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ARICAD'YBTSKIY, A.A.; BRUZHIS, A.P.; KUIMKKDOYA. Te.A. I- on"", Disorders in'the coordination of movement" under high-altitude mountain conditions1with samrory In Inglish]. _BiofjzIka 2 no,2: 242-251 157. (MLRA 10:6) 1. Institut biologichookoy fisiki Akadenii nauk SSSR. Moskva. (AINTUDS, INFLUING1 OF) (NOUXW DISORAIRS) ARWIYXVSKU, A.A. Iffect of a strong "white" noise on the anditory function (with summary in Inglishl. Biofisika 4 no.z:166-169 159- (MIRA 12:4) 1. Institut biologichookoy fiziki AN SSSR, Moskva. (NOISN' effects, strong noise on hearing (Rue)) ARKADIYEVSKIY$ A.A.- MAIOROV, V.P.; RUMIANTSEV, G.I. Methodological problems in the measurement and evaluation of vibrationi, and noise. Uch. zap. Y-osk.nauch-isal.inst. san.i gig. no.7t,17-25 160. (KIa 15:2) (NOISB--~WASUJ-O*ZiT) (VIBijATJON_XWUW- IENT) --IARKAI)iYEVSKIY, A.A.9 kand.meditsinokikh nauk Physiological bases for the determination of norms:of industrial noise. Gig.i san. 25 no.9.121-26 S 160o (MM -13:9) 1. Iz Mookovskogo nauchno-issledovateVskogo instituta sanitarii i gigiyeny imeni F.F. Erismana Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya RSFSR. (NOISE-MEASUMUM) ARKADIYEVSKIY, A.A. Characteristiao of auditory adaptation in persons workin wider-noisy conditions. Biofizika 6 no-4:492-491+ 161. flim 14:7) 1. Institut, biologicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR, Moskva. (NOISE-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) 39549 al 00 S/240/6210001002JO01/001 1015/1215 AUTHOR: Arkad'yevskiy, A. A., Candidate of Medical Sciences TITLE; -~ygicnic standards for continuous noise of high freqLAAY PERIODICAL: Gigiyena i sanitariya, no. 2, 1962, 25-28 TEXT-. Previous studies showed that noise of high frequency brought about functional and histological. changes in the auditory apparatus.The presentstudy was performed oa7 youngand healthy persons (agedl9-23) in a soundproof chamber, to test the effect of a continuous high frequency noise of 70, 75, and 85 db. Physiological reactions were impaired following a continuous noise of 85 db, which therefore, unlike noises of 70 and 75 db., must be regarded as injurious to man. There are 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy naucbno-issledovatcl'skiy instilut gigiyeny imeni F. F. Erisman Ministersiva zdravookhraneniya RSFSR (Research Institute of Hygiene imeni F. F. Erisman. Moscow Ministry of Health RSFSR) SUBMITTED: March 24, 1961 Card III 41727 V240/62/000/010/001/001 I015/IP15 AUTHOR: Arkadlyevskly, CAndidate Irledical Sciences TITLE: t-he combined ei-.~"ect on man 'of-vibration and noise PERIODICAL: Gig'iyena- i sanitarlya no. 10, 1962i 25-29 TEXT: This is the continuation of previous work, the combined effect having been insufficiently.studied. 3xDeriments carried out on 5 healthy persons 19-24 years old, included audiomet- ric, chronoreflexometric and electrocardiographic recordings before and after stimulations. A noise of' medium frequency and of an* . /-Y inzensizy of 85 db, together with vertical vibrations of 50 cyc/sec, with an amplitude of 151ou did not bring about any m;arked physiolo- Card 1/2 UL157Y S/244/63/022/001/001/001 Aoo4Ai26 AUTJRS. Tseytina, A. Ya., Lapina, S. A., Akadlyevskiy, A. A.' TITLE: Effects of noise on the C-vitamin metabolism of test animals PERIODICAL. Voprosy pitaniyajno. 1, 1963, 78 - 83 TEM The authors studied the effect of noise of 110 db intensity and 1,250 cps frequency on the C-vitamin metabolism,in guinea pigs that were sub- Jected to this noise for intermittent periods of 4 hours. The entire test series covered a period of 21 days. The tests were carried out on male guinea pigs.# weighing 500 g each, that were fed on the of hay, oats, carrots and bran. During the first 13 days of the tests, the animals received a daily dose of 25 mg of vitamin C each, this amount being'increaised up to 100 mg during- the following 8 days. The tests proved that noise stimulation resultedin the reduction of the ascorbic level in adrenal glands and in a decreased urinary,ex- cretion of vitamin C. This was particularly clearly revealed when the animals were receiving daily doses of 100 mg of ascorbic acid. It was also found that the amount of urine excreted"by the test animals over the 4-hour period-deareaBecL There are 4 figures and 2 tables* Card 1/2 L 8477-65 AFWI,/MM/ASD(f )/ESD(t)/Pa-4/Pb-4 IACCES~10N NR: AP4048783 S/0240/64/000/007/0025/0030 49 AUTHOR: Arks ,y A. A. (Candidate of medical sciences) TITLE: Standardization from the hygienic standpoint of the level of continuous noise in industry SOURCE: Gigiyena i sanitartys, no. 7, 1964, 25-30 TOPIC TAGS- noise. noise effect, noise level, physiological tolerance, hygiene, industrial hygiene Abstract: The effects of steady noise with Intensities of 65-100 decibels and frequencies of 200, 600. 1,750, and 4,000 cycles on auditory perception, the visual-motor reaction, cardiac attivtty, vascular tonus, and the state i of the nervous iystem w-r-, -;ttidled. Cnmparlsnns were made between the phy- siological effects of low-energy noise of long duration and high-enorgy noiz;e of short duration at equal energies of both types of noise. Or. the basis of the results obtained, standards for the naximum permisatble level L 8477-65 ACCESSION NR, AP4048783 of noise were set and a procedure was developed for determining the level of Inoise at industrial establishments. ASSOCIA17ON: Moskovs1dv nauchno-issledovatellsidy Institut giglyeny* F. F, Erismans (Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Hygiene) SUBAGTTED: 13Mar63 ENCL. 00 SUB CODE: GP, LS NO REF sov.. 005 OTHER: 000 JPRS 212 ---------- -L 24683-66 ACC - NRt AP601468T Table -I. ~:Chj.Lhges in pulse caused by various noise parameters. After e N�ii;e dmmda Pulse 99 7idn- . sure tn-nn, Fie Type of change atI3 0 Be TT I ulg d: n (380haji) Elevated 10 13 71~. e Oise, 29 12 46 goepressed 6 46 41 change. 