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December 21, 2016
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April 2, 2009
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Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 POLITICAL 1. Transport member of provisional government to St. George's, Grenada; Governor General announces formation of a provisional government; pledges restoration of democracy via free elections within 90 days; dissolve PRA to the invader via free elections to be conducted within a year. 2. Obtain request from provisional government for continued U.S. and Caribbean force presence, ideally through the OAS; this request would endorse D-Day proposal to OAS by Caribbean nations. 3. Free all political prisoners. DIPLOMATIC 1. After diplomatic relations established by Caribbean states, U.S. establishes diplomatic relations and announces plans to open Embassy. 2. Permanent council of OAS convenes a meeting of consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs to consider this urgent problem and authorize collective members for the maintenance of international peace and security. (OAS charter, Article 59, 60). 3. In the event of OAS authorization, take steps to inform UN Security council of actions taken or contemplated under the authorization (UN charter, article 54). 4. Update brief for our allies (Rio Pact, NATO, ANZUS, Japan, etc.). 5. Prepare cable for all other posts to brief host governments on steps we have taken in Grenada. 6. Coordinate diplomatic efforts with Caribbean partners-Barbados and Jamaica. 7. Report through channels to Cuba and USSR on our activities and provide assurances for saftey of their nationals. MILITARY 1. US/Caribbean Forces expand area under control. PUBLIC AFFAIRS 1. prepare brief guidance, coordinated with DOD, to update the media on the situation in Grenada. 2. Draft report to congress describing necessity, legal authority and estimated scope and duration of our intervention (war powers, section 4(a). SECRET NSC review completed. Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 DIPLOMATIC 1. USG informs OECS of willingness to work together to protect foreigners in Grenada 2. OECS requests OAS Perm Council to convene (on D Plus One) a Meeting of Consultation of.Ministers of Foreign Affairs on situation in Grenada 3. Advise Cuba of our concern for safety of all foreigners in Grenada; advise Cuba not to attempt to i intervene in Grenada internal situat on to OECS to request 4. Grenada Governor General sends secret message assistance to restore democracy 5. Brief NATO and OAS on OECS and US concern for violence in Grenada and direction of military regime Drafting: cables to NATO, ANZUS, Rio Pact, Japan, ROK cable to USSR cable to Cuba, Venezuela - cable to safehaven posts SECRET Midnight - send cables - brief cong MILITARY 1. pianniny continues 2. Forces move as necessary PUBLIC AFFAIRS 1. Contact with congressional leadership (after midnight) of US plans to evacuate Aiacits 2. Tell parents and press (if asked) we are concerned about welfare of Amcits in light of violence Drafting: language on parent notification of evacuation press guidance on evacuation plans Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 SECRET DIPLOMATIC 1. OECS, Barbados, Jamaica form Joint Force; request USG assistance 2. Inform UK of OECS decision and US evacuation plans; request HMG protection of the Governor General 3. Consult with Canadians of plans to support OECS Drafting: - message to London, Ottowa (info all Caribbean posts) - message to OECS to accept request for assistance - message to Havana (send on D minus 1) - message to NATO, OAS (send on D minus 1) MILITARY 1. JCS/CINCLANT prepare plans for deployment of U.S./Allied forces 2. Increase intelligence gathering through RECCE, HUMINT, SIGINT 3. naval forces continue moving to vicinity of Martinique PUBLIC AFFAIRS 1. Tell Parents, Congress, Media (if asked) we are monitoring situation, are concerned about safety o American citizens Drafting: Talking points for use with Congressional leaders (on D)' Talking points for use with Committees and interested members (on D) Talking points for use with press (on D minus one) SECRET Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 POLITICAL 1. Assemble alternative democratic leadership for move to Grenada 2. Governor General and democratic leaders request OECS assistance to restore order SECRET DIPLOMATIC 1 Caribbean nations OAS members individually to request support in Perm Council on mandate for joint force to restore order, reconstitution of government, reestablishment of democracy through free elections, naming of OAS observer force to administer/oversee free elections 2. Caribbean nations approach Socialist International and Christian Democratic Union to seek endorsement of effort 3. US informs USSR of evacuation effort and offer to assist Soviet mission in St. George 4. Inform UNSYG of plans to evacuate Amcits and assist people of Grenada to restore democracy 5. Warn Cuba of US effort to evacuate nationals; advise that Cuban nationals may leave on neutral civilian ships; advise against interference in evacuation MILITARY 1. US Forces land: - protect Amcits/begin evacuation take Radio Free Grenada secure Governor General/Richmond Hill prisoners 2. Send aircraft to Barbados to move Caribbean force PUBLIC AFFAIRS 1. Inform parents of intention to guarantee Aricit security/arrange evacuation 2. Brief concerned committees and members 3. Announce start of evacuation effort in State and Defense press briefings 4. Prepare brief Presidential statement for report to the public on the purpose of U.S. actions in Grenada. Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3 MILITARY 1. Us forces reduced to minimum required to assist Caribbean force maintain peace 2. US continues to provide logistical support/resources SECRET SECfrLf Approved For Release 2009/04/02 : CIA-RDP85M00363R000200370065-3