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AT 51SAIMHOW, tr-, Zdzislaw; OSINSKI, Tadeuss, WIECLAY11K. RACKA, Wand&. Toxicity of pelentan In chronic circulatory insufficiency. 4rdiol.polska 1 so.1-2:60-66 1954. 1. Z Il KlinikI Chorob Wewnstram7ch AM w Varasawie. Kierownik: prof. dr sad. M. Semerau-Sisminnowski. (OONaRSTIVR MUM 711LURIC. therapy. stbylbisco cetate, compl.) (r 'OUMMN, derivatives. ethyl blecomm etate, ther. of congestive heart failure, compl.) ALEKSAORDW, Dymitr; JANUSZEWICZ. W.; MAJEWSKA, 0. itf~ secting aortic aneurysm on basis of personal c 0- a, matorial. Polski tygod. lek- 12 n0-1:8-13 1 Jan 57. 1. (Z II Kliniki Cborob Wewnetrzuycb A.M. w WaraziWis; kierownik-, prof. dr. med. D Aiskeandrow). Adres: i1 Klinika Chorob Wewnetrznych A.M. w Waresawis, ul. Nowogrodska 59. (AORTIC ANAWSM dissecting, clin. manifast. & diag. (Pol)) Llz- -1) wl.ODZDAURZ JANUSZ 11W ICZ; ~~tfITR AIMMANWOW; GZASIAW SZCZ3PANSK1 Diagnosis and evaluation of postoperative.res~nlts In a case of pheochromooytoma. Polski tygod. lake 13 no.44:1727-1732 ) Nov 58. 1. (Z II Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych A. Me w Warazawie kierovnik: prof. dr made D. Aleksandrow) Adres: W-wa, ul. Nowogrodzka 59 11 Kline Chor. Wown. A. Me (PHICOCHROMOCYTO14L. compl. h;partension, diag. & surge (Pol)) (HYPERTENSION, atial. & pathogen. pheochromocytoma, diag. & surge (Pol)) ALIKSANIHOW, Dymitr Sodium conservati: bi'the kidneya in patients with chronic circulatory failure on a low-sodium diet. Polski tygod. lek. 13 no.25:941,946 23 June 58. 1. N II kliniki Chorob wewnstrznych A. M. w Warszawie; kierownik: prof. dr med. B. Aleksandrow) Adres: WELra2RWa. II Klin. Chor. Wewn. A. )L (CONGASTIVS HEA FAIIM, physiol. kidney regulation of oodum metab. in patients on low-sodium diet (Pol)) (KIDNE'YS, physiol. regulation of sodium metab. in patients with congestive heart failure on low--sodium diet (F!ol)) (SODIUM, metab. kidney regulation in patients with congestive heart failure an low-sodium diet (Pol)) AUMBANMOW, Dymitr; WYSZMCKA, Wanda Acute renal failure in internal medicine. Polski tygoCL lek. 13 no.26: 983-988 30 June 58. 1. (Z II Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych A. M. v Warszawie; kierownik; prof. dr. D. Alelmandrow). Warszawa, ul. Oczki 6, 11 Klin. Chor. Wewn. A. M. (ACUTS RMI FAIIIM, case reports (Pol)) '!"U I ~MN I'MIN"T -AUM A Itr-, WYSZNACXA, Wanda; CHLOUS, Henryk; FlLIPBOXI, Stanislav; RY 4; MICHAJLIK, Alekeander Renal function in patients with pyalonaphritle and its changes under the influence of therapy. Polskie arch. mad. wown. 29 no.4:491-502 1959- 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob WewnetrMch A. M. v waresavie Kierownik: prof. dr mad. D. Alakeandrov. (PYELOIMPHRITIS, ther.) AIOKSAWMOkl-t-Dymitr-; VYSZIIACYA, WqndA; CHLEBUS, Henryk; FILIPECKI, Sti3niSlaw; 14ICHAJLIK, Alakennder; RYCHROVA,,Maria. Remote resi4lts of the treatment of pyelonephritis. Polskie arch. med. wewn. 29 no.4:503-509 1959. 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych A. M. w Warszswie Kierownik: prof. dr med. D. Alekssndrow. (PTMIUUMITIS, ther.) ALMANPW,'~Dymitr; JANATOWSXA, Hanna; MICHAJLIK, Aleksnnder; RYCEROWA, Maria; WYSZIIACKA, Wanda Effect of prednisone on sodium balance, on renal function and on water excretion capacity in chronic circulatory insufficiency. Polakie arch. med. wewn. 29 no.6:741-750 1959 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych A. M. w Warazawie Kierownik: prof. dr mod. D. Alekenndrow. (HEART FAILURE CONGESTIVE, ther.) (PIOTISONE Ither.) (WATER FMCTR01M BALANCE, T)harmacol.) AlOKSANTMOW, Dymitr; WTSZI(AGKA, Wanda; GAJLVSKI, -Terzy ..O,~~Uugr :4, Studies on the mechanism of hypoteneive effect of diuril. II. 3ffect of diuril on the sensitivity of the arterial sysiv-em to noradrenalin. Polakie arch. mod. vewn. 29 n0-9:1177-1184 1959. 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Ifewnetrxnych A. M. w Warazawie Kierownik: prof. dr nod. D. Alelmandrow. (CHLOROTHIAZIDE, ther.) (HYMMISION, ther.) (NCREPnamm, pharmacol.) IP---OI 3i11 Cardiov~!.qc. d4s. ~.,w 3267. Studies on the mechanism of hypotensive action of chlorothiazid~ DROW D., WYSZNACKA W. and GAIEWSKI J. SeCond lied. Clin.. Med. Acad.-, NV-ar-s-dV- -MeWIN7. J. Aled. 1959. 260 72 (51-55) Graphs 2 Tables 5 During the first days of chlorothiazide therapy in fo hypertensive patients the fall in blood pressure 4emed to follow the inducid negatiVe sodium balance and was found to be due to a diminution in peripheral arteriolarressistance. It issuggestedthat the drug may, lower blood pressure by reducing the sodium content in arteriolar walls. rant - Bethesda, Md. (XVIII, 60) ? Z4 ALEKSANDROW,D.i CISWICKA-SZNAJDERMANoM.; GAJEWSKIP J.; IGNATOWSKA, H.; SUD-DERMAN, M.; WOCIAL,B. Studies on the effect of magnesium sulfate on the level of lipids and on the indices of coagulation and fibrinolysis in atberoselerotio patients. Polskie 30 no.8:1045-1053 160. 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Wevnetrznych A.M. W Warszawie Kierowniks prof. dr med. D.Aleksandrow (MAGNESIUM SULFAn. ther) WTERIOSCLEROSIS ther) (LIPIDS blood) (BLOOD COAGULATION pharmacol) (FIBRINOLYSIS Phamacol) Dym.,,tr; VFG*tV-,',-;Np BELrh-A The dlapostic vl~IIJP Of tb6 ve---ou-1 Pulse- .-'c]' arch. med. vevnrat, 34 no-91911,35-13-14 '64 1. 1 11 ha~rILKJ C-hor!)b.Wevnetrmy~:I, A-Radmil Madynme' -v (Yierourn1w: prof. dr. rand. D. gieksand-7ov). ALEKSANDROW, D~uitr; CISWICKA-SZNAJDERMAN, Malgorzata; GAJEWSKIp Jerzy; IGffATMKXp-Rinna; SZNkJDEJVWp Marek; ZAKIEWICZ, Marek Studies on the content of non-vaterified fatty acids in various segments of the vascular system in dogs in nutritional lipemia and after heparin injections. Polskie arch. med. wownstrz. 30 no.11: 1357-1360 160. 1. Z II Kliniki Chorsb Vownstrznych A.M. w Warazawis Kierownik: prof. 4r mod. D. Aleksandrow i z Zakladu Chirurgii Doaviadozalnej PAN. (WOD VESSELS chem) (FATTY ACIDS chem) (LIPIDS nutrition & dietes) (HEPARIN pharmacol) ALEKSANDROW, Coronary artery disease in Poland. Postepy ~ig. med. dosvi 15 no.6:629~-W 161. 1. Ffom the Jjnd Medical Clinic of the AcadEmy of Eledicine in Warsaw Head: Prof. Dr. D.'Aleksandrow. - (CORONARY DISFME statist) ALEKSANDROW Dymi-tr- IGNATOWSKA, Hanna; GISWICKA-SZNAJDMIAN, Malgorzata Total cholesterol level in normal and arteriosclerotic men with special reference to sex and age factors. Polskie arch. med. wewn. 31 no.6: 769-778 161. 1. Z Il Kliniki Chorob Wownetrznych AM w 'Warszawie Kierownik: prof. dr med. D. Aleksandrow. (ARTERIOSCLEROSIS blood) (CHOLESTEROL blood) (AGING) (SEX) ALEKSANDROW, Dymitr; WYSZNACKA., Wanda; BAGZKO,, Aurelia Studies on the mechanism of b"stqpivive effects of divril. III. Effect of hydr*chlorothiaxi4a aentent in arterial valls and skeletal museleer in rata with experimental hypertension. Polskie arch. med. wewn. 31-no.7:921-928 161. 