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MAKARENEYA, A.A.; MOGILEV, M.Ye.; KROTIKOV, V.A.; BALICHEVA, T.G.; ARIYA, S.M.f otv. red.;PIASTRO, V.D., red.; YELIZAROVA, N.A. 0 tekhzi.- red. [How to prepare for entrance examinations for institutions of higher learning; chemistry] Kak gotovit'sia k priemnym ekzamenam v vuz; khimiia. Izd.2. Leningrad, 1963. 153 p. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Leningrad. Universitet. 1W W1 ESD- A r.0 S ON NRI AP3004075" B/dO76/6 /007/1631/1633,: 3 O_j L .1, HO s Yakovleva$ M, Sol Ariya 0 J Aq 44, P6asibility of studying the thermodynamics of oxides by measurinithe cejls~with,solid electrolyte emf of galvanic SOURCEs -ft:=1 fizichesk khirdij -v* 3T M -,7 1963j 1631-1633 OY 0 C~ cali, gas ~ Set ro oxide'' I TAG3t_-,ga1vanio ha SiOvZi Onium dioxide, thorium: 1:,Ianthanum oxidol- eat 1itsinbliq 4a'nadiumi. i'48STRACT s - The measurement of the mbving elect:~ical forces ina galvanic,, call ier a: lied in ca es where the eq"4brium of -oxides is shifted and cannot ~e,inv git ad-, vith the 'gas ~phase. In this one of the electroaes$onsists of the Sam ~m&terial asthe investigated solid oxide. The 'eyeteii ZrO2_ 10 or U02-U20 are used as the~;solid electrolytes 'vhich at a high temperature possess a hU I ani onic,oo nductivity while t ha.electroAio conductivity is practically nil electromotive forces found experimentally are lower than the ones-that ob d exist:if the emf was really a function of -the-chemical icitaniial 'of' the oxygen :volume in the oxide* In all-cas 4hiiihid,emf did"not correspond t 'the ohemic so, 0 al Po~entiai--of at the electrodes'q the internal 'resistance of cells- Vera.' V.. ci~ J., YAKOVLEVA, MeS.; ARIYA, S-*Me- Themodynamias of ferrous oxide. Vest. LGU. 18 no.16:130- 132 163,- (MIRA 16.-l-1) ARIYA, S.M.; KHERNBURG, M.M. Metal to metal bond energies in lattices of unsaturated oxides of el.ements of auxiliary subgroups. Zhur. neorg. khim. 9 no.7:1525-1528 Jl 164. (MIRA 17:9) i. Leningradskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. ARIYA S.M.; KONOPELIKOO M.V. Accounting for the contribution of the disintegration energy of d-leveln to the lahice energy of oxides. Zhur. neorg. khim. 9 no.10:2303-2306 0 164. (MIRA 17:12) 1. Leningradskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. J- p p '.,,.;gher X-i S or 0 de L t I-m LM, SOURCE: AY SS-SF- Izvestiya. Neorganichesk iye md7erial c 1 ; 3 i y, n o. 4 7 3 965, -3 3 - , TOPIC TA-:c:- t-itanium oxi:-Ile , A B,; T SllscePtibi :S st Lidied as a f unc t lc~r: :7~f -empera -ir e for- severa~ oxides rang4-,,g fr--,n to 7i0 ' j.87L,, It:pa I L- 1 .640 P 1 n,- 'r. X Vill'o r Q (9, .3n al u n e joi. ine r-cr.- uted e- 7 r 0 bs e r is ascribed r ,mpies of T i and ~3e in 3-n8l' j UMP or. -,--rve for L 53964-6-5 ACCESSION NR: AP50ii'330 TiOl.760 at 1300C is ascribed to the presence of Ti0j.,0 impurity. Correlation between X and temperature for titanium oxides rmunging fn.),r. li, to T-;' verifies the phase diagram of higher titai.j,rn oxides prc-p,se:1 -'~fz li- 3, ure ar~ Andersson, et. al. , k7ta Cher-,?. o'ur e s . A T ION Khemicheskiv fakul'tet Len gcs,,;da-s ta C-hemistry, Lenin~rad State 0c, P"-F TH F 0' 5 L 21230-66 EWT(m)/r/EWP(t) iJP(c) JD/hril ACC NR: AP6003806 ~SOURCE CODE; UR/0181/66/008/001/0260/0262 AUTHORS: Ariy S M LukipZkh, N. L. ORG: LeninSrad State Unive (Ieningradskiy gosudarstvennyy Ks lit Y universitet) TITLE: Magnetic properties of NiO.