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V Y! ',R A75C13229 A',"'!!0Ri Arcrunov. P. P. (Odessa) TITLE t Catadioptic telescope with mirror-lens correction SOURCE: Vsesoyuznoye astronomo-geo8dzicheskoye obshchestvo. Byulleten', no. 36, 1965, 66-7/3 TOPTC TAGS: catadloptic telescope ?telescope speed, cardnatic aberration Co---natio-)s of mlr_~or 1-n,4 lens optical elemen-s in tpl,~scoDp_ des~Qn I.- an lnstrv-ient with,~' n-Q-4 3nc~ better^ corr,~Ctlon 'har, is the case with re"ractors and' t",I 'asic dravibnc,'~ o4' such instr,_-,)en~'s (Schmidt -Va~,sorov~ Is ~he re- cui--n~?nt -')at the refracting elomentz b-c, built with a diameter eQual :o the th"S. or wor,..( %-:i-i ligh!, out5ide -he visible region. A f ~ e - I nv e t, -a -- t i n 9 Poss'_~~!,_- combinallions 01 Mirror and lens elements, the r)resent aut-or do.41gned an instrument, shok-.,n (working p-rinciple) in Fig. I of the Enclosure which is f--ee of the above-mentioned deficiencies. The egsential feature is the location of the correcting element in the converging portion of the beam. A similar Card 1/3 L 52168-65 ACCES31CO NR: AT5013228 J system, was proposed earlier by G. G. Slyusarev (A. !. Tudorovskiy, Teoriya L, -s construction o.pticheskikh priborov, v. 2, Gostekhizdat, 1952, p. 361), but t4, -ailed dcsim- calculatioi)s of the new device will be ---ch m-ore Det in a se,-arate papor. Herb', tlile author 'Dresents a c!etailed description of tn- In~ op,?ratlon of the first slj(;'l lnstr,-~.rlent with a milrror 225 MT. Thi- notn 5 in conclusion that a se~cc-)-! s-;ch- in5t rumer) t- wi th a 7"frCT- '1a3 COnG':!-'JCt2d by ?~-of. 7. ?. Tsese-",n a,: tne ".a,,.,aki Bra.-,ch r"'a I Or ~ ya 5 S, ~0,)O-~ - C a I ~--)Serv -a ~, ~Y, . art. .11dS3 !j U r tl 3 . ASSCCIATICVs- Odesskoye otdolenlye VAGO (Odessa Section, VACC) SUT,'-TTTE:Di 00 E IN CL t01 SUB CODE: OP, AA NO REF SOVi 00 2 OTXERi OCO ATD PRESS; 4018 Card 2/1) ENCLOSUM: 01 ------------------ AT 3 - leas with airror on-Its back surface; 4 - eyepiece. k CTrd"-- 33 L 15980-M US/GW/WH NR: AT5027121 SOURCE Coirz: UiVO00016510001000100 08 101JI AUTHOR: Argunov, P. P. ORG: none LI/ TITIS: Catilioptrical telescope ZOMCS: ~AN SSS11. Astronomicheskiy:sovet.--Komissiya priborostroyeniya. Sovesh- ebani astron6my ye. Kazag,_ 19b, kbniica v astronomll kNew techniques in.. oveshe -we 'Na-1 II I . m fi6 70 'Zo -vo M materialy a TOFIC TAGS:. astronomyy telescopev optics 514esm ABSTRACTV An attempt- was Maleto Aesign a simpla high-tranamission aplanatic Bystem containing a minimal-amount of optin-al elements havln.- only spheric sur- faces. A stuly of various types of catalioptrical telescopes revealed a nuMb3r of advantages of instr=ents in which the lenses were situatei only in the beam of rays refl6oted from the main' mirror (Ross, Zonenfeld, or Slyusarev systems). Card 113 * ~ 1: 1 .7 ~. ~ . - ~ -:L, .'..- .. 1, ".:.. -.% -'.I- L 15goo-66 ACG NR; AT.562-7121 aberrations.or the 3rd order, The combination of glass,30 TF, ani TKI+.was selected on t%3 tasis of this stuLy and:of,actual possibilities. The surface, curvatures of are P 3 =-2' =0.2679. The sitive curvature the positive lense,3 - .6615,T 4 PO corresponds to the concave surface on left side of the figure. The surface of the negative, lense -2 aro P j.=-1.73, P 2 =-3.06. The axial thickness. of lense's 2 and 3 are 0.012 ani O.OW# respective4, the dist-3neo betiveen them is 0.0,01, the 41stanice between the apexes of lense 2 an~ main mirror is 0.6881 * Abstractorls.note: measuring units are not given and the equivalqnt focal dis- tance is f= 3. The telescope with thq mirror, having -a diameter of 21155mm was -Jesi,,~ned ani made by the author* It h3A the Hartman technical constant of "A=0.25. Experiments proved that the.telescope was free of haxmful reflections. The -author's certificate No. 158697 (patent) was issued on this telescope system with 4 Ag. art. has. ? figures and 2 tabless priority from December 15. 1962. 