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December 9, 2016
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July 27, 2000
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March 11, 1971
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Approved For Releasbw2001/04/05 :&p fflP86-0024400100020005-9 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Planning of Headquarters (excerpts) File #1 Established Steering Committee - DD/I DD/P Inspector General Ass't Dir Commo Dir of Training Ass't Dir Personnel Chairman, Col. White with General Counsel Dir of Security Comptroller Chief, Logistics Chief, Mgt Staff Chief, RE &C - Secretary 22 Dec 54 Steering Committee Mtg. #1 (10 Jan 55 cover memo) Item I Current Status of Selection of a Site-Chief, RE&C Item II Preparation of Preliminary Plans - Chief, RE&C 8 July 55 Memo from Col. White, subject: Selection of a Subcommittee to work on the Development of Definite Plans for a Permanent Head- quarters Building to - Office of Logistics - Chairman & Secretary Office of Security Office of Comptroller Office of Inspector General Management Staff 4 Oct 55 Steering Committee Mtg #3 a. Clark & Rapuano making studies of various sites, rec- ommending 40 acres of additional land over and above planned acreage. b. Harrison & Abramovitz selected as Architect-Engineering Agency working out details with GSA/PBS on matter of contracting agent. Approved For Release 2001/04/05: CIASIP f GOLD 0020005-9 dct'~ . , '~;n Approved For Releasewld01/04/05: CIA-RDP86=002448 '0100020005-9 c. Subcommittee appointed on Space Requirements and final report to be made to Steering Committee. d. Chief, RE&C proposed organizational arrangement for accomplishing planning phase. Col. White to get DCI's approval. 19 Nov 55 Memo For: Each Member of the Subcommittee, subject: Sub- committee on Space Requirements for the New Headquarters Build- ing. Disestablishment of subject and the appointment of a "Building Planning Staff" with the same responsibilities. Space requirements and building costs established. 25 Apr 56 Steering Committee Mtg. a. 22 members present including Mr. Dulles & Lt. Gen. Cabell b. Approved exhibit center, hall of honor and 500-seat auditorium c. Approved Relationship Diagram for Architect for locating fixed plants and elements closely associated with them. Minor changes to be made. Changes regarding certain units of DD/I & DD/P also may be made. 14 May 56 Minutes of Steering Committee a. Certain DD/P, DD/I, and DD/S units to remain outside Headquarters (Tab A) b. Certain Printing Services be located in Headquarters. c. 500-person auditorium to be designed so that it could be divided into smaller areas. 18 Sept 56 M/R Steering Committee - New Bldg Planning a. Architect-engineer status discussed b. Increased construction costs reduce size of bldg per GSA. architects. c. Elements left out of Hqs bldg discussed. Approved For Release 2001/04/05 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100020005-9 Approved For Releasd*601/04/05: CIA-Jffl~ (0244 100020005-9 16 Aug 57 Memo for Steering Committee - Cafeteria concession discussed Memo For Steering Committee, subject, Status of Bldg Plans Harrison & Abromovltz, GSA/PBS and Hqs BPS discuss architects' plans within funds available. Minutes of BSC a. Establish a Cafeteria Committee b. Agency to request membership in GSI c. Agency to request GSI to include GSI services in the new Hqs. Bldg. d. Bldg design changes were discussed due to increased construction costs. a. Tab A proposed element space assignments to be submitted to DCI a. Discussed Security Fencing, protective construction & bldg features, parking facilities, ground floor windows, telephone sections, staggered work hours and luncheons. 27 Nov 57 Minutes of BSC discussed a. Secure telephone service b. Status of - clearing contract work drawings rough grading 3 Approved For Release 2001/04/05: 86-00244R000100020005-9