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USSR /themical Technology. Chemical Products T-16 and Their Application Treatment of natural gases and petroleum. Motor fuels. Lubricants. Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 31900 The fraction was washed with 70% H2SO4' 10% solu- tion of soda, and with distilled water, to remove the non-hydrocarbon components. Dearomatization of the fraction was effected with H2SOq sp. gr. 1.84. Thereafter the normal paraffinic hydro- carbons were isolated with urea, the amount of which was taken on the basis of the mean mole- cular weight of the fraction. The thus separated n-paraffin hydrocarbons were extracted with ethyl ether, after the removal of which the mix- ture of n-paraffins was fractionated in a column having the effectiveness of 45 theoretical plates at a residual pressure of 10 mm Hg. The individ- Card 2/43 USSR /themioal Technology. Chemical Products 1-16 and Their Application Treatment of natural gases and petroleum. Motor f uels. Lubricants. Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 31900 ual n-paraffin hydrocarbons were found to be con- centrated in the fractions having the boiling points of 215-216 ', 234-2350, 253-25V and 269-2700. From the investigated fraction of Noriyskaya petroleum were isolated the following n-paraffin hydrocarbons: dodecane, tridecane, tetradecane, pentadecane, identified by their physical properties and by the method of infrared spectroscopy. C ard 34 C,i[J !J`2-1~1 Ruiiaai a 11-2 1 AB~; JOU R. RZX211M-, NO- 21 1959, IYO 76103 . " . A UV--- 10 R .Fh. 1. and Benashvilli, Ye. M. :Areph4v-e , U.'ST . _ _ :Iasi Polyteclihic Institute T IT J-'-- ~7' -*The quailtita-tive Deter6ination of 5- %nd 6-membered Cyclanes in Gasoline-Ligroin Fractions from Nori ~rudp 0 T a 'Bul Ivist Politehrx Iasi, 3, No 3-4, 103-108 (195?) ,A. .3 8 T W, C T V2he method of selective dehydrogenation catalysis of N -D.-Zelirskiy has been,applied to the quanti- tati;e determination of the contont of 5- and 6- membered cyclanes in gasoline-ligroin fractions from Pori crude., The latter is characterized 131Y a low content of aromatics and a high content of paraffins. It has been found that the-, amount of 5,~-membered cyclanes found increaseu with increaaing bp of the fractions (60-95*, 95-1220, 122-1500, 150-2000). The content of hydroaromatic hydro- CA-RD: 1/2 256 ARISH IDZI Kh I Conversion of some ethvlene hydrocarbons and sulfur organic compounds in the presence of gumbrin. Ttudy Inst. khim. AN Grus, SSR 13:175-182 157. (KML. 11.-4) (Olefine) (Sulfur compounds) ((Nmbrin) I V USSR/Chemical Technology - Chemical Products and Their Application. Treatment of Natural Gases and Petroleum. Motor and JetFuels. Lubric:ants. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - nimiya, No 1, 1958, 2532 Author : Areshidze, Kh.I., Kikvidze, A.V. Inst Institute of Chemistry, k~,ademy of Sciences Georgian SSR- Title Structure of,Paraffinic Hydrocarbons of the 200-2500 Fraction of,Patara.