0, 03 VI 'SUBM DATE: SUB CODIE"401 Ci%rti 3/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4017047 '.S/0254/64/000/001/0044/oo46 AUTHOR: A qq!j r qy~, _.,Pav1.o._PavI6vy*,ch. (Doctor of technical sciences, professor) T ITLE: A catadloptric telescope SOURCE: Nauk4 I zhy*ttya~ no. 1., 1964, 44-46 TOPIC TAGS: telescope, telescope design, catadioptric telespope, aberration cor- rection, telescope manqfacture, spherical aberration, chromjklc aberration, lens -.material ABSTRACT: The catadloptric telescopes in use todaysuch as the designs of wi Schmidt and Maksutov, are far superior to the ordinary refracting or reflecting types but the aberration correcting schemes proposed In are diffl- cult to realiza in practice. As a'result, the existing catadioptric telescopes are mostly hand-made and very expens'ive. The author's goal was to devise a tele- scope which would be simple to manufacture and would eliminate all the aberration problems of Its predecessors. The diagram of the telescope is shown In Figure I of the Enclosure. It consists of the main spherical mirror (1) and a correct- ing element which has two lenses (2 and 3) separated by a layer of a1r. The ray I of light Is reflected by the correcting element and goes through the central openat -in In ~ha main mirror to the eye piece (4). Calculations.*show that this system CaAg ACCESSION NR: AP4011047 completely corrects for the spherical aberration and coma and minimizes chroma~__ tism. The.1mage quality of this telescope Is comparable to that of some of the better refracting telescopes; the tube length is noimally,only about one fifth of that in. a refracting telescope and one half of that In a-reflector. The useful Image fi.eld is several times larger than in-a reflecting telescope. All optical surfaces are of spherical form,and the lenses are of relatively small dimensions, which may permit construction of large instruments or mass production, of smaller types for popular use. 'When special,types Of glass are used with a three-lens correction system, the'chromatic aberration may be practically eliml- nated.. Lens systems made of different materli)s (such as quartz, fluorite, etce) I'permit observations In various spectral regions by simply changing the correcting lens system.. The experimental, portable model constrtjcted by uses a- main mirror measuring 255 mm In diameter -and weighs 50'kg. A second Model a mirror diameter of 425 mm was constructed undies the direction'of V. P. Tsesevy*ch (Corresponding Manber of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR) and is being Installed at the Odeslkly astronomichnly observatoriyl (Odessa -Astroncmical Obeei-vatory e measurements on the*experimental model fully verl- V ).. Th fled all of the author's calculatims. Orig. art. has: 4 figureso. 1 Card 2/93 ACCESSION NR: AP4017047 _7 ASSOCIATION: KAFEDRA VMKORY*STANNYA VODNOYI ENERGIYI ODESIKOGO INZHENERNO- BUDIVELIMOGO INSTY*TUTU (Department of Water Energy Exploitation, Odessa Civil Engineering Institute SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: I8Mar64 ENCL: 01 SUB CODE: A ,-SD ~ NO REF SOV: 000 OTHER: 000 4-- :~Card BALASHOV, V.I.; ARGqTY,_.j.S.; SOKOLOV, I.A.; ROCOZHIN, V.A.; USANOVA, A.V. Outbreak of food toxicoinfection caused by two types of Salmonella. Zhur.mikrobiol., epid.i immun. 32 no.12:114 D 161. (MIRA 15:11) (FOOD POISONING) (SALMONELLA) ARGUNOVY S.D.-; PROTSENKO, P.I. Machamical variable speed drives in the automatic control of metal.lurgical processes. Izvovysouchebezave; tavet.met. 5 no.3:154,158 162,, 04M 15:11) 1. Severokavkawkiy gornometallurgicheskiy institut, zavod Elektrotsink. (Fluidization) (Automatic control) ,-.A ARMOV, V.B., inzh. Improving working oondJ;LionB of geological surve3ors. Bezop. truda v prom. 4 no. 5:24-25 My 160. (MIRA 14:5) 1, Trest Sevkavtsvetmetrazvedkao (Caucaoua---Geological surveys) MAKBNEV, S.G-;,.AIIqTjUQv, Te.I.; ISLAMKULOV, A.M. Metal detector for the control of asbestos ores. Trudy NIIasbpst no.2;110-3.16 162. (KIRA 16:12) POGADAYEVAY T.M.; ARGUNOV, Ye.I.; MYAKISHEV, V.K. Developin" and testing automatic control apparatuses for g.- determining rdoisture in asbestos ores after drying. Trudy,no.2:117-126 162. (MIRA 16:12) POGADAYEVAO T.M.; ARGUNOV,,Ye.