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AMMINGELISKIi"B. A., and B. S. VAIWANG. Plaqticheskie massy. Leningrad, lenizdat, 1950. Title.: Plastic materials. NCF SU: Aeronautical Sciences and Aviation in the Soviet Union, Library, of . Congress, 1955. ARKHAITGELISKIT, B.A., insh. Removing wood waste from the ASh-237 automatic machine. Der.prox- 7 no.11:16-17 N 158 ll~ (MIRA 11:11) 1. TSentrallno7e proyektno-konetruktorsko7e b7uro Uprdrevmebellprona Leningradskogo sovnarkhoza. (Woodworking machinery) (Zxhaust systems) -- - ARMNGELISKIY-0 B-.A,-, doktor takhn. nauk; ALISHITS, I.M., inzh. Laminated plastics used in shipbuilding. Sudostroenie 24 no.10:36-0 0 158. (MIn 11:12) (laminated plastics) (Shipbuilding) ARKMASGELISKIY, B.A.. doktor tekhn.nauk Advantage of using rubber coatings for Rropeller shafts. Sudostroenis 25 no-1:77-78 Ja 159. (MIRA 122-3) (Rubber coatings) (Propellers) (Shafting) ARKHANGELISKIY, B.A.; TRIZNO, M.S.; BOYARINOVA, L.V.; MEDVEDCHUK, O.A. Synthetio shale epoxy resins. Khim. i tekh. gor. slan. i prod. ikh perer. no.9:214-225 '60. (Km 15:6) (Epoxy resins) (Oil shales) prof.; BARANOV, V.S., insh., retsenzent; kand. khim, nouk., 3mtsenzent; KUSKOVAj Aslop red.; SHTRAYKHW., G.A., naficbMy red.; FRUMKIN, PoO.,, tekhn. red. (Plastics; manual on the user of plastics in shipbuilding and allied technical fields] Plasticbeskie mass ; a ~y pravochnoe po- sobie po primenenilu plasticbeigkikh mass v"sudostroemU i v srmzbrWkh oblastiakh tekhniki. Leningrad,, Sudpromgiz, 1961. 719 pe (MIRA 15:10 (plastics) (Shipbuilding-Supplies) S/727J61/000/000/007/009 1031/1242 AUT11y"ORS Arkhangeltsicty, B.A., Yurlyeva, T.N. TITLE: Cem-e-fff--I-A ~,ex UFonp ~for- ship construction S OTURCE: Sintez lateksov t i1ch primeneniye. Ed, by A.V. Lebedev, A.B. Poyzner, and N.A. Fermoro Leningrad, Goskhimizdat, 1961, 277-284 TEXT: Cement compounds find vast application in the construction pf ships and othpi, maritime fnnilltles-. Introduction of dispersed latex Into cement Improves its elnstic deformation and adhesion to metal, glass, ceramics, and other materials. Compositions contain- ing butadrene-styrone, nitrile, and chlor(;prene latexes were in- vestigated* Butadrene - Vinylidone - chloride AIME-1-C(DV~.aiB-70) latex, with 25"'0" solids content was found to be-the most suitable .component. The latex has good stability,- high strength, and resist'- ance to oxidation. The cementing material may be either air- or vinter-hardoning. In order to In-prove the insulating properties of Card 1/2 S/727-/61/000/000/007/009 1031/1242 Cem3nt-latex compounds... the compound, organic wibs'thncaa such as sawdlist or ground cork are added. This also Improves ~he elnsticity and relaxation behaviour of the compound. There Id I figure and 3 tables. Cord 2/2 ARKHANGELISKIY Boris Alaksandrovich- ALISHTS, Ioaak Moiseyevich; i~nzh.-., ~retsenpqnt; KAMHKOV., K.A.,Ansh., nauchnyy red.; LiSOK, E.I., red.; KRASTOVA, N.V.,, takhni, re4 [Vessels made of plastics] Suda iz plaotmass. Izd.2., perer. t dop Leningrad, Sudpromgiz, 1963. 