9 7 Elevate 6 uUednoii Depressed -50 7 62 No - change 40 - _31 Ptable Elevate 10 14 Depressed., 38 -10 W o change,; 62, 1: .40 N Generally, the marked-difference between the.effects of pulsed and stable noise which been repor .ted by,6ome other investigators 'was not observed. Orig.,arti'-has: 2 figures 'and. I table i _(CDI SUB CODE: 05i 06/,- SUM DAM, 210ct65/ ORIG REF4..-0o6/, CM M7: 001/ ATD I 2/2 Card ---ARKADYEVSKII-A. -A-;-The significanceof r4vthm inwork-in hot- shops - Gigiye--n-a i Sanitariya, Moscow 1949, 12 (24-28) Illus. 3 Investigations were carried out at a steel-rolling mill to assess the dependence of the productivity of the workers on their physical fatigue. The former was estimated by the time required by.the individual UDrker for the various parts of the procedure - this is called the rhythm of the work -, the latter was assessed by the temperature and pulse rate of the worker. Ihe group of workers with the longest time reqairement showed also the highest degree of fatigue. This was particularly noticeable in the afternoon. SO: Medical Microbiology and Hygiene SectL~n !V, Vol. 3, NO. 7 - 12 Collis (World Medical Abstracts) LLV~(_ -,- ~1 M (j is J~, t: fACC NRo -AP6002698 9 SOURCE CODE: UR/0391/66/666/001/0047 0014 A AuTtimu: ArkaVyevskiy, A.. Ai- (Hoscbi): _Q~ ORG: 111ititute-OUHygiene F*:F.*-:Er'Isman.' (Inatitut gislyaw TITLE: -,Problem, of the -,biological off ect of *arlous:, levels of stable noise .SOURCM _,Gi&iypna 'truda i Orofessionallnyye zabolevaniya, no. 1, 1966, 47-49.-' TOPIC.TAGS:. noise effects human physiology auditory analyzer, hearing threshold ARSTMM. While the:specific effects of.noise on the CNS,have been extensively studied- their,nonspecif ic; or-threshold effects-have received little attention, ..The. authors. -conducted a laborator experiment~on young people with normal hearin 9 to compare thephysiological effedts.of a low noise intensity (65 db) with the effects of a higherintensity (75 db)' During the teste, the subjects::tinderwent audiometrics electrocardid aphict. chronoreELwwmetric, and vascular -tonomet.ric gr examinations$ -.The maximum sound:pressure at.75 db was 4000.cps. :The 300.tests -db serle were: divided.. Into three series-.-.l) control -series without noise; 2) 75 .8, 3) ~65 db seriiis~i The control ~serles demonstrated that the expe~rimental:condition.- did-not*produce any physiological artifacV. The second series (75 db) I show.ed-that .. hearing thresholds (mea-isured with aLG-.U*; sound Reneratorloand TD-6 electrodynamic decrease y:an average very telephone) id b of.15 db after 1-hr exposure. Full reco took place 5-1.0min later. The third series (65 db) resulted in anaverage auditory, 6rd 112 UDC: 613.644 612.014.45 .ARKAS LZoltanAL-okleveleo kohomernok; MOLRAR., Imrep okleveles kohomernok; Laszlo, okleveles gepeszmernok Application bf safety programming in the design of a metal foundry, Koh lap 95, no.8:3ftri-Ontodel 13 no.8*.183-187 Ag 162. 1 Is Koho- es Gepipari Hiniszterium Tervezo Irodai. COUNT-iY USSR CATEGORY Farm Animals. Cattle ABS. JOUR. RZBiol., No- 13, 1958, No- 59507 AUTHOR Arkaj"-_,_~, !X3T. Chelyabin bicultural Station sk Agr TIMS, Experience in Industrial Grossing in a Dairy Herd ORIG. PUB. : S. kh. Sibiri, 1957, No 10, 41-45 AB3TRACT : The crossbreadin of Tagil cattle (T) with the Simmenthals fS) and East Friesians (EF) was conducted under Identical conditions of feeding and management at the Experimental Farm of the Chelyabinsk Agricultural Station. Dams were composed of crosses with local cattle of the 2nd ,3rd and kth generations. . The Tagil-Sinnenthal crosses (TS) of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations had a 3-93~ butterfati CARD: 1/3 C4 - 21 T1.1-11A 3 M 3 ~W.S country USSR CATEGC)Ry parm Animals. Cattle A33. JOUR- PZB101-, Noi 13t 1958, No. 59507 AUTHOR INST, .TITLE ORIG. PUB. A13STRACT milk content and surpassed both of the ori- L cont'd. ginal breeds: T in milk yield 'or a laOta- tion by 659, in butterfat content by 22.4 and in live weight by 63 kg.; S were exceed- ed by 516 and 22 kg., respectively, but the crosbes lagged behind in live weight by 22 kg. The Tagil-East Friesian crosses (TEF) of the lst and 2nd generations surpassed T in milk yield by 634 kg. and in butterfat con- tent by 19.1 kg. Their butterfat content CARD: 2/3 COUNT-iy * USSR 0~" TZX171ORY'Farm Animals. Cat tle ABS. JOUR. RZBiol., NO- 13, 1958, No- 59507 AUTHOR T IT L.:,; ORIG. PUB. AB3TRACT equals 3.90% and exceeds that of EF by 0.21 cont'd. yielding to that of T by 0,11,%. The outlay of feed units per 1 1%. of 4,7* milk obtained at th6 yearly rate of 4,475-1,733 kg. per cow was: TS - 0.90; TEF - O.~9; T - 0.92; 3 - 0.98. CARD: 3/3 ca-1-id Sol di.,- 1;,(ziltal st7,tion." E-O~J; (All-Union 2cir-ntific '.6Fsc-rch 5 7,11dr- 1 qf) cOj iec I II-Int of 2-11im-l "Ll 11") , , , ; C)-"- .. - .12 - . Dummy tank turretE. '10 1. Taddst, iio 12, igh8. ARIATOV. V.A. (Xoekva. Malyy AfanaslyevskLy per. d.5/15, kv-5) Prevention of Ischemic spinal paralysis b7 shunts; experimental research [with summar7 in English, p. 158- 1591 Vest.khir. 77 no-7: 57-64 JI 156. (KIRA 9:16) 1. Is kliniki fakul'tatskoy khirurgii (zav. - profe B.T.Fatrovskiy) pedistricheskogo fakallteta 2-go Moskovskogo meditsinakogo instituta im. I.T.Stallua. (PARALYSIS, exper. spinal, induced by clamping of abdom. aorta, prev. of paralysis by shunts in dogs) (AORTA. syarg. exper. shunts for prev. of exper. spinal apral7sis Induced by clamping of abdom. aorta in dogs) 7j/1 11 L CATO J., Prevention of ischemic paralysis of the legagand Ef the ab1ominal and pelvic organs by shunting peripharal ves els with sumary in Anglishl. gkoper.kbir. 2 no.3:26-33 My--Te '57. (MIRA 10-10) 1. 