-I. Equipment for the automatic assaying for moisture of asbestos ores following their drying. Nauch. trudy VNIIasbest no.3:104-110 162. (MIRA 16::L1) MAKHNEV, S.G.; ARGUNOV, Ye.I. 1. Experience of a year's use of MA-1 metal detectors in ore dressing plants.. Nauch. trudy VNIIasbest no-3:110-115 162, (MIRA 16:11) MAKHNEV, S.G.; ARGUNOV, Ye Expert-~~ce in the use of MA-1 metal detector6. no.2:85-M F 163. (Metal detectors) I I%, ~ -.A.r TSvet.met. 36 (MM 16.-2) AP6018083 ( N-) SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR: Argunova, N. ORG: None TITM: Dolphin could be your friend sonm Nauka i zhiznl, no, 1, 1966, 78-86 T01FIC TAGS: zoology, fishery, ABSTRACT: The author writing in an easy, informal conversational style, describes the life and behavior of dolphins or porpoises on the basis of observations and experience acquired during a motion picture ',c- 'n the Black Sea area (near Novorossiysk). The article con- tains various information on dolphins taken from different~~Ussian sources (Ballkovich, Kleynenberg, Yablokov) as well as from the book -an and Dolphin" by Tohn Lilly. Animal intelligence, sound producing, dolphin language, family life, behavior on land and in water, and other bioio:-ical andophysiological features are cited or mentioned. The natural friendliness shown by dolphins towards man is stressed. In the author's opinion the catching and killing of dolphins by Black Sea fisheries must be stopped and discontinued. There were plenty of UR/0025/66/000/001/0078/0086 L 3 dW ACC NRz AP6018083 dolphins before the World 'Jar but comparatively none is loft of the species at present. The author states t1tat 124,000 dolphins were caught yearly before the war, wiile the apring, catch in 1965 was only 400 animals. The author also states that rien must protect the dolphins because of their peculiar position in the world of animals, their natu- ral intelligence and friendliness. I'ho handling of individual dolphins by motion picture operators is also described. The article is accom- panied by a series or pictures taken from the film "Dolphins come to men". SUB 0093: 06 / SUBL: DATE: Mone Card 2/2 A-R&I)NOV61 -Y\)-Pl EXCERM HWICA S".3 V*1.9/9 Oen.Pathoiogy Sopt 36 2767. ARGUNOVA Yu. P. CILn. Res. Inst. Vladimir. *Morphological dia- PT-FF-IffiT11-C-nanges associated with inflammatory pro- ceases In the pleural cavity and the abdomen (Russian text) ARKILPATOL, (Moscow) 1956. 13/1 (83-86) Illus. 6 Small fragments of diaphragm were obtained from 17 cadavers, and examined. Stainirg:haematoxylin-eosin, elastica. plerofuchBin. Sudan III and Spielmeyer. Diffuse peritonitis existed in 12 cases (of 2-6 days' standing); unspecific pleurisy existed in 5. All cases showed niorphological changes affecting all diaphragmatic constituents. The nerves showed Irritation and fragmentation of the axis cylinder and severe damage of,the motor end apparatus. The spread of the inflammation was lymphogenic; peritonitis was invariably associatcd with inflammations In the pleural cavity. No parallelism was demonstrable between the duration of the peri-k tonitis and the diaphragmatic changes. Brandt - Berlin (V, 15*) Iz patologoanatomicheskogo otddla imeni V. T. Talajayeva (nauehW rukovoditell -prof. B. L Mig=ov) Moskovskogo ol astnogo ismatledovatells1cogo klinicheakogo Instituta Imeni M. F. VUL~mirskog nauchilo- USSR / Human and Animal Morphology.. Normal and Pathological. S Digestive System. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol.; No 8,, 195% No 35922 Author Argunova., Yu. P. Inst Title Pathomorphological Changes of the Mucous Membrane of the Oral Cavity in Certain Diseases of the Gastrointestinal Tract. Orig Pub Stomtologiya., 1957, No. 4, 26-29. Abstract Changes of the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue of persons, who died from dysentery, Botkin's disease and toxic infection, were investigated. The changes were confl- nod to the para- and hyperkeratosis with desquanation, of the epithelium and, occasionally, with denudation of the stom, edem and changes in the submucous layer and inter- Card 1/2 7 ARGUNOTA, Yu,P. Vascular tumors of the oral cavitY. Stomatologiia 37 no.6:33-35 N-D 158 (MIRA 11S12) I* Is kafedry patologicheskoy anatomii (sav. - prof. B.1. Migunov) Moskovskogo.seditsinakogo stomatologicheakogo instituta (dir. - dots. G.N. Beletekiy). (MOUTH--TUKORS) TDIIFY A.I. 30320 0 myekhanichyeskikh svoystvakh glinistykh mass i tyeorii ryezaniya. Trydy kyeram. in - ta, vyp. 22, 1949) s. 17-35. - ~ibliogrt 13 nazv. SO: LETCPISI No. A ARGUTIN Yu inzh.; OGUSHEVICH, M., inzh.; BELYACHENKO, V., inzh. Mechanization of labor-consuming operations in the maintenanct-of-'r motor vehicles. Avt.transp. 