-MgO solid solutions SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 8, no. 1, 1966, 260-262 TOPIC TAGS: nickel compound,,magnesium compound,-inorganic oxide chemical bonding, solid solution, magnetic susceptibility ABSTRACT: The purpose of the investigation was to determine the manner in which atomq of different metals are distributed in solid solutions of oxide 1with NiO-MgO solid solutions as the specific object of investigation. Since earlier experiments (ZhNKh v. 9 1525, 1964) have 4isclosed strong bonds between nickel atoms in.'the lattice of nickellioxide and in other nickel compounds, it was ex- pected that even in dilute solutions of NiO in VgO the nickel atoms should-not be randomly distributed but should exhibit certain aggre- Card 1/2 L 21230-66 ACC NR: AP6003806 gation properties. The solid solutions were prepared by prolonged roasting at 1100C of a dry residue of evaporation of a solution con-* taining nitrates of nickel and magnesium in the prescribed ratio. The composition was monitored-by chemical analysis and by x ray Idiffraction. The magnetic susceptibility was determined by the Faraday method in fields 8100 -- 3600 Oe in the interval 78 -- 460K. The concentration dependence of the paramagnetic component of the susceptibility was found to exhibit an unusual variation, decreasing, slowly at first witb,inereasing NiO concentration, then rapidly (above 4 per cent) and then again slowing down. This behavior is irelated to aggregation of nickel atoms and the deviation of their distribution from the, Although collective interactions can also cause a similar phenomenon, it is concluded that the main mechanism causing the decrease in susceptibility is the aggregation. of the nickel-atoms, as a result of the strong binding between them. Orig, art. has,: 2 formulas, 1 figure, and .1 table. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 29.Tul65/ ORIG REP: 003/ OTH,REF: 003 Card 2/2'~44- -r"NINrit's ", 1. AIRLITAN, A. - Eng. 2. ussR (6oo) 4. Founding - 7- Casting of ship fittings by the use of risers acting under gas pressure. Mor. flot 12, no. 10, 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress,, JanuarYt .1953. Unclassified. 8/123/59/000/007/008/014 AO04/A001 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mashinostzoyeniye, 1959, No. 7, p. 119, # 25271 AUTHORs Ariye, Ya.I. TITLE: Coatings for Equipment Being Exported to Countries With Tropical Climate PERIODICAL: Byul. tekhn.-ekon. inform. Sovnarkhoz Kharlkovsk. ekon.adm. rayona, 1958, No. 2, PP- 33 - 36 TEXT% It is not necessary to protect from corrosion st&inleBs chrome- nickel steels, 1)(18H9T of not less than 16 %. The stainless chromium steel grades 1)(13 QKh13) - 4)(13 (4Kh13),require, after hardening, anneal- ing at 2000C and polishing. Uple structural steels should be protected by cadmium or a thick (50-60~L) layer of chromium. In some cases, the pro- tection by a three-layer Cu-Ni-Cr coating proved to be not satisfactory. Copper alloys with a copper content of more than 65 % do not need any pro- tection. Brass, containing Sn, Al, Pb, e.g. Jt+-67-2,5 (LA-67-2,5) resists Card 1/3 S/1 2y59/000/007/008/014 A004 A001 Coatings for Equipment Being Exported to Countries With Tropical Climate corrosion well. The brass grades JX-80-3 (LK-80-3)i J10-70-1 (LO-70-1), JIG -59-1 (LB-59-1) and the bronze grades 19PKM(A -3-1 (BRUTs-3-1), b P(BR), and 040 -3-5-6 (OTsS-3-5-6) show satisfacory results. Aluminum has to be anodized. The aluminum alloys AA-4, Ad) -6, AJI -13, A -1, A -6, A -16 (Al-4, Al-8, Al-13, D-1, D-6, D-16) and AK-6 should be coated with the No. 302 varnish with 20 % of ttAK-4 (PAK-4) aluminum powder and subjected to hot gradual baking at 50, 1009 150 and 17500, or covered with the No- 714 perchlorovinyl enamel with 10 % PAK-4 aluminum powder, the intermediate layers dried at the cold and the last layer subjected to a 2-hour drying at 8000. It is preferable to effect the painting of ferrous metals on a phosphate layer. For the priming of ferrous metals the B-329 (V'-329) primer should be applied, preferably with a 