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- KOMELKOV, V. A., PERGAMENT, M. I., USERWITINOV, S. S., VAS3111MV, V. I., "The Structure of Plasmoids of Coaxial Injector," report presented at the 6th Intl. Conf. on Ionization Phenomena im Gases, Paris, lbance, 8-13 Jul 63 i~CWSICN NR: AP4041993 ~S/0057/64/034/007/1191/1198- AUTH *V I,;,Komel1kov,Y.S.; Pergament,U.I. OR*..Arei,.ov,G..N,,- Vasillyev, !raerevitin J TXTLE- The structure of plasma bursts from.-a coaxial plasma Lun ~SOURCZ: Zhurnal tekhnicheskoy fiziki, v.34, no.7, 1964, 1191-1198. TOPIC TAGS:.plasma, plasnoid, plasma. gun, plasma diagnostics ABSTRACT: The plasma bursts ejected by 6 coaxial plasma gun were examined with.n 1 :battery of diagnostic devices, and'the results ate presented and discussed in some I d4tdil. The plasma gun was aiinilar to'that described by J.Marshall (Phy's.of Fluids :3,134,1960) and employed 4lectrodes 3.2-and 7.b rom in diameter and 31 cm long. Deu-i 'terium wAs admitted through 'openings in.the,inner electrode located 17 cm from the "Output end of the gun.. The gun 4as p6wer6d by a 50 . microgarad capacitor bank chirgW in most of the experiments to 5 W. The inductance of the a tem'was 40 cm, the,os-1`..-- ye :cillation period was 11.4 micros6e, and the peak current was;110 M. The plasmas Owere observed In a 10 CM&Limeier 80 en'long glass drift tube. The eiiergy diatkibu-i itiono both'transverse and.longitudinal, 'was measured with calorimeters The, thermal =7 7 ~ACCESSXON AIR: AP4041993 probe for measuring the longitudinal energy distribution employed a.6 micron,thick 'The distortion of a -local 100 to .200 Oe-magneti field by the 'passage platinum..foil. c lof the plasma was observed, .and'in othef experiments the longitudinal. magnetic field, .-of the plasma was recorded in the absence of external fieldsb The condudtivity was I estimated from the rate of diffusion into the :.plasma of a longitudinal magnetic 'I li-field filling'the drift tubei, The plasma was probed with 4 am microwaves. The totali 'radiation in the visible and near ultraviolet-vas recorded, and the time'variation 'i ;of the intensity' 99 separate spectrum*lines was observed. High speed photographs Iwere made at the rate of 106 frames per second. These photographs were made both ;with the general radia and with JDp radiation. Thi tion i sist of three distinct portions which became spatiall:, of their different velocities. The most rapid 107 CmIsec), i which the n -partlcle.:density'reached ~! 'temperature reached 6-0,'wias non-luminous and consiwed iionized'd euterium. Following the pure deuterium regia~ ;impurity zone in which line of carbon,and copper were or (G X 106 cm/sec)j denne, intensoly-16%indus region ionized gas. The charged parti in this,reg:,on cle density :2/3 C~rd plasmoids were found to con-! separated during the drift, portion (velocity up to 3 x -3 x 1015 cm and the electron, of pure almost completely was' a less deii-se'less rapid obsei-Ved. Finally came a s lovu-j.. containing considerable,un-: -3 t 1 wan 5 x 105 cm 'The t A -ACCESSION: AP4041993 Yu.v.Avor'tsov authors express their gratiti4de 'to. -for valuabI4 diucuss ions Ito . . , , 1.yevstrat6vo F.Ya',rNikolaye~', V.:V.""migAazov, P.T.Sbavtsov and.A.I.Taroslavslt -"-'j-.wh* parjAcIpated In thd'experimient, and it1po to T.1.80colarva and V.D.Stgizhanova for assisiance in tWpresentation of the results., Orig.artahas:'I flljUred.' ASSOCrATION: none SUBMITMD.: 3ljul63 Mi:: - 00 ' 7, . gUB CODIC: US- NR -YW SQV1 006 R:.003, f 3/3~ jt~ ~Ccrd 77' 'MKFITAKIIODZIIAYEV, S.T.; KOLONTAROV, I.Kh.; ROZOV, M.N.; BUIRSHTEYN, I.I.; KHRULEVA, T.V.; ARETSKAYA, Yu.S.; POPOVA, U.M. Production of glinite by--burning in a rotary kiln. Uzb. khim. zhur. 7 no.5:43-49 163. (MIRA 17;2) 1. Institut khimii AN UzSSR. " , , f- /, /-r -, , - TSITSISHTILI, 4J.; AmffADZ16,&,",O%~ajjjal. Kinetics of the adso;rption of alcohols and others by clay. Trudy Ingt. khim. AN Gftz,, SSR 13:23J6 '57. , (MIRA 11W (Adsorption) jouy) AREVADZE, F.M. I Studying Pontian ostracods of Georgia. Soob. AN Gruz. SSR 32 ..I no. 1s97-100 0 163. (MM l7s9) -...I AREVADZEy T*Mq Determining the weight of trains using a new formula for basic resistance. Trudy GPI [Gruz.] no.5:-129-135 161. (MIRA 15:12) (Railroads-Triins) 1. AREVADZE, V. L. 2. USSR (600) 4. Vani - Barite 7. Barite deposits in sections of Vani and Sakulbako (wes't-arn Georgia). (Abstract.) Izv.Glav.upr.geol.fon. no. 3, 1947 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, March 1953, Unclas5ified. 