42 no.1:17-21 Ja 164. (MMA --- I--- ---- - --- --- - - -- .A IS. 111. Mneral diet of young minks, Kar. i zver, 5, ro. 3, 19'2 M 50; ILF1, October 1.0,42s USSR Farm Animals. Wild Animals. q_4 Abs Jour : Ref hur - Biol-.) NO 10 1958~ No 45246 Author : Pareltdik.. N., Sh.; Argutinskaya, S_. V,~, Krasnov, A. M.; Bobrov) Ye. P. Title : The Feeding of Fur-13earing Animals with Acid-Preserved Fish Feeds. Orig Pub : Karakulevodstvo i zverovodstvo, 1957) No. 4, 33-38 Abstract : In two experiments in feeding fish to young foxes and mink) carried out from both the scientific and economic viewpoint, it was established that fish preserved by sulfuric acid and neutralized by chalk can be fed to the pup foxes UP to 45%, and to the young mink up to 30%, of the total nutritiousness of the aggregate group of the meat-fish feeds, without harm to the health of the animals and detriment to the quality of their fur. The fish and fish waste preserved by formic Card 1/2 V. GUIT'S'~,JIYA) Cnid Bic) Sci tr A 110 01-W-Cr~" C 'IM 11U 174 of' tho undcr.-ro--th of4i Ch r ducation us'.A. Vnt Acad), ljO co--it-,;: 102) ZALESSKIY, Lev Grigorlyovich; AMUTINZKIY,__4.N.,___inzh.,, red.; BOBROVA,, Y469., takhn. red. (Electric networks for the ER7 electric train]Elektrichaskis akhemy elektropoazda, ER7. 'Moskva, Tranasheldorizdat, 1962. 53 P. (MIRA 16:1) (Electric railroads--Wires and wiring) (Electric railroads-Current supply) (Electric railway motors) AR , -, LICBNW, A.G., redaktor; KATVEYIV, A.P.. takhaicheskiy radaktor; RATAP07. H.I.. tekhnicheakty redaktor [The use of explosives in lumbering] Vzryvnys raboty v lesnoi romyshlennosti. Konkva, Vaes. kooperativnoe izd-vo 1953. 125 P. ierofilml (MLRA 8:2) N (Lumbering) (Blasting) (Xxplosives) TAVRIZOV. Vladimir Mikhaylovich; CHINSNOVICH. R.I.. retsenzent; DXGTERRY, Te~S., retsenzent; ARLETINSKIT, V.N , redaktor; IDWOV, Te.M., redaktor Izdatel'stva; 1W1UtOFYjV,--MaN.j, takhnicbeekly redaktor (Blasting operations on waterways] Vzrv-vnyo raboty na vodnykh putiakh. Moskva, Izd-vo ORechnoi transport,N 1956. 246 p. (Blasting. Submarine) (MIRA 9:10) UWM/Wdicine - Respiratory Diseases' 16w/ju; n 'Children's Diseases "Flora in the Upper Respiratory Passages of Nevborn Babies," V. S. Argutinskiy-Dolgorukov, Baby Clinic, Sci Res last for YAternity and Infant Welfare, Min of Pub Health Georgian SSR, 4 pp "Vop Ped i Okhran Mater i Det" Vol XVII, Wo E-For first 3 1/2 hours after birth, an infant's nasal- and ofal cavities are sterile; no flora are found until 8 hours after birth. Frenkel's diplococci constitute 41% of the flora in the oral cavity, Staphylococc-us albus and aureus and streptococci USSB/*dicine Respiratory Diseases (Contd) 152T57 jun 49 M~i/ about 32%; in the nasal cavity Staph. aureus constitute 31%, and Staph. albus 31%. Micro- flora in upper respiratory passages of mother and child differ greatly. 152T57, 110 INK "is .5 __*smk r "Ith methyl and Ct at ethyl bensoates. 111. 261. T. Dwigymn,bC, R f-Arguip4m, - 1W b P 12 11 S6 i E i i. m r. . . u r sum 11f , -SlIckuysut. Ariuenlwi), IM-7(in Ru44iiin),1910); cf. C.A. -lumlitte (10.2 g.) and 0.;125 g. powit. At wete 39, 10501. IA with 111.0-M Ir. RION and warinvI grolly it, YiA+I 1 4 x.) 141; the rvJdur fit At betiumle. I-ximp 4 md 01041 g. At gnve with H,W III llkv Itimmvi WAWA Mv I and At I~w,wtv, (1, M R-4alwil 4.0 ,4 t 0o LU46KAL UNNATURUCILA114AKAIMN 11,011040, -.77- I.I.D. "AID Gw Got V T 0 4w All; I - ; - T- r T-T- -I,- f? it G, R a ft if a low a I to 14 a ai a 3 00 0 0 : 4n4 0 * 0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * o 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 0 0 0 0-20 0-00 0-4,0-0 so 0 00 0 as 0 so .60 26 9100 coo 9$00 ego 0 too ARGUYIN, Yu., inzh.; GORDIYENKOI V., inzh. Overall mechanization of loading and unloading operations in combined cement tromaportation. Avt. transp. 