15-minute drying at 1750C. For the priming of non-ferrous metals the P1 -03 (FL-03) primer is recom- mended, diluted with white spirit andxylene (1:1). The painting should be effected with the following enamels:~gray No. 270 with a 2-hour dryin6_at_ 1500C, black alkyd enamel No. 2086P (2086 f) and black formaldehyde O-q-76 enamel with one-hour's drying at 180 - 2000C. If luster is not required, the following p~rchlorovinyl enamels should be used for the paintings gray Card 2/3 B/123/59/000/007/008/014 A000001 Coatings for Equipment Being Exported to Countries With Tropical Climate no-715 (PKhV-715 kCd silver PKhV-714 enamel with a 10 % PAK-4 aluminum. powder addition, applied in 4 - 5 layers on the no-yet-dried primer. Each layer should be dried for 3 hours at temperatures between 18 and 230C. The final drying will take 5 - 7 days. S.V.M. Translator's notet This is the full translation of the original Russian abstract. Card 3/3 13. Aug In-f if Icus "Cmparative'VmThology of Experimental TaberculooU and Brucallools In Guinea Pigsy* M. B. Arlyel 8 "Arkhiv Tatologii" No Moirphological change varied vith each guinea pig. Airing experimental-taberoulosis. an apparent necro- BIB dr, the gramasr tissue vas noticed - In experimental7brucelloold this necrosia'af the granu-: ldj~'tiseuit vas -noticed only"In loolated'instances In at the.Doi. local nodules.. ~:%*k~iiis'ccnduct6d partment'of Pathological AnatciiFy,'-Thiltitute, of Xz- ad~mlq ta YASUCIUe~- (Pt PA-24T5 8 38320 AR=I. M. B. K aravnitellnoy patologichookoy morfologii tuberkuleza. Problew tubarkuleza, 1949, No 6, S. 14-22. - Bibliogr: 9. 21-22 ARkt Me Be Modifications of suprarenal glands in hypertension. Kline med., Moskva--I no.9:94-95 Sept. 1950. (GIML 20:1) 1. Of the Department of Pathological Anatomy (Head -- Academician N. 1. Anichkov, Active Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences USSR), Institate of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences USSR. Leningrado 36-:-)7 -69-8/16 AVMR: T=: The Effect of t1be Shape of the TivFb"-Ilvace Coe-fficie'--to on, Wind in the Boundary- Layer ( 0 vllyanii profilya kcw_-ffV.:siy-en:ba t'_,,!biLIe:rL-.osU n& veter v pogranicbnom, sloye) PMUODICAL- Trady Glavrnoy geo-fizicheskoy observatorii,'1957, NI- 69, pp 5r(--64 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Me alr~hor disagrees with the prevailing ideas and accepts the view- point that lbwbulencae coefficient k changes with altitude, and that near the surface the wind I s angle of deviation from gees' rophic. vind change s with k. A mathematical demo nstratl*ion is p-resentad to eval:nate such effects. Six diagrams accompan,v the study. &zsults are deduced for 0, 10, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 meter levels. Cheznge in the turbulence coefficient lies between au aribl& of 100 and 200 met-rs. Below this zone, the coefficient of t=.'I_1v_Lence is as- sumed to be 5 and 10 square meters per second, wA above this zone 20 and 40 square";~ters per second. Th the diagrams the w "n's deviatioa- from the geo- strophic is plotted as aa abscissa, and altitude in meters as aa ordinate. With a decrease in coefficient. k &t low altitudes the angle of inclination also decreases; with k alTroaching 7.ero the wind merges with the geostrophic wind. Diagram No. 2 shcw:3 the foxmtion of wind fr,-,m 0 t,-, 500 meters. Figm-_ 3 shows changes with alti-~~,de in the ratio of wind velocity to the velocity of geostrophic wind. The relationship between turbulence c.:efficients and wind velocities is 11hCAM'in pi, gm-es 4 to 6. PHASE I BOOK EXPIDITATION sov/4641 Leningrad. Glavnaya geofizicheskaya observatoriya Voprosy fiziki prizemnogo slQYa Yozdukha (Problems in the Physics of the Near-Surface Air Layer) Leningrad, Gidrometeoizdat, 1960. 