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December 20, 2016
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December 14, 2007
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March 17, 1983
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Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85B01152R001001360057-7 D/OLL ,17 August 1983 These will provide you with, the information relative to the introduction of legislation concerning retirement..- DDA:HEFitzwater:kmg ?(17' Aug. 83) Distribution: Orig - D/OLL w/atts ~- DDA Subj' w/atts 1 - DDA Chrono 1 HEF Chrono Cys of atts sent to DA OD's & Staffs on 8/17/83 33 AFSA.News Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85B01152R001001360057-7 Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85BO1152RO01001360057-7 SSA/DDA- 7D18_, Hqs FORM 610 USE PREVIOUS I-79 EDITIONS ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET 17uG 1.103 1 AVG Pv0 1ti,9 ? OFFICER'S INITIALS 12 August 1983 COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) Attached is AFSA material titled 'Changes in Retirement and Salaries. Issues V. VI, GG.~ A U G 4,. 1983 TAT TAT Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85BO1152RO01001360057-7 Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85BO1152RO01001360057-7 ? : ? rc it 17 , ly ? t^ ~' ?~~ IN R TTREEM _.. _. j it ai?.i~:Z -?.. .'itc_>t effort in Sei1, tc-- to oseven t in l lion Cf net hires _ind. r ~..:ial security. End Summar;. Ille f u'11 Senate win soon $':;e ii :-(-' , t ., bill t` ?:IC'.iber2tli:?Ci Or ti:~ ;:.~^lc~ S?_C[rrlt`?' . Th will be the o i ue as the one the HOUs: a VIII) c.~ last week see rt.t~ revert e s.__~ LiI inc111i:a e the )roV_-S.iCr- to =or alt nG:tilt/ iii" .e~ I f and enp oy 'C:.S' into the 2;i) ial ....'.ur1ty syst?..^:2? !h s bill ':Ontains none. of the proposed !changes in the retirement system -- see retire- ment message 11. For distinction). ?I'i._ la t po;;si.bie i:opc of ti!Lrart i.r this r? le;isl l ._v ,.ill tie an ar...end- ment to be introduced by Senator Russel Long which would delay putting new federal ertnlvees under social security i next January ?, or until a Supplementary civil service retirement plan is put into effect, whichever is later. This amendment would do two things: it would prevent new employees from having to pa;- into both social security and the civil or foreign service C? system and it would give Congress time to adequately debate this issue once it is out from under the crushing pressure of the social security salvation package. If this passes, the consensus on the rill is that since next year is an election year, it would be unlikely that the inclusion plan would be pursued. This amendment was offered in the finance ccamittee but was defeated on a 6-10 vote. iiil .either proposed ama ndmn?:'nt will ccma from Senator Ted _i !t e\ens. This one would still have new hires goin_ into ti !u social st'_c.lrit s te' Il, 'hut would give them the option of contributing only to social secuL-it-; until a ncw Sup7Jemental plan is implemented. The .cv`rnment would make. contributions to the sttpplemelntarv program (;,;hen it is established) for the full ti;2O that i:h ~_? i?~.c?yeo had been i.n i;rn''ernm.~2nt. Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85BO1152RO01001360057-7 Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85BOl 152RO01001360057-7 :arch 3, 1983 CHANGES IN RETIREMENT AND SALARIES - V & VI St;'`^4ARy - The importance of receiving messages and letters from the field and t.:a_hifngton membership cannot be overemphasized. In conformity with our dual assault on the retirement changes, AFSA strongly suggests that messages address the interests and concerns of your intended readers. End summary. As described in previous messages, pursuing a two track policy to prevent implementation of-the "reforms" listed in the President's budget ressage. The experiences of the past six weeks have taught us that while there are many valid reasons to op,ose these reforms, some arguments work with certain decision makers, other arguments don't. The interests and coriderns of your reader should be kept in mind when drafting any message. AFS1 has now received over 70 cables from the field. These messages are important for several reasons -- they provide us with insights and well ilC l`ht out arguments, and they are tan4.lbie proof of the outrage and concern with which the Foreign Service views these changes. Please keep them coming. The messages which have come from i\mbassadors is he field, both career and -or-career, have been particularly want. Chapters are encouraged to nee with their chiefs-of-mission to discuss the effects of the proposed chan-es of the Foreign Service. Letters to Congress ss initial. instinc iras to stress the uniqueness the Foreign Se_rv:.ce both: in terms of tole hay y -~s. 1?)s of a career overseas our C '.petit .4 __ "up or out" Dersonne i S ySte. . 