1. AREVADZEt V. L. 2. USSR (600) 4. Barite - Dzhandar Massif 7. Barite deposits of the southeastern part of the Georgian S.S.R. (Abstract.) Izv.Glav.upr.geol.fon. no. 3, 1947 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, March 1953, Unclas5ifled. AREVADZE) V. M.: MAster Tech Sci (dies) -- "The use of the hydraulic theory of water filtration for certain systems of nonhomogeneous earth dame". Tbiliai~ 1958, published by the Georgian Agric Inst. 13 pp (Min AO?ic MSR, G-eorgian Order of T-aborRed Banner Agric Inst), 100 copies (,KLI iio 6, 1959, 1~1) SOV/112-59-1-452 14(,6) Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Elek-trotekhnika, 1959, Nr 1, p 61 (USSR) AUTHOR: Arevadze, V. M. TITLE: Calculation of Water Seepage Through an Earth Dam With Allowance for the Soil Dead Load 4 J PERIODICAL: Tr., Gruz. n.-i. in-ta gidrotekhn. i melior., 1957, Nr 18-19, it pp 393-408 ABSTRACT; A new fragmentary method for seepage calculation in homogeneous earth dams built on a horizontal impervious rock and allowing for the soil dead load is suggested. The following set of equations is offered for practical application: 2 h (H - h) h - h-0 cL ho 0 k H k 2 [b + m(Hpl ho)j k m+0.5 ml (a + -ZM- 1+ Card 11Z SOV/112-59-1-452 Calculation of Water Seepage Through an Earth Dam With Allowance for . . . . where q is the per-unit water discharge along the dam; k is the seepage coefficient; h, ho are ordinates of the depression curve; m, ml are the escarpment coefficients; H,., is the dam height; H is the head; a a Hpl- H; b is the dam top width. With the recommended relation hS 0 - 99 rain, the hd above set of equations can be easily solved for all practical cases. A new set 0 f equations is also presented for calculating the seepage with an allowance for seepage variation due to the soil's own weight. In calculating high (over 40 M) earth dams, failure to allow for soil weigh-L may result in distorted findings The compacting effect of the soil weight can be used in dam construction as a saving of money allocated for soil compaction. Bibliography: 7 items. Yu. M. S. Card 2/2 AREV3RATYPIS, 1~ 6t.ata of the oral cavit7 in dlabetla childron. Zhur. eksp. i - kiln. xed. 5 no.1?46-49 165. .(~UA 1841101 BOYAKfiCHYANj, A.B.; AUNTS, B.A.; ARKVSHATYAN, M.S. h.5"factiveness of monomycin in calf diseases. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Bial. nauki 17 no.2:63-67 P 164, (MIRA 17:8) 1. Laboratoriya antibiotikov kafedry epizootologii Yerevanskogo zooveterinarnogo Instituta. MANVELYAN, M *G.;- NADUARYAN, A.K.; JKOPYAN, Z.A.; LIABAYAN, S.A.; AREVSHATYAN, M.S. Change of basic minerals of nepheline syenite rocks during its alkaline treatment. Izv.AN Arm.SSR. Khim.nauki 14 no.3:231-Z36 ,61. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Institut khimii Sovnarkhg*a Armyanskoy SSR. (Nepheline syenite) BOTAKHCHYAN, A.B.; AUNTS, B.A.; AREVSHATYAN, M.S. - Effectiveness of monomycin in calf diseases. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 17 no.2:63-67 F 164. (MIRA 17-8) 1. Laboratoriya antibiotikov kafedry epizootologii Yerevanskogo zooveterinarnogo inotituta. BOYAKHCHYAN, A. B.; AGABABYAN, M. M.; BARDANYAN, G. A.; MELIKYAN, Ye. L.; TEROVANESOVAp 0. G.; TYAN, H. 3. _A!!Y~~HA Dynamics of the thermoallergic reaction in experimental brucel- losis in rabbits with the application of radioactive isotopes. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Biol. nauki 15 no-4:73-80 Ap(M'62. MA 1517) 1. Kafedra epizootologii Yerevanskogo zooveteri-narnogo instituta. (BRUCELLOSIS IN ANIMAIS) (RADIOACTIVE TRACERS) BOYAKHCHYAN, A.B., prof.; AUNTS, B.A., kand. veterin nauk; AREVSHATYAN, M.S., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudn:Lk Therapeutic effectivene8s of monowycin in calf and lamb diseases. Veterinariia 40 no.10:47 0163. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Yerevanskiy zootekhnichesko-veterinarnyy institut. SHIRAKATSI, Ananiya; TER-DAVTYAN, K.S.[translator); AREVSHATYAN S.S.- ransialor]; KHACHIKYAN, L.S., red.; AMBEKYAN, L.A., -'tekhn. red. [Cosmograph~j Kosmografiia. Predisl. i kommentarii K.S.Ter- Davtian i S.S.Arevshatiana. Erevan, Izd-vo AN ArmianskQi SSR, 1962. 127 p.Translated from the Old Armenian. (MRA f6:7) (Cosmography) KARA 4Y", K.A.; AREVSHATYAN, T.A. Critical remarks on 5.1-Balasanian's article "Genesis of dikes In Armenia and adjacent areas of the Lesser Caucasus." Izv.AN Arm.SSR Ser.geol.i geog.nauk v 11 n'o.4:89-93 '58. (MIRA 12. 1. Institut geologicheskikh nauk AN ArmSSR. (Caucasus--Rocks, Igneous) 2L. , T.~, -.., ~ .,. Differentiati(n plioncrona -In sco--~a ,~Tanlitol~l I J. otd.VLeo.min.ob-", no,1:53 60 1959. (,'M'I 14:10) (An s (Gc,~Iot;y) ) KARAKYAN, K.A.; AREVSHATYAN. T.A.;.AVAKYAN, A.M. Pegmatite formations of the Kadzharan ore zone. aap.Arm.otd.Vses. min.ob-va no.2:118-130 163. (MIRA 1611O) R Water the calcination 80114, promilte'l tile (art of a thkvtlilag ot fused material'on the InAle, surface of Ow refractory Holail. This prolottgal the life of the rreftectory comWdwa*. Tk amt. of water sprayed to such that by Ow Ume the sprayed mtrfue completes a revolu- r tion and returns to the y notdo, the water Is practically Thb reduces :Cvol. of water mquktd and also =c,nolinit dug to cnpa. M. floseb Upw/cj~emlst;ry - Nickel, Electron I -%i Sep/Oct~ 48 -tensity' ' .. '- ' 4. Chemistry - Density, Electronic Structure and "Experimental Study of Electron Density-in Crystals: No 3, Electron Density of Nickel,*' W. V. Areyer, L. N. Guseva, Inst Gea and Inorg Chem Imeni N. S. Xurnakov, Acad Sol USSR, 9 pp "1z. Ak Nauk SSSR, Otdel Min Weak" No 5 Conducted experimental determination of the atomic faotor of diffusion in nickel by method of substi!- tuting an aluminum standard in cobalt and copper' radiations. Calculated electron density for six R7/49T39r USSR/Chemistry - Nickel, Electron Sep/Oct 48, Density (Contd) directions of the elementary nickel call by method ,of Four-ter's triple series for.calculated teml5erature of 8,0000. Each atom of nickel is joined vith 12 close neighboi-a by "bridgba"" of -th'v Increased electron density, which Implies* the presence of exchanging forces between atone. Subm:1-tted 22 Sep 47. 27/49'T39. -K-.-Ya-. ~_VM_Mt.~EPOV, B. S. ; MMM, Zh. T. ; KAL INN IKOV, B. G. ;--- 'A) A. V. 167 16q 170 , "Investigations of the Positron Spectra of Lu , Lu. , and Lit report submitted for All-Union Conf on Nuclear Spectroscopy, Thilisi, 14-22 Feb 64. OIYaI, TLU (Joint Inst Nuclear Res; Leningrad State Univ) ARF, S.G. (Shvetolya, Stokgol'm) Refrigeration of milk and cream by water during the accumulation of Ice. Moloch. prom. 17 no.6:25-27 '56. (XLRA 9.110) (Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery) (Dairy products) USSR /Iihemical Technology. Chemical Products and Their Application Food industry Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Khimlya, No 9,, 1957, 33024 Author : Arf S.R. Title : Cooling of Milk and Cream with Water During ice Formation Orig Pub: Moloch. prom-st', 1956, No 6, 25-27 Abstract: In Sweden for the last 15 years milk and cream have been cooled with water during ice formation. The method is based on the property of water to absorb on freezing 80 kcal per 1 kg of ice. Ice water as a cooling agent has the following ad- vantages over brine: constant temperature of the cooling agent, milk and cream can not freeze in Card 1A USSR /themical Technology, Chemical Products 1-32 and Their Application Food industry Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 33024* contact with the cooling surfaces, small tempera- ture drop between the