161 p. (Series: Its: Trudy., vyp. 94) Errata slip inserted. 850 copies printed. Sponsoring Agencies: Glavnaya geofizicheskaya observatoriya, imeni A.I. Voyeykova; Glavnoye upravleniye gidrometeorologicheskoy sluzhby pri Sovete Kinistrov SSSR. Ed. (Title page): D.L. Laykhtman, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics; Ed. (Inside book): Yu.V. Vlasova; Tech. Ed.: N.V. Volkov. PURPOSE: This publication is intended for meteorologists specializing in the lower layers of the atmosphere. It may also be of interest to agronomists, construction engineers, and other specialists whose activities are influenced by atmospheric conditions. COVERAGE: This issue of the Transactions of the Main Geophysical Observatory contains 18 articles dealing mainly with problems of the physics of the near- surface air layer. Correlations between the surface wind and geostrophic wind are examined and the results of both theoretical calculations and C - Problems in the Physics (Cont.) sov/4641 experimental investigations given. Individual articles analyze the temperature regime.of the active surface of soil and the factors determining the thermal conditions of the boundary layer. Results of fog investigation are presented in two articles. In addition,,.some problems of methods in the experimental investigation of the near-surface layer are.elilcidated. No personalities are mentioned. References follow each article. TAME OF CONTERTS: Laykhtman, D.L. Forntlation of the Problem of the Stationary Structure of the Boundary Layer Tseytin, G.Kh., and L.R. Orlenko. Stationary Distribution of Wind, Tem- perature, and Turbulent Exchange in the Boundary Layer Under Different States of Stability Ariyell, N.Z., and L.A. Klyuchnikova. Wind Under City Conditions 29 Klyuchnikova., L.A.,, and F.N. Shekhter. The Role of Radiant and Turbulent Heat Exchange in the Formation of the Temperature Stratification in the Boundary Layer 33 C-zd*6 -ARIYELIJI N.Z. Some results of observations on the pulsations of tenperature and wind direction. Trudy GGO no.107:60-65 161. (IMU 14:10) (Atmospheric turbulence) ARIMI, N.Z.; BYUTNIRp E.K. Methodology of detemining the turbulence characteristics in jet streams. Nsteor.i gidrol. no.1103-36 V 162o (K= 15:12) 1. GUvnaya. geofizichookaya obser7atoriya. (A'tmospheric turbulence) Acassim NR: A~4028741 S/2531/63/000/144/0048/0058 MOM: Ariyel N. Z.; Byutnerl, E. K.; Panin, B. D.; Radikevich, V. M. TITLE-. Results of measuring the temperature a nd wind direction pulsations in the surface layer of the atmosphere ,SOYJRCEz Leningrad. G1. geofiz. observ. i Ukr. n.-i. gidrometeorol. inst. Trudy*, no. 144/40, 1963. F:Eiika pogranichidogo sloya atmiosfery* (physics'of the atmospheric boundary layer);:Dneprpvskaya expeditsiya GGO i UkrNIGNI; 48-58 TOPIC TAGS: temkrature pulsation, wind direction, surface layerp temperature A13STRACT: ~k daily plot of the average hourly values of horizontal wind direction oulsations a'- at an alt4tude of 16 m is produced. The dependence of the value of a on stratilicatfon, th*p recurrence of variou's-deviations from the average direc- dependent on-t4a stVat1fication and the wind velocity, and the temperature pilsation values.AT' with altitudes of I and 7 = are also obtained in the article. T1* corresponding spectral characteristics of the values aa _F are plotted in and 6% gr4phs. Xt is shown that the spectral function of the pulsation of wind'direction Js subject to. the 5/3 law in the frequency range from 0.02 to 0.1 cycles at a wind ,velocity of approximately 4 st/sec~._ A diagram of the wind vans circuit is given, Card'. 