-Mirakskaya Petroleum. Orig Pub Tre in-ta--khimii AN-GruzSSR, 1957, 13, 195-205 Abstract The dearomatized 200-2500 frac tion*of Patara-Shirakskaya petroleum and also the narrow fractions having the boiling ranges of the expected n-paraffins, were treated with urea (in the proportion of 1:10-5) to form the complex. By this treatment it was not possible to isolate the n-pa- raffin hydrocarbons. By determination of the aniline Card 1/2 ARESHIME, Kh.; TAVARTKILADZE. Tee Analysis of gumbrine, and askanite as dehydrating, cromerizing, and alk7latin y in Russian]. Trudy Thil agents [in Georgian with ail GU no.62: 58-166 157. (mm ill-) l.Tbilieskly gosudarstvannyy universitet imeni Stalina, kafedra organicheekoy khimii. (Askatite) (Gumbrine) V/ ARESHIDZE, Kh - I boc Chem --)ci -- (diss) 11 Study of Lhe chemical nature of Georgian petrole4 and Bf--the contact transformatior~of al~.e'ns, cycloalkqnp, alkank, and cycloalkang in the presence of gumbrine." Mos, 1958, 26 pp (Acad Sci USSR. Inst of Organic Chemistry im N.D. Z-elinskiy) 130 conies. List of author's workspp 2)4-26 (KL, 23-58, 101-2) 9 I - Behavior of the catalyst, palladium on activated carbon, in catalytic isomerization reactions of alkanes and their cycliza- tion. resulting in the formation of five-membered cyclanee. Trudy Inst.kbim. AN Grau.SSR 14:129-135 158. (MM 13:4) (Palladium) (Carbon, Activated) (Paraffins) ARESFROZE, KH.I.; BENASHYLLI, Ye.H. Investigating hazabydroarnmatic ITdrocarbons of Noric gasolines by dahydrogenating catalysis. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 20 no. 3:291-297 Mr 158. (MIRA 11:7) 1. AN GruzSSR. Institut khimii im. P.G.Malikishvilt. Predstavleno chlenom-koi4espondentom Aiwaemu G.V.TSiteiahvili. (Hyarocarbons) ARICSHIDZE, 11h.I.; CHAMIANI, T.H. Nov bases for nickel cata3,vots. Soob. AN Gruz.SSR 21 no.6:667-672 D '58. (MIRA 12:4) 1. AN GruzSSR, Institut khimii im. P.Ge Melikishvili. Predstavleno chlenom-korrespondentom Akademii G.V. TSitaishvili. (Nickel) z,'% r al , 11 j d. z t. ,?,hIr'l I o , i ? of L ha r, 'a r2 Ojgl-~VOO-Ody V.~ 1"j V 3' 5~ P -122 57 0 -.0 Li 0 t -i ga t L 0 n 0 f t 11C7n 1 C-,i -.,io n 17 uil frantions a boiiin- ooint abovs- 17-1~ j.-, on-,~ of the most urgenz, an-1 important p-ob-lo-jas of t~E cbim-istry of P"t,r()- leu-:i, Tho a~i-.hor;j hnve pruvel thn't th,,. !'ra~:cion '51) - ~CG' f Lhe oil Ln question contains 25,6 of hy'ro-arromatic -hylro- carbons. The. pree-ant investigation. i:, intenied for 0,2 kleter- .mination of the individual nature of these hy'llrocarbons, It was of interest to find out whether Lite presence of coniensed aromatic hydrocarbons and of their hydrate.1 analogues (Refs 1 .2.) are specific only -for the bituminous petroleum of ~;ur-tkhav or for other kinis of petroleum as weil. The inves- tigat,ion has proved the above mentioned compounds to be present in the o:,-! under consideration. nt,-m-~~-i jecalin. #L-m-2thylaecalin, 1,6 an.; 1,7, L I I diriethyidecalin. 'he n.,.-ip,ithe,-ie-hyjroca.rbons- coq- Car~ 1/2 tained iq the petroleum of various oil fields ii USJ-H are Hyirocarbons of the Decalin Series in the Mirzaan Oil 507/20- 121-6-2,:)/45 stu;iiei in Lhe Laboratory imeni S.S. 11ametkin of the Cil Institute of the Ai USSR. There follows a sh3rt avarvey of publications (Rc-fs 2,3). Table 1 shows the properties of the fraction 150-~.