1. Z II Kliniki Gherob Wewnetrznych AM w Warszawie Kierownik: prof. dr mod. D. Aleksandrow, (CHLOROTHIAZIDE pharmaccl) , (HYPERTENSION exper) (ARTERM pharmacol) (MUSCLES pharmacol) (ELECTROLYTES metab) ALEKSANDHOW, Dymitr; WYSZNACKA, Wanda; MICHAjLIK, Aleksandr Experience with the use of guanothidine in arterial hypertension with special reference to its effects on the renal function and sodiwa excretion. Pol. tyg. lek. 17 no.1:1-7 1 Ja 162. 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych A.M. w Warszawie; kierownik: prof. dr med Dymitr Aleksandrows (AMIRNES ther) (ANTIHYPERTENSIVE AGENTS ther) (KIDNEYS pharmacol) (SODIUM urine) ALEKSANDROW, Dynitr; JANUSZEWICZ, Wlodzimierz; WOCIAL, Bozena Effect of guanethidine on the excretion of free noradrenalin in-urine. Pol. tyg, lek. 17 no.61201-206 5 F 162. 1. z II Kliniki 'Chorob Wownetrznych AM v Warazawie; kierownikl. prof. dr med'..D. Aleksandrow. (NOREPINEPMINE urine) (ANTIMPERTENSIVE AGENTS pharmacol) (AMIDDIES pharmool) POLMD Ai-EKSANDROW, Dy i N"USZEIKICZ, Wlodzimiarz, and WOCIAL, - - ___ _R .1ir,,IX 3,6'idnh"''S~ci-ona Clinic of Internal Diseases (II Klinika Cho- rob Weunetrznych), A01 [Akademia Medyczna, Medical Academy] In Warsnw (Director: Prof. Dr. mod. Dyinitr ALEKSANDWW) 1111ypotensive Effect of Aldomet (alpha-methyl dopa) in the ,rreatment of Hypertension, Its Effoet on Catocholawine I-Istabolism." Karsaw, Polski odnik Lekarski, Vol 17, No 47, 19 Nov 62, Pp 134()_ Abstrac't [Anthors' Dieylish summary modified] Aldomot gavo goiTd results in eight out of ton patients with hypor- tansion. A:uthors describe the 'oontribi~tory offocts Vaich were tiever toxic and arrive at the coholusion that a1domot also does not interfere with endogenous neroperipherine ,iyn thasi s. No references, . . . . . . . . . ..... M4. ALEKSANDROW, Dymitr; CISWIGKA-SZ1NAJDERW4N, Malgorzata; IGNATOWSKA, Hanna; UGIAL, Bozema Farther studies on carbohydrate -metaboligm disorders in uth0vuSc1c-----C,4ij. PolskieL.fixah. zhed. wewn. 32 no.5:419-426 162. 1. 4 1! Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych A.M. v Warszawie Kierownik-: profA dr, faed. D. Aleksandrow. - (BLOOD SUGAR) (ARTERIOSCLEROSIS blood) ALEMANDROW, Dymi+-r; JANUSZEWICZ, Wlod=ierz; WOCIAL, Bozena Guides for the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma according to our observations. Pol. tyg. lek. 17 no.34:1333-1338 20 Ag -162. 1. Z Il Kliniki Chorob Wevnetrznych AM w Warszawie; kierownik: prof. dr med. D. Aleksandrow. (PHF.OCHR%IOCYT,%tk) ALEKSANDROW9 D.; BACZKO, A.; NOWOSLAWSKI, A. An a empt to produce coronary atherosclerosis and myo*tdial kt infaration in the rat. Bul Ac Pol biol 10 no.7:971-274 62. 1. Second Medical GI-inic, School of Medicine, Warsaw and Depart- ment of Pathological Anatomy, School of Medicine, Warsaw. Presented by L.Favzkiewicz. Mna -PROW,-AMI r -JANUSZEWICZ, W:Lodzimierz, A;41;4AN WOCIAL, Bo Evaluation of the hypotensive effect of al~omet ( V,~-metbyl DOW in the treatment of arterial hypertension with a reference to its effeot,on the metabolism of catecholamines. Fol. tyg. lek. 17 no.1+7:1841-1843 19 0 1 1 l. Z Il Kliniki Chorob, Wewnetrwqch AM v Warazailie; kierownik: prof. dr med. D. Aleksandrow. (DOPA) (HYPERTENSION) (GATECHOLAMINES) MIA 04-i 013-~ tAfli 7. -M R ALMMAN13ROWICZ. Janina- Determination of fatty acids from 01 to C6 in cultures of anaerobic sacabarolytic.sporeas Nede doew..mikrobe 11 H041'.19-30 19590 1. Z Zakladu Badania Surowic i Szczepionek PZH w Warezawie Kierownik Zakladu: rof..dr H.-Neisel.. ~GIOSTRIDIUM, ietabolism, fatty acids (pol)) (FATTY ACIM, metab. Olostridium cultures (poi)) t~ M r. OR ALEKSANDRCYWICZ, J. Determination of 01-C6 fatty acids in cultures of anaerobic Clostridium sporogens strains. Bul Ac Pol biol 8 no-5:19-5-198 160* (EEAI 9:11) 1. Department of Control of Sera and Vacines, State Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw. (CLOSTRIDIUM SPOROGENES) (FATTr ACIDS) DYMOWSKA, Zofia;, ALEKSANDROWICZ, Janina IC160trO- and 1-mmoolectrophorstic studies of Toxoplasma antigens. 'Wiadomosei parazyt. 7 no.211,33-436 161. 1. Zaklad Parazytologli Lekarskiej i Zaklad Surowic i Szczepionek F.Z*H.t Warazava. (TOXOPLASMA imnunol) DYMOWSKA, Zofia; ALEKSANDROWICZ, Janina Electro- and immuno-electrophor tic studies on Toxoplasm antigens* Is Med,dosw.mikrob. 13 no.2:-143-3.50 161. 1. Z Zakladu Parazytologii Lekarskiej i z Zakladu Badania, Surowic i Szczepionak PZH v Warszawie. (TOXOPUSM& immmol) (ANTIGMS c~em) DYMOWSKA, Zofia; ALLKSANDROWICZ, Janina Electro- and Immunoelec#ophoretic studies on antigens of'To*oplasma strains. II. Analysis of sera from ribbits immuniz4d with antigens of a Toxoplasma gondii strain. Mod. dd-ow. mikrob. Oxo.2:159-166 162. 1. ZZakladu Paralytologii ~ekarsl*ej ~ Zakladu Surowic i ftezepionek PZH wWarszawie. (TOXOPLASMOSIS I mrrmnol) (ANTIGENS) (ELECTROPHORESIS) FOLAND AL2K�AXPRQV,UCZ, Janina, Research Office for Sora and Vac- cines (2ak3a_d7MWd-a-nT-a7Mrowic i Szczapionek), PZH [Panstwo- in Warsaw wy 2aklad Higieny,.State Institute of Hygiene] (Director: Prof. Dr. R. MEISEL) ",The Metermination of,lo,wer. __C6) and Higher (C --C _(O1 18) Fatty Acids in Culture'Fluids of AAaerobioally Grokng Sporogenic Clos,tridium." WbLrsalq, Meda= Doswiadozalna i Mikrobiologia, Vol 13, No 2, 63, pp 149-156, Abstra6ti [Authorts English summary modified] Author in- vestigated 21 strains of anaerobically grown sporogenio Clostridium with saocharolytio or proteolytic properties. lbree media were used, and presence of fatty acids deter- mined by ascending paper chromatography. Culture fluids of. sacoharolytio strains contained acetic and butyrio acids regularly and formic acid sporadically; those of proteo- lytio strains -- primarily,proprionic and butyrio, and in some instances valerianio and capronio. Fluids of all strains revealed the presence of a higher fatty acid u-ith Rf -2 0-7t the stain of which wa located between the Rf of ( .:Prylio and linolio acids. 21 rsefs; 6 Polish, others Ves~jn, 1/1 20 POLAND MEISEL, Henryk; ALE6~WWQWIC ajoA4 and MJERZEJEWSKA, Helena, Department of Control of Sera and Vaccines of the National Institute of Hygiene In Warsaw (Zaklad Badania Surowic I'Szczeplonek PZW "Influence of Glucose and Hyaluronic Acid on Hyaluronidase Levol in Supernatants of Clostridlum Perfri.ngons Type A" ...........I........... .I.................... ............... Warsaw,'MedycXh6'DotWiadCzalnd*Mikroblot6~iao Vol 18, No 4, 1966; p. 361- 367 'Abstract [English summary modified3: Administration of glucose and of hya-- Furonic 'acid had effect on hyaluronidase production in Clastridjum perfringens A, depending on the specific stralni Lechien, BP6K or SS. Even without addition of either compound, the difference In hyaluronidase production by the-suine strain varied unpredictably. 