43 no.10:11-12 0 165. (MIRA MIO) 25449 lirgyushenko, Z.f. Criorfolof-l"Cheskoy Jushchnosti lqizliney Zavynzy lekotoryl-h ~~ec'stavitpley Se!-.-. Caprifoldaceara. Dotan. Zhurnal, Zhurn. Fc. 10, SO: Letopis' 2-hurnal Statey, No. 30, Loscow, 1948 ARH2 R. Yugoslavia (430) Technology Steam or pnowmtic sledge hammerse p. 314 Nava Proizvodnja, Vol. 2, no. 5, October 1951. East European Accessions LisIt-L Library of Congress, TO-17. 2, No. 3# March 1953, UNCIASSIFTIM. ARIf, R. Yugoslavia (430) Technology Fifteen ton Siemena*martin furnaces made in Yugoslavia P. 438, Nova Proizvodnja,, Vol. 2, no. 6, December 1951 East Eurogan Accessions List Library of Congress, W-1, 2, No. 3. March 1953, N&ASSIMD. Fingicirless, chamlcal corapounds for co-ibrollIng fun,,-us elise-4--cs. p. 231~ ovelUes in the food industx7), and a!--,riculture. p. 238. (i U Vol. 3, no- C,, ikutv- 1954, Zagreb, Yugoslavia) SO: Monthly List of i~ast EuropeAn Accessions, (.-E~ld T G, "i1. 1,,, no. 1 Jan. 1955, Uncl. ARH LIP01MAC, UU., ing, Coloring of plastice..Kem-ind 10,no.2:C-4-C-6 F 161. 1. "Gbromosm,, Instrazivacki institut. ARK-LIPOVAC, Lota., ing. Organic dares produced b7 Chromoo. Kam ind 3.0 no.20-16-~-19 F 161. 1. "Cbromos"O Istrazivacki institut- ARH-LIPOVAC,__;qta,-ing. Coloring of plastics,11. Kem ind 10 no.4sSuppl.C-,31-32 Ap 161. 1. "Chromoo",-.Istrazivaoki institut. AAH,,,~ota# inzo le Mans for getting the wash-and-wear effeoto Kemija u industriji no*5.-298-300 My 662* t 1e, "Ghrmos, a., Zagrebe .4 'i ARHIP, Iulian Monolithic structures shaped in sliding shuttering proved also to he efficient for five-story buildings.. Constr Buc 17 no.795: 4 3 Ap 165. , 1. Head of Labor Organization Service, Regional Trust for Constructions, Bacau. ARH M j loanp corespondent Engineer Pavel Coseac. Constr. Bue 16 no.7,1,1+.*l - ;L F161*.- MARIN, Ion, corespondent; AEUjIgJ,,-. loan., corespondent The result in images. Constr Buc 16 no. 764:3 29 Ag 164. ARHIRE, Iulian, ing. New technica methods on the Bucharest construction sites.*St si Teh Buc 14 no.6s6-7i 40 ~e 162. 1. Institute of Planning for Constructions and Building Materialso Bucharest. NICULBSCU, St.; AWZORGE, G.; NFMLESCU. V.; ARHIRI, M. r A histopathologic atudy of experimen a, tubercii~ primary infection of the male genitalia. Rumanian M. Rev. 1 no.4:33-39 Oat-Dec 57. (TUBJRGUIMIS, YAM GWITAL, Nxper. histopathol. in rabbits) RUMANIA / Pharmcology and Toxicology. Anti-Tuberculosis Agents. V-10 Abe Jour ; Ref Zhur - Biol.., No 16) 1958) No 75939 Author : Algeorge., G.; Arhiri) M. Inst : Not given Title : Resistance of Tubercullsis Bacteria to Chemotherapeutic Drugs. Orig Pub : Viata med.,, 1957., 4,, No- 7., 12-23 Abstract : No abstract Given. Card X/1 EXGI~R?TA ~ D17,A See 15 Vol..U/6-Chest June -56 1461. AspEcrs or CHEMORESISTANCE OF M. TUBERCULOSIS - Aspecte ate ekj~' /V) chimlorezintenlei bacilulul tuberculozel - A r h I r I M. and A I g e o r g e C. FTIZIOL. (Bucurefti) 1957, 6/2 (128-14i) Craph 5 Tables 2 After a study on the frequency of chemoresistance referring to 2,070 laboratory determinations carried out between 1950 and 1955 for germs isolated from pa- tients wlth fibroca~itary pulmonary tb subjected to treatment with the 3 principal tub ul statics, the following conclusions are arrived at: there is a fall so far as ercu the incidence of.the cases of streptomycin resistance is concerned (from 56.95016 to 30.6076), a stationary tendency as regards the cases 9f isoniazid resistance (from 70.39% to M6716) and an insignificant percentage with reference to theenn'es of PAS resistance .