1/2 ,ACCESSION NZ: -AT4028741 ;together'vith the recorded examples oftwind direction values and graph plots. Froal j the graph it follows that the basic co;ktribut*on to the oscillation energy respon- ible for the temperature pulsation a~-- an altitude of 7 a is carried by the fro- S " quency w of from 0.06 to 0.2 sec-1 and from 0.1 to 0.6 sec-I at an altitude of 1 a (wind velocity In both cameo was equalito 2.4 v/sec). OrIgo Awtv ~asz 12 figures and il table. ASSOCLAnON: Leiingradskays, Slawna goofixichaskaya. observatoriya (Principle Geophysical' Obiiiiatory of .1malWad) SUBXrr7lM: 00 .DAMS ACQ: I"pr64 EMMI 00. SUB CME: AS NO REP SOW: 905 001 Card '.2/2 ACCESSION NR: AT4028742 S/2531/631000/144/0059/0067 J AUTHOR: Ariyal',' N. Z.; Byutner, E. K.; Konstantinov, A. R. TITLE: Method and results of investigating spectral characteristics of turbulent pulsations in the surface layer of the atmosphere ..SOURCE: Leningrad. Gl, geofiz. observ. i Ukr. n.-i. gidrometeorol. inst. Trudy*, no. 144/40, 1963. Fizika porzankhnogo sloya atmosfery* (physics of the atmospheric .boundary layer); Dneprovskaya. expeditsiya GGO i UkrNIG14I, 59-67 TOPIC TAGS: surface layer, spectral characteristic, turbulent pulsation, Dnieper expedition, Constantan alloy ABSTRACT. In this paper, the authors present a method of spectral expansion of pulsation energy of weather elements in recording instantaneous values of the mea- sured magnitude. Results of spec'tral analysis and module and pulsation wind.velocity u are derived, together with the vertical component, the velocity w, the direction of the wind a, and the temperature T; these are presented in a series of separate records obtained in the Dnieper expedition (GGO) jointly with the UkrNi M.. Two characteristics from which it is possible to obtain the spectral function W(w) were calculated according to the experimental records of the pulsation values of the Cii-rd-: 1/2 .ACCESSION NR: At4028742 .measured magnitudes: 1) the structural functign D(-r) and 2) the. magnitude of the mean quadratic dispersion of the measuied value 02(t) dependent on the averaging .time t. The experimental method is baked on the use of the cooling intensity of a heated wire located in an air flow on ihe velocity and running angle of the flow in 'fence on.the velocity is used for determining the wire. The cqoling intensity depen. the value of the flow velocity; the cooling intensity dependence on the running bangle is used for determining its vertical components. A Constantan wire with a ~diameter of 100 p is used. The results of theiexperiment are presented in graphs. .Orig. art. has: figures and 6 formu~ias. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskaya glavna geofizicheskaya observatoriya (Principle 'Geophysical Observatory of Leningrad) 'SMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 16Apr64 SUB CODE: AS NO,REF-SOV: 004 ENCL 00 07M: 003 ARlYf,,Llj N.".; 13YUTNER) E.K.; B.O. 0 Determining the v-components of wind velocity from structural. measurements. Trudy GGO no.150:69-77 164. (MIL4 17:7) --P.IYELI, 11.4 Evaluation of errors in calculating spectral density according to correlation functions. Trudy GGO no.167:184-187 165. Errors in calculating structural characteristics according to experiment data. Ibid.:188-194 (RIRA 19:1) ARIMI, Raso, inzh, (Dushanbe); BERFZNFR, A.S., inzh. (Dushanbe) Practices in preliminary wetting of loess-type soi-Is. Gidr. i'mel. 17 no.4:39-45 AP 165. (MIRA 18:5) MISTS, V., inzhener; ARIYICLI, B., inzhener. Grain elevators and their construction in Poland. Muk.-elev.prom. 21 no-11:30-32 N 155. (MIRA 9:4) I.Glavzagotetroy. (Poland--Grain elevators) ARIYKLI, R.I.; SCROM, V.I. , -,.