-OC of the Mirzaan oil before and Aft~r the catalysis. The group-composition of the tested fraction in has bean computed from the depression of the aniline points, using the corresponding coefficients: aromatics 15,1: h,,,dro- aromatics 23,06: remaining cycl-anes 27,3; paraffinoiris 144,0. Hydroaromat-Ics: Total amount of cyclane = 4,3. There are 2 tables and 8 references, 5 of which are Soviet. A-"jMA'AM;'L%: Institut khimii im. -'.G. 'Jelikishvili Aka-lemii nauk GruzSSR (institute of Chemistry imeni P.G. 1-Melikishvili of AS. Qr-uzLnskPya 3-1'~R) PREISE21TED: April 24, 1955, by B. A. Kazanzskiy, Member, Acade,-ly of Sciences, USSR SUWHTTED: April 24, 19-519. Card 2/2 ARICSHIDZE, Kh.I.; KIKVIDZE, A.V. Hydrocarbons of the naphthalene series and benzene derivatives of Mirzaani crude. Dokl. AN Azerb. SSR 15 no.4:307-310 '59. kMIRA 12t6) leInstitut khimil im. F.G. Mellkishvill AN Grusinskoy SSSR. Predetavleno akademikom AN Aterbaydxhanskoy SSR Yu.G. Mamedaliyevym. tPetroleum-Analysis) (Naphthalene) (Bensene) I ARESHIME, Kh.I. Catalytic aromatization of Georgian gasolines. Trudy Inst.khim. AN Azerb.SSR 17:195-203 159. (MnU 13:4) 1. Institut khimii AN GruzSSR. (Gasoline) (Aromatization) ARE BUZZ, Kh.I.; MELIKADZE, L.D., red.; AVALIANI, N.M.. red. izd-va; TODLIA, A.R., tekhn. red. (Study of the chemical properties of Georgian petroleums and contact conversion of hydrocarbons in the presence of gumbrin] Issledovenia khimichaskoi prirody neftei Gruzii i kontaktnykh prevreshchanil uglevodorodov v prieutstvii gumbrins. Tbilisi, Izd-vo Akad. nauk Gruzinskoi SSR. 1960. 232 P. (MM 14:5) (Geo*rgis--'P8tro1eum) (Cracking process) 91 a /08 1000/013/039/054 B 156 B101 ~B 0 /.~io, AUTHORS: Areshidze, Kh.j.'#'Benashvili,'Ys. M., Kikvidze, A. V... ---------------- TITLE: The isome'riza.tion.of homologous compounds of cyolopentane includdd:,in the..composition of.Norio and Mirzaani gasolinest carried out in.,the presence of gumbrin PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya,.no. 13, 1962, 530, abstract 1.3M171 (Tr. In-ta..khimii~AN GruzSSR, v. 15, 1961, 189-202) TEXT: It has be en establish -d . that 1.the cyclopenta ne hydrocarbons (CH) contained in the 6o-1500C Norio,gasoline fraction are 19.8 % isomer'-zed into hydroaromatic hydrocarbons in th.e presence of gumbrin 'and 29.5 % isomerized into the hydroaromatio carbons when In contact with gumbrin activated with 25 % HC1. In the pr6sene e of.activated gumbrin there is 40 % isomerization of the CH included in'the composition of the deaiomatized catalyzate from the 150--2000C Norio. petrol eum. . fraction. - .Ori investigating the is6merizatio'n of the CH inoluded'in.1he~cdmposition of Mirzaani petroleum (the 60-1500 C fraction) into cyclohexane hydrocarbons it was found that the maximum -dcui~s -in-the,pre~ence-of gumbrin activated by 30 isouLerization eff ect 0 Card 1/2 ~-ql-l -KIKVID7,E, AN, ,-__ARESHII[p Hydrocarbons of the cyclohexand series in 14iry-nani crude. Soob.AN (Ir=. SSIL 26 no.l.-17-22 --Js: 161. (MIRA 14:3) 1. m Uruzinskoy SWip -lhsUv"M"khiiaii'imeni, p , G. Melildshvill.. Fred- Oavlmo chlenom-korrespondentom Akademii 0. V. TSitsishvili. (14irzaani ragion-Petroleum) (Cyclohexane) - s/oal/61/000/023/045/06! B138/B-101 AUTHORS: Areshidze, Kh. I., Kikvidze, A. V. TITLE: Hydrocarbons of the cyclohexane series in Mirzaani petroteur, PERIODICAL: Referativnyy z:urnal. Khimiya, no, 23, 1961, 447, abstract (Soobshc~. AN GruzSSR, v. 26, no. 1, 1961, 17 - 22" 23m63 TEXT: The