1z gospitallnoy khtrugicheakey kliniki (zav. - chlen-korresporAeut ANS 6tia prof. B.V.Petrovskly) I Moskovgkt).-,o ordena Lenina meditain- skogo instituta imeni 1.11-Sechenova, (ACRT,A. surg, exper., prev. of ischemia paralysis of legs & abdom. & pelvic organs by shunt) AEEATOV, V.A.. MOVE!, Kal0shin per.. d.4. k7 .23) Prevention of spinal paralysis in prolonged aortic constriction by tempor6ry,shunting of peripheral vesse'al with a rotary.pump; experi'sents.-1 study [with summ,ary in.Englishl. Vest.'kh1r. 79 no. 11; 114m-121.- 1' '5-7 (KIMA 11:3) 1. Is gospitalluoy khirurgicheakoy kliniki (zav.-prof. B.V.Petrovskiy) 1-go Kookovsk6go'ordena lenina meditsinskogo instituts in.1-NO SOchanovaj (00AROTATION OF AORTA. exper, ~prev..of spinalparalynis by temporary shunting of peripheraly.essels with pump & rollers in dogs (Rua) EXCERPTA MEDICA See 19 Vol 2/4-Rehabilitation Apr- 59 801. Experimental prevention of ischaemic paralyscs of legs and ofthe abdominal and pelvic organs by shunting peripheral vemels (Russian teXt) AR.KATC)v V. A. Eksper. Khir. 1957,157/3 (26-33) Graphs 3 Illm 2 Paralv%is of tile legs and tile abdominal and licivic organs constitutes olle of the 11105t.thm-erous complications of aortic surgery. To prevent these complications treating a temporarv by-pass of peripheral vessels with tile aid of a rubber tube -111d glas . . " calliltilis is stiggested. Femoral. carotid and humeral arterics %%-ere used for this [)),-pass. With tile aorta clamped tile blood by-passed and reached the spinal. cord and the organs lying I?cloiv the clamped site. Dogs were use([ for this experiment. lit 3 cases tile thoracic aorta was clamped below tile left subclavian artery for 30 min, no temporary by-pass being created. In all 3 cases paralysis of the hind legs and the abdominal -in([ pelvic organs was observed. lit 17 cascs the thoracic aorta was clamped below and above the left subclavian ;irtcry with and without resection of the aorta for periods lasting front -15 min. up to 2 hr. with a functioning by-pass. Good results were observed in 13 cases. In 4 animals paralytic phenomena set ill Postoperatively. In these .1 cases the by-pass hall a Itimen of :,' mm. in diameter. The use of a shunt with a lumen of 3 nini. and over prevents paralysis of legs all(( abdominal and pelvic organs with aorta clamped for a period of ill) to 2 hr., but will not prevent dilatation of the cardiac cavities. Partial claillp- ing of tile inferior vena cava with a functioning by-pass and clamped aorta pre- vents cardial: dilatation. The temporary shunt prevents the catastrophic drop ill blood pressure, which, otlict-wise, follows tile removal of tile aortic clamps. (IX. 19) ARKATOV, V. A. , Cand Med Sci -- (dies) "Prevention of spinal ischemic paralysis by the sh ' ethod. (Dcperimental study.)" Mos, 1958. 18 pp with ills (First Vosxgx Order of Lenin Med Inst im 1. 11. Seche-nov), 200 copies (XL, 16-58, 123) _ ~3 - 4V KOLYUrSKAYA, O.D., kand,med.nauk (Xo9kovskaya oblast', Ukhtomakly rayon, poselok Tomilino, ul. Zhukovskogo, d.15),.ARKATOT. V.A. Experimental use of artificial hypothermin in preventing spinal ischemic paralysis. Report No.l. Nov.khirorkh. no.2157-62 Kr%wAP '58 (MIRA 11:6) 1. Kafedra fakcattetskoy khirurgii (zave - chlen-korreepondent AMN SSSR prof@ B.V. Petrovskiy) pediAtricheskogo fakul'teta 2-go Xoskovekogo meditsinskogo institute* AORTA-SURGERY) RIGIRATION AMTHESIA) 0 (PARALTSIS) EXCFRPTA _nDI A S60 - 5_V01__12/5_Ge_n 1~a_th 0 Mlai 59 1203. EXXMINATION OF THE SPINAL. CORD OF DOGS SUBJECTED TO VARI_ OUS METHODS OF TEMPORARY SHUNTING OF THE AORTA AND PEHi- P HERAL BLOOD VESSELS (Russian text) - Arkatov V. A. -.ARKII. PATOL. 1958, 20/6 (31-36) Illus. 3 The experiments were performed on 79 dogs. Structural changes of the ganglion cells of the spinal cord were observed in aortic shunts, even when there were no functional disturbances. Temporary (up to 2 hr.) shunting with elimination of the total thoracic section of the aorta caused no functional changes in the hind legs. and the changes in the spinal cord were reversible. \o changes 6ere produ-, ed in the spinal cord by temporary shunting with stricture of the aorta or the peripheral versels to 3 mm. and elimination of the thoracic aorta at 2 leve!s as well as liga- ture of 8 to 9 intercostal arteries. However, when the vascular ~Stricture leaves an opening of less than 2 mm., severe destructive spinal changes occur and complete occlusion of the aorta is fatal because the spinal cord below the circulatory dis- turbance is completely destroyed. Brandt - Berlin IL . ARKATOV, V.A. --Anatomical and morphological study of the regeneration of experimental wounds of the aorta in experiment. Xhirurgiia 34 no.12:60-65 D 158. (KIRA 12 : 1 ) 1. Iz kliniki gospitalinov khirurgii (dir. - deyetviteltrqy chlen AMN SSSR Prof. B.V. Petrovskiy) I Moskovskogo ordena, Lenina Meditsinakogo inBtituta imeni I.M. Sechenova. (AORTA, wds. & inj. regen. of lateral wds. in dogs (Rue)) PETROVSKIY,, B.V.; SOLOVIYEV, G.M.; ARKATOV, V.A.; KHODAS, M.Ya. Experience in working with an apparatus for artificial blood circu- lation from the Research Institute for Experimental Surgical