4 tables; I Polish, 4 Western references. ALEKSANDROWICZ,-,J!rz7; DZIKOWSKI, Henryk Lucidril (A.N.P. 235, centrophenoxine) - observations on the effect of the drug. Neurol. neurochir. psychiat. pol. 13 no.l: 97-101 163,, 1. Z Kliniki Psychiatrycznej AM w Krakovie Kierownik: prof. dr K. Spett. (ANALEPTICS) (ACETATES) (NEUROS-m) (FSYCHOSES., MANIC-DEPRESSM) (MYCHOSES) (COMA) A~=ANDROWICZ, Jerzy; DZIKOWSKI, Henryk Attempted therapy with thymoleptic drugs (imipramine, amitriptyline) and with centrophenoxine in some cases of schizophrenia. Neurol. neurochir. psychiat. pol. 13 no.6:907-910 N-D'63 ComparmtIva effect of fluphanazbve and perpheriazine in the treatment of schizophrenia. Ibid,:911-91L', 1. Z Kliniki Psychiatrycznej All w Krakowiet kierownik: prof. dr. K.Spett. ALEKSANDROWICZ, Jerzy kAtryptyline (Elavil, MK-230) - a nev antidepressant. Neurol. neurochir. psychiat. pol. 12 no.5:759-764 162. 1. Z Kliniki Psychiatrycznej AM w Krakowie Kierownik- prof. dr K. Spett. (ANTIDEPRESSIVE AGGEM) ALEKSANDROWICZ, Jerzy; DZIKOWSKT, Henryk; SCHIFFER, Zof--'-a ,,, , -1, Thromboelastoilraphic studies on blood cAigulation in depressive syndromes. Neurol.neurochir. psychiat. Pol. 14 no.1:12"f-132 Ja-F 164. 1. Z Kliniki F2ychiatrycznej Akademi4. .1-dycznej w Krakowie nLk: prof. dr. K. Spett) i III Kliniki t""inrob ~.ewietrznych Akadenii Medycznej w Krakowie (Kierowii-ik: prof. c-. J. Aleksandcowltcz). l.')ta w n* j atL,-;P.~pt, to influence the mood of patiento of 'he inter-ml C! jr; using serpatcnil. !~ol. tyg. lek. 19 no.8:287- F F 164, :!; i,,q,,rcHatryczn,,3j Aklademii Mledyczilei w Krakovia :-cll. dr. Kar I 01 spe4 .1 Z. Kliniki Choroo Akademii Mcdycznej w Krukowle (J~Jorowzmk- prof. 'jr!, var3drowicz) . It A AIEKSANDROWICZ, Jerzy; DZIKOWSKI, Henrylk, SCHIFI-ER, Zofia Thromboolastographic studies on blood coagulation in schizophrenia. Neural. neurochir. psychiat. Pal. 14 no. 2% 283-289 Mr-Ap 164. Thromboelastography in the study on blood coagulation changes associated with dynamics and therapy of psychoses. Ibid.:289-295 1. Z Kliniki Psychiatrycznej AM w Krakowie (Kierownik: prof. dr K.Spett) i z III Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych AM w Krakowie (Kierownik: prof. dr J.Aleksandrowicz). AIEKSANDROWICZ' DZIKOWSKI, Hendryk; SCHIFFER, 21ofia Psychoses and blood coagulation disorders. Pol. tyg. lek. 19 no.23t863-865 1 Je'64 19 Zt Kliniki Psychiatryomej Akademii Medyamej w Krakowie (kierownJkt prof. dr. Karol Spett) IL z III Kliniki Chorob Wevnetrwyeb Akadem:Li- Kedycznel w Krakowie (kierownik: prof. dr. Julian Aleksandrovicz). SPETT, Karol,prof. dr.; DZIKOWSKI, llanreyh; ATEKSA?'DRCI!,JTGZ, jerzy. Tofranil therapy of depressive ntiteo. Neurol., neurochir. PsYchiat. Pol. 14 rio.6:943-948 N-D 164 1. Z Kliniki Psychialrycznej Alradeinji Medymiej ir Knikrwie Werownik: prof. dr. K. Spett). KOKOT, Pi-aneiazek; FRANZ, ZdMolaw, dr. tried.; ALOW11DRUell(.1, Jerzy A case of chyluria. Pol. tyg. lek. 19 no-50:1936-1-937 14 D 164. 1. a III Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznlych Slaskiej Akademli Medycznej w Katowicach (Kierownik: profe dre med. K. Gibinski) i Ee Szpita- la Dllejsklego nr. 2 w ~Vslowicach (Ordynator: dr. tried. Z. Frans). JAKUBIK, Andrzajj ALEKSANDROWICZ, Jerzy Proketa2ine in the treatment of achizophronia, Neurol. nourochir. psychiat. Pole 15 noo4t639-645 JI-Ag 165. 1. Z Xliniki Pa7chiatryoznej AM w Krakowie (Kierownik: prof. dr. K. Spett). AIEKsA14DROWICZ, Jerzy; DZIKOWSKI, flenryk Application of valium in psychiatry. Neurol. neurochir. psychiat. Pol. 15 no.4:647-655 Jl-A9 165. 1. Z Kliniki Psychiatrycznej AM w Krakowie (Kierownik: prof. dr. K. Spett). ALEKSANDROWIGZ, J.; RlJBATKO, E.; SMIGIEL, Z. Nitrogranulogen in the treatment of cases of optic nerve diseases. Pol. tyg. lek. 20 no.40:1507-1508 4 0 165. 1. Z Oddzialu Okulistycznego Szpitala Miejskiego im. S. Zeromakiego w Nowej Hucie (Ordynator: dr. med. E. Kubatko) i III Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych AM w Krakowie (Kierownik: prof. dr. J. Alekeandrowicz). '~ . 4!- /,'] -~ II. L -A- -!~ z A /C -1% Ay A '21 A I. Poland/Nuclear Physics - Nuclear Engineering and Power, C-8 Abst Journal: Referat Zhur - Fizika, No 12, 1956, 34192 Author: Aleksandrowicz~ Jerzy, Buras, Bronislaw Institution: None Title: First Nuclear Reactor in Poland Original Periodical: Problemy, 1956, 12, No 6, 380-386; Polish Abstract: None / "r / - 1 - POLAO/Nuoloar Physics - Nuclerr Power and Technology Abs Jour t Rof Zhur - Fizikrp No lls 15~% No 'e-4862 Author : AlOksex owioz Jerzy -Szulo Przomyslaw Inst 72o:-;~~tven~ Title The Firot Nuclonr Reactor in Poland Orig Pub iNukloonike, 1958, 31 No 1, 27-41 Abstrect iThe first nuolorr reactor in Polondjundor construction by the Nucloar Research Institute in Sworka near Wersawp is intended for oxporinentel investigations, thitt roquiro an intonso source of noutronj and in ndlition, mckas it possible to use rediovetivo isotopes for scientific rosorroh and industry, modicino,oto. The totel power of the roectorp which will operate with onrichod urmim (I(Ylo) is 2 A-!w with a noutron flux of 2 x 1013 ov.-2 soc-1. Many date portcining to the technical ohnrroteriptioat construction of the rocetor itself, construction of the building for the rorctor.nnd subsidiary building3, control of t6 raretor, tochnologicel control, srfoty dovioesp protection of porsonnol -nd surroundings fror Cord 1/2 P/046/60/005/007-8/001/007 A224/AO26 AUTHOR: Aleksandrowioz, Jerzy TITLE: Second Year of WWR-S Reactor Exploitation in Poland PERIODICAL: Nukleonika, 1960, Vol. 5, No. 7-8, pp. 385-414 TEXT: The paper presented at the reactor conference of Socialist Countries, convened at Rossendorf on June 13'.)to 18, 1960, reviews experience gathered in the WWR-S reactor operation,from June 15, 1959 to April 30, 1960. The reactor has a rated capacity of 2,000 kw. It was put into operation on May 31., 1958, at the Institute of Nuclear Research in Warsaw, Poland. Reactor operational data and the following results of measurements -Aken during the reactor operation are given: change of the built-in radioactivity, uranium burn-up, analysis of the cooling water in the primary circuit, radiolysis of cooling water, and the temperature distribution in the thermal column. The improvements in the design of radiation protection, as well as control and instrumentation of the reactor are described. The reactor has been used for carrying out various experiments, including the influency ?f V nytrog8 upon semiconductors, and for the pro- duotion of isotopes: 3 J, So pp Co,192Ir, and 170Tm. No experimental results are given. The possibility of adapting the reactor for research in the Card 1/2 P/046/60/005/007-8/001/007 A224/AQ26 Second Year of WWR-3 Reactor Exploitation in Poland field of radiation chemistry is discussed. There are 20 figures, 9 photographs, V13 2 tables and 33 references: 28 Soviet, 4 Polish and 1 English. ASSOCIATION: Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Research, Warsaw, Reactor Operating Department SUBMITTED: May 9, 1960 Card 2/2 AUTHORS.