individual nature of representative cyclohexane homologs in the 150 - 2000 fraction of Mirzaani petroleum have been established by the dehydrogenation catalysis, chromatographic adsorption, picrate and optivaL methods. The hexahydro-aromatic hydrocarbons of'this fr'action were studied at the same time. The Dresence of isopropyl-, n-propyl-, 'I-,methyl- 2-ethyl- and 1-methyl-3-ethylcyclohexanes was established. -Abstracter's note: Complete translation. Card 1/1 tc~e A D ell 0 the eqv (cov, cs 29 GX% sy.) %,,e Oe e 55 G4 vLta4ec S,00b INS _q; vt Ow- GeOVIS Ot I 01V V-ce OSI r e t"0"1 e& tte ,Ivceo bG V gLe 6 D- rav% ~I-V- - 0t 0 0 s e-co vel: VeXe Sri. .0, Vt 5, - t OTW a it 4 OXA tevr %v0 DIP ilel VD.O~l go la-C G6r le'iAs 540 I-er-1-1 01, Ces lp-re .00 ,tk tgeelL ct"- ,LO'Dlr 04 . tiov~ t'02:' iDe Ave (1, 0 N ON 62- e OX was je-0 e te-re'D~ Lv te%~ - ca ,ice Stego 0.05 ~.Il &e COq pQlcix tOLit, ,to, - a v Veev", ' %, a -,X-,e il~e -be TL -er ae %t 0 lovNe e,& 0 a.,tIS DOO el& "0'l. C~t C -3- -j he ule jteln' J'~OT Tv r Vrese of. Tex. ~~tl Velre 011~ -astal' -- le.10. -CL---C - 00 IVITO Isi r'O IlAa-- -40. e- ael, itIve ae -Cel& O%VS e-C 0, S-a %06 t-.~- Coe )~jj, Tj PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION Sov/6195 Nauchnaya konferentalya Institutov khimii Akademiy nauk Azerbayd- shanskoy, Armyanskoy I Gruzinskoy SSR. Yerevan, 1957. Material'y nauchnsy konferentaii institutov khimli Akademiy nauk Azerbaydzhanskoy, Armyanskoy i Gruzinskoy SSR (Materials of the i Scientific Conference of the Chemical Institutes of the Academies of Sciences of the Azerbaydzhan, Armenianand Georgian SSR) Yerevan, Izd-vo AN Armyanskoy SSR, 1962. 396 p. 1100 copies printed. Sponsoring Agency. Akademlya nauk Armyanskoy SSR. Institut organi- cheakoy kh1m.1i. ReBp. Ed.: L. Ye. Ter-Minasyan; Ed. of Publishing House: A. 0. Slkuni; Tech. Ed.: 0. S. Sarkisyan. PURPOSE: This book is intended for chemists and chemical engineers,. and may be useful to graduate students engaged In chemical re- search. COVERAGE: The book contains the results of research in physical, inorganic, organic, and'analytical chemistry, and in chemical engineering, presented at the Scientific Conference held in Yerevan, 20 through 23 November 1957. Three reports of parti- cular Interest are reviewed below. No personalities are mentioned. References accompany individual articles. 7- Materials of the Scientific Conference (Cont.) sov/~195 Areshidge I., and Xg.-14, enashvili. The Action or Ures. -on -N-ormal Alkanes As a Method-ofle-iiifrating Them From Petroleum. '(Institut khimil, Akademiya nauk Oruzinskoy SSR). 296 A method based on the capacity of urea to react or form complexes with normal alkanes and other straight-chai6 hydrocarbons has been used to separate C, - C,, alkanes from fractions of Mirzaani and Norio petroleum boiling at 150-200 and 200-250"C,:respectively. The method con- sists in 1) fication of the petroleum fraction with p 75% H.SO., lO;riaCO solution, and distilled water; 2) de- aromatization by chromatographic adsorption of silica gel; 3) crystallization of urea/*hydrocarbon complexes from a solution of urea in CH30H (20% on wt. of urea); 4) dissol- ution of crystals'in distilled water followed by the ex- traction of the hydrocarbon layer with