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December 9, 2016
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September 27, 2000
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A'PrACILMENT A . , 7724 - Approved For Relelte 2001/08/09 : ClioRDB86-00244R0004,0019000-4 Cirdillia fl (2)(C), and the iyeney review process tent prissibie" In scctlea 102(21 (C) fs nm me for which environmental statenis are meant to make clear that eaco a.00ncy of t NV E11 0:1MENTAL tl:it,t1TY to i?a (waif:tine, (2) ob.:I:MI:1J informa- the Federal Clovernnient snail conool E y Von reqUired in their preparation, (3) with the risiotremont uniess exin.: law dr.,,knAtin,1 the o:licials Nth? are to be applicable to the acenc.y's co-crate:7.s STATEMENTS ON rncrosED P.I.DERAI. responsible for the statcrarnts, (1) con- expressly prohibits or nmkes coohei': ACTIONS AFFECTING THE EN. sultit? with alai taking account of the impossible. (Section 103 of the Act nr?:. VIRON Ni ENT comments of oppropriate Federal, State, vides that "The policies cad i7;A:S ? and local anenoies, ineholing obtaining forth in this Act are supplcraen.iary to.) . Guidelines the. comment of the Achninistra or those set forth in existing- author:nations of the Environmental Protection Aoecy, or Federal enemies.") 1: Purpose. This memorandum pro- nwhether or I:Gt.:ill crivironincatal state- 5. Actio7is included. Th.:, fol:o7,!.ng Vides guidelines to Focieral departments, morn is prepared, when required tinder teria will be employed by ;Ito:or:ins ds- t r.geticics, and e:stablishinents for pre- paring eclat :NI ern ironinc.ntal store- cc sort 309 of the Cleitu Air Act, as ?ciding whether aptopcsed actich -nnoor.25, , amencir d an , d sicetion 3 of these ottidc. the preparation of an enyireninenial //rents on pr000sals for leoisletian tad o 101C`s, Slid (3) IlletliiitTg the rtiqUireiliCtitS statement: other major Inineral actions, ?sionincantly ? of affecting the quality of the Inionan. en- 'Lection 2 ib) of Executive Orcier 11514 ' (a) "Actions" include but. are oot, Inn- for providing tiinoly public information Red to: vironment as is by Y.:c4,ion 102(2) F (C) of the Notional Environmental Fol : on ederal pintis anti programs with en- (1) Recommendations or faver'n-on vironmental impact including procedures Icy Act (Public Law 91-193) (lieroafter ports relating to ler tsiatoil responsive to section. 10 of these guide- 4, "the Act"). Underlying the preparation that for appropriations. -I'lle rognire- .of such environmental statements is the lines. These procedures should bc con- meat for following the section Ilnl:-..": :C' mandate of Loth the Act ano Executive .sonant with the guidelines cent:titled procedure as elaborated in these Order 11514 (35 P.R.. 4247 of .7..larch 4, horein. Eitel: ay.ency should file E.,Wen lines applies to .both (i)- agency rec,:os- (7) copies of all such procedure.: with , 1970, that ell Federal rt;:imicics, to the mendations on their oiva prc.o:sols for ; the Cm fullest extent possible, direct their pub- oneil en 1,'Ilvironmental Clitalit,Y, legislatitrt and (ii) agency r7o.-cons. en \ which will piovicie. advice to agencies in I lteagttiselratcsno icn,iilLiiyattehcio,-hc:i7c.,...,..:..fho. .",.:?:...n.: . 'national environmental g.aals. The ob- Leics. plar.s and programs so as to meet t .. jective of seCtiOn 102(2)(C) CZ the Act gtitli(i'llPoir..eclelar ticm o2ntiec'f a lat ir icatr)iori?i certrinuell'-cltacc. primary responsibility for foe sniOn....; and of those guidelines is to build Into pretatien of the Colnicil's guidehstes. The matter involved will preoare an ernOter.