- TITLE-. 27317 P/046/60/005/011/006/018 ID249/3)303 Byszewskiq Witoldq Alekeandrowiczq Jerzyq and labno, Leszek Temperature measurements of the WWR-S reactor"fuel element wall PERIODICAL: Nukleonikaq v. 5p no. llp 19609 727 - 736 TEXT: A-method of temperature measurement was developed using chromel-alumel thermocouples attached to the can of a fuel element. The tempe-rature distribution along the fuel element were measured for a range of output power levels. The authors' aim was to inves- tigate the possibility of increasing the power output of the reac- tor. The'rather small dimensions of the fuel rod (10 mm diameter, 2 mm wall thickness) and'a large temperature difference between the rod and the water added difficulty to setting up.the measure- ments. Six symmetrical slotep 0.5 mm deep and 0,-8 tm videp were machine* on the outside of the jacket to different lengths in order Card 1/3 27317 P/046/60/005/011/006/018 Temperature measurements of D249/D303 to accomodate the thermocouples. The thermocouples were placed in thin aluminum tubes and pressed into the slots. It was essential to achieve a good thermal contact between the joints of the thermo- cor,ples and the aluminum jacket, and for this purpose a special method of soldering was developed, but it was discovered later that fastening with a thin aluminum wire proved more satisfactory. The performance of the arrangement was first tested on a dummy rod with heater placed inside the tube. Two series of mea!urements were performed inserting the modified fuel element with the atta- V.< ched thSrRocoupleB into.two different channels of the reactor. The power output of the reactorvaried from 0 to 2 Mand the tempera- tures registered by the six thermocouples were notedq as well as the water temperatures of the external cooling circuit. The measu- rements were performed at two rates of flow of the cooling water: 960 and 660 m.7/houro It was shown that the temperature difference between the wall of the fuel element and the water is proport-Lonal to the power output of the reactor at a constant flow of water; a maximum value observed was 27.400, in disagreement with the calcu- Card 2/3 27317 P/360/04/011/006/018 M - Temperature measurements of D249 D303' late-d value of 5000 as supplied by the designers of the reactor. It is stated that in winter conditions the temperature of the jacket of the fuel element is well below the boiling point of wa- ter, but in hot weather there is not much room for increasing the output of the reactor. There are 10 figures and 2 tables. ASSOCIATION: Instytut badafi drowych, Warezawat Oddglal ekeploa- tacji reaitora On"stitute of Nuclear R-e-T-earch, Warsawq Reactor Operation Division) SUBMITTED: Julyp 1960, Card 3/3 AIEKSABDROVICII, Yezhi [Aleksandrowicz, Jerzy] ......... mmmc::::::::: ------------ Operation and utilization of the IA,R-S reactor in Poland in 1961-1962. Nukleonika 8 no.7:465-4E7 163. 1. Institut J!adernikh issledovaniy, Varshava-Sverk. BYSHEVSKI, Vitolld [Byszewski, Witold]; SHLEKHTA, Miroslav [Slechta, Miroslawl; AIEKSANDROVIGH. Yezhi LAIeksandrowica, Jerzy] I ------- I Studies on cooling the VVR---S-r-e-a-cTo--r-ru-Ul-Mment in :% cylindrical channels and in a channel with a variable cross section in the water loop. Nukleonika 8 no.8:507-528 163. 1. Institut yadernikh ispleaovaniy, Varehava-Sverk, L 19677-65 ~j BS D/A.WWL . ~ZSSION NR ,,-ir (,) /E I F(c )/FPF(n )_p/Epp P!-_4/Pr_'4/Yu_4 A6DC(b)/SSD/ AP4045662 P/0046/64/009/07-/0511/0522 (A lekanodrov ich , Ye .); Bur a AUTHOR: A l ek sand P I a j e w s k c e V5k I i frs~i. S. 3 C;~ '-, ri . S . ---t lia 70 1 ! 4 h res e arc -LP j~ "MIA" SOURCE NA'"e.onika, v. 9, no. 7-8, 1964, 511-522 TOPIC TAGS4 nuclear reactor, reactor utilization, Poland, EWA ABSTRACT: The Polish research reactor E14A At Swierk (2Mw, enriched uranium, light water moderated and cooled, with an avera-ge thermal .nm2-Sec), receive(i from the VSSR, neutron flux cf 1()13 neutrons . became critical in 1958. The nine horizontal experimental channels and t*.ie thermal column are used for. research the fields of solia stare, nuclear, and reactor physics. Three triple-axis neutron crystal spectrometers, a cold neutron unit 0,ervllium filter and 3 slow chopper with curved slits). three slow choppers, a fast cliopper, special apparatus for in-pile irradiation, a pile oscillator, and Card I / 3 L ACCESSION NR: AP4045662 other equipment (all Pollab-made) make it possible to conduct research on crvstal and mn7netic neutron strucctture analv-sis, neutron-Phonon, and neutrnn-m4ii~--.-r, incericti~- r~ p jr du e'L ii anaC n e'n j f conduct a c t I v ation analysis, L,,L an .' o ro c u c e r a : t r ' t ri c or e s - i -f e I vu.1; erl P o1 andnIle 1 C a and chemical sciences, the itfe scieaceG, and in inausttv also the object of extensive studies, changes, and improvements, ,such as mechanical and ton-exchange filtPr5 for the first cooling circuit, corrosion, automatic CGntr0i Of 51ow reactivitv cihanges, e, cetera. Change, are being tntroduce(~ to meet the acilia~ and constantly varying requirements of users. Lilt Polie-1 C., ~_.-.e reacEor is to be increased to 4 Mw in 1964 and plans have been made to reach 11) Mw by 1966. A flexible and inexpensive zero power re- actor MARYLA %chich user. the same fuel elements as the EWA has been put into operation, in the same reactor hall. This reactor and a simil3r reactor ANNA (also located at Swierk) were designed and Card 2 / 3 L 19673-65 kCCESS10N*,;Rt' AP4045662 ouilt in Poland. Several experiments requiring low power have been shifted to HARYLA,-thua mak-ing It possible to run E14A round the clock on full power (in 1962 utilization was 88 hours per week). E14A has been used for training reactor operators and in work leading to many HSc and PhD degrees. There has been collaboration with f-reign reactor ceiters Effid wit:h the United Institute for Nuclear Research (Oubno, 'USSR). Two charts s~_O_Vj-ng utilization of EWA are presented. Orig. art. has: 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: -Institute of Nuclear Research, Warszawa-Swierk SUBMITTED: 00 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE., NP NO REF SOV: 00 OTHERt--000 Card 33 ALEKSANDROIJUCZ, Jerzy, mgr inz. Maryla, the Polish low-strength reactor. Probleruy 19 (1.3. 