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December 21, 2016
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April 2, 2008
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August 6, 1982
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Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 FOREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATION SERVICE UNITED STATES FORCES, JAPAN OKINAWA BUREAU APO SAN FRANCISCO 96239 MOK-2057 6 August 1982 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, FBIS THROUGH: Chief, Operations Group SUBJECT: Monthly Report--Okinawa Bureau July 1982 The Bureau's air-conditioning system was shut down for repair by local contractor from 28-31 July, the second such incident in nine months. Prior to the maintenance several areas of the operations building, including the monitors' booths, were not being cooled sufficiently for even minimum working comfort. The inefficiency of the present system has been recognized for some time--upgrading was recommended by RECD in 1979--and this fact has been dramatically brought to light with the onset of true Okinawa summer weather. Fortunately the repair work took less time than anticipated, thus shortening the duration of the negative effects of 90-degree temperatures on both employees and equipment. However, after the maintenance work was completed it was discovered that the motor generator sets would not restart automatically after loss of power without manual intervention. This means that every time the Bureau switches from mains to generator power or vice versa the bulk of the Bureau's electrical systems have to be shut down to restart the motor generator sets. Due to these developments, we have requested a study and recommendations from a local professional engineering firm. STAT I Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 ; I Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 2. On Moscow TV coverage, we assumed coverage of the Friday edition of the 1700 GMT "Vremya" newscast to cover for one of London Bureau Russian monitor's two days off. There were two "Studio 9" programs during the month, on 3 and 31 July; a round- table discussion hosted by Yuriy Zhukov, chairman of the Soviet Committee for the Defense of Peace, on 16 July; and two panel discussions on the Soviet food program moderated by political observer L.A. Voznesenskiy, on 22 and 27 July. Processing of these latter two programs, each well over an hour in duration, is still underway. 3. A Japanese Communist Party Congress was held in Tokyo from 27 to 31 July. Coverage was highlighted by the 22,000-word opening speech by JCP Central Committee Chairman Kenji Miyamoto and the 30,000-word Central Committee report delivered by JCP Presidium Chairman Tetsuo Fuwa. Texts of both items are being processed from AKAHATA. 4. We completed our cruising survey of Taiwan radio broadcasts to the Chinese mainland as well as our experimental coverage of new Jiangsu and Fuzhou provincial services broadcast to Taiwan. No new programs were added to regular coverage. Chinese Monitor while on leave in Taiwan, placed STAT subscriptions for three Taiwanese periodicals--THE EIGHTIES and THE STATESMAN, both monthlies, and the weekly ECONOMIC NEWS. We are also placing a subscription for the monthly LIEN HO YUEH KAN. 4 5. A study of the pressfax operation was conducted from 5-15 July and the results forwarded to Headquarters. The study considered factors such as titles transmitted, order of transmission of papers, times of transmission, as well as time and motion involved in recording and processing the product. B. Technical Local Sony service center has received the modification kits for our new Sony 5630 video recorders and expect to complete the modification in early August. III. ADMINISTRATION 1. Promotions for Chinese Shift to FNG-11 Sendor Monitor Editor to FNG-10 were announced on uly. 2. Senior Editor approved by Supervisor) STAT to FNG-10 and Associat'STAT the Director, FBIS and STAT arrived PCS on 9 July. STAT Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 1. Private management consultant) on 14-17 July, as the first stop on his survey of the working and living environmawt,of FBIS Foreign National employees. 