Apparatus and Instruments. Trudy NIIEKHAI no.5:119-124 161. (KIRA 15:8) 1. Iz gospitallnoy khirurgicheskoy kliniki 1-go Moskovskogo ordena Lenina meditsinskogo Instituta im. I.M.Seebenova. (PERFUSION PUMP (HEART)) PETROVSKIY, B.V.; SOLOVIYEV, G.M.; KIHODAS, 11,1.Ya.; AR?UTO.V, V.A.; MIDOVETSMYA, A.Sh.; TU11-1ASHIVA, N.N. Some hematological and biochemical indices in eyperimental extracorporeal circulation; preliminary report. Trudy 1-go MI 33:15-24 164. (MIM 18:3) ARKATOV., V.A. Method of blood oxygenation with pure oxygen. Trudy I-go 11141 33: 132-138 164. WIRA 18:3) KOLUTSKA-YA, O.D.; ARIUMV, V.A. Discharge of blood from the heart by shunting brought about by a high and prolonged ligature of the aorta in moderate hypothermia. Trudy 1-go MMI 33:215-218 164. (MW 18:3) ARKATOV, V.N. Use of a portable traction appratue in combination with a plaster cast in treating fractures of long bones. Ortop.travm.protes. Moskva no-1:72-73 Ja-Y '55. (NI-B A 8; 10) 1. 1% oblastnoy bollnitey g. Kurgana (glavnyy vrach - A.Ta.Dedov) (FRACTURES, therapy, traction appar. with plaster cast) (PLASTER CASTS, in fract. of long bones, with traction appar.) (ORTHOPEDIC, appratus and instruments, traction appar.,ther, of fract, of long bone, with plaster casts) V.N.; UNDVA, N.A. ."o-W-110-1~_ - Single-stage skeletal repositioning and fixation of fragments in old and irreducible fractures of the bones of the extremities. Ortop.trami. protez. 20 UO-9:30-35 S 159. (KIRK 13:2) 1. Iz zbLelesnodoroshnoy bolluitay (na challnik - A.I. Kurilev) at. Kurgan Ywhno-Ural'skay zhelezuoy dorogi. (XXTRWITINS, fract. & disloc.) (MCTURIS UNUNIVID sure.) IARKATOV, V. N. Skeletal reposition of inveterate and complicated fractures of the upper and lower end of the humerus. Khirurgiia 38 no.5: 103-106 my 162. (MIRA 15:6) 1. Iz kafedry obsbchey kbirurgii (zav. - prof. V. P. Bodulin) Stavropol'skogo meditsinokogo instituta na'baze 2-go khirurgi- cheakogo otdoleniya (zav. V. A. Kutulutaidy) Krayevoy klini- cheskoy bollnitay (glavnyr vrach Yu. P. Zotov) (HMMU,9--MCTURE) ARKATOV, V.N., ordinator Closed reposition and fixation of fractures of the bones of extremities by using intramedullar pins, a bone sutures, and other fastening methods. Uch. zap. Stavr. gos. med. inst. 12%265-266 163. (MIRA 17t9) 1. Kafedra obshchey khirurgii (zav. prof. Yu.S. Gilevich) Stavropollskogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinskogo instituta i 2-go khirurgicheskogo otdeleniye Stavropoltskoy krayevoy klinicheskoy bollnitsy (galvnyy vrach P.F. Shatskaya). USSR / Human and Animal Morphology (Normal and Pathological). Nervous System. Central Nervous System. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 4, 1959, No. 16918 Author : Arkatov, V. S. Inst : Not given Title : Investigation of the Spinal Cord of Dogs Which Were Subjected to Various Methods of Temporary Shunting of the Aorta and Peripheral Vessels Orig Pub : Arkhiv patologil, 1958, 20, No 6, 31-36 Abstract : It was shown on 79 animals that during shunting and connected with It decrease of blood flow of the thoracic portion of the aorta (A), the changes in the nerve cells of the spinal cord (SC) are observed even Card 1/3 29 USSR / Human and Animal Morphology (Normal and S Pathological). Nervous System. Central Nervous System, Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biologiya, No 4, 1959j No. 16918 when the functions of the hind extremities and organs of the abdominal and pelvic cavi- ties are not disturbed. The exclusion of the whole thoracic portion of A (temporary shunt below the left subclavian artery and above the diaphragm) leads to reversible changes in SO without disturbance of the function of the hind extremities. A temporary shunt with a diameter of 3 mm and more, applied on A, and ligation of 8-9 intercostal arteries, does not induce changes In SO. A temporary shunt with a diameter of 2 mm and less leads to coarse destructive changes in SO., In complete closing of the A lumen, Card 2/3 KUZINA, A.I.: MUKHAROVA, L.S. Prinimali uebastiyea VLADMROVA, A.1.1 iRKhOVSKHp P.A.; ILIINA, D.A.- SHTIF, V.M. Natural tularemia fool in Kemerovo Province. Trudy- Tom NIIW 12'-43-47 060 (MIRA 16sU) 1. Kafedra epidemiologii Lening-radskogo sanitarno-gigiyeni- cheskogo meditsinskogo instituta 1 KemGrovskaya oVlaetnaya sanitaimo-epidemiologicheskaya stants.Lya. IUSSR/Mediclne Bi logic Is and may '51 .,c, o a /Jun kormobes .'Biological Activity of Therapeutic Aerosols on the .BA5is'-of Experimental'Data," S. Ya. Arkavin, L'vov -Xnst OMD. ( Protection of Mothers and Children) and Chair of Phar, L 'vov Med Inst %v6p P46d i 01-1iran Meter i Det" Vol XIX, No 3, pp 1-4-21 Cites USSR work on application by the inhalation method of whooping cough bacteriophage, measles reconvalescent serum, anti-measles serum, sulfa- pyridin, salsoline and penicillin. Describee.recent ,USSR work (under exactly controlled conditions) of. 188T95 USSR/Uedicine Biologicals and May/Jun 51, Hormones (Contd) ~itmninization against tuberculosis with aerosols of BCG,' vaccination against diphtheria by the aerosol method, treatment of children with insulin aerosols. Describes special inhalation mask used in treating ch-ildfen. ARYAWN) 3. YA. 113tudy of the ActivItY of Certain 7merapeutic Aerosoln." Lfvov 3-tat-e Sci Res inst, for the Protection of Vaternity and Childhood, LIvoy Stito 'Med Inst, Chair of Riamacolor, LIvov, 1952 (Dissertation for the Dat"Tee of Candidate of '!edical Sciences) SO: Ynizhnan Leto-nis', ?,To. 32, 6 Au.fy 55 j i I % ) .; V 0, CHERITIN, L. B;AMVIN, S. Ta. Respirator-mask. Gig sanit., Moskva no.4:27-30 Apr 1952. (CLML 22-2) 1. Of LIvov Oblast Sanitary lpidemiological Station. SPASSKIY, Vladislav Akimovich, polkovzTik meditainBkoy sluzhby. professor; ARUUV. Vilxtor AlekseyevieW, podpolkovnik meditsinskoy sluzhby, 'M k a d M~meditsinskikh,nauk; PETROVSKIY. K.S., polkovuik meditsin- skoy sluzhby dotsent, redaktor; BEZDENEZHNM. P.T.. podpolkovnik, redaktor; NYASNIKOVA, tekhnichaskly redaktor [Military hygiene] Voeunaia gigiena. Moskva, Voen. izd-vo Hinisterstva obor. 83SR, 1956. 