-,. I -"U-W~h soap as a plasticizer for mortars and concrete. Rats. i izobr.predl. v stroi-no-137:9-10 156. (Kw 9:9) (Concrete) (Mortar) (soap) SMETANA -IX *--I- -SKALA -IB#__1 ARIMT, Prenence of nucleoli in the nuclei of mature lymphocytes of peripheral blood in man* Probl,gemat,i perel,krovi no,7:30- 34 161. (MDA 1419) Is Tz gistologicheskogo inatitutv falull-tets obshchey meditsiny Karlova universiteta TSentrallnogo voyennogo gospitalya i Voyennogo instituta gigiyeny epidemiologii i mikrobiolog:Li (ftaga). (IMTHOCYTES) ARIYENTX Y,, Arient, J.1 - _L Aroyleneimidazole dyes. Usp.khim. 34 no.11:1908-1944 N 165. (MIRA 19ti) 1. Issledovatellskiy institut organicbeskogo sinteza, Pardubitse-Rybitsi, Chokhoslovakiya. ARITEV, A.M.; BUM& G -Te.; IMIDN. B.N.; GURVICH, S. 1. Further findings on application of thalium plaster in the treatmer.,t of zVooses of the part of the head covered with hair. Vest. vener,, Moskva no.1:47-48 Jan-Yeb 195.1. (CLKL 24:2) l..Professor for Arlyovioh; GandIdate Medical Sciences for Bekkerov. 2. Of the Wcology Department (Head -- Prof, A%X. Arlyevich) of the Central Dermato-Venereological Institute (Director -- 'Candidate Medical Sciences N. X.-Taranov) of the Ministry of Public Health USSR and of Xnanaw Mycolejlc~l Dispensary (Read - Vi N. Pentko7skaya; Cons-iltant I~rof. A. M. Ariyevich)8' ARrrSV, LoNA94832dame(kerauk (Odessa) I Amageoic anesthesia with nitrous oxide in operations of Bbor~- duration, Mrurgiia 37 (KMA 34W (Ig64147-49MI61. 8 on ) 7186. AA18V Y.Y. and YMTEJVA -L On hypo- and gnoxig of the avocnrdium. T14d cormunication. -xneriments with VIT Xlinitcheskaya Ye'-4itsina 1947, 25/2 (35-40) In previous experiments it was shown that hypoxia and anoxiq of the Myocardium had a most marked influence on the R wave. In various experiments on isolated animal hearts it was found by Konig and others that in anaerobic conditions (N or H atzosphere) the perfused heart may beat for some time without oNygen, for one hour and longer. The same experimental condition is realized by intoxication of the heart with KCN which in concentrations of 0.001 N does not interfere with dehydrase (Belitzer). This explains why no immediate death of tissues follows this mode of intoxication. In experiments on dogs electrocardiograms were compared before and after the introduction of 70 mgm-,KCN into the circulation. Very definite changes occurred in the R and T waves, R becoming much lower and T higher. This confirms the impression that the R wave is concerned with the oxygen-consuming chemical process of the metabolism of the heart and the T wave with the anaerobic processes. Low voltage of the R wave is seen in infection, anaemia, diffuse myocardial sclerosis, myxoadema, and all conditions where oxygen consumption of the heart muscle W be presumed to be low. High T waves were seen in stenocardia, in convalescence from typhoid fever, etc. This illustrates conditions where, as a result of serious damage to the heart muscle, anaerobic processes are intensified. In the normal E.G.G., R and T may express two phases of the metabolic process in the muscle, the former the aerobic and the latter the anaerobic phase. Van der 1.1olen - Terwolde (Sec. VI) SO: Section II Vol. 12 No. 7-12 .- -1 - , y - . --. . . , ~ I ~ I ~Zrul I j - "Burn Shook, Its Prevention and Treatment." report submitted for the 27 Congress of Surgeons of the USSR) Moscow) 23-28 may ig6o ARItVICH, Abram Yikhahovich I\ I Occupational funSus diseases of pastry industry workers Moskva, Medgiz, 1941. 122 p. 1. Nails (Anatomy) - i)isaases- 2. Cccupational disease 44~1 ~ -- -n '. .. .tMn --l' v t4-unj An r-'jr- I-I lk Ih ~,Izlovich .- A- Ringworm and mange, Mosk-va, Medgiz, l9hh. 111 P. 1. RinFworm. 2. Scabies ____ARIYEV-ICH,-A.-M. -Dr. Med-Sci-.- - - -_ - Dissertation: "Surface SaacharonWeetic Affections of the Skin and Mucous Membranes." Central Inst. for Advanced Training of Physicians. 