156 p. (MIRA 16:5) iFIterglass boats) (Shi]Rbuilding materials) ARKHAMBLISKIY, B..A.;-PAVLOY, A.I.; KUZHZTSOT, P.I., redaktor; VOIOCHClr, "A' d Tafflf'o4askly re aktor [Glues amd glued wood construction In building river ships] Klet I derevianzWe klesaye konstrukt9il T rechnom sudostroantis Lenin- rad, Isd-va, Ministeretya rechnago flots, SSSR. 1953. 214 p. xicrofilal . (MLRA 7.10) I (Glue) (Shipbuilding) ARKH"GEWSlay) B. I DOOMIT sation-Curves USSR/Electricity ,*gneti Electric Machines -Analytical Expression of the M W etization Curve of Electric Machines," Docent B. 1. Arkhangel'skiy,, C"d Tech Sci., Leningrad Elec Eng Inst imeni Lenin -biektrichestvo" No 3, PP 3432 Examines several expressions for relation between emf of electric machines and exciting current.1pd derived emf with respect to exciting current g- .z f(l). Best approximation of both curves to normal- no-load characteristic is given by expression of type E A arctg Bi. Submitted 20 Sep 49. 171T11 Der C C KI To Boris Nilovich. red.; DAYST, G*Aev vedushohly red.; GOW"'YNTA.-I.M., tekhn. red. [HYdrageological factors in the formation, preservation, and do- struation of oil pools; materials on the Volga and Ural regions] Rollgidrogeologtcheskikh faktorov v obraisovanii, sokhranenii i ras- rushenti neftlainfth zalexhai. Leningrad, Gas. nauohno-takhn. izd-vo neft* i ggrno-toPlivaoi lit-ry, 1957. 127 P, (Leningrad. reenoiusnyi neftianol nauchno-isaledovatellskii goologo-razvedochnvi institut, Tru4, no. 103 1. (MIIRA 11:1) (Volga Vallei-Pstroleum geology) (Ural Mountain region-Petroleum geology)- (Water, Underground) ASIWGIILISKIY. B.N.; B]ILYAM7A. Ye.Ye.; GURSVICH, M.S.; ZAYTSNT, I. red.; MITGARTS, Bj.; MCROZOV, V.M.; FMOvA, KAj~, K*P.; TOLSTZHIN, K..I.; TOLSTIKHIN, O.K.; POTAP07, T.S., ,red,,; GUR07A, O.A., tekhn. red. .[]lrPl.anatorr*not4s to a hydrochemical mp of the U.S.S.R. on a soale of 1:5,000,.0001 ObOiainitelinaia zaptska k gidrokhimicheekoi karte SSSR v mashtabe 1 '- 5,000,000. Rea, I.K. Zaitsev. M~sWa, aos. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po geol. i okhrane nedr, 1958. 138 p. (mm 11V) 1. Ieningrad. TsesoluzVy geologicheskiy institut. (Water, Underground-Aiaps) AIMIANGELISKIY., B.N. ----------------- In memory of Nikolai Feodorovich Fogrebov. Inform.abor. VSEGEI no.48:5-6 161. (MIRA 15:7) (Pogrebov,, NikoUi Foodorovich., 1860-1942) ARKHANGELISKIY, B.N. Studies of N.F. Fogrebov of underground waters in the ncrthweatern part of the Russian Platform as a source of water supply, Inform.sbor. VBEGEI no.48:67-70 161. (MIRA 15:7) (Russian Platform--Waterp Underground) 0000900009000000000!0ooooosooofogoooes *00 a ra I I I III Ill ctm so it 12 a If z 36 v )I " a it a a 44 0 IT cm At 0 n I k I L !! - It a I A--v--L - 001 190 6.11 At- cool 004 eoll 007~ Is set I* OR 0 002. so. 002 OSP esm SID"' so- go- Of vy-7-1--y III If It M ifa 'r tf It It IT If 0 * 0 go a IV p"NIMSM SIN 111111tilmy jr ft so go go roe IT * 0 If So Go 90 00 -A "11-1' FIF v $4 of if of %I I, n I It 1, 1 t 6 0 1 1 1 iso tofa* 0 000000 0 a Is 0 0 00 ooofs* so so go 090's-0 0 ARKHANGELISKIr, Be V 22474. Arichangellskiy-p Be Ve Kokillnaya ot3.ivka zvezdochek dlya tsapnykh peredach. Selikhtozmashina, 1949, No. 7, a. 20-23. so: LEPoTis, No. 30,, 1949 ARKUNMMISKIY. B.V. Cantilever clamp for maintaining Bupportq Avtom.teleme i sviaz' 3 no.12:36-37 D '59. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Starshiy inzhener Prokhladnenskoy distantsli signalizatsil i avyazi Severo-Navkazakoy dorogi. (Electric lines-Poles) ACCESSION NR: AR4040815 S/0058/64/000/005/AO39/AO39 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs, 5A319 AUTHOR: Arkhangel'skiy, B. Vo;__Saukov TITLE: Directional scintillation detector of 14-mev neutrons ,CITED SOURCE: Sb. Staintillyitory* i stsintillyats. materialy*. Khar1kov, Khar1kovsk. un-t, 1963, 152-154 TOPIC TAGS: directional scintillation detector, neutron detector TRANSLATION: There is given a description of a directional scintillation detector of fast neutrons with a high effectiveness of registration. The scintillator of the detector is a pack consisting of 25 scintillation plates 40 x 50 x 1 millimeter in size. - All surfaces of plates were thoroughly polished. For absorption of .recoil protons, between plates was placed Pb-foil 0. 4 millimeter thick. Light pulses struck the p4otocathode -of the photoelectric multiplier basically. thanks Card l/ 2 ACCESSION NR: AR4040815 :to the effect of total internal reflection on the polished surfaces. To the face 'of the pack was glued a conical light guide 30 mill-imeters-high. The work of the ,detector was checked on a collimated beam of 14-Mev neutrons.' There is given the dependence of the effectiveness of the detector on the amplification factor of ithe recording device with an angle of incidence of the neutrons of 0 , and the Idependence of the effectiveness on the angle of incidence for various amplification's Ifactors. At an amp3ificati ' on factor of 90 the directivity of the detector is equal to 3.3 with an effectiveness of 1.17%. . The maxima light: yield of the ~-detector for 24-Mev neutrons its 6 - 8% that of atilbeneo!- iSUB CODE: NP- ENCL: 00 Card 2/2 VA I R TIE I A.U. WAnzhoner; BAIATIV, A.S., Inzhener; SIMVICH.G.A.. inzhener; IZOTOT, A-Te., inshener, redaktor; KRTUKOV, Y.L.. redaktor; ORWYA, Y.Y., tekhnicheekiy redaktor EKD-35 tractor] Traktor ID-35. Pod red..A.B.Isotove. Moskva, Goo. isd-vo sallkhos. lit-ry, 1951. 576 p. (Mm 10:9) (Caterpillar tractors) ARKUNGIOLISKIY, B-Ye. [The ICD-35 J KDP-35 Moskva, Goo. lzd-vo (Tractors) tractors] Traktory KD-35 i KDP-35- 2 izd- selkhos. lit-ry, 1953. 543 P.(Km 7:11) A AXQjTIj&;& J6'6&. inzhenar; RALAYEV, A.S.. inzhener; SLIMVICH, G.A., inzhener: IZOTOV, A.Ye., inzhener, redaktor-, KRYUKOV, Y.L., radaktor; FEMOVA. A.F.. takhnicheakiy redaktor [The Tractors KD-35 and KW-351 Traktory KD-35 i KDP-35- 3-e izd. Pod red. A.E.Izotova. Moskva, Goa. izd-vo selkhoz. lit-ry, 1954. 552 p. (MLRA 8:4) (Caterpillar tractors) BAIAYEV, Al'e'ksandr Stepanovich, inzhener,- ARKMIIGFL"6XlY B Y A, inzhoner; ' 01* " &,:, * III SAMVICH, G.A. , inzhener; IMYUK&r._Y_-r-_."Qrl'effiT or-- -A"LLOD, A . I. , tekbnicheskiy redaktor [D-38 engine] Dvigatell D-38. Moskva, Goo.izd-vo sallkhoz.lit-ry, 1957. 223 P. (HIRA 10:11) (Tractors--Engines) ARJOIANGELISKIY Borip YeYgrafovich,inzhener; BALAYXV, A.S., inzhaner; KRYUKOV, V.L.redfLktor: PAVLOVA,, M.M.. 1 01 I tokhnichaskly rodaktor. .[KDF - 35 tractor mnu&13,Rukevadetvo pe traktoriA KDP - 35. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo aellkhoa.lit-ry. 1957. 