127 p. (MIRA 9:10) (MILITARY HYGINIM) ARKAYEV, V.A., dots. Hygienic problems in the use of ionizing radiations in the food industry0 Gig. i san. 23 noelO;51-58 0 '58 (MIRA 11:11) 1e, Iz voyennoy kafedry i kafedry radiatsionnoy gigiyeny TSentrallnogo instituta. usovershenstvovaniya vrechey. (ROIATIONS, eff . sterilization of foods (Rus)) (FOOD ' sterilization by radiation (Rus)) SPASSKIY, Vladislav Akimovich., polkovnik med. sluzhby, prof.; i V~:Lktor ~Aleksey chjpolkovnik,, med. sluzhby, E P~ e~W.A IN G.M., podpolkovnik im uc a do med. sluzhby; POLYAKOV, V.I., podpolkovnik med. sluzhby; PAKHOMOV, V.I., polkovnik med. sluzhby, red.; CHAPAYEVA, R.I.9 tekhn. red. [Military bygiene)Voennaia gigiena.~;I'zd.2., perer. i dop. Moskva,. Voenizdat, 1962. 167 (MIRA 15:8) (Military hygiene~* /191/63/oo0/004/610/015. theoretical an& practical...., B101/BI86 -properties vere cons iderab ly - improved. by thermal treatment at Soo.C for 3 hra ntaining, g ass -. 1 6r treated I M ifith AC--1--(AS-I)- lubricant or ~poly- V, i ity of onjj- h a a~ permoa do 'and 55 60%,' respectively.-2 Mass :reinforced~ p n lastics showaa a,-bendi strength of 1500 - 1600 kg/ICM 2 2, -tensile stren mo~kg/cm .impact strength 30 40 -c ~Cm Sth -1200 kg d permeability to-. light so --:85%., 'The bina6r-suggested i -weatherproof an -~;has~-a-~-tow viscosity. There.-are 4*1~ a fi gunes. The English I nguage reference iss i-British. Plas ep 405 (1958)0 ~tics S, t ~72 L TJ504-66 EW(M)/ EWP('F)/ E1fF`(J)/T/Rr0(m) Wd/RM ACC NRi AP5028477 SMCB COW- MV0266165100010201006310063 0, 6,v ,AUMORSI air, 1. S. ITolovich, Z. BsUanov, al nlakoviekly, V. 1.e' .6 f-.-Kh Andreyev, AL. a t9 I V. I.; show -,Tin*fVovp 1. 1~ a. k Sy If W, none L91 TITLEs A device for saturating fibrous reinforcing materials with a binder. Class 39 No- IT5641 SOURCHs Wleten' isobraitenly i tovarrjkh zwkovii no. 200 19659 63 TOPIC TAM bonding material. industrial instrument, mechanical motion instrument ABSMACTs This Author Certificate presents a device for saturstIng fibrous reinforciA materials with a binder. The device contains a smahamism for moving the material over &'rigid base and a working percussion inatmumt. fte lattw is not into reciproostia action In a plans noramil to the motion of the material. To increase the Productivity of W device while Improving the saituation qmlity, Us working instrument consists of spring-losided plates mounted an a canons treverse. Slastio-suffox we fixied to that side of the plat" which is toward Ow material Wag h- =Ownit 131 so* Din, 1paisia 6 V1y not 6".006. 8vrr (m)AwP (v)/,EviP L 21192-66 M/T W"_. ACC NR: 6006254 (A) SOURCE CODE:' UR/0000/65/000/000/OlVjOiOl'~ AUTHOR: Shapoval, V. I.; Arkdzhovs V. N.; Turchak, V. N. k iX ORG: VNII-New-Constrgction-Matet,~LqL%,~K ~e Department (VNII novykh stroitelnyki~ materialov Kiyevskoye otdeleniye) TITLE; Investigation.of certain~polyester adhesives for transparent glassy par- ticles A SOURCE: AN UkrSSR. Modifikatsiya svoystv polimerov i polimernykh materialov (Modi-' fication of the properties of polymers and polymeric materials). Kiev, Naukova. dum-', ka, 1965, 137-143 JOPIC TAGS: adhesive, polyester plastic, plastic, plastic strength, copolymer, phthalic acid ABSTRACT- The preparation of polyesteradhesives for transparent Slaaay_Rlastics was investigated with the aim of developing an adhesive with a high index of refrac-. 'tion. The adhesives.were prepared by copolymerization mixtures of mono- or diethyl-.% gene glycol'jwith phthalic and maleic anhydride adipic acid, styrSpe ~ and RSLhyAqha~ '.~Cry ate in various molar ratios. The polycondensation reactions were conducted ford._ iCard 1/2 SHADRIKOVI, I., brigadir molochnotevarnoy fermy; BMINOVA, T. pomoshchnik brigadiraj, chlen rabochego komiteta; TEPL-IPXID?M4VA, L., pro frruporg; KAMMMM, Ye., doyarka; APT POW-, Yu.p doyaAa; N.C71TI-X"114, M., podumennaya. aoyark&;,.ARKHMEYN-, B. r skotnik; . fitffilhEql, R. , telyatnit%w Disseminate'the progressive practice among all state farm vorkers. Sove profsoiuzy 17 no. 5:12-14 Mr 161, W-M 14:2) 1. S6Vxhdz ."Kamaefi," Kuybyahavskoy oblasti. a'(K4bys4ev Province-Dairying) (Socialist coul-otition) I K. ~, AHKRkNGEWV 11. Sanitarno-Gigiencheskie Issledovaniia. (Rhimicheskie Metody i Mikroanaliz) (Sanitary-Hygienic Investigation (Chemical Methods and jvdcroanalysis), 151 P-, mosccnf, 1950. I I AMI`,A`3EL-l-'V I , I ..IT. "A Sanitary-llyf~ieriic Invel3ti-lation." Cand Y.ej ,'-'ci, Centr,11 for the ~I.dvanccd "Crainin:? of PIKrsicians, l,',) Cct 1:4. 1 - ., j ~ - `4 j en, 5 ~ " SO: Sum 432, 29 Yar 55 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A A i . JIL11331111must 46 41 u 0 40 a J: AA --A if 41 0 A__ 9 K H A 0_4 CIL CY _&j so 00 afr A domple usediod for detectima asmurY "d areemit when bo* an Pseat, S_L Atkbonplov- L-6. Pritkl- _ -00 17, 23. The sulfitim 'it Ph * '. 