cooling agent and the air, absence of eorrosion. Ice producing units oper- ate by direct evaporation of ammonia. The unit is usually of semi-automatic regulation. A des'- cription and a diagram of the unit are included. Card 2A A. RMUML/Cultivatod Lints. Technical Pli-ints. Oil an(, 11 Sug,ar Boarim, Lbs Jour : Rof Zhur-*3iol,, PTO 157 1953; 68302 Imthor :CojocnVuf C', 1z:ftrog H., Stanoscu, Gh. Inst :Timisoara tnstlmro-af-t~j-ronony. T it I,-- %Sone Data on th~.; 1-,-?ricv,,1turz-1 Engincorin.,, Tochniaucs Used in Growin.,: Supar Boots ior Scod. Ori-- Pub :Id-muarul. lucrar. stiint. Inst. agron. Tinie L~ soara, Ducurosti, 1957, 83-93 ;.bstract :If the sood plants ara tr,,?msplant~~d czrly, the saud yield Incroisos by 5 contnops/hoctaro. Dirt was piled up around tho stalks *U'*o protoct ther-, frori frosts. Tho squaro-n3st i:--thoC of plantin.;,- (50 x 50 cri) gavo th~; highest sood. yiol,--Is (2Q'.8 cclitnor-s/hec 't. arc) . Thc.- of Card 1/2 RTK,~YJL./Cultivatcd rl-mts. Technicnl -lcmts. Oil ari(l. 1' Suglnr 13(.arinx~.; PI-ints. 1,.bs Jour -11of 7liur-Diol, , Djo 159 195"C', 68302 the sooO -,,)l.,-nts ariounted to 200--a-300 grair~s, Tubors voighing I kiloGrara -av-, ,~ roduced sood yJOIC1. If uhuy vicitted loss than 200 j~rm:~s, tho yield wis sharply reaucQd. The cxDcrimcnts ware ,)(-,rforvicC. in 195,1-1955 nt ZhimboliyLc and Tirdsc,,,ra (Rmalmriia). - k. 11', S"iirnov Carcl 2/2 141 ARFIYEVA, Z.N.; KOLESNIKOV, B.P. -w~, Dynamics of amonia and nitrate nitrogen in the -,,'ores-'U- soils of the trans-Ural region at high and low temperatures. Pochvovedenie no.3:30-45 Rr 164. (VIRA 17--4) 1. Institut biologii Urallskogo filiala All S-qSR. ARGALAS, Karj1.,MUDr- Circulation time in chronic pulmonary diseases and in pulmonary heart disease. Vnitmi lek, 11 no.6:530-536 Je'65- 1. 1. vnitrni klinika v Brne (prednostat prof. MUDr. Milos Stejfa). ARGALAS, Karel CZEMOSOMA Czechoslovakia Z First IntemalZMedicinjClinic (I. vnitrni klinika v Brne), Brno; Director: Milos STEJFA, MD. Brno, Vnitrni lekarstvi, No 10, 00t 62, PP 1033-1041. "Preinfaretion Conditions". Go-author: RYSAVY, Ferdinand, First InternalLM7edicine7clinic, Brno. (P-) ARGALAA, K; RAAVi, F. Czechoslovakia First Internal Medicine Clinic of the Faculty Hospital Brno ( 1. vnitrni klinika Fakultni nemocnice Brno); Headt M."STEJFA, Prof., MD. - (for ali) Prague, Vnitfni 16kaketvi. No VII-12, 19662, pp 1259- 1263 "Arhythmia in Acute Cardian*lnfarction." CZEC."OSIGOVAX-I, A ARGALAS K* RYSAVY, F. First Internal Medi ine Clinic of t1he Faculty Hos ital (I. klinicka Fakultni nemocrlice), BIno ~for both) Pra8ue, Vnitrni le'karstyi, ITo 11, 19063, I~p 1083-1087 "Condi-tions Present at the Beginniii,- of Cardiac Infarctio-a." ta C:, i1,/,I , - I",,/- ufIijij , '. ARGALOV. M.1 - - iac ~,-irl.-atioa of JI -sepArable grouris. Dokl. AN SSS 114 no.6:1155-il?"7 Je '37. (MIRA 10:9) 1. Holotovskiy gosudarstveniivy universitet imenj A.M,Gorlkogc. Predstavleno akademikom P.,S.Aleksandrovym. (Grouns, Theory of ) ARGAMAXOV, Ae A* *fe-c~*of psychological state on the course of disease. Mod. sostra, Moskva n0.10:25-28 Oct. 1950. (CLML 20:1) APGANCHEM, SH. 1. 27882. ARGANCIMM, SH. I. - Analiz raboty kirgizchkogo respublikanskogo gospitalya invalidov otechestvetmoy voyny za 1946-1947 gg. Trudy pervoy Mauch. Mezhresp. Konf-tsii po lecheniyu invalidov Otchestv. Voyny v Sred. Azii. Tashkent, 1949, S. 33-41. SO: Letopial Zhurnalln7kh Stateyp Vol. 37P 1949. ARGANCHIYEV,R.; KOZLOV,H. Roof control In complete caving. Mast. ugl. 4 no.3:19 Mr '55. (KLU 8 - 6) 1. Hauchnyy sotrudnik Kar andinskogo nauchno-iseledovatell- skogo ugollnogo institutalfor Arganchlyev). 2. Nauchnyy notrudnik Karagandinskogo nauchno-teeledovatellskogo ugollnogo inatituta (for Kozlov). (Karagancla-Coal mines arA mining) YANSON, _ Now machine for drilling gas-removal holes. Ugol' 36 no-5:58 my 161. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Giprcraglegormash. (Rock drills) SOFIRSKIT. I.D.; BLOXHIN, P.N.; ORLIBERG, L.A.; ZHDANOT, P.M.; IVASHCHMO, I.P.; LITINA, G.P.; NAUMOVA, N.A.; SMIRNOV, N.S.; ARONOTA. R.I.; NIKOLATNT, N.A.; SHEHMSIS, A.A.; KOVAMSKIT. I.I.; LCBACHZT, P.V.; SUMOV, S,P.; DZIGAN, A.T.; FORAPONOT, N.K. Printmali uchastiye: 'p, A=, Te.N.; BXZHAWYA, Te.M.; BOGATTKH, Ta.D.; G, N.P,; 10~19M-A , I.P.; MOSKAUT, S.A.; RABINOVICH: S'.G.; ROGOVSKIT, L.V.; KHORELOVA, L.P.; SHESTOPAL, N.M.. RUB-ANBNKO, B.R., glavnyy red.; GALKIN, Ts~.G., zament.glavnogo red.; SAPRYKIN, V.A., red.; SHO OV, V.M., red.; NOYITCHNNKO, nauchnyy red.; VIIKOT, G.N.,inzh., red.izd-va; TTAPKIN, B.G., red. izd-va; RLIKINA, E.M., [Building your own home] Spravochnik individuallnogo mastraishchika. Moskva. Goo.izd-vo lit-ry po etroit.materiala.m, 1938. 442 15. (MIRA 120 1. Akademiya stroitalletva i arkhitektury SSSR. (Building) "On the Structure of the Valley and Bed of Zhanadar'ya. report presented at 4th regular Conference of Young Scientists of the Inst. of Geography, Acad. Sci. USSR 1957 (Izv. Ak Nauk SSSR, Ser. Geog. No. 2, 1958, P 151 53 (GORBUNOVA, M. N. v ARGASOVA, K.N.; APXM, D.L.; DROZDOV, A.V. Confererce on jandfcrm geopbysi-s. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. Once. tio-4:138-143 J-1-Ag 165- (Fv-TRA 18.8" PURGAEOVAJ! K.N.- V.7. y Conference on ),~indforin geochemistry. izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geog. no.4:143-LI+5 JI-Ag 165. (MURA 18.-8) . w w 0 a p a 41 a a a a 00 A 1. -1 - 6. - a C*90 "-"441 AM 911010112fili I"#$ ~ 0 6 A T 0 1 ~C r i Poo 0 0 i - - coo *0 3 u a me 0 too PITALLURGICAL LITINATUPt CLASWICiTION I Z! w z7 - . . 4*90~1 O&T a., Clac all"Ing"t 0 , p I , I U is 0 , ; I ; ~ ; " ; IA An L I v rid a m w I w IN I a a 2 6 0 1 At K Iq go , d" 0.0.000 00 *Soo 0 0 0 o 0.0 0, 0 0 a o 0:4 0 0 0 0 '90000 00 6 0 0 0 pl - - -------- ~7 .4; 0., WNIOQP-~ NARAY-SZABO, Istvan, dr. (Budapest) II.', Pusztaszeri ut 57/69); ARGAY, Gyula (Budapest, II.p Puoztaszeri ut 5V69) - Crystal structure of sodium-selenate (ka.~SeO4 ). Acta chimica Hung 39 no.1:85-92 163. 1. Zentralforgehungsinstitut fur Chemie der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Budapest. NARAY-SZABO, Istvan, de.; ARGAY, Gyula Crystal strunture of orocoite, PbCro,,. Acta chimica Hung 40 no.3: 283-288 ~161, 1. Zentralforechungainstitut fur Chemie der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaftenp Budapest, II., Pusztaszeri ut 57/69. ARGAT, Istvan Observations in connection with 1500 transfusions during 4 years of gynecological and obstetric practice. Magy. noorv. lap. 21 no.4:221-227 Aug 58. 1. A Borsodmeg3rei Semmelweis Korha2 ( Iga2gatO: Kende Istvan dr.) Smileazeti es Nop-yogyaszati Oaztalyanak (Foorvos: Nemecakay Tivadar dr. kozlemenye (BiDOD TRA113FMICIT in PYneol. & obst., statist. (Am)) (GYNXCOLOGIGAL DISMASES blood transfusion in, statist. (9m)) (OBSTMICS same) 'AIITA-Y Istvan Difficulties in the diagnosis of ectopic -Dregmacy. Orv. hetil. 90 no.5:169-172 2 Feb 58. 1. A Borsod megyei Semmelweis Korhaz (ip,,azgato: Kende Istvan) Szuleszeti-Nogyogyaszati Osztalyanak (foorvos: Nemeeskay Tivadar; egyet. m. tanar) kozlemenye. (PREGNANGY, ECTOPIG, diag. difficulties & errors (Run)) ARGAY, Istvan, Dr.; MOGGSKAY, Tivadar, Dr. Our ileue cases connected with gynecological diseases. Orr. hetil. 99 no-33:1153-1155 17 Aug 58. 1. A Borsod megyei, Semmelwels Zorhaz (1gazgato: Kende Istvan dr.) Szuleszeti-Nogyogyaazati Osztalyanak (foorvos: Nemecskay Tivadar dr. egyet. m. tanar) kozlemenye. (GYMWOLOGIUL DISFASAS, compl. intestinal obstruct., case reports (Mim)) (INTMTIHAL OBSTRUCTION, etiol. & pathogen. gyn. dis., case reports (Hmn)) ARGAY, Istvan dr. Intense urethral, vesical and vaginal rupture during spontaneous parturition. Orv. hetil. 102 no.28:1325-1327 9 Jl 161. 1. Borsod megyei Semme1weis Korhaz, I Szuleszet-Nogyogyaszati Oaztaly. (LABOR compi) (URETHRA vds & inj) (BLADDER wds & inj) (VAGINA wds & inj) FWUNG AR f rV, NECMII-)~'A3AY, Tlv~adar, Dr; SevunnlweiS Hospital of 5orsod j Metel-I.te, 1. Obstelxical-Gynecolo.gical an," 1. Surgical War-d!F (Borsod vea-yel ,yogyaszati es 1. Seboszetl Ontaly). Smrunelw-els Forhaz, 1. Szttleszet-Wo4 "Tetan-uz in Cases." par, '701 , `5- B*-,c0T)P-A, Orm-A IPstilp, , Vol 104, No 15, 14 Apl- 63, -es , Ab:atn3ci: [Authors' Rungaitan strmary modified] The authcrs rejorr. 