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December 12, 2016
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July 30, 1998
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March 16, 1967
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Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130021-7 16 March 196T MOORAN] 4 FOR., Acting Deputy Director for I telligence SUBJECT' : office Coeze nts on "Comments on IG Survvy" s acceptable as stated; no revisions proposed. Approve revised recommendations; support proposal to create Collection Guidance Advisory Group; no revisions proposed. Strong reservation on pare (b) (2) of revised Recommendation No. 1, which "recoznds in favorable terms" consideration of a proposal that DCID 1/2 defines is eat which do not warrant intelligence collection. such proposal were adopted in re-writing DCID 1/2, OCI'a ability---ate that of the Agency--to respond affirmatively to problems and questions worldwide would be seriously affected. BCC comment: The language of the revised recommendation reads "n prep ing the revisions, the committee should consider the desirability of the following:... (2) That DCID No. 1/2 appropri- ately defixze those subjects a geographic a to which normal and continuing intelligence collection and research are appli- cable, and those which do not warrant the development or allo- cation of intelligence resources." I did not construe this as a reconendation in favorable terms. Wirer, to met the OCI reservation, I propose to return to the language of the original rwomen tOfl (t' ...other sub a ets of proper concern to Intelli- gence which do not affect our national survival.") and drop the mention of geographic areas in the revised recoi mendation and in the cozaenta. Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85GO0105R000100130021-7 Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130021-7 Collectors are not represented on OW., but only subject to being invited to attend Group meetings "as appropriate." "The collector's input to the Group's reomaendations should be more positive: than that implied by the pent wording." 13CC ont : The membership of the proposed Advisory Group__ s ; OCI, GRR, ONE, OSI--reflects the fact that the point of departure for most of the guidance of concern to DDI and jMW m n of collection ,fast the producing offices think Ont start 4th thOY Want, heir they go about getting it, and 'What role CGS has to play in this. DC8 and FBIS as collectors and OCR and IAS as processors obviously are very important, their pence at Group meetings may be needed own, but I don't think they should be members of the Group, at least at the outset. If experience cdes can be made. augg+ea g other BCC ctageettt : No, for reasons given above. a) Who does CGAG advise, the DDI or Chief, CG8? BCC camper t: It meets under the chairmanship of Chief, CGS to ~a? v' se on problem arising in the collectooa guidance process. Action: the following wozd.s ( ear limd) added to A ~ 2 of ., " ~ 4 4a ~ t and 'n.. **oestablisbed for the advice under the chair manship or... b) In various rec rnations, rather than direct Chief, CGS to take action "in collaboration with the Cam," the charge should be placed on C$ief, CGS alone. BCC comment : There's no doubt from the language where the responsibility lieut.' it Is Chief, DG3 'who is directed to act. I think it is 1 t it in terms of the politics o both bets MW and DDI and between the hf problem, Mid CGS, that the Idea of collaborative P~ucix~g offices wive action in problem solving be retained. I raor-a, -u--- . __ _ - -- w - _ Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85GO0105R000100130021-7 Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130021-7 c) in addition to periodic meetings between PI Staff aaand. COS as suggested in restatement of No. 9, Personnel exchanges should take place On a two-year tour basin. 25X1A9a BCC cosm eeuut : 0 also feels that a personnel exchange urasna o be considered. He proposed =Wmg the restate nt para- graph 1 and adding a pars 2 along these lines : "The Chief, COB and the Chief, FI Staff consider long-term rotation of officers between the REB and the KRB." I propose to add such a pares. d) A matter worth exploring is the desirability of separating the two essentially independent functions performed by CGS : (1) guiding collectors, said (2) supporting the CIA Member of USIB e t associated activities. 25X1A9a BCC coaneT t : adds, "This need not be an issue in the r:r+esent evere se. I ate. Novever.. you may want to ask to elaborate tat he has in mind and how it might wad. OCIt should be represented on CG AG. BOC c : See co rent under DCS above. b) CGS should be maimed by personnel from producing, offices rotating in on a two-year basis, the staffing to be handled by the 1)1)I Career Service Board. Reason: to prevent staff officers from becoming sepeaurated from line production problems. BCC comment: Something for Chief.. CGS and CGAG to consider, SUE not a part of the present exercise. c) a No. 13, initiation of collection guides should not rest solely with Chief, CGS. BCC coaamment: Wording revised to read " Chief, CGS, in co .ration with GOAD, to ux ; (vice initiate) the prepa- ration of collection guides as needed..." No sustions for revision. No suggestions for revision. Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85GO0105R000100130021-7