ethyl ether; and ;5) distillation of the extract in a perforated plate column at 40 to 10 HS residual pressure. The Mirzaani and'Norio Card JAT C ARESHIDZE) Kh.I.; ELASHVII.I.. Z.M. -- -------- Investigation of gumbrin and askanite a dehydrating,, imomerizing, and alkylating catalysts. Part 10: Isomerization of isopropyleyelopentane in the 3-1quid phase in the presence of jumbrin. Zhur.ob.khim. 32 no.8:2657-2659 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Institut kh4inii imeni P.G. Melikishvili AN Gruzinskoy SSR. .(Cyclopentane) (Isomerization),' (Gumbrin) I~W - JUN 25 1963 FRASE. I BOOK =WlVATICH SCMA195 Nauchnaya konferentsiya-institutov khimJLI Akademly nauk Axe r~ayd- Bhanakoy, Armyanskoy I GruzinBkoy SSR. Yerevan, 1957. Materialy nauahnoy konferentaii inBtitutov:khlmil Akademly nauk Azerbaydzhanskoy, -AroWanskoy I OruzInBkoy SSR (~%terlalz, of the Scientific Conference of the Chemical Institutes of the Academies of Sciences of the Azerbaydzhan, Armeniar~ and Georgian SSR) Yerevan, Izd-vo AN Armyanskoy SSRO 1962, 396 P. 1100 copies printed. Sponsoring Agencys Akademiya nauk Armyanskoy SSR. Institut orgav),'- ~cheskoy khImil. iResp. Edo L. Yes Ter-Mnasyan; Bd. of Publishing Houset A..O. j Slkuni; Tech. Ed.3 0. S. Sarkisyans! ~-POPOSEt This book In Intended for chemists and ahealoal engineers, and may be useful to graduate students engaged 1n ahemical re. :,aearchsl AM Materials of the Scientific Confer nce (Cont.) SOVA195 COVERAGE: The'book contains the results of research In physical, inorganic, organic, and analytical chemistry, and in chemical engineering, presented at the Scientific Conference held in Yerevan, 20 through 23 November 1957. Three reports of parti- cular Interest are reviewed below. No personalities are mentioned. References accompany individual articles. TABLE OF CONTENTS: )MUSICAL CHOUSTRY Taitsishvili, 0.!V., and Ye. D. Rosebashvili. Use of the Magr-*.' netic Method in Studying Some Complex Cobalt Compounds at of Nanobashvili, Ye; M., and L. V. Ivanitakaya. The Effe Y-Radiation on Colloidal Solutions of Gallium, Indium, and Thallium Sulfide 23 Zullfugarov, Z. a., V-*Ye- 9-1 ova-And S. G-. Maradova. The 'i Effect of the Conditionalof Synthesis and Formation on the Card 2/11 Materials of the Scientific Conference '(Cont.) SOV/6195 Areehldzeo Mi. I.,, and Ye. M. Benashvili. The Aetlon of Urea onTo_rm_a_I_AIYanes As a Methbd of Separating Them From Petroleum. (Institut khimii, Akademiya nauk Gruzinakoy' SSR). A method based on the capacity of urea to react or form complexes with normal alkanes and other atraight-ohain hydrocarbons has been used to separate 0. - 0,, alkanes from fractions of Mirzaani and Norio petroleum boiling at 150-200 and 200-250% pespectively. The method con. sis~s in 1) purification of the petroleum frac.tion with I~SO,4.