1v1_ Oi:''eT' U7-or ds, to dis- a-socla_tE o:.irs_I:%es from, the Civil Seri ic._ as far. : _ , '1S possible. 't~OLdE?Jer, our feedback has been such that. it is now :;else; that . this "d;.sass^ciatio.z" :coach, while the proper one to take in`i isle the Department and with the 11:in1nistration, will. not be productive ith the Congressional committees aich wii1ost direc l with the proposals. . m r l.y -ea l v;e have had exhaustive discussions with Hill staffers and members of Co grc:s_; and we believe that at this our interests on the Hill are best served by working with Civil. crvice groups to ili the entire package. Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85BOl 152RO01001360057-7 Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85BOl 152RO01001360057-7 AFSA therefore" rec?).!nends that letters to Congress not focus on requests for differential ;-e~,t?nent f a. the Civil Service. tress instead the negative F ~ effect of these, proposals of the Federal Service as demonstrated by the e~-ample of. the effects on the Foreign Service. The good ship Federal Service is under att.:ck but it is not ve time to go over the side screaming every man, woman and child fcr himself The working group is drafting talking points with this new tactic in -mind. Comments on Contacting Congressmen - In general, members of Congress pay attention to letters from two sources -- from their constituents and from organizations which spear- to topics of interest. Hil.;. staffers tell us that unsolicited letters From individuals with no ties to the me-ber's district are given little attention and less weight. It is our reco,:unendati"on, there- fore, that chapter ;;embers can be most effective by writing to their hometown representatives. If Foreign Service life has left you without a current "hometown", we suggest you use your parents place of residence, intended retirement area, where you grew up, etc. Names and addresses of Congressmen and Senators are available in the Congressional Directory. A number of posts have requested the names of key members to write to. We are providing the membership cf the two committees which i"gill most directly deal with these proposals but again we recommend writing to hometown representatives instead at this stage. We provide these names primarily so that employees can readily ceteraire if their representative is on one of these ccrrrnjttees: CO ntITiEE ON POST 0Fi'ICE A~?,'D CIVIL SERVICE: :ajori.ty: Representatives William D. FL rd (Ni.) , Morris Udall (AZ), William Clay (MO) Patricia Schroede , ,, r (CO), Robert Garcia (,,,;Y) ; :?ii_riey Leland (TX), Donald J. Albosta (MT), Gas Patron (PA) , Mary Rose Oakar (OH) , ' Charles E. Soh?: ?er 01Y), iron de Lugo (VI , Thom: A. Daschle f (SD) , Gerry Sikorski (`f?~) Douglas Bosco (CAL), Katie Hall (IND). (209 Cannon House Office Building, D.C. 20515) Minority: Representatives Gene Taylor (MO), Benjamin A. Gil-,,,.an (NY), Tom Corcoran (IL), James A. Courter (NJ), Charles Pashas an, Jr.. (CA), William E. Dannemeyer (CA), Daniel B. Crane (IL), Frank. R. Wolf (V;,) , Wendell Bailey (MO), Connie Max (FL). (304A Cannon house Office Building, D.C. 20515) COMMITTEE ON GOVERN E;?7TAL .FFAIRS: 1?`ajority: Senators. i?;i11i n V. Roth, Jr. (DE), Charles H. Percy (IL), Ted Stevans (AK), Charles McC. Mathias (ND), John C. Danforth (MO), William S. Cohen (a'ME), David Durenb'urg'r (M!), I?.r3- William. rren Pudmar. (LJri), Armstrong g (CO), Thad Cochran (MISS). (33-06 Dirksen Senate Office. Building, D.C. 20510) Minority: Senator' Thomas F. Eagleton (No), Henry M. Jackson (W c1) , Lawton Chiles (FL), Sam Nunn (GA), John H. Glenn (OH), Jim Sasser (TN). Carl N. Levin (:Il), Jeff ;iiL?g (i'`i, (6206 i)irkse] Senate 01f ice Building, D.C. 20510) Approved For Release 2007/12/14: CIA-RDP85BOl 152RO01001360057-7