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December 9, 2016
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September 27, 2000
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September 12, 1972
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Approved For ReI se 20011 l'o AIR. . , '-0Wk00~1y~00190033-0 12 SEF 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Support SUBJECT Ierp Procedures Required by the National ;nvironntental Policy Act of 1969 R13FERENCE : Memo dtd 2 l~ a.r 72 to DD/S frn D/L, sane subject 1. This memorandum contains a recommendation for your approval; such recommendation is contained in paragraph 5. BEd 2. The referent memorandum recommended that the Director of Logistics be designated as the responsible official for preparation of environmental impact statements as specified in the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPn). That memorandum also requested your approval of both a proposed Logistics Instruction (LI) and a Headquartcr s Notice (HN) intended to fulfill procedural require- ments of the NEPA. The reco,m menc d actions v ere approved on 2 March 1972, subject to minor revision and strea=mlining of the proposed HN. Subsequent to that approval, this Office nos been in contact with the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to obtain their comments on the proposed LI. This coordination is required by the NEPA and was outlined in the referent mere. orandum. 3. The above coordination has now been achieved (Attachment 1) and the comments of the C13Q have been incorporated into paragraphs 4 and 5 of the revised LI (Attachment 2). Also, at the request of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Attachment 3). paragraph 3d(1)(a) of the Ll has been enlarged to spe- cifically include historic, archaeological, architectural, and cultural resources as euvironmmntal amenities to be considared in preparing environmental impact state- ments. Finally, the UN has also been revised and is attached for your approval (Attachment 4). Approved For Release 2001JQ8LO9.r;W-RDP86b0244R000100190033-0 Approved For Relea" 200'114 ~ ~~~i81 W1 244ROOa 190033-0 u y SUBJECT: implementing Proccc'ures Required by'tte National Environmental Policy Act of 190 4. Subsequent to issuance, a copy of the 1.1 Will be forwarded to the CEQ and to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You should be aware that this Ll will, in effect, become a "public document. " The CEQ will make the LI ava il- aable to the public and publish it in the Federal Register. 5. In view of the time elapsed since approval of the referent memorandum and the revisions cited above, it is requested that you again approve the attached HN, as well as issuance of the attached LI and its submission to the CEQ and EPA. S1`gned:1 John F. Blake; John F. Blake Director of Logistics CONCURRENCE: . Associate General Counsel, OL The recommendation contained in paragraph 5 Is approved. John W. Coffey Deputy Director for Support 12 SEP 1972 Distribution: Withheld Distribution: Original - D/L, w/atts 1 - EO/OL Chrono w/att , s 2 - DD/S: i`/alts 1 - D/L Chrono, w/atts 1 - ACC/OL, w/atts I 1 - OL Suspense, w/o alts - OL Official, v,/alts (~.~' OL/RECD, w/atts 002448000100190033-0 Approved For Release 20Ii1;3v4 OFF Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100190033-0 TRANSMITTAL SLIP I DATE TO: Chief, RECD/OL 906 REMARKS: FORM NO . REPLACES FORM 36-8 1 FEB 55 24 I WHICH MAY BE USED. Approved For Release 2001/08/09 : CIA-RDP86-00244R000100190033-0