11.1. S. S. It.) 1937. No. 3: Cu 11, Cd * t mid 811 * I we aMd. front UsS virki A-tS. -00 Ily hicaling with "NOo lop 1.2). The m4n. nmw ' = -09 Wh HS" and As*1t,.t v4th 11I.S. rite fiftnted He* and washed sulfides aft dismoNtc! by boillux with ottim t i fti ledild ud t f fiv 11 with A t b 00 111; o mew . s es et a. . par reg c zoo %kjC1,am1 with a Cuplatc. The ivromining *get, imlryalwi. obilklot to dty m , mW The residue divotiv"I its Imt woIrr, ro the atilm. N11.0111 to atid"l, the itiliv Pettit 611.1 Nis coo 1111itt. is added to IhV 11441ilist filItAIC I'D I)SOL h1fI%'1f.A1(I. 00 ;,so* ago Gfil J. Imes Joe ties it- istlAtAOR WAL LITtRA TIM CLAISIFICATICk Itz-, COO 00, - I".. - . 651,11, Jvl 1.. 44,1 A ii~~ 41 .0 1 - 1, 11 a, K K It 91 It K It It It 09 KW 4 4 . a0000 0 0 0 00 .,T 00000 0~9 0 So 0 0600 00 gee 0 s o * 0 0 0 0 e goes g o 0 Of 01 Of 0 004 so s o* oil 0 0 04 0 0 0 0 : : : : 0 0 6 ~ ees 0 9 e "I r1tv G.-V V-'- 4 V. III& 8.I,.AmXMANGRLlDVA AND Y, N. AMMAMUOV. Trudy UqUagrad. Med. ZAw,.. 4 131 W (1941).-The simpumation oomists in boiling the un- known solution made allmline Instead of Igniting it to rv- mum the N114 safts. l'be tonnation of a precipitate on the additim of a ban iodicates Mg. After N11i and MS are illered A K Is determined with hexacobaltitill rite or with acid potasslurn tartrate. Na Is detetruined with K pyroarillolonate. M.110. /7, K% was'. IM*. OW y ~A~VA- Aim V. N. WaLov. TFBWY W 04. IWI.. 4, 137-0 (194111): Xhimm. R#fimral. Zbosp., 4 131 &) (1941).-Tbt sin*Amtlm owmims is boiling the un- Ignitinq it to re- mow. the Nits salts. The formation of a prmpitate on the st"Hou of a ban Indicates Mg. After Nit, and Ilig are OUtend off, K b detemined with hnacobaltinit rite or with acid potasmium tartrate. Na Is de(mnined with K pyroand"Monte. WHO. ANERNM, I.D~. red.; ARK-UNGILISK, L.M., red.;. RUTKEVICH, M.N., red.; STWWOVSKATA, V.I., *red-.-f -VOROVA, V., red.; CHERHHHW,.I.,.mladshiy red.; NOGINA, N., ? I (Practice a-a the oriterium of scien4fic truth) Praktika - kriterii intiny v nauke. Moskva, Izd-vo sotsiallno-ekon. lit-ry, 1960. '461 P. (miRA 14:3) (Science--Philosophy) ARIMANGELISKAYA, A. A., IAZAFIEV, V. G. and ROGINSKIY, V. N. "A Machine for the Synthesis of Contact Poles." report presented at A11-Union Conference on Problems in the Theory of Relay Devices, Inst. for Automation and Remote Control AN USSR, 3-9 Oct 1957. Veetnik AN SSSR, 1958) No. 1) v. 28) PP. 131-132. (autor, 0stianu, V. M.) ARKHAMELISKATA, A.A.; IAZAREV, V.a.; ROGINSKIT, V.N. vv~ - ~- - - Machine for the synthesis of contact circuits. Frobl. pared. inform. no.1:41-52 '59. (MIRA 13:3) (Switching theory) (Electric relays) .10v/3016 6(7) FHASE I BOOK EXPf,r, TATION 0 -m peredachi Informataii Akademiya nauk SSSR. Laboratoriya slaw- - Problemy peredachi informatBil. vyp. 1: Po~;troyeniye sk-hem i setey svyazi. (Froblems of Information Transmission. Nr. 1: Design of Communications Circuits and Networks) Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1959, 163 p, Errata slip Inserted. 2,000 copies printed, Ed. of Publishing House: G. Ye. Pevzner; Tech. Ed.: A. P. Guseva; Editorial Board: A. A. Kharkevich (Resp. Ed.), V. N. Kuznetsov, 1. A. Ovseyevich, V. N. Roginskiy (Resp. Ed. of this Issue), V. G. Solomonov kDeputy Resp. Ed.) PURPOSE: This collection of articles Is Intended for specialists in communications theory. COVERAGE; This collection of articles by scientists at the Labora- tory of Systems for the Transmission of Information, Academy of Sciences', USSR, is a continuation of a series of collections published earlier under the title "Sbornik nauchnykh rabot po provodnoy svyazi" ("Collection o,f Scientific Works on Wire Card 1/8 Problems of Information (Cont.) SOV/3016 Communications") References are given after each article. A bibliogr'sphy on automatic telephone systems (ATS) with croissbar switches is given in the appendix. This bibliography is con- sidered to be of specI.Al, interest In connection with the intro- duction In the USSR o~ the crossbar system. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword 3 Roginskiy, V. N. Graphical Method of Designing Biltipolar Contact Circuits 5 This paper was presented at a session of the Scientific and Technical Society of Radio Engineering and Electro- communications imeni A. S. Popov on May 10, 1956. The author discusses a new method of synth6sizing relay circuits pro- viding series-parallel and bridge-contact circuits, and a method for selecting circuits with a minimum number of contacts and with automatic accounting for neutral and Card 2/8 Problems of Information (Cont.) sov/3016 unutiiized states, According to W:il'-, waf,!-,or,, this method in certain cases results. In a more ef.UaU--M;; u3c of circuits than is.possible by analytic methods. It also -nnkes possible mechanization of-the.synthesis of-relay systerna. There are 9 references., all Sovieto. 4pqangellska a A A.* V G.Lazarav, and,V. N. Roginskiy. p r tusk -~~nesiis of Contact Circuits a t e 41 for This,p4per-was presented at the Laboratory Seminar on Octobe3~ 5. 