20] no. 2:112-113 t64. 1. Director, Institute for Reactor Utilization, InstWite of Nuclear Research, Swierk. ;d,EK3AN7Dh9,!]1GZ J ALEKSANDROWI64', J., GRABCZYSKA Z., GUTMANU.-IA I., KUKLA B., JOe-VIA J., 1,111CIA T. AND PAC~HONSKA J. Univ. in Cracow. Wpl,k7w iperytu azotowego na ustepowanie pom,,en W. Cruzliczym zapaleniu opon mozgowo-rdzeniowych. leczoqych streptoRycyna The influence of nitrogen mustard on the rerression of paralysis in cei-el,rosDinal mellinlAtis treated wAh strep tomycin Polsk. Tyg. Lek. 1949, h/ho (1181-1182) h 4. A decrease of paralysis in TB spondylitis, observ,=d a few oursafter the adminJ_str tion of nitrogen mustard, encouraVed the aut~iors to investif,-ate its -:nfluence on other para- lytic states especially in the course of TB. Theregression of paralysis in 6 children treated in Clinic for Onildren's Diseases in Warsaw. Tilis chemical compolind was also found to cure paralysis of the peripheral nerves in meningitis of some weeks's standing, but it does not prevent the development Of Daralysis. NitroVen mustard was used in- travenously in doses of 0.01 g. ger kg. body weight daily, rep atinr doesea every 24 hours ,Pr 2 , times. The therapeutic results are perhaps due to tne resorptive and ti anti -i~f%w,,~ o ] action of the chemical, or to irritant action on the nervous tissue. The latter' hypo esis is confirmed by observations of certain effects on paral,,:sis of various origin (peripheral neuritis, radicl~litis, cranial nerve palsy, also in spastic contractures is rheumatoid arthritis) and by some evidence of relief in cases with the clinical symptoms of optic nerve atropl~,, (observed in the ophthalnotipical clinical jDf-Jac,ie1,-UnJ.versity). It may be that in thepiienomena described there is a chain of reactions, one link of which is the specific action of the nervous system and throiieh it, diminution of the clinical symptoms of inflammation. Aleksandrowic, - Cracow So: Neurolop (VIII, 6) .,y b Psychiatry Section VIII, Vol. 4, No. 1-6 ALEKS--kNDR(Y,-1ICZ J. ALEKSANDR(TWICZ J. and HORODENSKI J. Second Glinic of Internal Diseases Jagiellonian Univ. of Cracow and Dept. of NeuroloFy, St. Lazarus' Hospital Cracow. hitrogranulogen Uperyt azotowy) wleczenin schorzen ukladu nerwowego Nitrogranulogen (nitrogen 1-1ustard) in the treatment of diseases of the nervous a stem Bull. int. Acad. Gracovic, Cl. 1949, 7-10 (211-231) Tables 5 o.ol-.12 mg./kg. body w6ight was given 2-8 times on alternate days, beign repeated in some cases after an interval of 2-4 weeks. In 70 cases of neuralgia andneuritis, good results were obtained in 63 (90%). In 18 cases of tuberculous meningitis pre- viously treated with streptoR,,cin, there was improvement of paralysis and paresis, but not always of the general condition in all the cases. In 2 cases of recent cerebral hemorrage, there was a rapid improvement in the paresis. In 3 cases of polilk.-elitis and 12 cases of chorea good results were also obtained. In 25 cases of cerebral tumor there was relief of pain and improvement in paresis. It is not thought that nitrogen mustard has ak,- antimitotic activity on the tumor, but rather that is accelerates and the rate of absorption of exudates, reducixW, the inflammator.- changes inthe adjacent tissues. Opalski - Warsaw (VIII, 2) So: Neurolo&y & Psychiatry Section VIII, Vol. 4, No. 1-6 J. ALEKSMIDROWICZ J, AND GAERTNER H. ~~Iassifioatidnnof blood diseases and haematolojical nomenclaturi- (Polish text) 901T.J14IMMO POLSKIE 1915K), 3/2-3 (407-457) and 1953 (76-92 and 336-410) The authors present their nlan of uniformization of the nomenclature based on the results of an invesiiration by means of a questionaire. It is proposed to name the cells by terms composed of an adequate siiffix and a radical, as follows: for still immatiire cells the suffi-x - blast, for mature cells - cyte and tor anuclear cells - yde. The term Ithrombocytel is rejected, as it is not at all a 'thrombosis cell' and instead the term 'plaxydet, Vrom the [-,reek word plax, is proposed. The plan includes abandoninp of the old pseudoclassic-il terms and their replacement by modern terms in af,reement with the progresr of science. The psetidoclassical works Ithrombocytel is thus replaced ky a word denoting 'blood plaquel in a Greek-Latin combin-tion. The name 'reticulooytes' sho,11d be reserved for cells of the Res, and the term 'myelociltel for cells derivinl, from the bone marrow. In the secon-1 part of the article, the anthors propose a classification of affections if the haemopoictic system, based on a st"dy of the funtion and the morpholotZr. From this classification the authors were able to predict the discovory of certain diseases, which ware theoretically proven to exist, but had iin to recently remained un- known. The correctness of the classification was confirmed, among other con't ALEKSANIROWICZ, J. " "- ?"1006MV10ft -8 sro- cavernous tuberculosis with nitrogranuldgen and streptomycin. Polski tygod. lek 5 no.18:686-689 2 MAY 1950. (GIXL 20:1) 1. Of the Third Clinic of Internal Diseases of the Medical Academy in Krakov. ALEKSANDROWICZ, J. ~:I~ Studies on pathogenesis of vVelogenoue leukemia in relatior to investigations on granylocytolysis. Polski tygod.lek. 5 no.45: 1556-1558 6 Nov 50. (GLML 20:5) 1. Of the Third Clinic of Internal Diseases (Head-Dwent JuUan Alekaandrowicz,M.D.) of Krakow Medical Academy. ALEKSAKDROWICZ, J. Histogenesis of blood calls with with special reference to the nature of lymphoortes. Poliski'tygod. lek. 6 no. 40:1289-1292 1 Oct. 1951, (CIML 2113) ALICANDROWIGZ, J.;OSTROWSKI, J.;PjWTA7VX, J.;WWRMOWSXA, K. Iffsot, of anticol on the course of caseous-cavernous tubaroulosin..Poloki tygod. lek. 7 no.23:767 9 June 1952. (CLKL 23:2) 1. Of the Tuberculosis Department of the Third Internal Glinia (Read-- Prof.-J. Aleksandrowics, M.D.) of Krakow Medical Academy and of the Depar+-'.* ment of Tuberculosis (Head-J. Pieniasek, M.D.) of Krakow Munioipal-liospi- tal. ALUSANDROWICZ, J. Therapeutic properties of nitrogen mustard. Poloki tygod. lak 7 no. 29-30:917-922 28 July 1952. (CLUL 23:5) 1. Of the Third Internal Glinic (Read-Prof. Charvat, M.D.) and of the Tuberculosis Clinic (Read-Prof. Jedlicka, M.D.; O.Soyka, M.D.; L. Fibigerova. M.D.). Charles University, Prague. 2. Of the Neurological Clinic (Read--Prof. Renner, M.D.; Klimkova-Dautschova, M.D.) of Charles University, Prague. 3. Of the Eye Clinic (Head-Prof. Wilezek, M.D.) of Krakow Medical Academy. 4. Of the Gynecological Clinic (Head--Prof. Schwarz, M.D.; Shermann, M.D.) of Krakow Medical Acadew. 