360 p. (MIjtA 10-4) (Tractors) AFXM IMT,_A.YeL_Anzh., red.; ARTYUKHIN, V.A., red.izd-va; _UVAROVA, A.F., (catalog of spare parts for the KIT-35 and T38 tractors] Katalog zapasnykh chastei traktorov E)P-35 i T38. Koskva, Goo. nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroitilit-ry, 1960. 237 P. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Russia (1917- R.S.F.S.R.) Lipetskiy ekonomicheskiy admi- nistrativnyy rayon. Sovet narodmogo khozyaystva. 2. Glavnyy konstruktor Lipetskogo traktornogo zavoda (for Arkhangellskly). (Tractors-.rCatalogB) 'SKIT, I-Te.; BORIXOT. I.T.; CMYAPIN, A.M. Track with cast Iiinks and labyrinth sealings in joints. Trakt. I sellkhozaash. 30 no.70-11 J11600 (Mm 13:10) 1. LIJjftI;iytr&~tornn savod (for Arkhaugol-16k1Y). 2.Nauchno-iss ladovatell- skiy avtotraktor'nyy institut (for Cheryapin). (Crawler tractors) ARTDI'YEV, Yu.N.,, kand- tekhn. nauk; GALIPERIV,.A*-S&,qc,,kand*; tekhn. naukj TELIPOV, A.S.) inzh.,- DYADYUSMO, V.P.; inzh.,* SELIVANOV, A.I., red.; TEPTELEV, P.M.,; KULICHITSKIY, R.N., spets. red.; ARKHANGELISKIY B Ye., spets. red.; GINDINA, I.I., red. '~:~ (Specifications and instructions on checking for wear of the parts and couplings of T-40 tractors in repair] Tekhnicheskie usloviia i ukazaniia po defektovke detalei i sopriazhenii pri remonte traktorov T-40. Moskva, Biuro tekhn. informatsii GOSNITI, 1964. 169 p. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Perovo. Gosudarstvennyy vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatell- skiy tekbnologicheskiy institut remonta i ekspluatatsii mashinno-traktornogo parka. 2. Laboratoriya issledovaniya iznosov traktorov Gosudarstvennogo vsesoyuznogo nauchno- issledovatel'skogo tekhnologicheskogo, institute, remonts, i ekspluatatsii mashinno-traktornogo parka, Perovo (for Artemlyev, Gallperin, Dyadyushko).3. Vladimirskiv traktornyy zavod (for Teptelev, Kullchitskiy). 4. Lipetskiy traktornyy zavod (for Arkhangellskiy). KUPRIYANOVA, L.A.- ARKHANGEL2SKIY, D.B. Work of the Falynological Committee of the All-Union Botanical Society from November 1959 to August 1961. Bot.zhur. 47 no.l-. 155-158 Ja 162. NIRA 15:2) 1. Bolvanicheakiy institut, imeni, Komarova A14 Leningrad. 2. Predsedate12 Falinologicheskoy komissii Vsesoyuznogo botanicheskogo obshchestva (for Kupriyanova). 3. Sekretarl Palinologicheakoy komisoii Vse8oyuznogo botenicheskogo obshchestva (for Arkhangeliskiy). (Wynology) ARKHANGELISKIY, D.B. some palynological data on introgressive hybridization. Bots zhur, 47 no.7.-1025-1029 J1 162. (MIPk 15:9) 1. Botanicheskiy institut imeni V.Ls Komarova AN SSSR, Leningrad. (Irybridization Vegetable) (Palynology) ARIalANGELISKIY, D. B. Taxonomy of Siberian birches. Bot. zhur. 48 no.32-427-428 Mr 163. (MIRA 16:4) 1. Botanicheakiy institut imeni V. L. Komarova AN SSSR, Leningrad. (Siberia-Birch) I ~ . -, ME I PROMMULM mErn""ImEwma AMaUNGZL.'SI,FIY,-,D.Y., inzhen4kr. "Chemical" fibers. Vauka i zhizn' 23 no.6:20-21 Js 156. knRA 9:9) (Textile fibers, Synthetic) F ARKHANGELISKIT, N.A.. prof.; ARKHAUGELISKIT, D.N.; YOUESENSKIT, N.M.; GRA OVSKATA, I.E., red.; WJMK, D.M., fe-kFifi.rsd. [Textile fabrics) Tovary tekstillaye. Pod obahchei red. N.A. Arkhangellskogoo Koskva, Gos,Izd-vo torgolit-ry, 1959e 519 P (MM 1513) (Textile