1956,z TheauIthors. present basic principles of designing an.apparatus for the synthesis of contact (1,1c)- terminal-networks. This apparatus was developed at the Laboratory on the banis.,of the graphical method. There are .9 references: 8 Soviet and 1 English. Lazarev, V, 0. Methods of Determining the Number of Relays Necessary for Designing a Relay-Contact Circuit According to Given Operating Conditions 53 Card 3/ 8 Problems of information (Cont.) SOV/3016 system substations with the routing ,-,,f Intercommunications through aregionalarossbar system. An evaiuation of variations of grouping schemes according to the overall number of connection points is made and the optimum substation group- ing scheme is selected and equipped with switching relay- action devices. There are 13 references: 9 Soviet and 4 English Melik-0aykazova, E. I., L. I. Smirnova and A. D. Kharkevich. Experimental Investigation of the Carrying Capacity of the Grouping L&Y7 t of a Telephone System Substation 103 The paper was presented at the Laboratory Seminar on October 26, 1956. The selection of the grouping scheme was specified by the authors on the basis of data obtained from calculations using the method of artificial loading. The substation had a capacity of 100 numbers, with two connection stages for outgoing, and three connection stages for incoming traffic. On the basis of this investi- gation, the authors determine the most convenient distri- bution of outgoing trunks among the intermediate switches, Card 5/8 Problems of Information (Cont.) SOV/3016 the necessary number of internal-trunks between the Inebming and intermediate switches, and the holding sequence of the internal trunks. There are 7 references, 3 Soviet and 4 English. Analysis of Grouping Lay-out of a Telephone System Substation Using the Method of Probability Graphs 118 This paper was presented at the Laboratory Seminar on November 23, 1956. A method using probability graphs for calculating the carrying capacity of complex switching networks is presented. A telephone substation with two connection stages for outgoing and with three connection stages for incoming traffic is investigated using probability graphs. Onthe basis of this investigation the author determi-nes the most convenient graph topology, using cross- bar trunks in developing substation switching. In an appendix a new treatment of the probability graph is pre- sented. There is 1 English reference. card 6/8 I" Problems of Information (Cont.) sov/3o16 PoVarov, 0. N. Structural Theory of Networks This paper was presented at a joint session of the Laboratory Seminar and of the Telephony at MEIS on January 6, 1956. The fundamentals of mathematical analysis of communicatiorsnetworks using matrix algebra are presented. Problems in the structural theory of communications networks are discussed: calculation of the number of tandem trunks between any two stations in the network, determination of the length of the longest and shortest tandem trunk, of the coherence and compact- n~ss of the network and of some other parameters. The relationship between the structural theory of communi- catIons networks, graphical theory and theory of relay- contact circuits is discussed. There are 17 references: 11 Soviet (including translation) , 4 English and 2 German. Kharkevich, A. D. Bibliography on the Swedish Crossbar System 126 141 Card 7/8 Problems of Information (Cont.) SOV/3016 This bibliography with annotations contains a list of 69 articles, company data and books; 29 information notes and 89 Swedish patents. Work of Laboratory Seminars on the Development of Scientific Problems of Wire Communication.. of the Academy of Sciences, USSR, 1956 16o AVAILABLE: Library of Congress JP/Mrqh Card 8/8 2-3-6o 303M S/194/61/000/007/021/079 16,9000 D201/D305 AUTHORS: A Lazarev, V.G., Roginslciy, V..N. _,~kha gel qkg~~yaA~ V_ and ergoi=1ye'v ancj~ eM TITLE: A computer for synthesizing relay-switching systems PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 7. 1961y 51-52, abstract 7 V383 (V - sb. Probl. peredachi inform., no. 6, M.t AN SSSRf 1960, 5-23) TEXT: Principles are described of the design of a computer for synthesizing relay systems as designed at the Laboratory of Infor- mation Transmission Systems of the AS USSR. The conditions which Lhe synthesizing computer should satisfy are set at a switch panel in the form of inputs and outputs. The circuit diagram of the-panel is set to test whether the given conditions can be realized and when it shows that these conditions cannot be realized, it determim s the minimum number of relays which have to be used for these conditions to be realized. After this, various variants of the circuits are Card 1/2 OM 3/194 61/000/007/021/079 A computer for synthesizing... D201 305 depigned and the computer chooses the one which has the minimum number of switches or in which the given distribution of relay switches has been obtained. The device design is based on the graphical method of synthesizing svitching multiple-pole networks. The final circuit is shown on a lamp register. 10 references. Z'Abstracter's note: Complete translation2 Card 2/2 PHASE I BOOK EXFLOITATION SOV/5741 Akademiya nauk SSSR. Laboratoriya. sistem peredachi informataii. Prablemy peredachi informataii, vyp. 8: Postroyeniye skhem releynogo deystviya (Problems of Informationi Transfer. v. 8: Designing of Relay Circuits) Moscow.. Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1961. 131 p. Errata printed~on the I side of back cover. 2 In ,600 copies printed. Resp, Ed-&: V. N. Roginskiy; Deputy Reip. Ed.: V. G. Solomonov; Tech. Ed,: L. V. Yepifanova. PMUIOSE: This collection of articles is intended for scientific-and technical pepsonnel concerned with the transfer;of.dnformation. COMAGE; The book contains eight reports on the designing of relay systems, The reports were submitted by scientific workers of the Laboratoriya, sisten peredachi informatsii Akademii nauk SSSR (Laboratory of Information Transfer Systems, AS USSR) to the seminar of the laboratory. Card 1/7 Problems of Information Transfer (Cont.) SOV/5741 TABLE OF COMENS: Foreword 3 Lazarev, V. G., 0. A. OgancFvj, and V. W. Roginskiy. Fundamentals in Designing a Contactless Computer for the Synthesis of Relay Switching Circuits 5 The basia principles in designing indivIdual contactless units of a special-purpose high-speed computer-,ised for the syntbesis of relay