5. Of the Obatetric-Oynecological Department (Head-Head-Surgeon-Konstantynowict- Filipowska, M.D.) of Krakow Municipal Clinical Hospital. 6. Of the Second Clinic of Internal Diseases (Head-Prof. Gorski, M.D.) of Gdansk Medical Academy. 7. Of the Third Clinic of Internal Diseases (Head-- Prof. Penson. M. D.) of Gdansk Medical Academy. 8. Of the First Sur- gical Clinic (Head-Prof. Nowicki, M. D.) of Gdansk Medical Academy. 9. Of the Second Surgical Clinic (Read--Prof. Debicki, M.D.) of Gdansk Medical Academy. 10. Of the Second Internal Clinic (Head-Prof. A. Tus- zkiewicz, M. D.) of lublin Medical AcademV. 11. Of the Third Internal Clinic (Read-Prof. Franciezak Idbendsinski, M. D.) of Poznan Medical Academy. 12. Of the Internal Department (Head-Hajman. M.D.) of Lods Hospital No. 1. 13. Of Plonsk District Hospital (Head-Garley. M.D.) 14. Of the State Psychiatric Hospital (Head--Kaczanowski, M.D.) in Tworki. 15. Of Warsaw-Zollborze Hospital (Head--Wisniewski. M.D.). 16. Of legionow Community Hospital (Head--Wajs M.D.). 1?. Of Bydgoszcz Rexional Hospital (Read---Tedruszak. M.D.). e0ontinaed on next card) ATMOANDROWICS, J. --(continued) Card 2. 18. Of the Internal Department (Head-Niamirski. M.D.) of Rzeszow Regional Hospital. 19. Of Katowice Municipal Hospitals No. I and No. 2. 20. Of Leczyca District Hospital (Read--Szyftnski, M. D..). 21, Of the State TuberculoBis Sanatorium (Read-R. Kalinowski, 1.. D.) in Otwock. 22. Of the P~uberculosis Sanatorium 'LesnaO (Read-Glodzik, M. D.) in Oborniki Slaskie. 23. Of the Taborculosis Consultation Center (Head--Barska, M. D.) in Imegnice. 24. Of the Neurological Clinic (Head -Potyrala, M.D.) of Poznan Medical Academy. 25. Of the Pediatric Clinic (Head-Prof. Michalowicz, M. D.) of Warsaw Medical Academy. 26. Of Wolski Hospital (Head-Prof. landau, M. D. ) in Warsaw. 27. Of Dzierzonow District Hospital (Read-Swindel, M. D.). 28. Of the State Cancer Institute (Head-J'asinaki, M. D.). 29. Of the Obstetric Clinic (Read --Prof. Sense, M. D.) of Veterinary Faculty in Wroclaw. 30. Of the In- ternal Clinic (Road-Prof. Z. Markowaki, M. D.; Baran, M. D.; T. Jan- iak, M. D.) of the Yaculty of Veterinary Medici-no of Wrocl4w University and Polytechnic. 31. Of the Zootechnical Institute (Head--Prof. Czaja, M. D.) of Jagiellonski University, Krakow. 32. Of the Dermatological Clinic (Head--Prof. Leiman, M.D.) of Krakow Medical Academy. 33. Of the Obstetric.-Gynecological Department (Head--Prof. Zeidler, M.D.; Banaoh, X. D.) of Narutowioz Hospital in Krakow. ALIKSANDRMIGZ, J.; BLIGRA 1. J.; FAIMOWSKI. A. Fanctional stages of blood platelets In electron microscopsi Polski tYgod. 16k. 7 no. 45.:1472-1474 10 Nov 1932. (CLML 24:1) 1. Of the Third Internal Clinic (Read--Prof. J. Aleksandrovicz, M. D.) of Krakow Medical AcadezW and of the State Institute of Hygiene (Head-1. Priesavoki. K.D.) in Varsaw. ALIMMANDROWICZ, J.; BLICHARSKI, J.; FELTYNOWSKI. Morphology of granulocytes;electron microscopy. Polski tygod. lek. 7 uo.51-52:1765-*1766 29 Doc 1952. (CIAL 24*.2) 1. Of the Third Internal.Clinic (Read--Prof. J. Aleksandrowicss M.D.) of Krakow Medical AcadeV and of the State Institute of F~Ygieng.(Rea4i --Prof. F. Przesmycki, M.D.), Warsaw. ALEKSANDROWICZ, J.;BLICHABSKI, J. Blood platelets in electron microscopy. Przegl. lek., Krakow 8 no-7: 203-205 1952. (GLML 23:4) 1. Of the Third Internal Glinic (Read--Prof. J. Aleksandrowios, M.D.) of Krakow Medical Academy and of the State Institate of Hygiene (Read - Prof. 2. Prxesmycki, M.D.). ALUSANMWICZ, J. - "! -, e .- ~ -'. ~~"; . Iffect of electronarcosis on the course of lymphatic leukemia, Przegl. lek.. Krakow 8 no. lOt297-300 1952. (CLKL 23:5) I*' Of the Third Internal Olinic (Read-Prof. J. Alsksandrowics, M.D.) of Krakow Medical Academy and of the Psychiatric Hospital in Kobierzyn. ALNESAMOWIGZ, J.;GWYNAR, B. o.wo-W-Nd WW;x5W Attempted therapy of hypertensive syndrome by stimulation of the first and second signal systems. Polski tygod. lek. 8 no.14:540-541 6 Apr 1953. (CIML 2415) 1. Of Zegiestow Scientific Research Center of the Third Internal Clinic (Head--Prof. J. Aleksandrowics, M.D.) of Krakow Medical Academy. Alm". ANWOWICZ, J. , 04 --- NO-0:1 - 14,440 Attempted application of paper electrophoresis In clinical practice with special reference to quantitative and qualitative determination of blood proteins. Przegl. lek., Krakow 9 no.4:115-118 1953. (CLML 24:5) 1. Of the Third Internal Clinic (Head--Prof. J. Aleksandrowicz, M.De.) of Krakow Medical AcadenF. AIAUUMOW=, J; ~Cwtalz bmatoutic prob.lm and att~Mtod foriialation of lws raim"tim bei "- "ob. Polaki typio' Isk. a w 0*45:2~~-3634 9 lov 1953. (,am 25:5 ) AT ANMDVICK, I.U.;BLVD1k=IY# Yu.;nLITINOVSKIY, A. Morphology.of graUU:LocYtGs in electron microscopic picture. Arkh. pat., Moskva 15 qo.6*.75-77 Nov-Dec 1953. (CLML 25:5) 1. Of the Third. Clinic of Internal Diseases of Krakow Medical AcadeV (Director - Prof, In. Alekaandrovich) and Krakow State L~stitdte of Hygiene (Director -- Prof. X. Przesmycki). J. 4, "Blood as seen in an electronic Inicroscol)e"' ProblemYp I,,jarsvw) Vol 9, 1,0 7, 1953, p. 471 110 10 oct 1954, Lib. of CongreS8 I , Eastern Europeen AccesSions UAI 'Vol 3, 1 00 - ALUSANDROW IOZ, J. MW - Morphology of smallest particles of granulocytes according to modern studies. Folski tygod. lek. 8 no.24:859-860 15 June 1953. (CLIG 25:1) 1. Krakov. ALIKSAIEDIIDWICZ, Julian Slectron microscopic-Investigation of ultrastructure of gra- railocytes. Arch.immm.ter.doew. 2:17-29 1954. 1. 111 Klinilm Chorob Wownstrznych Akademli Medycanej v Kra- kowie. Dyrektor: prof. dr J. Alakeandrowicx. (LEMCTTBSO granulocytes, electron microscopy) (MICHDOCOPY, XXTHDN, of granulocytes) ALFXSANDROWICZ. Julian; SPIRER, Ludwik Variations of ribonuclease in the blood and in urine in various types of leukemia. Arch.immun.ter.doew. 2:31-36 1954. 1. 111 Klinika Cherob Wewnetrznych Akademii Medycznej w Krakowis Dyrektor Prof. dr J. Aleksandrowicz. (LEMMIA,blood in, ribonualease) (LBTMIA.. urine In ribonuclease) ribonuclease, in leukemia) (BLOOD, ribonuclease, in leukemia) (NUCIRASES, r1bonuclease in blood & urine in Leukemia) ALAM ~Z Julian- P-KMWSXA, Jhra =2 Investigations on comparative hematology of vertebrates. I. 'Biochemical investigations with factors hydrolyzing ribom- cleic acid on granulocytes. Arch.immun.ter.dosw. 2:89-93 1954. 1. 111 K]Linika Chorob Vownstrzmych Akademli Medycznej w Kra- kowle. (Dyrektor: prof. dr J. Alskeandrowiez) (=Ocyns' granulocytes, ribonaclease digestion, comparison in .various vertebrates) (HUCLPASICS, ribonuclease, digestion of granulocytes in various vertebrates) AT AIMROWICZ,J. Blectron microscopy in hematology. Acta mad. hung. SUPP7 6 no.l: 135-141 1954. 