industry) ARMUNGELISKIY, D.N.: ROGOVIN. Z.A.; NONKMI, A.A. 3ffect of the concentration and nature of the acids and sulfates used on the speed of saponification of cellulose xanthate. Xhimevolok. no,4:23-26 159. (MMA 13:2) 1. Veasoyuznyy nauchno-isaledovatellakly institut iskusetvennogo volokna i Moskovskiy tekstil'nyy institut. (Cellulose xanthate) ARKHANGELISKIY, D.K.; ROGOVIN, Z.A.; KONKIN, A.A. Zffect ofthe composition of the percipitation baths on the swelling of viscose fiber. Khim.volok. no-5:36-38 '59. (MIRA 13.4) 1. Vaesoyuznn.nauchno-insladovatellskiy institut iskusstyennogo volokna (VInIV) i Moskovskiy taketillnyy institut 04TI). (Viscose) (Rayon) ARMWIGELISKIY, D.N.; MUSATOVA, G.11.; KOINKIN, A.A. 3aponification of cellulose xanthates in homogeneous mdia. Khim. 164. Ouiu 17: lo) 1. Kiyevslciy filial Vsesoyu7,no,-o liciuclilio-i!lslodovatalls""Ogo instituta 13ICIX3StV('TU'1060 volokna (for Ar-khanCellskiy, 'IMOatova). 2. MoskovsIdy tekstilInyy institut (for Konkin). ARVANGELI.5j=,--P,,N.- MUSATOVA, Q.N..,- SERAYA, L.D.; BOBROVA, T.V.; POPOVA, . ; KONKIN, A.A. Saponification of celluloso xanthates in a homogeneous medium. Khim. volok. no.5:27-29 16,% (MIRA 18:10) 1. Kiyevskiy filial Vsesoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatellskago instituta iskusstvennogo volokna (for all except Konkin). 2. Moskovskiy tekstilInyy institut (for Konkin). ARKHANGF,-'ISKIY, D. S. ARKHANGELISKIY, D. S.: "The etiology and epidemiology of fick rickettsioses in Alma-Ata Obiast". Alma-Ata, 1955. Irat of Physiolo~.y, Inst of Regional Pathology, Inst of Clinical and &xperimental Surgery Acad Sci Kazakh SSI'.. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate of 3cience of MedIcal Science) SI: Knizhnaya Letooist, No. 41, 8 Oct 55 ARXHANGNLISKIY, D.S. MENNEN M--- NOMOMW Some problems of the etiology and epidemiology of rickettolools transmitted by mites in Alma-Ata Province. Izv& AN Irazakh.0k, Ser. fitiol. i mod. n0-7:14 156. (MIRA 9:10) (Alftt-ATA PROVINGB--RICUTTSIA) (TICKS AS GABRIUS CY DISXASZ) ~~ARKHANGELISKIY, DOS - ZHLR-JATOVq Kh.Zh. Serological diagnosis of poliomyelitis by means of complement fixation. 1zv. AN Kazakh. SSR. Ser. mod. i fiziol. no. 2:3-5 ,6o. (MIRA 13:10) (COMPWIENT FIXATION) (POLIOMLITIS) cAI~NGELISKIYI D.S.- AYKIIJBAYEV, M.N.j M.'311ETNIKOVA, P.I. . Ixodid tick Dermacentor Daghestanicus olen. 1929 as a possible carrier of the causative agent of Q fever. Report No. 1. Izv. AN Kazakh. SSR. Ser. med. i fiziol. no. 2:10-15 160. (MRA 13 -, 10) (ALMA-ATA PROVINCE-TICKS AS CAMIERS OF DISEASE) (Q FEVER) MIMIAIMLISKIY, D.S._ Some problems in thz epidemiology of tick-borne rickettsiosis in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Ala-Tau. Izv. AN Kazakh. SSR. Bore med. i fiziol. no. 2z16-20 1600, (MIRA 13: 10) (TRANS-ILI ALA-TAU M"GION-RICKETTSIAL DISEASES) ' ARKHANGELIS It-D.S., Experimental study of the causative agent of tick-borne rickettsiosis in Alma~Ata Provincti, Trudy'inst. mikrobiol. i virus. AN Kazakh. SSR, 4s176-185 1.61. (MIRA 14:/+) (AIM"TA PRI~UNCE-,RICKETTOIAL DISMES) ARKHANGELISKIY, D.S. Role of phagocytooio in the mechanism of immunity in some rickettsioses; (preliminary report). Trudy Inst. mikrobiol. i