- 3.0% NaCq, solution, and distilled water; 2) do. aromatization by chromatographic adsorption of eilioa gel; .3) crystallization of urea/hydrocarbon complexes from a soltition of urea in CHOH (20% on wt. qr urea); 4) dissol- ution of crystals'in distilled water.followed by the ex-. tfaction of the hydrocarbon layer with ethyl ether;'and .5) distillation of the a perforated plate..column at-40 to 10 mm Hg residual pressure. The Mirzaan:L and Noric Card T/11. ARESHIDZE, IM.I. Dehydrogenation. catalysis as a method for invetigating naphtheneB at a present stage of development of the chemistry of alkaneB and cyclanes. Trudy Inst.khim.AN Gruz.SSR 16:75-V 162. (MIRA 16SO (Paraffins) (Cycloalkanes) (Dehydrogenation) ARESHIDZE, Kh.I.; CHIVADZE, G,,O. Obtaining C2-C4 mon(wers by pyrolysis of hydrocarbon mixtures isolated from petroleum. Neftekhimiia 3 no-4: 518-522 JI-Ag 163, (MIRA 16:11) 1. Institut khimii AN Gruzinskay SSR imeni P.G, MalikiBhvili. M, _ "RE UI.D.Z.E,10.i..l.- RIECIIIIIASHIfILI, Ye.F. Quantitative determination of five- and six-membered cyclline5 In Satskhenizi petroleunt. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 28 no,4:4011-408 Ap 162, (I-L, Ivi 18: 1) 1. AN Gruzinskoy SSR, Institut khimii Jm. P.G.Melikislivill, lldilisi. 2. Chlen-korresponder.t AN Gruzinskoy SSR (for Areshidze ). KHECHINASHVILI, Yee!.; AlIrSHIRZE, Kh.l. Monocy.-lic aromatic bvdrw~arbons of Sat3kheniai crarle3. Soob. AN Gruz. SBR 34 no.l-.73-78 Ap264 (Mllffik 1797) 1. lnstitut khiml-i imeni P.G. Me2ikishvili All Grtizinskry SSR. 2. Chlen-korrespondent All Gruzlnskoy SSR (for Khachinazhvill). ARESHIME, Kh.I.; CHARKVIANI, Production of olefln monomers (C2 - C4) by thermal decompo.,ition of H-pentadecane. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 29 no.5.533.-538 N 162. (MIRA 18:3) 1. Institut khin:iI im. P.G.Melikishvill AN GruzMR, Tbilisi. 1; 2. Chlens-korrespondent AN GnjzSSR (for Arehidze). ARESHIDZE Kh.l.; CHARKVIANI, T,N,, Individual hydrocarbon composition of gasoline from Mirzaani crudes. Soob, AN Gruz. SSR 35 no.2%306-314 Ag 164. (MIRA 17'.12) 1. AN Gruzinakoy SSR, Institut imeni P.G.Melikishvili, Tbilisi. 2. Chlon-korrespondent AN Gruzinskoy SSR (for Areshidze). ACCESSION Nk9 AP4011473 8/0261/63,/03i/002/0343/0350 AUTHORt Areshidso, 1h.11ol Ohivadse# Go 0. TITLEx Preparation of olefinio and diolefinic monomers by the; ,thermal decomposition op lowootano Kasolines SOURCE: AN GruzSSR. Soobehohaniya, v. 32, no. 2, 1983, 343-350 TOPIC TAGS: olefin, djolefin, gaeq~inq,pyrolysis,,,low octane gasoline.pyrolysis, ethylene, butadiene, unsaturated hydrocarbon, normal alkano, paraffin liydrocarbon ABSTRACTt Low octane numbers of gasolines are often caused by the presence of large- amounts of noxmi~Ll alkanes. The aVbhors attezhptea to find out whether C2-C,& olefits would be formed when gas6lirwo containing aromatic, naphthenic and iso- paraffinic hydrocarbons in addition to normal alkanes was subjected to pyrolysis. The starting material oont&ined oyolohexane and its homologues, whioh g&ve butadiene on pyrolysis. In order to obtain olofinic and diolefinio monomers, the authors subjqcted low-ootane,gasolines from Hirzaan and Turkma petroleum to pyrolysis. The 4xperiments were"'darried out at BOOOC in the prose'n'oe of water vap6r. The reaot~on vessel was a quartz tube pjaoed in an electric furnace. In some experi- ments, a gas containifig ethylene iWamof4nts of 36.5 to 37*8% by volume was obtained. Card ;2/2 All ACCEqSION NRt AP4011,L7,3 The &Sh content of e'thylene in the" gaaft's produced,,' by the pyrolysis of.low-ootane gasolines mak it a aration easi.6r. 