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December 21, 2016
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June 11, 2008
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October 25, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85M00364R001502590089-6 THE VgIM1TE HOUSE WA3H114GTON ., _ i i ;, ~~ ~ Clctober 25, 1993 ;; ,E - ~ - _ . '~ Dear Mr. Speaiker: ~} cln October 12 ~ a v jiolen~; series of events in Grenada was set in ~ motion, which led ~;o th~~ murder of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and a number rnf his Cab net colleagues, as well as the dleaths _of .; a number of civilians. -Over 40 killings were reported. There 'was no govern;~ent w~nsur Ong the protection of life and property 'l!and restoring law :snd order. The only indication of autharity ;I was an announcement: the ~ a barbaric shoot-to-kii2 curfew a~as in ~i effect. Under the~~e circumstances, we were necessarily concerned '~ about the safety o1= inn,~cent lines on the island, incluliing those ;; of up to 1,000 United States citizens. ,+ ;~ The organization o;6 Eastern Caribbean States ,(OECS) bec~zae ?~seriou~ly concerned by the deteriorating conditions in the member ' State of Grenada. The :ether toembers of the OECS are Antigua, I Y}ominica, Montserr;3t, S t. Kitts/l~evis; Saint Lucia, and Saint ~i Vincent and the Gr~_nadipes. We were formally advised that the ` Authority of Heads of G~verruaent of Member States of the Q#CS, ii acting pursuant to the~~reaty establishing the OECS, met in iemergency session ~~n October 21. The meeting took note of the .!anarchic condition; and the serious violations of human rights ;~ and bloodshed that had pccurred, and the consequent uhprectdented threat to the peace and security of the region created by the ~~ vacuum of authorit,~ in Grenada. The OECS determined to take im-- ,~ mediate, necessary steps to restore order in Grenada sa a$ t:o pr~- ; teet against ~Eurth;er loss. of life, pending the restoration of i effective gov~rnme,ntal institutions. To this end, the 4ECS ?ortaed ~i a collective security force comprising elements from meatber ~j States to ree+tore ;Arder in Grenada and requested the immediate . :i cooperation c~:E a number of friendly countries, includinr~ the ;; governments ci~E Barbados, Jamaica and the United .States, 3tt these ~~ efforts. In xesponse to this calf. for assistance anr3 in viek of the overridir,; importance of protracting the lives of the ilnited !) States citizef~is in Grenada, I have authorised the Armed Forces of ~; the United St;~tes to participate along with these other nations ;~ in this colle;~tive security force. ?~ In accordance~A with my desire that the Congress be infort-ed an this matter, and consistent with the i~ar Powers Resolution, Ian pro- :; viding this :report on this deployment of United States Armed ~; Forces. ;~ _ Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85M00364R001502590089-6 _ Approved For Release 2008/06/11 :CIA-RDP85M00364R001502590089-6 S iAC~r~~7~ o Today at about 5:00 AM E~~stern Daylight Time, approximately 1,900 United States ~'rmy ~;nd [Iifited States Marine Corps personnel began. landinr~ ire. Grenar3a. The,t were- supported by elements of tie i7nited States navy ~,nd t~je United States Air Force. 3~'?t~mb~.-s States of the ()ECS along with Jaauaica and Barbados are providing approximately :}00 p~rrson~~el. This deployment of United Statea Armed Forcta i:~ beir-g un