5 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 i AHU 1 .?r. ? w~ ? ~-~--~ ,.,,, .,, I nn. wr. ~ Ln~u'?~J ANV r~K Sfd1?oE MEN v a C7 c~ C7 4 9FFiCE OFbATA PROCESSIN -~iSNrrlslot CoMrUrtrl Fncl~rrr un n' ...... nr glgr,nillr ,..w.... l~nn WILY. p,..,,,.u p11A W N . ~ v.nnr scnu: , ~ 1 1i~i): C l a[ ~ ~Uu a tons ~ to coop -_~ rpp. IL JI ~ ~,1 ^ 4, AHV ~~ tl I ~~~~ -J I!!~ __ L^J ..~. r ,.~ ?~~ C! .. . ~. ~ ti ~ ~,... , .,,.,r....,. o a~ < a ~. ~_ y ` ~' ~.i U ~,,,, ~ ,a.1 C._,o.,_ 1 ~, ~~ O ; D I ' e i , I ~ a. AHV L..~ L. J ?.e?~, a Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85B01152R001001310050-9