18 Mar 47. SO: Vechernyaya Moskva, Mar, 1947 (Project #17836) ---ARTIEVICII, Abram -Kikhallovich. A Fungus diseases of the skin and ifucous membranes. IXoskva, Medgiz, 1949. 2h6 p. DSG 1. Skin - Diseases. 2. Mucous membrane. --- - - ARIYEVICH) A. M. (Prof.) - - "Clinic, Diagnostics, Treatment and Prophylaxis of Ringworm and Mange," Felldsher i Akusher., No. 3, 1949. ARIYEVICH, A. M. "Review of P. V. Kozlievnikov's Article 'Treatment of Scabs in Mass Numbers., , to Vest. Venerol. i Dermatol., No. 3, 1949. - ARIYEVICH, A. M. "Review of I. R. Gershanovich's Article ITTestment of Noma and Ulcerous-Necrotid Gingivitis with Penicillin,"' Vest. Venerol i Dermatol.2 No.-3, 1949. PAUMICH) A. M. I'Vew Data on the Epidemiology of Microspores in the USSR," Vest. Venerol. i Dermatol., No. 3, 1949, Section of Vqcology, Central Der mato-Venereological Inst., Min. of Public Health USSR. 1ARIMICH. A. M. "Review of A. G. SuntsovIA Article 'Focal and Fractional Exposures s5 a Yethod of MSore Uniform and Painless Roentgenepilation,l " Vest. Venerol. i Dermatol., No. 31 1949. ARIYEVICH, A. M. "Review of A. G. Suntsov I s Article I Growth Measurement of the Epilatory Portion, I " Vest. Venerol-.-i-Dermatol., No. 3, i949. ARIYEVICH, A. M#- "Review of A. C. Chubarova's Article 'Ornychomycosis' " Vest. Venerol i Dermatol., No- 3, 1949. MM/1%dicine Fungus DieeaSeO NV/j= 49~ 'Dermatology 'Present Problems in Treating Trichc)~W-Osisy - Mcrosporia and Mange: A B%vnopls," Prof A. Yl. Arlyevich, Cen Dermatovenereol inst, Ulu Of Pub Health USSR, 6 pp "Vast Venerol i Dermatol" No 3 'Summarizes opinions of Cipollaro, Larie, Shekht-- Manikov, et al, on X-ray apparatuB, use of filters, dosage, age of children treated by X-ray -- beat epilatory treatment knov7a. Details Iq?roved X-ray treatment for young chi3dren. vith vWcosis by Ariyevich and Bessabotnov 149T59 USSR/liedicine Fungus Diseases W,/Jan 49 (C6ntd) Ariyevich believes X-rays have therapeutic and epilatory value. Analyzes use of preparations such as (Brills) thallium plaster, iodine solu- tions, stilbestrol, estrogenic compounds, ethyl mercury phosphate, mercury compounds, fatty acids, sulfonamide compound , etc. Antibiotics are,being studied extensively. 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In 20 patients glossitis was noticed; in 2 stomatitis, in 4 an iniertriginous lesion in the perineal and groin regions and in 6, lesions of different localization. In 25 patients these fungigenic lesions occurred after treatment with 'byomycin' and in 7 after 'syntomycin'. These lesions appear- ed 4-10 days after treatment had been started. In 24 out of 32 patients all clinical symptoms disappeared soon after the antibiotic treatment was discontinued. Six patients required a proper treatment. In 40 patients treated by the antibiotics mentioned, the oral mucosa was investigated before and after the use of anti- biotics. Sharp qualitative and quantitative changes were noticed in the composition of the flora. In particular, if before the antibiotic treatment the fungus Candida was present in 13 out of 40 patients, the same fungus appeared after termination of antibiotic treatment in 29 patients and in greater quantities. 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Author Ariyevich, A. M.;LYanov.-Ye, I.; Kogan, T-Ne- Inst :'Not giveff'.. Title Case.-ot.Yeast P-tieumonia.and Yeast Sepsis (Candid- asepsis)-in,Connection with Treatment by.Antibioties. Orig Pub: Terapevt. arkhiv, 1957, 29, No 6, 38-43. Abstract: A case is described of candidamicosis of the lungs erroneously diagnosed as infiltrative tuberculosis. Treatment with antibiotics (penicillin, streptomy- cin, and biomycin) caused a sharp deterioration; the patient died from yeast sepsis. The problem of differential diagnosis of yeast pneumonia is set forth. The isolation of the fungus in a Sabouraud's culture medium without its simultaneous discovery in a native Card 1/2 R.S., prof 9*,-ARrMIMA.K.,-prd,' In the All-ftesion Society of Dermatologists and Venerelogistg. ZdravA - Yoder. 