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December 12, 2016
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July 30, 1998
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Approved For Releaset20,02/06/18 CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130034-3 Number Topic Actions for DDP (excluding those with DDI) Other Participants Remarks 3 IPC a. Direct Chief/FI to prepare CIA None position on DCID 5/5 so that IPC becomes a useful means for stating true needs for clandestine collection by CIA b. Direct Chief/FI to make IPC procedures responsive to new DCID 5/5 and needs of clandestine services c. Assign more people to IPC to make it work d. Stop other requirements except those directed to known reporting sources 5 Ad hoc Direct Chief/FI to reject ad hoc None Requirements requirements not really needing clandestine collection 15 Inform CGS Direct Chief/FI to give CGS all None intelligence gaps and new collection guidance derived from FI reporting assessments Approved For Releasj:88 CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130034-3 Approved For Release,' 0O2h 611 : CIA-RDP85GO0105R000100130034-3 Actions for DDS&T (excluding those with DDI) Number Topic DDS&T Action Other Participants 21 ELINT a. Direct that evaluations of CIA None Might work and third party ELINT include statements of unsolved problems and suggestions for future targeting b. Direct OSI and FMSAC to issue More make- periodic collection support work guidance for CIA and third party ELINT 22 ELINT Direct set-up of conferences between None Why don't weapon systems analysts and ELINT you guys in officers to improve collection DDS&T talk guidance and operational support to each other? Actions for CIA SIGINT Officer Number Topic CIA SIGINT Officer Action Other Participants Remarks 18 COMINT Discuss with NSA the provision of None lists of all intercepts from CIA Good luck and third party COMINT we don't get now 19 ELINT Prepare proposal to identify and None Around again process ELINT product of air training missions of U&S Commands Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130034-3