- !.the -agency decn,?ion inaltiniz process an Enviionn'ien(al Protection Agenoy viil mental statement.) The OfIn) cf. appropriate and and carefni c:sislcieration of assist in res.:don:4 any Question relating agony :nit and Budget will s000nement the environmental asoects of proposed to section 300 of. the Clean' Air 'Act, as these general Etn(telintis with soec.fic 1 amended. action and to assist anenoles Ill structions relatiog to the v..ay mending not only the letts.r, lint the 11)) Each Fe al' der ngenc.y should coil- .the section 102(2)(C) peoceclui.e ri:s inia spirit, of the Act. This toemorar.clum also suit, with the assistance of the Council its le?gislative clearance process: on Environmental Quality and. the Of- provides guidance on inipltonentation of (11) Project,; and cant.toulno section 309 of the Clean Air Act, as foie of ?Manageniet n and Budget if de- directly undertaken by Federal ,:n:: sired, with other appropriate Federal amended t42 U.S.C. 1857 et seq.). supported in whole or in par: 2. Policy. As early rs ressible and In noencies in the development of the Federal contracts, grants, son-sir:- aboveprocedttres so as to achieve con- - all. caSeS prior to agency decision con- , losai.s, or other nsrins of funciino il il i ccrning major anion or recotninenciation sone:ic in alto y deg wit smilar activi- :ince: involving a Federal leosce. tier:- , tics and to assure effective coordination license, certificate or other cr.: . nersso.: ii or a invora'alo ver:ort on laosislotion that am on I tigencies in their review of pro- sienif canny affects the environment, posed activities. Federal agencies will, in csnsultatien forou.ils)e s With other vonronriate loot-lea:0 ,state, 4e) State and local review( of agency durenn;a7iirlgicy: regulatIons, andpre-re- I procedures, regulations. and policies for - ti f.c.nd local :-...oemies, asse'so in detail the L e ,. - . (h) Tile statutory clauso "r.iojor Fed- tolininistralion of Vecicial programs .; potential environmental impact in coder of as,ishinee to F.itate and local govern- eral actions significantly af:c.:- .that adverse cizeots aro avoided,. rnd mantis will tic conducted pursuant to quality of the human (invireinrono:" os ii cnvironmentto coasoity Is resnrat or en- to be construed by agcriC:C'S t. Lanced, to tile fullest ext- 1+ in-act:urine. ced"reS cstabltsh"t bY the ?like of to the ove1. cumulative lipar,Eicular aitornative. notions tlirif ; - action proposed (and of tortiisr - -- lin'eniigement ? and Bucl::ct Circular No. ,5,. For mtency pr,icedurcs subject to s wi minitnni.e adverse inntact should be 0-0113 Circular No. A-4'.5 a 30 -day exton- coiltemplatcd). Such actions rtoy 1' explored and 1-oth the loil.;- and itliri- sion in the July 1, 1971, deadline set in el-dire:I in tneir htipact, but rj,,D.z1 implications to woo Ins nhysic(11 potentia ithat the ern/iron:lin:II: suction 3Oa.) iri gr:y.ii.od. social surroundimrs, rad to nature, significantly an.o.icted, the stanontist .s is .- mold 1lic evaluatod in ortior to nveici 2 the fullost extent practienine unanoir- mechanisms for obtaining the views of vironmemal lot of whicli (d) It is impeaativc that existing be Propesecl- rict4_077,. ? tif.ile consequences f or tho env! ronineo_nt. be highly centroversial, sioiond oo soo- Federal. Stinc, and local agi?nces on ??? 3. Agora)/ (ilia Of'1?2 procedures... 71. pr000..ed Feclorni act: ons be utiliced to ered in all cases. In considsroic Pursuant to section 2( II of Executive 1 tne extent, practica ble in clealino? nin II cons:tit:nes ma.tor action sionnicaony Order 11511 11514, the heads of "federal aonin-.., ernircilmental in:otters. '3.'he Office of fecting the, eni,tron;nent, nono.....s. sticio..i Cies l' Leen directed to prcectIn with \ Mai:anew:out anti Budget will is'sme in- bear in :Mind that tlie ein.n: :f ' Measures required by f,ection 102(2)(0)C' istructions, 23 necessary, to te'tr. full Federal decncion:3 about a ideejeo: ...: c of the Act. Conseq,acutly, rach atm:ivy mivantaou of eNii,ting mechanisms (re- plex of prejecits can be lotii's -.::::::: not -1! will estabiisii. in coniialtat ion with the . to procedores for hand lin...: lents- ite?d but curottlanvely cc t. TOr.nol Council cn Environmental Quality. not lation, preparation of bncia.ctary not- cart occur Whcri 011:i. 01 later than June 1, 1970 (rad by july 1? teras, new procedures, wator reosurce over a otirioci of years pats in'o o 1971, with me cot to rem:ironic:its int- and otner proj(sts, etc.). individually mnlor but, ecllocinny .. posed by revisions in ilni. :: in:lc:clines. 4. l'ede:?c