3 r-tz.,,s ~f tetarus -es,,xltin,v in death. Two occurredafter crilrinal abor- twion, ow~ after gynecological surgery. According to data in the litera- tare, 1,!~Lanus morbidity and mortality has decreased but tho let-ftality of the already e-x-is-Ang di5ease rt~?viains unchariged. Iaoct~-Lation with ~JK io compul'U-cry in Hwi~,ary sixice 1953 and -mass -vjyphoid-tetanus inocullationtF ar~) aluo e~arried otxt-.. Agrioultural workers receive monovalent vacci-ne inocu-lationo, Prawntlon of tetanL3 by actiVe immunization is ,he onjy .4ay towar& eraUcatian of the disease. 29 Hun.-arian, 2 ;Neste-,ni refer- T ences. ARGAY,-Iotvan dr. ; NWEGSKAY, Tivadar dr. j__ Experiences and results with 1019 vaginal hysterectomies. Magy. noorv. 4p. 25 no.6-1337-346 N 162. 1. 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Glavnyy Inshoner Ruchinskogo kirpichnop sayoda '(for Argentov) (Brickmaking) (Kilns) LEGOSTAYEV, V M,, doktor sel'skokhoz. nauk (Tashkent);_ARGENTIOV, V.N., inzh: Tashkent) - - Effectiveness of leaching salinized soils with the use of drainage in the Golodnaya Steppe. Gidr. i mal. 17 no.9s9-14 S 165. (WRA 18%10) __ ARGEMOV, V. ARGENITOVI V. V.: "Material on the Study of the Clinical Aspects of Dis- orders of Cerebral Blo6d Circulation (thrombosis of the Cerebral Vesicles)." Azerbaydzhan State Medical Inst. Baku, 1956. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Yedical Science) So: Knizhnaya letopial, No. 18, 1956. ARGESANU, C. Ecaterina Teodorolu, the heroine from Jiu. p. 18. VIATA MILITARA. (YAnisterul Forteior Armate. Directia Superloara Politica) Bucuresti. Val. 10. no. 6. June 1956. SOURM East European Acesslons List,, (EUL), Library of Congress, Vol. 5, No. 11, November, 1956. ARGESANIJ., P.; HERTANU, D. Labor organization on construction sites. Probleme econ 16 no.10il6l 0 163. I. Director, Trustul regional de --onstructii Arges (for Argesanu). 2. Sef serv. org. minaii, Trustul regional de constructii Argas (for Hertanu). ARGESIU2 V. Mechanical feed line for milk separatom p. 6 TEHNICA NOUA,, Buouresti,, Vol 3. No.350 Feb.., 1956 SO: East European Accessions List CEEAL) Library of Congressp Vol 59 Not 7s JUlYs 1956 AIMY, Istvan, dr.; NENEGSKAY, Tivadar, dr. 7-Year results of cesarean section in the light of experiences in a "hospital unit". Magb.noorv.lap. 2-1 no.6:358-367 K o6o. 1. A Morsodmegyei Semmelveis Norhas (igazgato: Kende Istvan dr.) I. Szuleezeti-Nogyogyaszati OsztaVanak (foorwoo: Remecokay Tivadar dr egy. m.t.) kozlemenye. iCESARFAAM SECTION statist) R/008/6 210 00/0 01//007/007 D272/D304 jr, .,:u"THO. Lazarescu, I., Abrudan, G. and Arghi. G. ('J~nt I - :1 ]E" On the machining accuracy of conical com--ponents ~3 2 10 D I CL 1-lecanica aplicata,'\ no. 1, 1962, 219-234 TEXT` : An analytical study was perforned on the effects of Geome- ,tric parameters in external and internal mmc~hining of conical it- ems, assuming rectilinear and hyperbolic cuttin- ed-es. Formulas are derived for the coefficients of the hyperbolic errors; tl-,.e la".- ter are found to increase wit'.n 'growth of the disen-arin~-- an.....-Irle the hyperbolic errors of the profiled disc cuttiiig too! increase with --rowth of t.,,,e angles e and E + a, Cc be:Lm- the position- ing angle of the cutting tool); the hyperbolic error of t~,.e zool is much higher than that of the compovient it'self when d or di (the small or the large diameters of the truncated conical co-raponent) is equal to that of the disc profiled cutting tool D; the hyper- U bol.ic error of the cuttin- tool increases up to -a certain value Card 1/2 3 -.j f 14 - = F - ~ - :'_ I - - y 4 .1 ;7, _ .2 1 --- ~; -: :r - . - 'Z -, " --- . q~ n :- Z: , - I - : - - - 7 -, Z: - = - , - - . -- L- , - :2 -- - -.7 I -V----NC4tV, T-"Ca a 616004 qu'e W plans de teurs Ugnes de Darboux envetnppent trois c8nes X sommets (01, Ol. 00 colin6aires, et i1 a dit, par inadvertancr., que ces Ones ka~ent quadratiques. En outre les trois & .