1. 111 Nedizinische Klinik, Krakow (MICROSCOPY, HINCTRON in hematol.) (HBWOLOGY electron microscopy in) AI3KSANM0W1G3k_jul1an; BLICHARSKI, Julian; FUTYNOWSKI, Antoni Electron microscopy of blood components. Postepy hig. mod. doew. 8 no.4:445-617 1954. 1. In Kliniki Chorob Wevnetrznych A.M.Krakow, ul Kopernika, 17. Panstwowy Zaklad Higieny. Pracownia. Mikroskopu Elektronowago. Warszawa, ul. bhocimika 24. (BLOOD CELLS, microscopy, electron) (MICROSCOPY, KICTRON. of blood calls) ALI KSANMOW I GZ,--iu wan-(Xna-kow Achievements and new concepts in the field of research on prol:Lfsr&t- Ing hemocytopathies. Przegl. 1@k., Krakow 10 no.7.-195-199 1954. (IUMIA. research progr.) ATMMAHMOVICZ.._Ju1ian; KOWAWZYKOWA, Janina; PRZYBYIKIXWICZ, Mizislaw, 11rakow Acute reticulosis in the course of a Bartonella infection. Przegl. lek. Krakow 10 no-12&'.347-351 Dee 54. 1, Z III K iniki Chorob Vewnetrznych, z Zakladu Anatomli Patol. " krobiologii lekarskiej Akad. Ned. w Krakowie i ZakWi Mi (BARTOIMLLA IMOTIONS, complications lymphoma, acute) (LTMPHDXA, complications Bartonalla, infect.) RoWICZ, MICA Sec,,2 Vol,,8/9 Phyisidlogyetc. Sapt35 NDROWICZ J.. U1 Klin. Chor. Wewn. Akad. med., Krak6w. dR6-W-y-dMT-M-TWowy a ozynnofid krwiotw6rcza. C e n t r a 1 n e r v o u s Ysteffi and haematopoietic function POL. ARCH. MED. WEW- T. 1954, 24/4 (577-592), eadence between the haematopoletic system and the CNS is stressed' in the -,Pavlov, a tracings. The Virchow school of m edical thought and psychoso, - 7 edicine are compared with the -doctrines of Lepieszynska and of Pavlov. data on the function and localization of nervous centres governing hae- iesis are quoted and the influence of the cerebral cortex on normal and gical haematopoietic reactions is discussed. Interrelationship between neural functions and blood coagulation is shown by the work of Gaertner Lek. 1954, 9/4 1 (1335-1338). Gaertner - Krakow 0 ALIKSA= WICZ, Julian, professor (Krakow) Therapeutic properties of.chloroothvlamine. 32 no.4: 31-37 A 154. ()aa& 7:7) INI'TROGXN NUSTARDS, therapeutic use,) 0 ALEKSANDROWICZ, Julian Considerations an& critical evaluation of present concepts of the origin and division of leukocytes. Postepy wiedzy mad. 2 no.4:345-352 Oct-Doe '55. 1. 111 Klinika Oborob Wewn. A.M. w Krakowia. Kierownik; prof. dr J. Aleksandrowics. (LEMOTTES, origin & division, review) 'J4 rV I K _Y CATMORY ADS. JOUIR. -AUTHOR INST. TITLE oRIG. pU~B~ tPoland T :Humar, and Animal Physiology, Blood ' EZIBiol., NO. 5 1959, Noi 21903 ,A1eksgndrovicz, J. Th~eOriCgin o~the ~GraRblocytes in the Light of Cytoenzymatic Investigations. :Arch. imn,~,inol. i terap. doswiadez., 1955, 3, 41 The liberation of.polymorphenuclear granulo- cytes with pus in patients wit1h lympbadenitis in quantities considerably exceeding the capacity of the granulocytdpoietic tissue of the bone marrow cannot be explained by the prdsently-held theory of cytogenesis. When polymorphonuclear cells from the pus of patients with lymphadenitis were treated with ribonuclease, the nuclei were not destroyed; in this the polymorpbs resembled mesen- chynial cells. The nuclei of polymorphonuclear granulocytes Irom the blood of healthy subjects Card: were destroyed when treated vith ribonuclease. 1/2 ALEKSANDROWEZ, J., BLICHARSKI, J., FELTYNOdSKI, A. ."Mikroskopia elektronowa krwinek" (Electronic microscopy of blood cells), by J. Aleksandrowicz, J. Blir-harski, A. Feltynowski. Reported in New Books (Nowe Ksiazki), No. 14, July 15, 1955 ANMOIFICZ Julian- BLICHARSKI, Julian; FELTTNOWSKI, Antoni Ileatronosequy of the morphotic blood components with special reference to blood platelets. Polskie arch. mod. wewn. 25 nosla: 143-147 1935-' 1, Z III klin. chor, vown. A.M. v Krakovie; kier. prof. dr. mod. J.Alskeandrowits. 2 Pknetwowago zekladu Higieny v Warstavie; dyrektor prof. dr. mod. F.Przemyaki. (BLOOD PLATBLITS, determination electronoscopy) (BLOOD constituents, alectronosea") POLOD / Diseases of Yam Animalis' Disegales Caused by Viruses- and Rickettsias. Abe Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologiya,, No 2., 195.9., No- 7441 Author : ALeksandrqw,ioz Je; Brill, J.; Perkovska, F. Inst :-Not given Title , The YWelogram of Horses Sick with Infectious Anemia Orig Pub t Roome nauk rolniczych, 1956, E 67, No 4, 465-470 Abstract : The blood picture was examined in some groups of horses; healthy, natvrally diseased and artificiglly infected with infectious anemia (IA), suspected of suffering from IA and suffering from various abeesses. The correlation of nyalocytes to reticular cells amount- ed in healthy horses to 1.5 - 4. in horses nick with IA and in horses with aboessee to 14 The similarity of changes in the bone narrow which are observed in IA and in abeesses of an unknown etiology does not permit Card 1/2 Hill POIARD/Ooneral Problems of Pathology - Twiors. Comparison U Oncolog;y - Human Neoplasms, Abs Jour Ref Mur Biol.) No 1) 1959) 4241 tl:erapeutic effect. In trials at therapy with ribDnu- cleas-a, streptokinase and streptadornase intramuscularly ariin the form of inhalations, the therapeutic effect amounted only to a temporary decrease of the temperature and to a slight decrease of leukocytosis. It is neces- sary that the decreased eliminntion of Granulocytes from the organism with urine or throu1ji excretions be compensated by intensification of their pha6')cytosis by the reticuloendotheliizi within the irganism. It is pos- sible that the enlargement of the spleen is a manifesta- tion of this compensatory mechaftism. Paid, indeed, me- chanical removal of granulocytes frim the Dr(pnism by transfusions of conserved blood deprived of leukocytes following preliLdnary blood lettings, was always -rDllo- wed by noticable decrease of the dimensions of the spleen. -- F.L. Mayzil' Card V4 -~lu,.; ~Uill I Of I'll, -jj~7 it- 7-:- -7- RKA 1-EDICA Sec.6 Vol.11/1 Internal Bled. Jan 57 KSANP1?oW-TCZ T U 437. - ALEKSANDHOWICZ J. III Klin. Chor. Wewn. A.M., Krak6w. *Hipoteza rob5-cza 1--ji-fteg' ?d b-a-ddn nad patogenezq przewleklych biataczek granuloc to- wych. A work ng hypothesis and researches on the patKo- genesis of chronic inyeloid leukaemia POL.TYG.LEK. 1956, 22/2 (70-74) 1 The author's working hypothesis on the pathogenesis of chronic myelold leukaemia (C. M. L.) due to ehzymopathy ending in cytolysis of the granulocytes. both in the aged and in cases of I 'owered vitality. The results given here, covering'a number ot personal re searches 'showing lowered vitality of the granulocytes in C. M. L. and relating to the mechanism of the phenomenon of granulocyte deterioration in C. M. L., would seem to confirm the principles laid down by the author from the start. Research work in this field Is still continuing, both by the author and by his co-workers. Many references are given. Koatkowski - Cracow (V1. 