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December 21, 2016
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April 2, 2008
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July 7, 1982
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Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-00040R000100110005-8 FOREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATION SERVICE UNITED STATES FORCES, JAPAN OKINAWA BUREAU APO SAN FRANCISCO 96239 MOK-2047 7 July 1982 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, FBIS THROUGH: Chief, Operations Group SUBJECT: Monthly Report--Okinawa Bureau June 1982 A. On 11 June Kadena Base Commander Col. Francis Fanning was relieved by Col. Ronny Covert, who has been his vice since July 1980. B. Islandwide water rationing was lifted on 7 June, thus ending nearly a year of water use restrictions. C. The value of the dollar continued to increase with the exchange rate reaching 259 Yen to the dollar on 28 June, the highest level since April 1980. Some local "strong dollar" believers have predicted that the Yen will rise to 270 to the dollar before beginning a downswing later this summer. Thus, the business of prognosticating budget figures continues to be as chancy as weather forecasting on the island. A. Monitorial/Editorial 1. We assumed coverage for all Moscow TV programming except 1300 GMT and 1700 GMT Vremya newscasts from 14 to 30 June during London Bureau Russian monitor's annual leave. Effective 16 June the Bureau dropped the 1030 GMT Vremya newscast from regular coverage and added the Saturday "Talk by Political Observer" program, both changes designed to free monitorial time for feature program processing. Several lengthy Moscow TV programs were processed during the month, including the 11 June "The World Today" program on Israel's invasion of Lebanon, the 19 June talk by Yuriy Zhukov, the 26 June "For the Prevention of Nuclear War" program on the medical effects of nuclear war. Process- ing of the 2-hour 2 June "The Food Program--Common Task for all People" program, moderated by political observer L.A. Voznesenskiy is still underway. Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-00040R000100110005-8 I Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110005-8 2. During the month we conducted an extensive cruising survey and sampling of all audible Taiwan stations. Results of survey indicate that we have been covering the best available programs, and no new programs were added to coverage. However, with the updated cruising information now on hand we can on short notice assume any ad hoc Taiwan coverage in a crisis. In line with the Bureau's attempts to broaden Taiwan coverage, we are now receiving with a 3-5 day lag three new Taiwan dailies-- CHUNG KUO SHIH PAO, TZU LI WAN PAO, and CHING CHI JIH PAO. We have also subscribed to four other weekly or monthly publications, but have not yet begun receiving them. On 23 June Nanjing Jiangsu Provincial Service in Mandarin announced that it would begin broad- casting to Taiwan on 1 July, thus setting a precedent for PRC provincial radio stations. We will cover this new service on an experimental basis beginning 1 July. 3. Russian Unit Chief for a special orientation program London Bureau in Septembe . STAT has been selected to Headquarters an- B. Technical 1. Bureau Chief Engineer spent the greater STAT part of the month working with the new press ax equipment. We are now regularly receiving and printing fax copies of numerous Soviet newspapers including PRAVDA and IZVESTIYA;although the quality of the printouts is improving, the resolution is still not as good as we would want for regular monitoring. is STAT now training Assistant Engineer and two local tech'STAT on pressfax operations. In July we wi conduct a systematic study of the pressfax to determine, among other things, which papers are transmitted by the Soviets and the order--if any--in which they are sent; time and motion studies on the entire operation will also be made. 2. We received two new Sony 5630 video recorders from Hong Kong on 10 June. However, we discovered that for some reason our Russian TV signal was not compatible with the recorders, specifically manifested in the color level, or lack thereof. We sent one of our tapes to Sony Reps in Tokyo as well as Okinawa who confirmed the incompatibility. Study of the necessary modification is underway. 