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December 9, 2016
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September 27, 2000
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March 3, 1971
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Approved For R se 2004 /~ Q1__;,A14V_144RQQ%1 00020018-5 *OGC Has Reviewed* MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Planning for Agency New Building(s) 3 March 1971 1. A review of the files pertaining to the problems, anxieties and pressures that were generated when the Headquarters Building was being planned and con- structed is a period of patience, intrigue and sensitivity of other Government personnel. 2. The pattern of the planning stages was divided into two definite functions, I. e. , the legal function which handled the White House, the Cabinet (BOB particularly), Congress, state and local county governments, politics and possible disturbances. The second function is that of the actual planning and construction of the building. 3. The legal file indicated that the Director and Legal Counsel informally con- tacted the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee and the Senator from Virginia, in August 1951, seven years before the clearing and grubbing was started at the new site. At a later date, the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee was also informally informed. Thereafter, a pattern was formed using the above Chair- man as the "by man" in each of the Houses as to who else should be informally or formally approached. 4. The pattern.then followed was to keep in contact with: a. Chairman (Democrat and Republican) Senate Armed Services Committee b. Chairman (Democrat and Republican) Senate Subcommittee Real' Estate and Military Construction c. Chairman (Democrat and Republican) House Armed Services Committee . Chairman (Democrat and Republican) Senate Appropriations Committee e. Chairman (Democrat and Republican) Senate Subcommittee Defense Appropriations Committee f. Senators from Virginia and Maryland (Advise) Approved For Release 20 -?~$ ~0 44 .+ QFkr11Ui>}0 018-5 -ind Approved For Rise 2001/09/0$ :- dI`itl-R[~F~B~1Rf100020018-5 g. Congressmen from Virginia and Maryland (Advise) h. Chairman (Democrat and Republican) House Appropriations Committee i. Chairman (Democrat and Republican) Subcommittee House Defense Appropriations J. Governor of Virginia and Maryland (Advise) The politics of the present time may change this pattern; however, the legal file indicates that the "key contact" in both Houses is the one to guide any bills for authorization and appropriation through the maize of Congress. 5. The next step was the agreement with GSA and GSA Legal Counsel (not PBS) as to: a. Signing of the contracts b. Supervision of the work c. Final authority on decisions. 6. The second function of the planning for a new building, which was as important as the legal function, was the planning and construction of the building. This was a semi-internal function in comparison to the external function of legal counsel with the Cabinet, Congress, and state and local governments. 7. The first. step in this pattern was the establishment of a Steering Committee on 17 December 1954 with the Directors and key Assistant Directors. This Committee was kept informed of all legal activities. The Steering Committee, at its first meeting (22 December 1954), received a report from the Chairman of the Space Requirements Subcommittee on the "current status of the selection of a site" and the ')reparation of preliminary plans" presented by the Chief, RE&CD, OL. CON DE1iiI4[ Approved For Release 2001/09/032: CIA-RDP86-00244R000100020018-5