(-s snnt en pers~wctsve. ies plans des Per- spectivit6s pass, !t piv une mtme draite coupant la droite 0,0,0, en trois points d~tenmnant 1e covariant cubiqu, des- tmis sommets. L'ameur -Madvr~rtance sig-nali~e. et montre que les c6nes en qtw~stj,m -.t peUvenL jainala ~tM- quadraticluts. Au sujet des mMws surfaces S,, R dt-montre que les. cdnts circonscrits A une S, avant pour ;nmrnecs les tmis points 0, 0'. 0, tourhert !a mirfare suwant dei courbes planej dont les plam cofncident avec ceux des pefspecttvitiS it A Ij le% N jt-t rAn'.. 'I" ~`- it 1"", if" k~t~A a .ucma.6 qkic IICS pians des hignes de Darbaux (d,: m6me quic ceux des ligmes de Segre) appartiennent & trois. faisceaux, I'auieur kablit que cer, surfaces ;ont des surfaces de cofnridence, I" r1roites can,~ niqucs pmant par ut~ pAmnz Ext P non titui6 dalls lc plan des point5 OjOtOj (qui ne sont plus aliZnhl, plan drt txe,4 des faiweaux -lei d, 5 1 -it, D;If ~~)ux L,S vwq I- trnts f3ls- caux j,7s ;!e sont, Xmr milme-3 surijcr-~ 5, 1- ~Iroi re, P, P0. PO, p (Mars611t). ---- ------ IW H ", p " A, DC- I I. I . - f-, Sur 1e coat= de deux courbes 7anche, RMI~ ~-, . ,.qlis papeT ~stlblmhes le long dt-~ tangentes a5yniptotiques Uant,ii, i,,!n. Fii re 1~ ca~ c,jw;ld;'--, ARGUIRADE, E. The C. U. Hsiung quadrics. In French. P. 535. RLVUE DE MATMATIQUES PUfU-;S ET APPLIQUIES. JOURN41L Or" PURE AND APPLIED 1,LITHEMATICS. (Academia Republicii Populare Romine) Bucuresti. I'lumania. Vol. 2, 1957. Monthly List of Fast European Accessions, (Z L~U) LC Vol. 9, no. 12 January 1960. UNCL 0 0 0 0 00 @Soo* 00610 v 4 1, P.O. "V.Jo It 48 e 411 0 0 0 Op so i 1w A jtf!~ Afto The Wa*bluma -4 kOtlAd of towAvo 8"4L %=~"DW. A,Shitvwu SW I InIflat ou irmleng of the ,cWs of Rountankin tobacco Is 43-4479. TIm *FW"w- Icptk chamterbitk-s NO the PLYS. and chcm. consIA. of this oU *ere'detd. TM Who- wed cakes do rmt have a uniformi IU qUlLntitkS Of tit reinaiming 111 the cjketA im about 17-23%; the PrWtW COWtu! about 37%. H. S. G. Barron OTW-- 0 0 00 a v a a -00 .09 J1111141 use 7 &ss, 0 .00 Cos see -!~A OtTALLURGICAL LITIERAIM CIL&SSIVICATON t-z- boo $Attalla .4 'Ile )41! ow M r 114 U AV .0 U ; a 4 6A 0 A a -1 No If jag 91 0 * 0 10 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 46 ~*e 0 00 000 4 0 0 0 9 e 00- 690600600:000 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 go 0 0 0 ' :0 X It If IJ M A m it is u 4) , m M O C ' Al ' 00 - 00 af -00 00 -00 -00 ir uplinial d6tmucc (ruill plailt I,' 111j"I .00 (,,c tile producti-is of the bt-of ijualilY Of 101MCCU v4wi" ktkl af T .00 11 wo v;it AwIts. Willi lbe jilvvies of lubal.N.'O I 4 0 51 Im.") plants iltumplanted with vailed !I:X",iugs (in 111).) thac resulls. Vejh,-.lQb&cvu planted at 30 by 0, 800 00-3 1 1 t Llit Y tai"m A-din; m chem. ullalyNil: yr 00 C sq 57%) slut hight'm schilluA to 00 . (3) high- With ma Colo. (4) (1-501. tobacco upillou"I rujillitholl Go* 0 foond whA-n planting was done at 40 X W. too 000 AIII. LA ACTALLURGICAL LITCONATURE CLA$31FICATIC116 waks IdIG41%) 44f 4.1 04C ufS A- 00 LS! IV 0 0 go 0 :,DoTSO* '44 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 o[; 0 : : g 0 0 0 0-7 - a 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 An I t . . . . . . IF 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 o 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 6 00 0 0 * 0 o o 0 0 C 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 900 =00 '00 tie 6 woo. F..... . . . . . 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 I@ It m 11 U15.1 lite "XII a a It a u a ato I z I ti A.b 1.0 0*9# 11 A.* (rH I 04 Ghbapa VPMWQ,- V. ^Fghke$CU. BUI. CX4(dPMi.~- 00 -00 27. --hot t and dwin, &uAv%6 4 Ovis = .00 0 ut Human6n S. G. OuTun 00 Va. ises o,n ~P` 9 roe ;xeo A 4 -L A -tf AL16 UNIK At LITCRAS LINC CLASUPKATION 9 1 I .,, I- - 1,. 1 1 . - - -1 1 -- I tO* to" -all " .14. woo .41 a.. 11" a-I -1 i 'ZW ~;v- i % i U 1 10 IIT.