3. The Inteq control unit for the Bureau's updated MODE I circuit was put on line for 24-hour test on 23 June. No problems were encountered at either end. A modification of the system was necessary, however, to provide the Bureau a hard copy of outgoing messages. Requests have been made through local DCA elements to go officially on line. I Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110005-8 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110005-8 III. ADMINISTRATION A. Personnel 1. Junior editor PCS on 2 June. 2. Deputy Chief take up assignment as Chief, E&PS. 3. Cruising officer 4. Senior editor 5. Editor and PCS Bangkok. STAT arrived at the Bureau departed PCS 7 June to STAT departed PCS 15 JuneSTAT departed PCS 18 JuneSTAT departed 4 July for home leave STAT 6. Processing is underway for hiring of new Russian monitor, with EOD expected sometime in the fal1STAT 7. Chinese monitor returned to the Universit,STAT of the Ryukus Hospital on 25 June after spending three weeks in his home. IV. VISITS To the Bureau: 1. LRB Deputy Chief 2. Mr. Ted Horn from Defense Language Institute escorted by Capt. Don Proctor of Torii Station on 17 June. 3. Fred Vassie, accompanied by his predecessor Tony Melzer, DOD Spec. Rep at Torii Station, on 23 June. STAT STAT STAT Attachment: Production Report cc: Chief, Bangkok Bureau Chief, Hong Kong Bureau Chief, Seoul Bureau Chief, London Bureau I Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110005-8 1 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110005-8 OKINAWA BUREAU PRODUCTION REPORT FOR JUNE 1982 I. TOTALS FROM ALL SOURCES: TOTAL PU3LISHA3LE WORU\Ci FILED DURING MONTH: 691,370 TOTAL NON-1?U3LIS;IADLE tJORDAGE FILED DURING ,MONTH: 339,170 TOTAL NUM3Ek OF PUBLISHA3LE ITEMS FILED DURING MONTH: 1,894 BROAD- PRESS PUBLI- CASTS AGENCIES CATIONS II, INPUT OF REGULAR COVERAGE: 18,606 50,880 166.62 (minutes or issues per week) min. min. issues III. OUTPUT FROM ALL SOURCES: (publishable words per month) CHINA If Beijing International Service in English 0 Beijing International Service in Japanese 130 Beijing to Southeast Asia in Mandarin 0 Beijing to Taiwan in Mandarin 9,520 Beijing to the USSR in Russian 780 Beijing to Vietnam in Vietnamese 6,010 Fujian Front PLA to Taiwan in Mandarin 410 Beijing Domestic Service in Mandarin 38,630 Fuzhou Fujian Provincial Service in Mandarin 4,150 Hangzhou Zhejiang Provincial Service in Mandarin 9,010 Hefei Anhui Provincial Service in Mandarin 2,990 Nanchang Jiangxi Provincial Service in Mandarin 6,750 Nanjing Jiangsu Provincial Service in Mandarin 4,190 Shanghai City Service in Mandarin 3,950 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110005-8 1 Approved For Release 2008/04/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100110005-8 Beijing XINIIUA in English Beijing X:INHUA Domestic Service in Chinese Fuzhou FUJIAN RI3AO in Chinese Hangzhou ZI{EJ L\NG RI3AO in Chinese Nanjing XINHUA RI3AO in Chinese Shanghai JIEFANG RIBAJ in Chinese Shanghai i?/EN HUI SAO in Chinese C L..NDE ST INE (Clandestine) Ba Yi Radio to China in Mandarin FRt NCE Paris AFP in English HONG KONG Hong Kong AFP in English PRESS PUEL I- AGENCIES CATIONS BKOAD?- CASTS 7 930 7,160 JAPAN Naha NHK Television Network in Japanese 500 Tokyo NHK Television Network in Japanese 7,7 10 Naha Radio Okinawa in Japanese 0 Tokyo JPS in English Tokyo KYODO in English Tokyo J IJ I in English Tokyo AKAIUATA in Japanese Tokyo ASAHI SHIN3UN in Japanese Tokyo ASAHI EVENING NE'. S in English Tokyo MAINICiII DAILY NE,!S in English 4, ,3