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December 21, 2016
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June 10, 2008
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April 29, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP85M00364R001001540040-0 ACTION ~ ">, INFO D/EED ,lo C/PADyOEA Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP85M00364R001001540040-0 CHARLES E BENN~TT, . SAMU0.,S. STRATTON; N. BLLi'~C.~JLS, ALA. DAN DANIEL, VA. G. V. fSptiNn MONTGOMERY. MISS. LES Az?IN, WIS. RONALD V. DELLUMS, CALIF. PATROCI'A SCH ROEDEA, COl0. ABRAriAM KAZEN, JR., TEJS. ANTONIO 8. WON PAT, GUAM LARR'! P. McDONALD, GA BEVE?lY 8. BYRON, MD. NICHOLAS MAVROULES, MA$S. EARL hUTTO, FIR. IKE SC.:ITON, MO. MAAVyN LEATH, TE%. DAVE MCCURDY, OKIA THOMAS M. FOGIJETTA PA ROY OYSON, MD. DENIPS M. HERTEL, MICH. MAAIIYN LLOYD, TENN. NORVAN SISISKV, VA PICHAFIO RAY, GA JOHN M. SPRATT, JR.. S.C. FRANK MtCLOSKEY, IN0. C. RG3~N BRlTf, N.C. SOIGK.ON P. ORTIZ TEX RONALD D, COLEMAN. TEX. MElVIN PRICE (ILL), CHAIRMAN April 29, 1953 a~ijington, ~.~. 20515 NINETY-EIGHTH CONGRESS Honorable William J. Casey Director of Central Intelligence Washington, D.C. 20505 WILLIAM L DICKINSON. ALA. G. WILLIAM WHRENURS (. VA. FLOYD SPENCE, S.C. MARJORIE S. HOIT, MD. ELWOOD H. (8UU) NILUS..INO. ROBERT E. BADHAM, CALIF. BOB STUMP, ARIL JIM COURTER. NJ. LARRY J. HOPKINS, KY. ROBERT W. DAVIS. MICH. KEN KRAMER, COLO. DUNCAN L HUNTER. CALIF. THOMAS F. HARTNETT, S.C. DANIEL B. CRANE Ill DAVID O'B. MARTIN, N.Y. JOHN R. KASICH, OHIO Dear Ivir. Casey: The chairman of the Committee on Armed Services recently established a full committee panel on the transfer of defense-related technology to foreign nations. I have been afforded the opportunity to chair that panel. The panel has been directed to examine the present state of the transfer of U.S. technology to foreign nations, and particularly the direct or indirect transfer of such technology to the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations. The panel will attempt to identify those technologies that, if compromised, would have a significant impact on U.S. national security. It will evaluate the process by which such technology is transferred. And it will assess the procedures used by the Departments of Commerce, Defense and State to ensure against the compromise of technology and defense articles that significantly impact on U.S. defense capabilities. The panel will require the assistance of your organization in completing our task. I am writing to request that assistance. Although a hearing schedule has not yet been determined, it is likely that we will ask for a witness from your organization to testify before the panel. I would appreciate knowing who in your organization would be most appropriate as a witness given the tasking we face. In addition a point of contact within your organization that can assist the panel staff in coordinating activities and in gathering information would be most helpful. The name of the witness and the point of contact can be relayed to Bob Emmerichs (225-6873) or Alan Chase (225-9647) of the panel staff . -==; I consider the issue the panel is addressing to be pf extraordinary importance to our future security. I hope that, together, we can ensure that the laws and procedures governing the transfer of technology will maximize that security. I look forward to your assistance to that end. Sincerely, Earl Hutto Chairman, Technology Transfer Panel Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP85M00364R001001540040-0 oo ou~~ ~f ~e~r~~e~tt~tib COMMITTEE ON ARMEQ SERVICES Approved For Release 2008/06/10 :CIA-RDP85M00364R001001540040-0