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December 12, 2016
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July 30, 1998
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Approved For Release 2002/06/18 :_giA-RDP85G00105R000100130035-2 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR DDI ACTIONS Number Topic Other Participants Remarks 1 DCID 1/2 CNIO a. Chair Committee to develop CIA DCID 1/3 PNIO position on content of DCID's b. Committee revise DCID 1/3 to include only national survival items c. Committee revise DCID 1/2 to cover other subjects not affecting national survival 2 DCID 1/3 4 CIA Rep on IPC 6 Requirements Form 986 7 Ad hoc Requirements Agency position: DCID 1/3 not be revised annually or quarterly Direct CGS to prepare CIA notice a. Defining role of CIA IPC rep b. Defining function and scope of IPC list c. Directs originators of requirements to consult IPC list and cite it in requirements Direct CGS to revise form Take steps to ensure all use new form correctly Issue Notice of instruction on use of form Direct CGS to find way to limit ad hoc requirements to those of immediate practical value as collection guidance Issue joint statement with DDS&T on mission and functions of CGS Senior reps of production and have action collection components Just guidance Coordination with This could other components be tough job producing require- ments for clandestine collection Work with require- ments officers in DCS and CS Approved For Release 2002/0RDP85G00105R000100130035-2 Not likely to solve many problems "Here's a problem, solve it. Should do-- easy if DDS&T cooperates Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130035-2 Number Topic Other Participants Remarks 9 Rotation 10 CIRL 11 CIRL 13 Collection Guides 14 DCS Collection Guidance Program 16 CGS SIGINT Officers 17 Requirements for info on Free World 20 SIGINT in COMOR Develop program for rotating DDP personnel between FI and CGS Issue notice explaining CIRL DDS&T Direct that each CIRL have preface DDS&T identifying most important needs therein Direct D/OCI to prepare back- ground statement for each CIRL Establish program to produce and Coordinate with revise comprehensive guides on DDS&T selected subjects Direct preparation of such program on trial basis Provide CGS SIGINT Officers with training and access to foster contact between COMINT collectors and CIA analysts Ensure only minimum duplication Coordination with between requirements on human sources and COMINT Direct CGS to advise CIA reps Coordinate with of SIGINT working group of COMOR and COMOR on CIA needs Approved For Release 2002/06/18.:, CIA-RDP85GO0105R000100130035-2 "Getting to know you." Should do Could be big load on OCI Big job-- asking for trouble Big job Good objective-- how? Why isn't CGS doing this now? Approved For Release 2002/06/18 : CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130035-2 Number Topic Other Participants 23 Overhead Recon Formulate CIA position on require- ments for overhead reconnaissance and identify items for decision by higher authority 24 Control of Instruct Chiefs of substantive Requirements Divisions to assume responsibilities for requirements of Division 25 Control of Requirements 26 Support to CGS 27 Training on Collection Guidance DDS&T also Instruct Directors of substantive DDS&T also Offices to assume responsibilities for requirements of Office Furnish all necessary support to CGS for: a. Minimize effects of info explosion b. Selective control of requirements to prevent info explosion c. Get more order and system in human-sources require- ments Arrange briefings on collection guidance system for production analysts Coordinate with DDS&T Then what? They have this charge now. It hasn't been worth their efforts in returns Same as above Help CGS do its job How far will this get us? Approved For Release 2002/06/18,,CIA-RDP85G00105R000100130035-2