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December 9, 2016
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September 27, 2000
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October 1, 1965
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1?,AS'1'i;R I'LP.:i I'i:UCi;I:ui:ES t:;D C1:L' IA .Approved For ease 2001/08/09: CIA-RDP86-002441 00100190021-3 . OCTOBER, 1965 PROCI'UU:Z:.S AND CRITEERIA FOR T};SUB ISSICN OF }?1ASTI;R (O? Pi,?,NS BY FiEDERAI, 1,GM':CIES -PROPOSING L/,;ID ACQUISITION 0.--% DEV--.:T,o THE NATIONAL CAPITAL PL! I !G CO:!:'ISSIG1 ?t ATI ONAL C A P I T P.L P LAITIN I'NG COi1tlI SSIO;i 1 7 0 1 P E N N S Y L V A N I A AVENUE , N. W. WP. SFt ItIGTOD. C. 20576 Approved' For Release 2001/08/09: CIA-RDP86-60244R000100190021-3 'Approved For lease .2001 /08/09 : 'CIA7RDP86-00244RQ#0100190021-3. 1 -0 A. Introduction ------------------------------------ 2 B General Content of Saster Plan -------------??---------.._....._. . 2 C. . Steps in Co:~nission Revie;. of Raster Plans --------- tti I). Amendments or Modificaticfs to Master. Plans ------------------ E. Use of. Approved Master (or Development) Plan rr by the Co-...,,mission ssion -------------------------------------- ------------- -------------------N- 4 1. Inventory Data on Existing Chrracteristi.cs---- 5 and Conditions ---------- as Existing Lard. Use !Iap and Table --- --- b. Existing Buildings and Improve-meats -- 5 6 2. The Master (or Development) Plan -?------` 6 ------------------------- 6 '? as Introduction --------------------------- b. Land Use Plan --------------------------- c. Circulation Plan ------------------------ 8 d. Site Development Plan -.------------- =_9 e., Landscape Plan ----------------------- 10 f. Illustrative 'Master Plan ----------- 10 3. Documents to be' Submitted in Support of the--- 11 t?Sastcr Plan ---------------------- it, Site Sections ---- ___... 11 b Develop meat Program 11 12 c. Impact on Surroundincr Area ------- ---- w to Local Jurisdiction's d. Relationship Plans and Programs ----- ------------ 12 4. Fora of SUbmisslon of .',aster Plans ----------- 13 a; Map Scales ------------------------- 13 b. Sheet Sizes ------------------------- 13 co Number of Copies -------------------- 13 d. Official 'zaps ----------------------- 13 e. Presentation saps --------------------- 14 1. Rational Capital Planning Act' of 1952, as amended 2. a. Land Use Plan, Bolling-An?Cos;.ia Military Cantonment Area ? b. CJ;rculntlcn :'l=_n, Bollir.g-Afacostia Military Cantonment Area C. Site D?'r 1.07-3n Plan, - Gll~r, . 1aCO5tla Military Cantonment Area d. Landscape Sol acostia :ilitary Cantonment Area Approved For-Release 2001/08/09 :? CIA-RDP8641`0244R000100190021-3 Approved For-Wase 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86 00244Ra9011~0,019002173 r CRI FERIA FOR THE SUi,!-,ISSION OF :AM1':,E: (U: U=;`':;L,C1: r:,i')?I 1,.,:+5 TO 7'i11' N'ATION'ALCAPI'-AL PI,'. :';1 (^G CC-i'-j; ISSION ? ?? ~~,? A. INTRODUCTION National, Capital Planning Commission October, 1965 In the preparation by the agency of plans-and programs in preliminary Section 5(a) of the National Capital Planning Act of 1952, as amended, provides that "each Federal and District of Columbia agency prior to the. preparation of construction plans originated by such agency for proposed developments and projects or to commitments for the acquisition of land, to be paid for in whole or in part from Federal or District funds, shall advise and consult with the Commission and successive stages which affect the plan and the development of the Rational Capital." These criteria are intended to be-used in connection with both civilian and military installations and facilities within the National .Capital Region (as defined. by 'Section l.b. of the 1952 Act). It is ? recognized that these criteria and standards may not be wholly appropriate or applicable to'each and every master (or development plan)submitted ? for the review of the Commission. In such cases, as required, the Director of the Commission's staff ray modify or waive portions of these . criteria. . Approved For Release-2001/b8/09 CIA-RDP86-00244R0001001.90021-3 Approvec{For)Rase 2`01091/cTS/W Gtiik?