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December 14, 2016
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November 25, 2002
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June 26, 1952
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Approved For R*se 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP85SO036 23-1 Sec ity Information IAC-M-75 26 June 1952 INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY COMMITTEE ? 25X1 Minutes of Meting held in Director's Conference Room, Anni:i.nzstr., tion Buia Central Intel'gence Agency -one June 1952 Director of Central Intelligence General Walter Bedell Smith Presiding M IS S PRESENT Mr. Fisher Howe, acting for Special Assistant, Intelligence, Department of State Major General A. R. Bolling, Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 Department of the Army Rear Admiral R. F. Stout, acting for Director of Naval Intelligence,. Depar. tment of the Navy Brigadier General John B. Ackerman, acting for Director of Intelligence, 'Hcad.cua ?ters, United States Air Force Colonel S. M. Lansing, :,sting for Deputy Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff Mr. Victor P. Keay, acting for Assistant to the Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation ALSO PRESENT Mr. Loftus E. Becker, Central Intelligence Agency Lt. General (Ret.) Lucian K. Truscott, Central Intelligence Agency Dr. Sherman Kent, Central Intelligence Agency Mr. Lyman B. Kirkpatrick, Central Intelligence Agency . Robert Amory, Jr., Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency entral Intelligence Agency 7Central Intelligence Agency entral Intelligence Agency entral Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency Mr. A. Sidney Buford, Department of State Mr. Howard E. Furnas, Department of State Brigadier General John Weckerling, Department of the Army Colonel 0. B. Sykes, Department of the Army Colonel M. F. Cove, Department of the Army Lieutenant Colonel U. G. Carlan, Department of the Army Captain W. R. Wilson, USN, Department of the Navy Commander E. E. Cragg, Department of the Navy Colonel Edward H. Porter, Department of the Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Grant, Department of the Air Force Mr. George D. Garrett, Jr., Department of the Air Force Major John Allums, Department of the Air Force Captain E. L. Lugibihl, USN, The Joint Staff Acting Secretary S-E-C-R-E-T IAC-M-75 26 June 1952 Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP85SO0362R000200030023-1 25X1 Approved For .se 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP85S00362F200030023-1 S-E-C-R-E-T Security jnformation IAC-M-75 26 June 1952 Approval of Minutes 1. Action: The nimutes of the last meeting, 3.2 June 1952 (IAC-M-74) were approved. the several collection agencies in Ber n. 4. The State Department voiced its appreciation for the fine work General Truscott has been doing in Germany. 2. Action: The IAC agreed to suspend action on this problem. General Truscott will proceed as appropriate with the intelligence chiefs in Gei:uany. 3. Discussion: General Truscott and Mr. Kirkpatrick reported on thestate of intell;_gcnce coordination in Berlin and told of the present studies being conducted in Germany on the problem. At the 11 conclusion of these st.udies there is a possibility that a clandestine coordinating committee w-111 be established in Berlin. Mr. Kirkpatrick spoke of the need for communicating theiIPC agreed priorities to oordinati n-in Berlin ? \ .Report of Mr. Kirkpatrick's Trip -- 4- n12 n - t i K v-- - - - - - iA "&,- 5 . M . result of his recent trip to Western Europe and Scandinavia. Intelligence Support to the Econonic Defense Advisory Committee IAC-D-53 6. Action: The IAC deferred action on this problem until the next meeting. Monitoring of Warning-of-Attack Messa es b the Watch Committee IAC-D-52 7. Action: The JIC proposal designating the Watch Committee to draft NATO Warning-of-Attack messages was approved on the under- standing that it may be necessary in the interest of expediency for higher authority to draft the messages in an emergency. S-E-C-R-E-T IAC-M-75 26 June 1952 Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP85S00362R000200030023-1 Approved For Rose 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP85S00362R*200030023-1 S-E-C-R-E-T Security Information IAC-M-75 26 June 1952 Project to Provide a More Adequate Basis for Planning for the Security of the U.S. IAC-D-29 5, IAC-M-38, 39, 44, 48) 8. Action: The Air Force will nominate an officer to represent the IAC on the proposed ad hoc committee to be composed of representatives of the DCI, the JCS, the IAC, the IIC, and the ICIS. 9. Discussion: It was rioted that contributions to this project have been received from IAC, IIC, ICIS, and JCS. There remains the writing of the summary evaluation on the basis of these contributions. General Smith asked for a nomination of a represent- ative from the IAC to assist in the writing of this evaluation. After some discussion of General Partridge's availability, it was suggested that an Air Force officer would be especially appropriate in view of the content of the estimate. Cancellation of NIE-68 10. Action: It was agreed to cancel this estimate on Probable Developments in Chile. -3- S-E-C-R-E-T IAC-M-75 26 June 1952 Approved For Release 2003/02/27 : CIA-RDP85SO0362R000200030023-1