(3.1316). The duration of the treatment increases the incidence of resistance. Antibiotic combinations reduce the incidence, irrespective of the type of association, but to a much greater degree with respect to streptomycin resistance than with regard to isoniazid resistance. By comparison of the labor- story and clinical data it appears that isolation of streptoresistant germB, even in small amounts, is an unfavourable prognostic element, whereas resistance to lsonlazid'may be compatible with the obtainment "Of beneficial results after a pro- longed.treatment. These data give the laboeatori test only an informative and not an absolute value as regards the line of conduct to be followed In the treatment of tb with chemicals. Basacopol - Bucharest (XVo4) 77 RUMANIA/Microbiol'oor'- Microbes Pathogenic for M3n and Animals. F Bacteria. Myr.,obacteria. Abs Jour Ref Zhur Diol,, No 22) 1958, 99477 Author Evian, -Aihiri '-M Inst Title On the`c6rrelation~Detween the Clinical Course~of Pulmonafy'Ttiber6ulosis and the Resistance of lsolated~ Tuberc-li-tdoilli to-dhim6therapeutic'Drugs. Orig Pub FtizioloGia, 1957, 6~ :Np 4, 343-353 Abstract the s"puAu =*'wa s' exazai fie& monthly in*18 patients with the kil~ro-wicave-i-nou-is form of~ulmonary tuberculosii'treated. with gti~bi64cifi (S) aind~'isoniazid. (I),-and.the sensi- tivi tly' o-f' -the-, isolated t4ercie ba6illi (TD) to the above~-mentiioned4ruGs was determined. TD isolated in one case of improvement was sensitive to both druGs; the strains isolated in 5 cases with mrked clinical improve- ment proved to be resistant to S as well as to I, and Card 1/2 97 NASTA M. MUIMCU VI.; AWMGH - GLLA=o,&j.., Treatment of experimental tuberculosis in guinez'pigs with varying donee of isonissid. %1. stiint., sect. med.. 9 n6-1:105-111 1957. (TUMMUNTS, exnerimental eff. of various doses of isoniazid in ther. & pr6T.) (ISCSIAZID, effects on exper. tuberc., doe., in ther. & prev,.) EVIAN, N.; AMIRI, H. -.0, - . Correlation between the clinical course and in pulmonary tuberculosis. lb-nian M. Rev. (TUBBRCULOSIS, PUIU401TARY, ther. isoniazid & streptomycin, resist., bacterial drug-resistance 2 no.2-.40-41 Apr-June 5B. eff. on clin. course) NASTA) M.; ALGEORGE) G.; ARHIRI, M.; NEGULESCU, V. Experimental basis for the chemiopropbylaxis of tuberculosis@ Revo sci. med. 5 no.1/2:79-82 160. 1. Membre de.llAcademie de la R.P.R.(for Nasta) (TUBERCULOSIS prev & control) NASTAP Mq ALGEORGE, G. , M. Resistance to tuberculous superinfection in guinea pigs recovered from generalized tuberculosis or following a protrabted course under the effect of chemotherapy. Rev. sci. med . 5 no.3/412ll-214 160. 1. Membre do l1academie do la R.P.R. (for Nasta). (TUBBACULOSIS experimental) NASTA, M.; ADGI~IORGE, Gv; ARRIPIO M. ~~6f &-vS prophylaxis of superinfections in experimental The prevutkti,6A" tuberctd6h", Rmns#aA med. rev. no.'2-.60-W, 162. jISONIAZID) (INFECTIM) NASTA, M.;.A~~~40ORGE, G. BCG vaccine therapy associated with INH chemotherapy in experimental tuberculosis. Rev. aci. med. 7 no.1/2;79-81 162. 1. Membre de L'academie de la R.P.R.(for Nauta) (BCG VACCINATION) (ISONICOTiNIC ACID) NASTA, M.; ALGEORGE, G.; ARHIRI, M. Preventive action of drugprophylaxis in virulent superinfection appearing,during isoniazid treatment. Rev. sci. med. 7 no-3A: ~ t'.' ~ 173-1?6 16 1. Membre de Llacademi:6 de la R.P.R.(for Nasta). (TUBERCULOSIS RVUNITY) (ISONIAZID) NASTA, M.; ALGEORGE,G.; ARHIRI, M. Experimental chta acneerning the development of antituberculous immmity imder the action of tuber-culostatics. Arch. roum. path. exp. microbiol. 23 no.3:603--608 S16.3 1. Travail do l'Institut de Phtisiologie, Bunarest. Allb-LIPWAC, Lot&., inz. I--.-..,.,.,.- Surface active agents as auxiliary means In chemical indiistries. Kem, ind 12 no-5:356-358 MY 163. ARIAMOV I V. A little car in a big country. P. 306. (Svet Motoru, Vol. 31, No. 3.0, May 10,57, Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, No. e,, Aug 1057. Uncl. ARIAN E Chronometric study of the restoration of human higher nervous activity following. electrosbock. Trudy 1-go 14141 11:287-296 161. (MRA 15:5) 1. Nervno-psikhiatAcheskaya. klinika Turinskogo universiteta, Italiya. (NERVOUS SISTEM) *(EIECTRIC SHOCK) SOKOLOV) A.; CHAKHOYANTS, V.; Search of Leningrad educators. Prof.-tekh. obr. 22 no.3t5-7 Mr 165. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Zamestitell Zaveduy-ushchego otdelom teorii i praktiki vospitatellney raboty Nauchno-issledovatellskogo institut professionallno-tekhnichoskogo - obrazovaniya (for Sokolov). 2. Zaveduyushchiy uchebnoy chastlyu 109 sredney [smennoyl obshcheobrazovatellnoy shkoly, Leningrad (for Ariarskaya). ARJAyEv s L. N. tology. UbG of various modern methods of anesthesia in trauma Ortop,9 travm. i protez. 