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December 9, 2016
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September 27, 2000
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November 18, 1955
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Approved For ReleqA0 2001/09/03: CIA-RDP86-00244R0Q420014-9 55 MKIMIA i K T1U R Oz_RD STATINTL /2J I 16 ITovc: ber 1955 *OGC Has Reviewed* L s '; : E CIA Ilex dcu t as: s i ui].din , J... I 4t,-.I.ked i'rith Mr. I ax 3' ..1.o t t =era1 Counse f l p Sex?c c n,? ~, 9'i, ic~zz~ Z~=, a~ o. _ u tioiz on t 1e bui2tUi'. and told 11:4,1 that C oriel z etc and[ I onO own a : without any p approval froi the D .reetor vrant-ed to diceur:, iC. GSA wa$ e.i mmJ-(r_J-,tt be able to roco: > iend to the 1 cC;i,or, hrm s;, -iiott ii icf he w s ?+;; Iiro clz z. the . ool :i On e '.ac-1 r the w%a ae bassir, co that any discuoslorl without .y, y~ Syt CS r~_ ~L,w+y 9ejud~^~.c'~ae to ia. respective pr eu y.tli t~ I po nted ozrt that we did not f' ;el the signing of the Cc"3$1t 's1yEi[F 'r ony il p o?olao,i, as if all cU e r i 2' x$~ s' to Ci t.C'C< Out x: b. 'hould t z aid mm it of the in h fd bocz d iv-ouse d in our earlier at lc ipt s to reach a. 'ecrneut and that there was a ctra.t _per which came very nee to the tai.T~~ Co ory conclusion. 1 tued r :t and rz that standard PBS contract iroh I e c c c? .On by the architec' s~~n :rv Ci t9 k~lG t7?1. :t'. `l ott cai rio wa no a xe of thi s t if >Aro + undarc< provision he did m t feel it could be too uiff i E,410o tiro ive t He felt the sticky point mi ht co--c 17mm tZe !$CIn nietrator T a?. ins -k?tence that there be Tnore than one arch . ect--cn , nc r .iris I cald we had never with: bood a I tion ?1, architects wh t we had stood on was that hr. Earrison Lho4 id: have the nay on ere' ct 3x. r i u , and a $ a, ?~ ;.cll:ta a 7 arthitootu we would have no objection to reterlt~i o' n of additional #Irt.:as by d GSA. 1,1r. !'A io {s thought this w14-'Alt L,e aeci 4,able. 3. In order to proceed, I uu ested that I to hQ the a ree lent that had Do nearly been acceptable to both and try to redraft it in line with o, ,w 'di cw cion end cc Mr. Elliott .on i when the returned to town Y7 `:s'b week. 1-1 --'cc; DD/S Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100020014-9 STATI NTL 'Approved For Rele 2001/09/03 : CP86-00244800 - 208)14-9 STATINTL Memorandum for: ER 10 February 1956 The attached list of Congressional contacts on the CIA building were discussed with the Director last night, and he agreed to take the following actions today: a. He will call Senator Russell and request him to set up a meeting as soon as possible of the Armed Services Subcommittee on CIA. At this meeting, the Director will be able to inform Senators Russell, Saltonstall, Bridges and Byrd of his decision on the Langley site; b. The Director will call Senator Hayden and request him to call an informal meeting involving, himself and Senators Chavez, Stenrnis, and Robertson, all members of the Appropriations Committee, for the purpose of hearing the Director's intentions on the CIA. building; c. He will call Chairman Vinson and Dewey Short of the Armed Services Committee,- and - d. He will call Chairman Cannon of the House Appropriations Committee and ask him to call an informal meeting involving himself and Messrs.. Tabor and Mahon for the -same purpose. Norman S. Paul Legislative Counsel Attachment IG:NS.P/blc Orig. -o Add. 1 .. DD /Support 1 - General Counsel 1 - Col. Grogan 2 .. Stayback Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100020014-9