'The total ipount of unsaturated hydro- es 11 Carbons in the liqLd'~Yrolyste was deiermined bW~,. means of the bromine number. The bromine number i3i the pyrolysat' s I Mirzaan gisoline varied betwe: n 7.3 and 32.4;.and that of the;. ~Uri=en gagolue,. between 134 a~d 30.1. ASSOdIATIONt none SUBMITTEDs 07J=63 DATE 'XCQ iIOF*b84 ENGLs 00 !SUB CODEz FP NO REF SM 009 OTMg 002 41 lWZHIME, Kh.f.; ELA--HVIL", Tsomerlzation of lsopropyleyclopentane in the vapor phase in the presence of gumbrin. Soob. AN Gruz, SSR 34 no.2,,339- 343 My 164. (VJfUk 18-2) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN Gruzinskoy SSPL (for Areshidze). ARESHIDLE, Kh.l.; CFIIVAIZE# G#O~ Pyrolysis of the product of petroleum refinery for the purpose of obtaining monomers. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 39 no.l: 59-66 J1 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN GruzSSR (for Areshidze), ARESHM. Xh.I.: TAVARTKILADZEj, Ye.K. Simultaneous dehydration of n-butyl alcohol and ammonia in the presence of gimbrin. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 39 no.32569-575 S, 165. (MIRA 18tio) 1. Men-korrespondent AN GruzSSR (for Areshidze). ARESHIDZE, 10i.I.; KIKVIDZE, A.V. Thermal decomposition of tetradecane. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 38 no.1:77-84 Ap 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Institut fizicheskoy- i organicheskoy khWi imeni Melikishvill AN GruzSSR. 2. Chlen--,korrespondent AN GruzSSR (for Areshidze). Submitted Nov. 30, 19641. ACC NRI AT6017659 SOURCE CODE: UR/0000/65/000/GVO/0294/0298 AUTHOR: Areshidze, Hh. I.; Chivadze, G._O. ----------- ORG: none TITLE: Refining of Turkmenian soline by means of C&A synthetic 4eell ga SOURCE: Vaes = znoye Boveshchaniyo po, tseolitam. 2d, Leningrad, 1964. Tseolity, ikh sintez, svoystva I primenenTy'e (2e-ollies, Moir synMes1s, propertios, and application); -298 materialy soveshchanlya. Moscow, Izd-vo Nauka, 1965, 294 TOPIC TAGS: zeolite, octane improver, fuel octane rating, adsorption,61V-OTtAo~o%~ Y the~~dorkil ABSTRACT: An artificial CaA zeolite, in the form of granules furnioed b Experimental Station of VNIINP ~GorlkovskMa oaj~Lnaya baza VNHN]&was emplo-yM'Talremove r-alkanes t180C, 4QO mm 11g, gasoline flow rate 0.15 hr-1) from gRsoline refined at the Batumi Petroleurg BjLjagg~~ (Batwuskly neftepererabatyvayushchiy zavod) from Turkmenian crude in an attempt to improve its present octane number of 65. Isolated n-alkanes wer by vapor-liquid chromatography, their percentage and the physical properties of the gasolinc are listed. The octane number was improved to 72.7 (empirical test). Some of the results are tabulated. Card 1/3 ACC Nits AT6017559 Table 1. Results of experiments on the separation of n-alkanes from gasoline initial Deparaffinated Mixture of ~.Gasollne property gasoline gasoline n-a-lkanes Yield, wt. % 76. 8 20.2 Specific gravity d~ 20 0.7229 0.7301 0.6792 20 1.4109 1,4193 1.3840 Refractive index 11 Group hydrocarbon composition, wt. % paraffinic 53.2 41.2 91.7 naphthenic 35.7 44.6 aromatic 11. 