21 no..U:47-50 1600 (MIRA 14:4) ~ANESTHESIA) I .. IV. 4 1 1 ARIAS x A. - . - .. Technological assistance center in a meat combine* Miaa.inds ESSR 33 no.3;49 262. (MIRA 15:7) 1. Omskiy bporM7 punkt Voe~byuifiogo nauchno-Iselidovatel'skogo instituta m7asnoy promyshlemosti. (Omsk-Meat industry) DINCUIESCU, G.;ARIE. A.; BUHUS, P.; CRISTESGU I D. I ..'! - 1, " The laboratory of power plants, stations and electric systems of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. Bul Inst Polyteh 25 no.3:33-51 My.-Je 163. 1. Catedra de Centrale Electrice, Institutul Politehnic Bucuresti. ARIE) E:.; IONESCU, S. Approximations by using equivalent networks in the calculation of both the stationary conditions and the static stability of the electric systems p. 709 STUDII SI CERGFTARI DE E"ERGETICA. Bucuresti, Runania. Vol. 7, no. 4, 1957 Monthly List of East Eurorean Accession. (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 9,W99 Uncl. Agit-ja, ESKU, S.(Ionescll, S.1; NIKOLAE, P.[Nicolae, P.). POKLIUMITT M. ;-aom (Pomirleanu, M.1 The study on models of the operating conditions of Intersystem weak couplings. Rev alectroteahn energet 6 no.1:75-93 1061. (Electric power distribution) ARIE, Ecaterina, J". -1 ------ :.~_ - Investments of power stations taken into accoimt together with effectiveness of reactive power compensation. Emergetica Pam 9 no.11:1+53-458 N 161. (Electric power plants-Costs) ARIE . E. --------- ;- Nodal statij characteristics, and quality, integral indexes of the tension-and frequency. Rev a-lectroteabn energet 6 no.2:307-322 '61. ARIE, Ecaterina Introducing the expenses for electric power consumption and installa- tions into the computation of the economic efficiency of investments. Studii cerc energet 11 no.3:581-586 361. 1. Membru al Comitetului de redactie si secretar stiintific "Studii 8i cercetari de energetica". mun '~~tr'buticn of on s, Problem on the optic Y; e r a ,,cj,,,gd by the Meciar--] 1 computer. -~;no~rr, R 525 0 16/~. ARIELI B M Some pathomorphological and clinical oharacteristics of. lymphogranulomatosis vhen treated by different methods. Klin. khir. no.5t43-48 My 162. (MIRk 1614) 1. Kafedra. patologicheakoy anatomil (zav. - prof. M.k, Zakharlyevskaya) 1-go Leningradakogo meditsinskogo instituta. (HODGKITS DISUSE) ACC NR, AP60183-71 SOURCE CODE: UR/02"/66/011Z~31/053/0059 AUTHOR: lel 14, 44 B. ORG.~: Laboratory of Patholo cal Anatomy/headed by Frofessor-k ~~Vhtem/ gi, C66f ral Sei entific Research Institute of )46dical Radio~lqgyp Ministry of Public -He Leni chesko ath SSSR..- ingrad (Laborato;lya j)616logf y anato;11 Ts rAnogo nauchno-issledovatel,takogo institut3 meditainakoy radiologil Ministerstva zdravookhrifieniya SSSR) TITIE: Course of myocardial-necrosis against a background of radiatioa_�IWMes SOURCE: Medit8inskaya radiologiya, v. 11 no. 1, 1966, 53-59 t TOPIC TAGS: radiation sicknessi x ray irradiation.. rabbit..,cardiovascular sys em..,,, ABSTRAM -Morphologioal..investigatiofis wer o dei~ e conducted t rmini - the course of the dev lo rocesses e pment of.neorotio and reparative p- in the myoodrdium of rabbits Induced by orthostatic collapse.and subsequent.4rradiation. Thirty-seven rabbits of both sexes were used In the,experiments:: 19 experimental and 18 controls. Ortho-_ st.atis collapse was induced In the*~experimental anlt~als by sus- I ipending teed vertically, -with their heads in an upward position for la period Of 2 hours, and then subjecting them to x-irradiation,with :,a dose of, -800 ro, Of the 18 control animals eight were subjected to Irradiation only, seven, to orthostatio collapse only. and three,~ ito no action at all. The hearts of all of the animals were ex- :traoted and examined. Sharpl d circulatory disturbances __y~_q?cpresse -.I.Card 1/2 ~UDC: 617-M.28-(Y7:6i6.127-002'.41-092.9 ARIELI. B.M. Early stages of myocardium changes in an experimental orthostatic collapse, Dokl. AN SSSR 161 no,41952-954 Ap *65. (IQRA 18a5) 1. TSentraltnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy rentgeno-radiologicheskiy institut. Submitted June 22, 1964. ACC NRZ SOURCE CODE: UR/0362/66/002/009iO993/0996 AUT:IOR: Ariall, N. Z.; 3yutner, Z. 1. ORG: Main Goophysical Observatory (Clavnnya goof lzichoskaya observatoriya) TITLE: Relationship between Lagranggian correlation and maxima of ouler space-time correlation functions for surface layer of the atmosphere SUJRCZ: AN SSSR. Izvestlya. Fizika atmosfery I oReana, Y. 2, no. 9, 1966, 993-996 TOPIC TAGS: Lagrange equation, surface boundary layer, correlation function, atmospheric diffusion SUB CODE: 04,12 ABSTRACT: This paper presents an evaluation of the decrease of the maxima of space-time correlation functions with an'increase of tire on the assumption of an absence of individual changes in noving volumes. It was foxind that the decrease of the maxima observed In the experiments In the surface layer oZ the atmosphere (the decrease of the height of the maximum occurs for two reasons -- due to the presence of individual changes In volumes during the tine of-their movement between two points; fluctuations of ~he value and direction of the vector U of current velocity) is substantially greater tl~an computed with the above-mentioned assumption. According% tile Cara 1/2 UDC,. - 551 1.2 - . ~~3 0- ACC NR: AP7010705 principal role in this effect is played by individual changes. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 6 formulas. TiMS: 40,29j1 Card 2/2 Hlfavim, Yu.V., kandatekhn.nauk; ARAL', S.Ya., inzh. Bubble washing of steam in connection with combined and direct introduction of feed water. Bnergomashinostroenie 4 no.4:46-48 Ap 158. (MIRA 11:7) (Boilers) ZEMVICH, Yu.V., kand.tekhn.nauk; ARIELIO S.Ya., inzh. Thermal and chemical tests conducted on a once-through boiler aria a high-pressure turbine. 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(MIRA 18:10) 1. TSentralInyy kotloturbirnyy institut. KAlbffKOV, P.V.; RALITSEVICH, V.A.; KHOPOSH37, I.S.; SHLINMOVICH, S. A. ; SHUKHMAN, Z. S. ; ~ ~IELI_t E. 1. [Building reinforced concrete structures in sliding forms) Vozvedenie zhelezobetoWkh Booruzhenil v skollziashchei opalubke. Moskva, Stroiizdatp 1965. 306 p. (MIRA 18:12) ARIENS, E.J., prof. dr. Molecular basis of drug actions Mod, arh, 18 no.4t2l-38 Ag-S 164. 1. Institut za famakologiju Univerziteta NLjmegen, Nizozemska. e Ajr, I ~, .., , I 777= 77F:- :...- 41*~~. tL-- ~ " I I 1 11 11: /.1 1~ -- ;.,. / U :... Red"aaa of with ll$ium alunlfnl~ hydrida. 1, DwIkk (V k 111111 AlAV OT s -1the ~Z~l ."fy ARIENTI J. laboratorni technika organic e-cher,,ie"(Laboratory Technique in Organic 2~ - ---- others; a book review. P.358 p ~stvO by V. Ifer and o CIE-IICKY PURISL. (MLnisterstvo chemickeho prunWslu) Praha Vol. 5, no. 8, -'lug. 1955 East European Accessions List Vol. 5 No. 1 Jan. 1956 CZEMOSLMAM/Chemical Technology Chemical Products and H-16 Their Application. Industrial S~mthesis of Dyestuffs. Abs Jour Ref Zhur Khimiya, No 3, 1958, 8960 Author Arient Josef. Dvorak Jan Inst Title Triphenylmethane Dyes. 1. Condensation of N-Monomethyl- Gumidine with Formaldehyde,,Michler's Ketone and o-Chlo- robenzaldehyde. Orig Pub Chem.,listy, 1956, 50, Vo 12, 1974-1978; Sb- chekho-El. khim. rabot, 1957, 22, No 2, 468-47:2 Abstract By dropvise addition of 9.3 9 H S04, dilutedwith 4-5 ml ,vater, and 10.7 g a-chlorobenzMehyde, to 22.4.g N-me.- thyl-o-cumidine (1) in a COp atmosphere, heating of the mixture for 24 hours, pouring, into 200 mL vater and ma- king alkaline with MV9, vere obtained 30.2 g of 4,41 - -bia-methylamino-3,31-diisopropyl-2"-chloro-triphenyl- methane (II), NP 133.5-1340 (from alcchol). By oxidation Card 1/3 ~,. ; DVOHA,,~, J- llchiorobenztj-j~azole." In Gen-,;an- F. 032. Collection of C2,echo3lovak Cherdcal C011TuT~ica,lic)ns. Sbornik Chekhoulovatskikh Khir,ucheskikh Rabot. (Praha) Czechoslovakia) Vol. 22, no. 2, A,:r. 10,57. :3--: 1-ionthly Index of East European Accession (1 AI) LG, Vol. 7, No. 5, Lay 1958 v J. W611K Xhf!~'-T N , J ltf4-ip.ethyl-,:=~-curnicLine.11 In German. P. 634. Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Cominunications. Sbornik Chekhoslovatskikh Khimicheskikh Rabot. (Praha, Czechoslovakia) Vol. 22, no. 2, Apr. 1957- SO: honthly Index of East European Accession (EEAI) LC, Vol. 7, No. 5, May 1958