virus. AM Kazakh. SSR 7:250-257 163 (MIRA 16:12) L 05264-67 EWT( 1) SCr-B- - -DD/GD- I- ACC NR. AT60j6485 SOURCE CODE: UR) AUTHOR: Arkhangelf'ski'Y',"Do YUO; V. Babu.shkin, I.: Mqry~~E. ~V. ORG: none TITLE: The problem of transverse acceleration tolerance criteria (Paper presented at the Conference on Problems of S ace Medicine held in Moscow from 24 to 27'May 19661 SOURCE: Koriferentsiya po problemam kogmicheskoy meditsiny, 1966. Problemy kosmicheskoy meditsiny. (Problems of space medicine); materialy konforentaiip Moscow, 1966, 41 TOPIC TAGS: space physiologyp cardiovascular system, biologic acceleration effectp space rredicine ABSTRACT: Pulse-cycle_d.urabion (VPC) was' psed as.a criterion for acceleration tolerance. DPC fluctuations permitted a quantitative evaluation of the mag- nitude of the physiological deviation and was an early index of altered cardiovascular function. Analysis of data from experiments on animals revealed three phases :in the DPC and a rearrangement of these phases caused by multiple exposure2l to acceleration. - An increase in the fluctuation amplitude of the DPC (absolute and relative coefficient of the diastole) can serve as the basic (p.riterion for the tolerance 6f organism to transverse accelerations. r-.A 1 A A CC NR, cular functional dis 1"The use of*th'is index permits overloolding cardiovas .orders associated with structuraL changes in cardiac tissue. Under certain conditions, the relative coefficient of the diastole is observed :during exposure of m an to transverse accelerations. This index can serve ,as criterion in setting permissible limits fjor this type of acceleration.- No.*22; ATY'Rep6rt. 66-1163'* SUB CODE: 06 SUBM.DkTE,,-.,-O0May66 Card .2/2 I MIT 7 X inzheuer; TAMMYEV, A.S., inzhener; RABINOVIGH, I.N. q ]D*Vo * inshenere' .Developmat of electric mohinery construction at the Kirov Maktrosila." Plant. Vest.*Wdroproa. 18 no-11:7-10 N 147. (MLHA 6:12) 1. Xavod "Alektrostla" Im..S.M.1irova. (Rectric machinery) ~ S U SR/Blectricity Generators Apr*51 "Elektrosila" Plant ",Criticism of G. N. Ter-Gazaryan's Article 'Experi- mental Investigation of Asymmetrical Operating Con- iditions,"' F. K. Arkhangellskiy, Chief Engr, "Elektro- iila'o Plant imeni Kirov ",Elektrichestvo" No 4., PP 76, 77 Points out number of statements and conclusions in Ter-. Gazaryanis article which might lead to misunderstanding. in exploitation of bydro6lec sta, mainly those dealing V,Ith permissible deg of load asymmetry. Author, in A,, Jq. W"t V. P. ?~Uq~EYt S. A. 9 ZWMIK, So Hot MM&MISKIY. F, X.., BAVMCLpTS,--A. I., ZOLOTAREVp To Lop BUSWYFV, He Not PR YAKOV, V.s OURVICH, A. M.s YESIMAN, A. I., SHVETS, F. T., KONDRATIYEV, Go M., USOV, So V.p ALEKMYEV, A. YE., BOLOTOV, V. V., TIKHODEYEV, I. M., GEWIMOV, N. V., K=NTIYEV, L. A., LEVIT, Go 0., ORLOVSKIY, A. V.., VEDIKHOV., V. Mo., STYRIKOVICH) M. A., GREYNER, L. K., NIKIFOROV, V. V., SOLODOVIIIKOV, G. S.0 SMIRNOV, So P.9 ZOLOTAREVA, N. A., KALPMNA, N. M., GOLIDERSHTEYN, T. L., RMANOVp L. Do, SALUYEV, N. F., ZAIKO, A. A., MARTEKS,,M. F. A. So Runyantsev, Obituary. Elektrichestvo, No. 2, 1952. So. Monthly List If Russian Accessionsj Library of Congrese) -- July 19~2 -XV/ Uncl, 'A fIJ-1 1) " V- / 'rV-~61vSd ~ '