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December 9, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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July 16, 1971
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Approvedr Release MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SU13JECT: Bureau of Public Roads Land 1. Mr. Coffey called to advise that: 16 July 1971 a. Mrs. Bradley, Fairfax Supervisor, had been briefed on the latest developments In the partitioning of the excess Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) land and also on the Agency plans for garage construction on the Headquarters Compound. Both items were favorably received by Mrs. Bradley who indicated that, on the point of garage construct ion, she would advise appropriate metrhcrs of the Board that she saw no problems in this construction. b. Mr. Casazza. called to ir&cate he was being pressured by the General Services Administration (G,SA) to undertake the necessary survey of BPR land in order to divvy -up the pieces amongst CIA, the Federal Highway Administration (FFI WA), and National Parks. He indicated that FHWA will do the survey and that their "Region 15 is the survey crew. " Mr. Coffey provided Mr. Casazza with the names and telephone numbers of Dr. 25X1A9a as points of contact with the understanding that Mr. Paul ?Yyies, who will be responsible for getting the survey underway, will contact either 25X1A9a or to insure that Agency representatives are available for such con- sultation and assistance as may be necessary to make certain that all of the survey lines come out in the right places. On this latter point, Mr. Ca aaz Va expressed his concern that the survey, when finally completed, would truly reflect the final. lines of demarcation which he had discussed earlier and. which were reflected, I believe, in his last meeting with Dr 2. In the course of the above conversation, Mr. Coffey was also advised by the undersigned that Mr. Nunnally had been provided with a current up -to -date map of the finally agreed upon split between CIA and National Parks, of the heretofore disputed areas of land. Mr. Coffey was also told that, in response to Mr. Nunnally's "Urgent" requirement, he would he provided with an additional 10 or 12 copies of this map on Monday, 19 July. 0 L 1 3 s' ~,_ NFI LIE iTJg Approved FRelease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP86-0024R000200050011-8 SUBJECT: Bureau of Public Roads Land 25X1A6a 3. Congressman Thomas N. Down ng's interest in the possibility of certain portions of property being declared excess for the benefit of j2,5X1A6a County was discussed with Mr. Coffey who indicated he was aware of the subject but stressed the fact that he wanted to be certain that the Office of Logistics, as well as the Office of General Counsel., was involved in any final paper when prepared and that, before any reply from the Agency is forwarded to or through the on this subject, it 25X1 C4a be brought to Colonel White's attention. Acting Director of Logistics Distribution : Orf OL Official /1 OL/BPS ~- OL/RECD I -- D/L Chrono 1 - DD/L Chrono A-D/L:FJVD:tnsb/2551 (16 July 1971) Approved For Release 2 0 1hffft P86-00244R000200050011-8