-06$~~$~12'.' E GE"':R.~.L CONITE.IT OF MASTER ? LA2l The master plan is intended to be an integrated series of dccu- Proposed Devejo-n: ent (or !aster) Ill-,:)s `:.._ u by Federal and District of Calu.:`aia Agencies and D :~art;lents " dated December, 196, and approved by the Co,1 mission's Federal. Planning and Projects Cope .ttee for use by the staff as a guide to the affected Federal agencies within the National Capital Revlon. This statement of criteria is an expanded and sc.acw:imat revised version of the December, 1961; document, and replaces that document. It was prepared in response to a number of requests from several Federal agencies for. further clarification and.interpretation of the .Cc,:.raission's criteria for master plan lments which present in Cranhic, narrative, and tabular form-the *present emposition of the installation and the plan for its orderly and eonprehensive development over a period of 20 years. C. STEPS IN CO' :!ISSIC:I ? _VIE:l C? 'MASTER PLAMS The process of Ccnmission review is as follows: 1. Informal consulteticn plan with the Ccnmission staff. 2. Official submittal to to the mat on i aI Ca. it~l Re~_on.a1 ?lanaiP.Z. Council (:Xn C) by the and discussion of proposed master the National Capital Planning Commission for its review under the provisions of the National Capital Pla ning Act of 1952, as amended.. 3. Referral, if necessary, of the?master (or development) plan . Director of the Commission staff. _ (lee Section L:(d) of e National. Capital Planning 'r t o;'? 1952, ', Js amended Approved For Release -2001/08/09: CIA-RDP86-00244R00010019O021.-3 to. the responsible sabre- Tonal and local planning agencies in the political jurisdiction in' which the installation is located. 5. Report and recc,r:,:endations of the National Capital Approved For RJase 2001108/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244RW?100190021-3 It. NCi:PC referral, where ap:ro~~riate, of the master plan Regional Planning Council submitted to UCPC. 6. Review and evaluation by the staff of the Commission. ? 7. Review and approval of (and/or recommendations on) the master (or development) plan by the Federal Planning and Projects Committee. Presentation to Federal Planning and Projects Ccknmittte by agency having jur_sdicticn; b. staff recomr:.endations to FP&PC; and C. FPWI'C action on proposed raster (or development plan. ? B. Review and approval of (arid/or recommendations on) the master (or develdpme:it) plan by :tC?C. -e. Presentation to.full Commission by agency having jurisdiction; b. FP&PC report and recc-.mendaticns to full Co;-imissicn; and ?c. Commission action on proposed master (or development) plan. 9. Official notification of Commission approval of and/or recommenda?ticns on the master (or development) plan is transmitted to the agency or department af--ected3,and the Bureau of the Budget. Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100190021-3 A. 0", :ODDI FI CA'i IO~:S TO :ST ;R Pi, Appt6V6d-FWR se (PI7u8709 Z~ lA-RDP86-00244ROW100190021-3 }.', the sz-je process and procedure, as out lined under "C" above, is involved in the submittal of proposed modifications or re-- visions to master plans that have been previously approved by the subsequent Commilission. Once approved, regional review of /propos e, modifications only: or revisions to a master plan willl, be required/ (l) where "a major change in the character or intensity of an existing use in the environs" o~am is proposed, and (2) or where the USE OF A^PROVD MASTER (OR DEVE;LOP':;_ ii) ?Lk- BY T}1 CO'?1lSSIO N Once approved by the Commission, a master (or development) plan will be used by the Commission, in conjunction. with the Bureau of the Budget, as follows: 1. Asa guide to the review of proposed land accuisitions and/or both preliminary and final site and building plans for indi- osed r;odifications or revisions would sinificantly char -e the of f-site imracr of the Federal acts-vitIes and uses carries out Within the site.:, vidua]. construction and development projects with the ;National Capital ? Region under the provisions. of Section. 