1 14.0 -Maximum aniline point 56.8 50.4 69.5 -Octane number 55 72.7 -Fractional composition, Oc beginning of boiling 37 43 37 10% boils 77 79 78 50% boils 110 115 103 90% boils 145 147 130 end of boiling- 158 158 151 9 -The separation ofn-alkaneswas Investigated by the gas-liquid chromatography method. This Card 2/3 L 40890-66 FACC NR: AT6017659 part of the work was performed at the Institute of Organic Chcmlst~,y Im. N. D. Zelinskly. AN SSS 41nstitut organicheskoy khimll AN SSSR) by Senior Scientific Worker M. I. RZ~ert to whom ihe authors express their sincere gratitude. Orig. art. has: I table and I figure. SUB CODE: 07,U/ SUBM DATE: 29Oct65/ ORIG REF: 011/ OTH REF: 004 m4e - ARESHIDZE,_A.D,_--- A tractor engine fan that can be disengaged. Trakt.i sellkhozmash. no.8:14 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:8) (Tractors--Cold weather operation) , L ' 1 - I . I I -, --q,/' -137/62/000/001/226/237 A154/A.ioi 'AUTHOR: Ar*shidze, T. V. 'TrMAt 'Study-! and-ode,velopment, of ~methdds-for- separate determination of niobium and tantalum PERIODICAL: leferatlvW zhurnal; Metallurglya.,:no.-1, 1962, 10, abs-kract,J)66 '~(rYozhegodn´┐Żk Kavk&zsX. in-ta mineralln. syr1ya za 1957 g.". Moscowoosgooltekhizdat, 1959, 51) ,TEX'Pr investigation, was i9adeL.1nto the ttansition ofiMo-and.Cu eompounds into. W-rJolution. upon; ~the; reaction zof,'oxidized and -sulfide, orea--in pavti-cular -w*Ith :underground -waters -of thet following typea: - hydrocarbonate-sulfate~calcium- m4gnedium-. hydrogen-sulf ide- alkaline:. sulfuric-acid-uLrlfate:..-caLrbonid-acid-- hydro,oarb6nate- calcium. - Upon -prolonged reaction -of -the waters with M6-:c6ntain- i** ores for- 2,t- Imonths, a,gradual.,increase. in the -Mo-content- of the d6luffon wash observed, followed by a gradual decrease. Phase analysis of the precipitates .obtainedlafter tr*atment of the ores by hydroca:tbonate-~ea-lcium-pr6cipitates revealed.the presence of powellite. [Absiraoter'i note: Complete' trahislation] L. Voroblyeva. Card , 111 ARESHKIN 0. inzhener-podpollcovnik Each unit should have a well equipped motor pool, Tyl i anab. Soy.Voor.Sil 21 no.lt67-69 Ja 161. (MIRA 14:6) (Automobiles., Military) BUTUZOV, Andrey Fedorovich; VASIIZVSKIY 'Vladimir Konstantinovich; ARESHK131, G.I.,, red.; IVAUS, A.K., red.; PEUDERIY, S.P., "-tbkbrI-.f,&dT' (Conducting individual exercises in tractor and com1bine opera- tions) Provedenie irdividuallnykh zaniatii po vozhdeniiu trek- torov i kombainov. Moskvaj Proftekhizdat, 1963. 49 p. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Zamestitell nachallnika Leningradskogo oblastnogo upravle- niya professionallno-tokhnicheskogo obrazovaniya (for Vasilevskiy). 2. Direktor uchilishcha mekhanizatsii sel'skogo khozyaystva No.8 (for Butuzov). (Agricultural machinery) ARESHKIN, G.Yr.. K teorii kratnogo integrirovaniya na abstraktnykh mnozliestvakh. tbilisi, Soobshch. AN Gr SSR, .5 (1941,)~ 360-363. SO: Mathematics in the USSR, 1917-1947 edited by Kurosh, A. G., Markushevich, A. K., Rashevskiy, P.K. Moscow-Leningrad, 1948 i , ~z. ,-A. 19739 ARFSHKIN, G. YA. 0 perckhode K -predely nod zneJ,-om Integrala Lebega-Radona. Soobahch. Akad. NAUK Gruz. SSR. 191*9,Po. 2,S. 69-76 SO: LE'OPISI Z'iT,,,'?fAL STATI, Vol. 27, Moskva l9bg -, j --- -_ & -- ~ .. .1 - ~ / 1. k~.* L k t , k I - ~j ,a - -~ , velL - ~ on convagence In langth of M , q 16-04 K-1 14 I A~ - -N A~acf r,~~Lebf-,,%-ue int-ZIRII; T),11--` ~i , . I , ~... ll~- . ! * I . Sourcei Meheroatical Reviews. 7ol L,I. %o. 3 . 4 ~z~ t L169kin, G. Yn. Oil the lattice (heory of topological. spaces. Mathematioal Reviews