switching circuits are presented. Submitted 12126A959. Arkbangel'skaya, A, A.,, V. G. Lazarev, and Chlen Oh6-1"ng., -V-Yn-ce-i-n-in-g-IEFto-M--re-xity of Realizing Boolean Functions by Switching Circuits 20 In the graphic designing of (l..k)-terminal switching circuits the number of contacts in individual relay Is evaluated. The complexity problem In the realiza- tion of Boolean functions by switching circuits is reviewed. The upper bound ofthe number 6f contacts for relays oT a universal (lk)-terminal network realizing all the set-ups of k Boolean functions of Card 2/7 Problems of Information Transfer (Cont.) SOV/5741 of n variables is discussed; the upper and lower bounds of the number of contacts for the relays of a paeudo- universal (l,k)-terminal network which does not realize all the set-ups of k Boolean functions of n variables are obtained. Methods for determining the "capacity" of a computer for the synthesis of switching circuits are proposed on the basis of upper and lower bounds of the number of contacts in the relays of an (l,k)- terminal network. Submitted 5/17/1960. Chien Chu"n-liang. Concerning the Evaluation' of Switching- Circuit Complexity 45 Propositions presented in the preceding article are developed. The problem of evaluating the complexity of switching (l,k)-terminal networks when the graphic method is used in designing circuits, is examined. Formulas for calculating fractions of the set-ups (i.e., the ratio of the number of occurrences of specific functions to the total number of the occurrences of functions) of k Boolean functions of Card 3/7 Problems of Information Transfer (Cont.) SOV/5741 n variables are derived for the case when they are realized by a given number of branches and contacts in a single cross section, as well as by a definite number of contacts in the circuit as a whole. In the second instance the fact that the occurrence of Boolean functions on the cross section is not of equal probability 5.9,.taken into account. Submitted 4/16/1966. Roginskiy, V. N. Graphiq Designing of Switching Circuits With Bypass Paths 67 General methods are presented for the transformation of set-up numbers for.a graphic synthesis of multi- terminal switching networks., taking into account bypass paths which.are.formed in connection with the construction of direct deductions. A method is given for clarifying different variants,arising from the nonsinglevaluedness of the set-ups during the con- struction of direct deductions. Submitted 2/17/1960. Card 4/7 Problems of Information Transfer (cont.) SM/5741 Chlen Chiin-liang. Concerning the Distribution of Probabilities of Occurrence of Boolean Functions 74 The article discusqes the problem of variation in brobability distribution of the occurrence of Boolean functions passing from one cross section to an-other in the presence of direct dedxlxtions when the switching circuits axe designed by the graphic or symbolic method. Formulas are derived for calculating the probability of occurrence of Boolean functions in varims cross sections., provided the probability distribution of their appearance on zero crosssection is known. Submitted 311211960 Sagalo-vich., Yu. L. The Measure of Ordering of a Boolean Function On the basis of the results of,writing switching circuits in the form of Boolean fanctionsp the value k is introduced as a minim= mmber of set-upe of variable valvAs sufficient for identi- fying a Boolean function. Card 517 Problems of Information Transfer (cont.) SOV/5741 ''Methods of calculating.tbla.valus, which atilize the properties.of~various classes of Boolean functims.9 aevell, as metUds of evsluatingitp are given. The method of designing'the inertia group of & BO*Uan function ia.completedj&ad a scheme is designed which permits a) -carrying out grzap transformations of Boolean functions; b) constract1mg equivalent (in the sense of noisgproofness) -uniform. codes. Submitted.6/26/1959. Lazarev, Vo G,,'a.0 0, A.Ogayiav. Graph*-Analytical Method of the Synthesis of Contime.tless Relay Circuits log The method of plotting a block-di with para- metric relationships of a liogical 1.9k)-temninal network.wbich realizes Baolean functions v-sing logical gates AND , and NOT., is studied. 2/1 /Igg OR. Submitted 7 00 Maystrovs., T. L.I, and V. N. Roginski-y. Relay Cirvaits With Parametric Relationships and Many-Valued Logic 121 Operating conditions of a .relay in a circuit with I parametria.relatiowhips,are examined. It is Card 6/7 37348 S/194/62/000/003/024/060' D230/D301 AUTHORS: ArkhhaanagellskayaT-A.--,~,-,-Lazarev, V. G. and Chlen, C u -lian- TITLE_ On the contact complexity of Boolean functions PERIODIQLL-t Referativnyy zhurnal, Avtomatika'i radioelektronika, no. 3, 1962, abstrac't 3-2-143ya (Probl. -~:fedachi in- formatsii. Vyp. 8. M., AN SSSR, 1961, 2 0-44) TEXT: In the design of relay circuits by a graphical method or by a cascade method, it is important to decide on the required number of contacts on separate relays (circuit sections) or, alternative- ly, what part of the total number of possible circuits can be re- alized by a given number of contacts on each relay. A possible number of sets with k outputs of n relays requiring contacts on j-th section is equal to; Card 1/ 3 S/194/62/000/003/024/066 On the contact ... D230/D301 i =(22n-j 1) (2 2n-(j + 1)._ ~3 Upper estimate of contact number on J-th section is: [2 2n- (j+1) 2n-(j+l) L3 4 2min Ik2i (2 2) + ij~ A. reduction of the required number of contacts is made by direct deductions* (1, k) - pole, called pseudo-universal, can realize A2k2n possible sets of k Boolean functions, where A(O