2. Lt. Col Bennis, USA Field Station Okinawa (Torii Station) on 19 July 1982. STAT V. COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES On 4 July the FBIS Tennis Team STAT won first place in the uKinawa unamoer v,. 'ULULLL L .-= STAT organizational tournament in which 32 teams participated. Pictures available upon request. Chief, Okinawa Bureau Attachment: Production Report cc: Chief, Bangkok Bureau Chief, Hong Kong Bureau Chief, Seoul Bureau Chief, London Bureau STAT STAT Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-00040R000100110004-9 O1,INAWA 13UREAU PRODUCTION REPORT FOR JULY 1982 1. TOTALS FROM ALL SOURCES: TOTAL PUBLISHABLE WORDAGE FILED DURING MONTH: 661,920 TOTAL NON-PUdLISHAi3LE WORDAGE FILED DURING WNTH: 304,040 TOTAL NUi1dEk OF PUBLISHABLE ITEi1S FILED DURING MONTH: 1,630 II. INPUT OF REGULAR COVERAGE : (minutes or issues per week) III. OUTPUT FROM ALL SOURCES: (publishable words per month) BROAD- PRESS PUBLI- CASTS AGENCIES CATIONS 18,606 50,880 166.62 min. min. issues C 11 INA Beijing International Service in English 0 Beijing International Service in Japanese 0 Beijing to Southeast Asia in Mandarin 0 Beijing to Taiwan in Mandarin 11,980 Beijing to the USSR in Russian 590 Beijing to Vietnam in Vietnamese __ 6,900 Beijing-Domestic Service in Mandarin 32,280 Fuzhou Fujian Provincial Service in Mandarin 3,140 Hangzhou Zhejiang Provincial Service in Mandarin 5,330 Hefei Anhui Provincial Service in Mandarin 3,850 Nanchang Jiangxi Provincial Service in Mandarin 2,750 Nanjing Jiangsu Provincial Service in Mandarin 8,300 Shanghai City Service in Mandarin 3,270 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-00040R000100110004-9 1 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 Beijing XINHUA in English Beijing XINHUA Domestic Service in Chinese Miscellaneous Editorial Reports Fuzhou FUJIAN RIBAO in Chinese Hangzhou ZHEJLANG RIBAO in Chinese Nanjing XINHUA RIBAO in Chinese Shanghai JIEFANG RIBAO in Chinese Shanghai WEN HUI 13AO in Chinese CLANDESTINE (Clandestine) Ba Yi Radio to China in Mandarin FRANCE Paris AFP in English HONG KONG Hong Kong AFP in English JAPAN Naha NHK Television Network in Japanese Tokyo NHK Television Network in Japanese Naha Radio Okinawa in Japanese Tokyo JPS in English Tokyo KYODO in English Tokyo J IJ I in English Tokyo AKAHATA in Japanese Tokyo ASAII I SH IP1BUN in Japanese Tokyo ASAHI EVENING NE,dS in English Tokyo MAINICHI DAILY NEVIS in English BROAD- PRESS PUI;LI- CASTS AGENCIES CATIONS 2,560 196,740 84,4b0 2,670 4,580 80 1,100 690 9,730- 12,620 8,330 42,490 3,160 5,500 1,360 9,820 9,160 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 Tokyo i1AiNICHI SHL`.130 in Japanese Tokyo NIHON KEIZAI SHHBI3UN in Japanese Tokyo SANKEI SHI;11;UN in Japanese Tokyo TII`: DAILY YOMIURI in English Tokyo TILE JAPAN. TINES in English Tokyo TOKYO SHIMBUN in Japanese Tokyo YOHIURI SHIMi3UN in Japanese Naha OKINAWA TIMES in Japanese Naha RYUKYU SHIMPO in Japanese AGENCIES CATIONS SAD- PRESS PUBLI- 340 6,710 0 8,620 0 0 2,830 KOREA (NORTH) Pyongyang KCNA in English MONGOLIA Ulaanbaatar MUNTSAME in English Ulaanbaatar MONTSAi?16 in Russian PHILIE IVES Quezon City RLN Television AIatw,,_1: in English TAIWAN Taipei International Service in English Taipei Domestic Service in Mandai in Taipei CHA in English Taipei CIIINA POST in English Taipei CHUNG. YANG JIH PAO in Chinese Taipei LIEN HO BAO in Chinese Taipei CHING CHI JIH PAO in Chinese Taipei CIHUNG KUO SHIN PAO in Chinese Taipei TZU LI WAN PAO in Chinese 1,240 1,800 1,180 2,390 2,320 1,740 13,730 7,600 7,280 7,340 3 60 8,650 0 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110004-9 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-00040R000100110004-9 UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REF BLICS Moscow to Japan in Japanese Moscow to Southeast Asia in Mandarin Moscow to China in Mandarin Moscow to Vietnam in Vietnamese Moscow Radio Peace & Progress to China in Mandarin Moscow Radio Peace & Progress to Southeast Asia in Mandarin Moscow Domestic Television Service in Russian V ILTNAM Hanoi International Service in Mandarin Hanoi Domestic Service in Vietnamese Hanoi VNA in English Hanoi VNA in French Hanoi VNA in Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City VNA in Vietnamese BROAD- PRESS PUI3LI- CASTS AGEI:CLES CATIONS 790 0 3,960 80 0 1,230 45,800 4,390 51,550 0 0 2,840 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-00040R000100110004-9