16) J, 4046. ALEKSANDROWICZ J., GA.ERTNER H. and PALESTER M. 3. Klin. Chor6b V`e-w_-ff-A--'.%T7-K`raKow. "Zagadn~en;a :-nm-=oIogzczne %v patogenezie !e,,;f%-o- cytopat; i J, megakarioc%;-,opat4 i. I m rr, u n o I o g; c a ' a s ;3 e c t s o f 1 e u c o - cytopathies and "megakarvocytopa;h;e"s POL.ARCH.NIED. WEWNET. 1956,26! 11 (1674-1676) In all probability, antigens of the groups of the ABO system ad4ere not only to the red cells but also to the leucocytes and the thromboc)tes. Other antigens, inde- pendent of the ABO system, appear to have a predilection for the thrombocytes. A detailed description is given of tests for the demonstration of the existence of anti -thromboc) te and anti-leucocyte hetero-. iso- and auto -antibodies. Auto-anti- C 0 N T bodies may appear in the serum of patients affected with leucocvtopenia or throm- bocytopenia and they appear to play an important part n the determinalion of the haematological and clinical aspec6. A detailed study is made of the abnormal antibodies mentioned, with reference to their physico-chernical and serological qualities. An analvsis is also made of the process of linking of these antibodies with the antigen of the morphological elements of the blood in vitro (Ivsis, agglu- tination) and of the resulting morphological aspects. A definition is given of the term 'granulocytolytic diseases' with a discussion of the problem of mveloblastic leukaernia as a secondary pathogenic entity resulting from the increased peripheral destruction of leucocyes and overcompensation of the granuloblast reaction (Aleksandrowicz). Reference is made to a considerable number of cases of throm- bocytopenia and leucocytopathy in which the presence of abnormal antibodies could be demonstrated, and to the treatment of thrombocytopenia. leucocytopenia and .nyeloblastic leukaemia with corticotrophin. cortisone, nitrogen mustard and anti- thrombocyte serum, all of them factors acting on immunological mechanisms. From theoretical considerations, conclusions are drawn with regardto transfusion treatment of patients with agranuloc~tosis (or of its final stage, myeloblastic leukaemia), using blood from patients suffering from chronic granulocytic leu- kaemia or even with leucocyte mass, in order to introduce cellular antigen which may fix the abnormal antibodies in the circulating blood of the patients. CC- PrA- ~IDIOA --Seq __6 __ Vol.---11/1 '---Dec-- __57 Y(O Wr C Z Ji 7316.-ALEK NDROIVICZ J. Ille Clin. des Mal. Inlern, . Acad. de Med.. Cracovie. SAA: ,M_echerdhes -sur la pathogdnie des leuedmies granulocytiques chroniques.- Researches on the pathogen)- of the chronic granulocytic leukaemias SANG195G. 27/5(438-447) The view is held that the increase of the number of granulocytes in granulocytic leukaemia is due to a slowing down in the dest.-tictioi of granulocytes ascribable, in turn, to an enzymopathy which stimulates the proliferative development of the granulocyte system. In agreement with experiments tile normal mcchanisms of destruction of the granulocytes are altered: tile elimination of ribonuelease in the urine in chronic granulocytic leukaemia Is increased. which inight explain tile slowness of the leucocytolysis in this disease. In tile woman the excretion of the leucocytes in the urine is sometimes diminished as well as tile excretion by the genital route. The phagocytosis of the granulocytes by the RES is increased (which explains the splenomegaly) as a compensation for the diminution of the en- zymatic leucocytolysis in this disease. This latter fact explains how it is that transfusions of blood from patients with chronic granulocytic leukaemia into pat- ients with mfeloblastic leukaerAia is favourable, because in the latter the leuco cytolysis is ncreased. Larrain - Santiago de Chile (VI, 5, 16) Country . POLhND S Category: Hw3an and Iximl Morphology (Normal and I'lathological) Blood and Organs of Herappoiesis Abs Jour: RZh iol., No 2, 1959, No 7558 Author J.; Blicharski, J.; Fcltynowski, t,. Inst Title tin Investigation of Blood Platelets by Means of Ultrathin Slices =d -the Electronic Microscope. Orig Pub; Fella morphol., 1957) 8) No 3, 161-167 Abstract: A granuloucre of blood platelets (DP) of healthy hurza-La consists of 30-50 granules with -the size of 0.2-0.3tt, which are Grouped in the contur or are disseminated over the whole KM. The Granules of granuloracro oriGinate apparently from the ixitochondrins of ncoakaryocytes. 1mong the gm-nules of' fmrnulmiare Card 1/2 S-29 ALIKSANDROWICZ, J.: BLICHARSKI, J.: FELTYRDWSKI. A. Recout studies on erythrocytes with aid of electron microscope. Polski tygod. lek. 12 no.6:222-223 4 Feb 57. 1. (Z III Kliniki Chorob Wewnstrznych A.M. w Krakowie; kierownik: prof. dr. Julian Alak5androwicz I z Panstwowago Zakladu Higiegy w Warazawis; kierownik: prof. dr. Feliks Przoemycki). Adres: Krakow, al. Kopernika 17, 111 Klinika Chorob Wewnetrznych A.M. (ERYTHROCYTES electron microscopy, review(Pol)) (MICROSCOPY, ELECTRON of er7throcytes, review (Poi)) ALM-AIUROWICZ, Julian,(Krakow, u1. Curie~Sklowowskiej 4.) History ofthe development of the X-akow Clinic of Internal Medicine.' Polski tygod. lek. 12 no.2l.-815-816 20 May 57. (MIDICINS, IJUMAL, history.- in Poland'(Pol)) EXCERPTA FMICA Se-ze'.~6 Vol. 6/4 Cancer April 5 8 1539. Tkepathogmesis of leukcmias 1. and IL Badania nad patogencza bialaczek. 1. ill. AIEKSANI)RONVICZJ. III. Klin.Clior.Wc%vn.A.I~l.,Krtk6%vPol..-Irch..Aled.u-ewnet. -1957, 27/0 (747-702) GraP11s 7 Tables 6 lllUs- 3 Patients with myeloid leukaemia have less granulocytes in their urine and in their vaginal sinears than have healthy persons. This phenomenon is explained by the decreased vitality of leukaemic cells, which was demonstrated earlier by the fact that leukacmic granulocytes are Im mobilc and possess a diminished bacterial 'i 163? it phagocytic power than normal leucocytes. The hypothesis is presented that the decreased excretion ofgran ulocytes from the organism c~ uses an increaled leucocyto- sis in the peripheral blood, and it is suggested that dead and disintegrating leukaenlic blood cells stimulate the proliferation of the mycloid system. Dux - Warsaw STIWANOWSKI, M.; AL KDIIDPED. C.; ZAWGA, K. -namp-M, .0 Z -J.-J." Results of surgical treatment of 1544 cases of varicose veins at a dispensary for vascular diseases of the lower extremities. Polski przegl. cbir. 29 no.1:59-61 Jan 57- 1. Z I Kliniki Cbirurgicznej A.M. v Lodsi Kierownik: prof. dr. M. ~tefanowski. Lodz, ul. Wigury 19, 1 Klinika, Chirurgiczna A.M& =Adres autorow, (VARIOOSIC VXNS, surgery, statist. (F01))