-l-, I If 14 9 aw 0-3 -6 v 0 0 : Ao 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 :i0 40 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 ARGHMIADE, G .~ "Trenches with banks to accumulate and hold soi.1 water in the basins of erosion-active streams." p. 20. (REVISTA PAMILOR, Vol. 68, no. 12, Dec, 1933, Ducuresti, Ibixiania) W: Monthl~y List of East European Accessions, L. C., Vol. 3, No* 4. 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Vol, 2v No. ny Nov, 1953, Uncle ZALARIJ,M.C.p dr.; STEFANESCU,, Carmen,, dr.; SIRKIS, Ana,, dr.; ARGHMADE, Gabrieia, ar.; DUMITRWCU, Alma, dr, Considerations on indirect hyperbilirubinemia of the Gilbert type (juvenile Intermittent jaundice). Med. intern. 16 no.2t 2411-246 F164. 1. Incrare efectuata in Spitalul studentesc, Bacuresti. MOGA, A.9 acad.; COFARUt D.; P121TEA, P.; ARGINTARU, D. On the state of lipid metabolism in neuroses. Preliminary note. ROmanian M Rev. no.3:18-20 J1-S 160. (NEUROSES blood metabolism) (LIPIDS bloo metabolism) ARGIN CEARU, C. ARGINTMR!, C. Generalizations and particularizations of some theorems. P. 592. Vol. 8, no. 11, Nov. 1956. GAZETA MATFIMATICA ST FIZICA. SYRIA .4. Bucuresti, Rumania. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EEAL) Vol. 6., No. 4--April 1957 Subject USSR/Electricity AID P - 3359 Card 1/1 Pub. 29 - 17/27 Author Arginskiy, K. M., Eng. Title Experience with drying-out electric motors Periodical : Energetik, 9, 27-28, S 1955 Abstract : The author describes the method Used In drying-out an assembled electric motor. He presents two connection diagrams for drying-out 27 to 75-kw and 75 to ~00-kw motors. He also gives a numerical example. Institution : None Submitted : No date - - ARGLQj i 1, A 17., 1 L. ~'r. 0 A manual for a driver of the second class; a textbook. Moskva) 1zd-vo Ministerstva Kompmnallnouo khoz-1aistva RSFSR, 1950. 282 p. (50-38781). TL152.M23 1. Art6mobile drivers. ". Automobiles - manuals, etc. 1. ArCir, L. kh., jt. au. V. A. I'a!-Jiln nnd 1. Fh. Ax-fr1r, uCI-1obnIAC sl;lorcra I-T 11--lassa (1-al-.-azal .,01- E,011-0111-Ve';.1cle Drivers, Seconri Clr--s) , Second Ed.1tion, re,,iscd and m,)-~Ioronted. '-`n--stry of Econor-,7 RSFSR Press. The manual --ftves the rini-r-xm. thcoretical IMmTled;7e v~ru-ch is --.7!c9sFary f'or a drivery second class, mup-Dle-mentwy to the requirements for the ireLtial preparation o-f a driver, U'hird class. The Second Edition has 1-cen revIsed In accorda-vice wirt:! thC reaUilre-,lents of the new training program -for dr-Lvers, second class. SO: Smetsld:ye imigi (So-,iet Boohs), Yio. 3.86, 3.95,1, I:oscow, (U-6472) KAKHIN, Vladimir Alekgandrovich-, AR" M, Ivan Khristoforovich; PESTRYAKOV, A.I., redaktor; MOTOVA F A.F., iZ es [Manual for chauffeurs, secoAd class] Posobie dlia shofers vtorogo klassa. Mosk7a, Goo. izd-vo selkhoz. lit-ry, 1955 479 P.(MM 9:4) (Automobiles--Maintenance) CHUBINKOV. Sergey Fedorovich,ordenonosets, abofer; ARGIR, I.1h., red.; KOGAN, F.L., [Five hundred thousard kilometers in a'ZIL-150 truck] 500.000 kilometrov na avtomobile ZIL-150- MoGkva, Nouchno-tekhn. izd-vo avtotrangp. lit-ry. 1957. 25 p- (HIM 11:5) 1. I-ya avtobaza Glavmosavtotransa (for Chubiukov) (Motortrucks) k_-- i J VCHONTSOT, Iev nlich; ARGIR, I.Kh.,. red,; ZUTJUIL,N.K., teklm. red*' [Innova'tors share their experiencesl4evatory dellatala' opytoiz, N98kval Nauchno-tekhn. lzd-iro avtotranap. lit-ry, 1958 50 P; ixIlu UO 1. Predsedatell Pravlentya TSentrallnogo kluba avtodorozhnykh predpriyatiV IeAviys6y Skh'Ltfor Voron*eov). TITMV kTransportation, Automotive) rRA IVAN. Yuriy Arkaalyeviah;.ARGIR I Kh red.: SKIRNOVA, Y.K,._, red. izd-va; NIKOLAYEVA, L.N.. (The first Russian automobiles and their operational characteristics] Perv,ye rusakie avtomobili i ikh ekepluatatsionnye kachestva. Kookva, Nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo K-va avtomobillnogo transports i shosseinykh dorog RVSR. 1960. 40 p. (KDU 13:9) (Automobiles) ARGIRILKII - State of motor-vabicle repair sbopee Avtotranspe 38 no*3:26 Hr 160. WU 13: 6) (Motor vehicles--Maintenance and repair)