2 no'8t47-48 Ag 158 (MA. U:q) (MMKR"i-SOGINTUS) (v OLOGY-SOCIMT13S) ARIYZVICH, A.M., STEPANISEIMVA, Z.G. Affections of the mucosa caused by yeast-type fungi and Leptotrix following the local application of antibiotics.' Antiblotiki 3 no.4: 124-12$ JI-Ag 158 (MIRA 11:10) Is Mikologicheakiy otdel (zav' - prof; A.M. Ariyevich) TSentrallnogo ~ozhno-venerologicheakogo inst;tuta Ministeretva sdravookhraneniya RSPSR; (MUCOUS NEMBRANES--DISEASES) (MEDICAL MYCOLOGY) ARIYEVICHO A f.9 TTUFILINA. Ov. I- 7irst result of use of the preparation epilin for treatment of mVcoBes of the scalp's (with.s*dmmar7 in Ingliah]; Test;derm. i ven; 32 no;4829-33 Jl--A 158 (MIRA il:10) I- Iz mikologicheakogo otdela (zav* - prof; AX Ariyevich) T;entrallnogo kozhno-venerologiches~ogo institute (dirs' - Xands' med;nauk H.M* Turanov) Ministerstva adravooldiraneniya RSM&* (SCALP# diot fungus die., prether. epilation hair by opilin (Rua)) (HAIR# fungus dis, of scalp (Rua)) (FURGICIMS. there' use opilin epilation hair in there of fungus die. of scalp (Rug)) (3THMS, ther. use same (RUBD ARITBVIC 5 A.M.,, prof.; TIUVILIVA, O.V. , ~, UFle of ar "Undecine" preparation in the treatment of dermatomycosis. Xhim. i med. no.10:76-79 '59. (MM 13:2) 1. lz mikologicheakogo otdela (zav. - prof. A.M. Arlyevich) TSentrall- nogo koghno-venerologichookogo instituta (dir. N.M. Turanov) Minist- erstva, zdravockhraneuiya SSSR. (UNDICGENOIG ACID-THMORUTIC USX) (DMWOMYGOSIS) iRRIVIGH, A.M.; IRSTUH, L.G. 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WU 13: 10) lo Iz mikologicbaskogo otdala TSentrallnogo kozhno-venerologicheakogo instituta Ministerstva 7-dravookhranani RSFSR (MEDICAL MYCOSET ARIYEVICH, A.M., prof. (Moskva) Elimination of favus is an important task. of rodical personnel. Felld. i akush. 25 no. 7%14,-18 Je 160. (MIRA 13:0 (FAVUS) -ARIYEVICH, A.M.-i VIKHREVA, O.G.; _;~EV, B.M.; 2STSPANISHCHEVA, Z.G. Some new principles and metfiods in the treatment of patients with onychomycoses. Ve,st. dem. i van. ~/+ no.. 5:30-35 -160's (MIRA 14:1) (NAILS (ANATOMY)-DISEASES) (MEDICAL MYCOLOGY) k ARIYEVICH A M prof., red.; PERSHIN, G.N., prof., red.; MIRONOVAI AeMop takhn, red, (Epilin in the treatment of dermatomycosis of the scalp] Epilin v terapii dermatomikozov volosistoi chasti golovy. Moskva,, Medgiz., 1961. 130 P. (MIRA 1512) 1. TSentra:Llrqy kozlmo-venerologicheskiy institut (for Ariyevich). (FUNGICIDES) (DEBMAT01-TCOSIS) ARIYEVICIIA A. M. 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A now antibiotio grissofulvin in the treatment of dermato- mycoses; survey of the literature and personal observations. Test.dermoi vens [351 no.200-39 P 161. (MIRA 34:3) 1. Iz mikologicheskogo otdela (zav. - prof. A.M. Ariyevich) TSentrallnogo kozbno-venerologicheakogo instituta (dir. - dotsent N,M. Turanov) Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya RSFSR, (GRISROFULVIN) (DLINATOMYCOSIS) FANDEYEV, Leonid Ivanovich, dots.; ARIMICH -A M red.; BAIJANA, N.F., tekhn. red. [Skin and venereal diseases) Kozhrqe i venericheakie bolezni. Izd,3*, perer. i sokrashchennoo. Moskvap Medgiz, 1962. 409 P. (MIRA 15:6) (SKIN-DISEASES) (VENEMU DISEASES) ARIYEVICH. A.M. prof. Occupational fungus diseasese Veat.dem.i ven. no.10-9 162. (MIRA l5sl) 1. Iz mikologichookogo otdela (zav. - prof. A.M. Ariyevich) TS-entrallnogo kozhno-~venerologicheskogo instituta (dir. - dotsent N.M. Turanov) Hinisterstva zdravookhraneniya RSFSR. (MEDICAL MYCOLOGY) (OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES) A~MPICHp A# Me.. prof. 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