5 of the National Capital Planning Act of 1952, as amended. 2. As a guide to the review of both preliminary and final site and building plans for individual buildings and improvement proposals, within the District of Columbia, under the Commission's "in lieu of zoning" powers set out in Section-16 of the Act of June 20, Scctio:, 5(h) 'c .he : a_ic.nal Ca; ital ?lann_ng Act Cif 1952, .5 a:'?:1'.'ed. ? Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-O0244R000100190021-3 --~-+~ t'?~++c ct:.Jec=Leu, All acic ? ince w .ttl Sec-tic:-L.1 Of the ti I'C:i +" 1f t} n + , .. .T Approved For Lase :ti/~/~~ :SC'1~4~I'$~'6b2~4R100190021-3 4. As a guide to the review: of the agency or depart ant's Proposedfiyee-.ycar progra-lms for additions and improvements at, or to, a particular facility or insta].lation within the National Capital ,Region. 1`. Fj ASI C CRITz F.IA TO GUI. DS ,';f:STER (d D :VELOP'i:~,~ .-..,.....,._r -. ..._v... ~') PLAN S U -.3:.,,I S S I OAS As a guide to the preparation of sub:hlissions by the Federal agencies and departments affected, the follo;?:ing criteria have been established in order for the Co:rriission, Projects Committee and the staff to have information for the proper revie;: (or. development) plans. the Federal Planning and the necessary data and and evaluation of. proposed master The followin background information and exhibits should be provided to the Cor?.,mission: 1. InVentO!''' data' O1 FiSt'li C;:c?rac-eristics and conditions a. Existing land use nap and table - Indicate by appropriate categories ,'_ In both map and tabular form, the allocation of land wit iin the facility or installation--`v acres. b. Existing buildings and in__roverents - Indicate, among other things, the following: 1) Total number of bu1',-7 ~ s and currant fun tion 2) height of build 1s and related improvements; $) number of square feet of gross floor area; 4) character and condition of existing buildings - a) existing-to-re-,ain (Der?mna,+ent) b) ter.;DOr_ ---c be ra la^ c) etc. The Co-.niss_c s ar - is dApprodtdfor-Rolea~q.,2 1 81 9 ` )k-RbP86r;60244RGQQk ft 0 21-3 for a PaI'tiCU.?^ ; CC_.^a ate and d_scri ive categories 2n'Sta1lat_'o:l. 5) Genera). descrl')tion of t: -r~haractcr Approved For R",Se 1tlq$/A9}_~{C~~ ~, ~ ut not l.ini.ted to, the a:rchitccturjl style of the buildings, the building riateriels used, etc. 6) ' :I.oyrr.ent _ Incl~~ate t},- r?., ~,~? ,~ whether tI: rc idc! oil of of to LacilIit et Indicate,` in both reap prod tabular Ora, the type of available trans-,ortation service t o the area (including, bus service) , the over-C1.11 circu- lation system and existing parking facilities in the site. Include recent data on existing traffic volur,,.es. 8) 1. -L?_?ti_l utilities - Indicate the nurriber and type of both public and private utilities serving the site. 9) Topoo?r- ` Indicate the general terrain on the site, exxisting wooded areas and other significant natural features, if any. Topography should be shown at 5 or 10-foot intervals---de ,ending on the size of the facility .and the degree of topographic variation of the site. 3.0) Aerial nhoto-raohs If available, provide both a direct overhead an ob11c :e aerial photograph of the entire site. 2. The tlaster (or De _Ic,-~~~ t a. Introduction The Master (or Develop: ent) plan is, in graphic forma Composed of four principal r^a:,)s as fol]o ?s a Circulation Plan 3) a Site De elo'3;-.2;,- I t plan and 4) a Landscape Plan. Approved For'ReJease 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100190021-3 These plans may, when atpropriate, all be prepared fro-n. the sane base r.22-,showing-the internal circulation system- and the outline of all existin? and proposed buildings. The only difference is that a dirfere-;;: -? co`. cn_nt or ___nent of the ::aster plan is emphasized ? on each separate map. % A Land Use Plsn MA of the zbovt; mentioned p' ',s should include an Approved For please 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244Rd00100190021-3 or a distance of one (1) bloc}; area that is at least 1/11 of a mile from the boundaries 1-his plan should indicate, by appropriate, categories, the prosed allocation of use of all land within the installation "!