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December 9, 2016
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September 27, 2000
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July 1, 1972
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Several measures of engthened recently ,.vo improved some- ment rate remains atinued to rise rap- )ruary, in part be- in prices of foods. wage rates slowed freeze surge in Dc- )erlod of sluggish ;fined money stock wary, partly reflect- ion in U.S. Govern- .f time and savings lank thrift institu- February, although unary pace. Short- : risen considerably yields on long-term, little on balance. major foreign cur- ar appreciated fur- rly March, as recur- ; of capital added to ,eats deficit. In light opments, it is the yen Market Commit- onditions conducive )mic growth and in- ibatement of infla- ttainment of reason- country's balance of ?olicy, while taking Ll developments and -ing, the Committee reserve and money vill support moderate aggregates over the 3eral Open Market 1972. 7.HUR L. BROIDA, )eputy Secretary. d 6-30-72;8:48 am] 'ERVICES RATION (MODIFIED), EX- RESISTANT, LEAD XED, WHITE AND on Development rence iven that the Fed- leneral Services Ad- hold an Industry ment Conference in rim Federal Specifl- (GSA-FSS), Paint, Exterior, Fume Re- teady Mixed, White ze conference is to onsideration of sug- vays and means to :ation to: (1) pro- tanding by both the ustry of the Govern- ;y Actions of the Com- ig of March 21, 1972, 1e original document. i request to the Board ederal Reserve System, NOTICES 13135 ADbr;DVed_E eJp-ase 2Q01 /0810%iieCl iRDR86tiOO24A tiOO&C t01 items, and (2) enhance the quality of the products shipped to the Government. It will be open to all those in the private sector who have an interest or concern for these matters and all. other Govern- ment departments or agencies having an interest therein are also being invited to send their representatives. The conference will be held on July 26, 1972, at 10 a.m., Room 1022, Building 4, Crystal Mall, 1941 Jefferson Davis High- way, Arlington, VA. Anyone who wants to attend or desires further information should contact Mr. W. S. van Eyken, General Services Administration, Fed- eral Supply Service, at telephone num- ber (Area Code 703) 557-7879 or write General Services Administration (FMSB), Washington, D.C. 20406. Issued in Washington, D.C., on June 21, 1972. M. S. MEEKER, Commissioner. [FR Doc.72-10008 Filed 6-30-72;8:49 am] NATIONAL CAPITAL PLANNING COMMISSION [NCPC File No. 0735] PROTECTION AND ENHANCEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY IN THE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION Policies and Procedures The Commission's Policies and Pro- cedures for Protection and Enhance- ment of Environmental Quality in the National Capital Region appear in the FEDERAL REGISTER at 36 F.R. 23706-23709, 37 F.R. 3010, 37 F.R. 4936 and 37 F.R. 11198-11199. The Commission will con- sider the proposed amendments set out below at its meeting on August 3, 1972. Interested parties are requested to sub- mit their views in writing to the Com- mission within fifteen (15) days from the filing date of this notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER, addressed to: Ben Reifel, Chairman, National Capital Planning Commission, Washington, D.C. 20576. The proposed amendments are as follows: 1. Amend section follows : Description of Environmental Impact for ac- tions Initiated by the Commission shall con- tain the points enumerated in section 6(a) of the Guidelines and shall identify the studies, reports, and other information used in their preparation. The Commission will Inform other agencies and interested mem- bers of the public of decisions to prepare En- vironmental Statements in order to insure early and optimal identification of environ- mental issues and their potential impacts. 3. Add the following at the end of subparagraph (c) of the first paragraph of section 2: The appropriate Maryland and Virginia authorities shall submit the necessary en- vironmental * information to enable the preparation of either an Environmental Statement or a Description of Environ- mental Impact. 4. Amend subparagraph (b) of the first paragraph of section 3 to read as follows : (b) Require that all submissions by Dis- trict agencies pursuant to section 5 of the National Capital Planning Act of 1952, as amended, include a Description of Environ- mental Impact pursuant to section 1(e) of these policies and procedures. The contents of the Description of Environmental Impact shall Include the points enumerated in sec- tion 6(a) of the Guidelines. 5. Add a new section to read as fol- lows: 5. COMMISSION REVIEW OF ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENTS Pursuant to section 7 of the Guidelines, the Commission reviews and comments on Environmental Statements prepared by other agencies for proposed developments within the National Capital Region. If the Environmental Statement relates to a proposed development on which the Com- mission has taken action pursuant to sec- tion 5 of the National Capital Planning Act of 1952, as amended, or on which the Com- mission otherwise has an established policy, the Executive Director shall submit com- ments to the sponsoring agency consistent with such action or established policy. If the Environmental Statement relates to a proposed development on which the Com- mission has not taken action pursuant to section 5 of the National Capital Planning Act of 1952, as amended, or on which the Commission otherwise has no established policy, the Executive Director shall submit to the Commission for approval his proposed comment to the sponsoring agency. DANIEL H. SHEAR, read as Secretary to the Commission. 4 JUNE 29, 1972. (e) The Commission requires each Dis- trict of Columbia and Federal agency sub- [FR Doc.72-10180 Filed G-30 72;8:54 am] mitting proposed developments in the Na- tional Capital Region for Commission review pursuant to section 5 of the National Capi- tal Planning Act of 1952, as amended, to sub- mit either an Environmental Statement in accordance with section 102(2) (C) of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and section 6(a) of the Council on Environ- mental Quality's Guidelines for Statements on Proposed Federal Actions Affecting the Environment (hereinafter called "Guide- lines"), or, If section 102(2)(C) of NEPA does not apply, a written Description of En- vironmental Impact that includes the points enumerated in section 6 (a) of the Guidelines. OFFICE OF EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS 90017-8- Amendment to Notice of Major Disaster - Notice of Major Disaster for the State of Maryland, dated June 24, 1972, and published June 28, 1972 (37 F.R. 12756), 2. Redesignate subsection (f) of sec- is hereby amended to include the follow- tion 1 as subsection (g) and add a new Ing city and counties among those coun- subsection (f) to read as follows: ties determined to have been adversely Ap roved For Release 0 0 / CIA-RDP86-00244R000100190017-8 FEDERAL REGISTER, VOL 37, NO. 128-SATURDAY, JULY ,, 19'72 - ~g