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December 21, 2016
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June 2, 2008
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November 4, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100210003-9 FOREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATION SERVICE HONG KONG BUREAU MHK-3013 4 November 1983 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, Foreign Broadcast Information Service THROUGH: Chief, Operations Group SUBJECT: Monthly Report -- Hong Kong Bureau -- October 1983 Hong Kong Talks -- The latest round of talks between Britain and the PRC on the future of Hong Kong, which ended in Beijing on 20 October, appear to be the most positive since negotiations began. Both sides termed the talks "constructive" and Prime Minister Thatcher, in a BBC interview, expressed her optimism over these and the next round of talks to be held in November. The upbeat expressions have had little visible effect on Hong Kong, however, where residents remain skeptical about their future. Local Currency -- The Hong Kong Government intervened further during the month to prop up the local currency, which recently plunged to HK$9.55 against the U.S. dollar, pegging it to the U.S. currency at a rate of HK$7.80. The government also abolished the withholding tax on Hong Kong dollar deposits in a bid to bolster the economy. Thus far the exchange rate has stayed around the official peg. Typhoon Season -- The bureau closed six hours early on 13 October after the number eight signal was hoisted for typhoon Joe. The typhoon, which had followed an erratic course from its beginning, veered away from Hong Kong during the evening, causing minimal damage. II. VISITS To The Bureau: 1. Donald McDonald, INR, on 7 October to discuss consumer requirements and feedback. 2. I IFBIS admin staff, 20-26 October. The visitors and the bureau chief met with the consulate's personnel officer and representatives of the bureau's local staff to discuss the new FBIS classifi- cation system and bureau wage scale and staffing pattern. STAT Approved For Release 2008/06/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100210003-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100210003-9 FOREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATION SERVICE HONG KONG BUREAU II. VISITS (Cont'd.) 3. London Bureau communications deputy chief, and his STAT wife, a BBC employee, on 26 October. They were given a tour of the bureau and talked with the bureau's communications supervisor about various communications problems. 4. Capt John Newman, U.S. Army Field Station, Okinawa, 21 October - 1 November to record Beijing television material for use in a Chinese-language training and refresher program being developed by the army in Okinawa. Attachements: A. Production Report cc: Orig + 3 Hqs. C/Okinawa C/Seoul Approved For Release 2008/06/02 : CIA-RDP86-0004OR000100210003-9 STAT Approved For Release 2008/06/02 : CIA-RDP86-00040R000100210003-9 HONG 4c:ON6 RUREt#u PRORuCTION REPORT FOR ) TUBER 93 #OTtiLS FROM 1LL SuuRCES: JTt3L PURLt $FfkE WORU4~bE i? ILEU RURINt t'tONTH: 814, OUtii iuTRL N lN-PuRLI NHRLE NOR i OE EiiE BURINtr tosi: Ii9~b9.i ; tt 4t. U4' ER OF PuULISHt LE lIENS F tLEI4 IN6 NUNTH: 923 RRt3tii- PRESS PuRLI- CR515 tGERCIES CRTLO$S fNPUI hF REUttuiR COVERMGE: 4 ~I t Nti E '1R I'SuEs PER t~tEE 44l4 . 4 UN . I SUEb 4,485 4~2UtO 219 LL OU t Psi I F RON HLL SOURCES:U1sL ISHRRLE NORMS PER 44ONTn) EtJif4'3 fELEViSION SERVICE IN 444~Nt;4~R~l~ t LJiNi3 Ci ry sERVICE IN NRNt1HR1N 4RNi3SHR PWPI$N PROVINCIHL SERVICE iN MRNRR1N 12+1O ENti1u SICHURN PROVINCIRL SERVICE IN NRNti~tRIN 22U ijLtH#>i 1OU GURN6lfONb PRu I i;it3i SERVICE IN M$Nll4RtN~~ ~iULYt$NU tuIZHOU PROv+ItNt IRL SERVICE IN NRNliARIN 4'4i $~tiKOtt $RLNRN iSLRN. SERVICE IN 4f !#~DNRIN 21858 KUNNI$6 YU$NRN PROV!NCIRL SERVICE I $$NDRRIN Ic a i5U t+NZHU GHNSU PROVINCIHL SERVICE IN. RUHRiN ;~4R i XIZRNR3 RE6ION>L SERti ICE i$ t.~!13St1 N4NURRiN Hl4NINt3 UHNi3t 4ERui~_.E IN 640 rzr SHIJtkZHttrt$fi HEE[ PRO+JINCiRL SERVICE ~iNU44RIN i?RtYU N Sttftt ci PROVIN IRL. SERVICE IN 44~Mit43it t ist ! [MNJIN CITY ERvLCE U4 Nfi$iJttR t ;Jli'iiMut i'ttHN~3 REGIO44RL ERVItaE IN ~~tNli~RiN , uHHN HUE! PRWVINCI81 SERVICE IN MUNt~RRiN !H4t~sttRNXI PROVINCIRL SERVICE IN NRND4RIN 4i tiN6 Rt4#Gnfii PROVI$CIRL SERVICE I44 NRNRIN Z~tENai2Ou HENtatN PROVINCIPL SERVICE IN RN.DRR IN t iJiNG xi$HUR UONEStIC SERtJICE IN 5611 9t66O HEI~t1Nh-js#3UO XINMENE IN t:H1Nt `iE !cE t J t N+3 t~RN Y UE TRN IN CHINESE IELJtNI3 EIJi'li REVIEW IN ENiit. i SH ~tr1JINE3 BEiJLNO RiO IN lliNE5E UEIJ14(i EIJiNG NRNRQ IN stINESE tiEIJtNti L$LNH URiLY IN ENGLISH UE i J t Ni3 GONi3REN R t RRO IN Cis t NESE +L t J t Nti uURN6N I $Ei R. I RRO IN CHINESE tlUJis+3 uOJi WENT! YRNJIU IN CHINESE i :H Nt3 H!! NijU i IN MiNESE i . I NIi H{}NM'flti IN O, c B it 9 F ' - Approved For Release 2008/06/02 : CIA-RDP86-00040R000100210003-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/02 : tEt 1N6 111EFiOGUN NENY f fN CHINESE K HiNti ki'1N6,H 6000 IN C=HINESE r$tt~ !1'10Jt ~HtNE r .~ I N+ ~:-t31~ i rHN I U IN ;~~~rlt$E~E L. IT rt;;iytjENIN RIlti iN UI I N?SE REIJU4t3 SHIDNI BI 8RO600 14 CHINESE JI$h SOME :{iNa 'I IN CHINESE iiN( SH!JIE LISH! IN CHINESE ~:Ei.4IN66 ISNjj## Z!1H I IN +. INESE i.?INii WENtUE PLNRLUN IN CHINE ? "N 1 .f 1 NG $E NY ! .R0 ! 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