~E' (i1V1rOnS. rrl its ir.,rl-di To the maximum extent possible, the number C-) I). Land Use_ Plan eoi? of land use should be limited to approximately si or eizht. Where more categories are required, SC:i~~ secondar s"Stem Of identifi-? cation within the six crio1` cate`oracs should be'developed, if at all possible. For example, the major land use category, residentialright have subcategories indicated by number on the land use plan, as follows: of the inStall.atio:n. 1) Lc::--density housing (up to units per net acre), 2) moderate-density lousing (from - to units per net acre), and _ 3) high-density housing (from to units per net acre). An example of aaothr approach--more applicable to residential uses on military installations in the National Capital Region might be as follows: 1) Enlisted men's housing, 2) ?Bachelor OfFficers' Quarters, 3) Officers' Family abusing, and L) NCO : iy i:a'_sing. Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100190021-3 Approved For RReleMee20011f080': ? of the.- existing, and proposed uses E11(1 functions in each of the c I ~': de).ineatcd. . A supporting statement further defining and descr .bii: .be use and functions proposed in each category should also he submitted. C. Plan This plan should indicate the following: 3.) Existing and proposed major access and egress points the installation and their relationship to the circulation system in the iruiediate environs of the, instcllat.ion. 2) Existing and proposed' internal circulation system serving the installation-by appropriate categories indi- cating the functicnal classification of the various elements of ,the system. A good example o an appropriate classification of categories is. as follows: . a. Main or principal roads b. Secondary roads c. Local roads d. Service roads 3) Existing and-estimated future within and immediate) to the installation. traffic 4)' 'Existing and proposed off-street parking and loading areas (indicating estimated number of park-ng and/or loading spaces) and the related service roads and drives. Approved For Release 2001/08/09: CIA.RDP86-002448000100190021-3 5) i::isti:,~; and rocs ~'; `.~. k: 1 ci.rcl~l~;tio:l F r Siar.?..~i Approved FA D -lease 20y1/l08/(9 Pp9-Q q 10~QJ1p@0?l lot~::;ent s~~:;tca. I tip. ,v c t t,,zip (described below), and c; the:,, on the Major e1er ents of the circulat? ca;a described above. prop used vublic trans )Ortation 6) Existing and system ser ing the installation or facility, indicating major access-- egress points and the extent of the syste: vithin the site. v o.ra?n- d. Site Deel 'Plan This plan shall indicate the fol.].o: i'r.g: exist J. ' c cs ~'u1.1d].^""-S S rLlCill'_'i S a: d GVy en,ts ~Ilcludir, the nll ber of E:.IJI.o'ees O:' hC~1S]I: units in CxJ it in - to-remain or new: builder. . 2) The status of all Du-11-dings sno:Aln--- existing.-to-rer.a1n as is , exising- to^be re:-noved, and propCsedi- for-?-future construction. 3) The general outline of all existing-to-remrain and proposed buildings, indicating the aprc:ciraate size and scale of the projected buildings. (The Commission reccgnizes that the actual configuration of individual buildings will actually be determined in subscou#nt preliminary and final site planning and building design studies). . 4) The oro os= d hei~clts of all,~ s and structures--preferably indicated within the outline of all buildings-- in number of feet above the around. If is not =casible, it should tiZ1S .=ble be on the .,.~7 or Y~~ sv':i;.^?'rt~:i~ 5) The internal c? rculat i o;n systa-l s_rvin: the Ap( rzo'~ied' $r ~ se'2UO Ib870~' C -8646-00244R000100190021-3 proved For Release 2001/08/09 ; CIA-RDP86-00244R000,100190021-3 '1' is plan shall indicate the 0].ia;:zng: l 3.) he geilcol"ell location and 1,1ass1ng Of all existing; trees and planting within the installation. 2) The general. location and extent of all proposed 1) The general location of existing-and proposed landscaping within the installation. 3) Existing totpography and any propose changes in the natural topography and existing tree cover. retaining walls and any other significant natural features or land- scape elements. The Cc mmissicn recognizes that this anwillbe generalized and will not indicate the type of trees or plant materia?.s involved, the size in height or trunk diameter, etc. This more detailcd information is more appropriately sho::n on subsequent preli-lie. nary and final site and building plans for individual projects. The landscape plan may be a separate nap using the site development plan map as a base or it may be incorporated on the site development plan map itself, if the size and general character of the installation is such that the combination of these two (2) maps results in a neap that is clear and easily readable. -f- Illustrative H aster ?Ian In order to illustrate one way in which these criteria ; ave been used, a photographic reduction of the land use, circulaticn, site- de?'elc.pme, t, and lendscrpe plEns.for the Bolling- !secs v+a .i1.11t~. ar CG.:teri me :t C.:,e a is included in .~.p p rd_x 2. ApprovedFor Release 2001/08/09 :'CIA-RDP89-00244R00b100190021=3 App~~ 019y2t c:l:r~ent r;re was approved by the Cr:::::~issie l on September 9 ? -, 1955. These plans are illustrat? only. In sent cases, the i.nfoz;ation shorn is tlnigue, perhaps, to this facility and not, therefore, aparot riate. for th3 master plans for other installations in the National Capital Region. 3. Docu:Tents to he sub,nitted in Su^i?ort of the i1Z.,tcr plan In order for the Ccmmnission, the Federal Planning and Projects Committee, and the staff to Properly review and ev?i G_.u-at.. vaster plans, it is essential that thc: supporting document be. sub::ni.tted to the CCi:::nissi c:l on or reef ore 1-11-le official sub: ittaI of the master plan, Site sectl.cris A tninirnus: of t::o sections should be cut through the total site drawn r 9o to each ether at the sE.:.e scale as the master plari base Or larger. These dra1q1ngs should show to o rap}11Ca1 and Other s cciel site conditions, as wall as W -1116-S Of existing and proposed buildings. . b) Develo:, c^t tir ,,, ? A statement and/or appropriate map or maps indicating the projected time of cc;::r lotion of all proposals and the staging of i pro. a-Tents should be su r,;i t ted. Fs a_ninlr;u-~ a r~o-,os-d five- (5) , ear df;:eio.,e; t or military construction program should by submitted, -with the proposed' i.1CSto r- ?^ (or dcvelo riei'1t) plan. Approved For Release 2001/08%09 :.CIA-RDP86-002448000100190021-3 Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100190021-3 c) Ir"Ipact? on area.' . A statet:ent to indicate the impact, if any, the proposed plan for the ira;ncdiate area surrounding the facility or installation. Statement s)lould include, but not be limited to, l) Access and egress facilities; 2) ra:a auni ty faci l.ities, such as schcols, parrs, r~'Creation areas 3 hospitals, etc.; 3) public utilities, such as water, sewer, gas, electric, etc.; and 11) special impacts if any (approach zones, etc.). d) Relations lip to lc`ca l jurisdiction's plans and t1rC 7:' Indicate the status of the agency or department-'s plans and/or discussions with (1) the. appropriate local. planning jurisdiction in which 44.-he-facility or. install.ati on is located; and (2) the National capital Regional Plannin Council. Include mention of, and where appropriate, copies of any existing agr-ecI.IcntS or understandings with said agencies. (Under the provisions c.1 Section 5(d) of the National Capital Planning; Act, the Cm-mission is required to advise and consult with the :1'ational Cepital Regional Planning Council and the appropriate local Planning agency concerning any proposed Federal or District develcp-ne:nts and projects involving land acquisition or he:o a major change in the character or intensity of any existing use is proposed.) Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100190021-3 Approved For ire RDP86 00244R Q 00190021-3 E3. ?;~:;*) s c:~les. i?1a''~s shaald pre erebly be .