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L 9919-63 Access= Ut APPOOCO only., that Up -the 41redtift 00, tuck^ I. _~i the direction af the plaws zolO~w local, exteadiiNj wer a d1sUbde wt ameAW14 I it 1A ra4ll~ 11S re&Ult COnfliCt4l With the C(XtIU01MS Of ~~Pf "I~OterWO, L. (U. Naturforach., I 5AL,, 14,1960). 1 w prwf the plama in 00, , _1 ths (Liouville) equatLon with W.1-w.,oMistsat floul., The $4Mi1"1wb4v61d4 to ta electron distrIbutim fumtJw Ustlefles a li-ni"wized k~*Uc iov~ktlo!, the f ields of the diaturbame, and the" fleldsp I* t 0.1 glatt Rsoftllls equations in thich the currew, Is datsmimed dit ritirum t ' 'th 4, function. The fields, are cub,fttai to a t %UVA~v~, lost tO mwier tmwXOM the coordiniLte x and to a Laglaos trwwforAmUmn with t4l I ".ft; "a S~ loot ordinary and ext-rawdirwry wi td wv dlativguiMed, U6 4 ilinall*, i0ve J beluga those with the eleAric vwtcjr pwallel to the Mxter4a; 1-1014,, U shosm, vithout using condIticia 9)0 th&+, tw oraftay vovo~ UVIO", (ar vaft~y i=zinary Values of the IA;Ulm teaworm"IM ;%re"I'ar 44~1 lb*ftroft jjjjjj~ 'jt;,jt* stable. r= the extraord.L*Ary *Y" It is trawfonaticM parovew in lusbary (st"16 *%;"*)j. tb&t the V&Ve3AMgth IS long C'M th the U010 LOA~i,~ 1%dlllo~ to UO aim ew the hydrodynamic Ow" SIS& Stable* Ma author takes tkut odwwim to V tbiL lull Card 2/3 iOit4~ V -,11 L 9919-63 ACCMCK IRs AP3000008 age-km for suspatioi the told~ MA dlsatW4 19 equatIms. AWOCIATMS Mw"Vakly 1r=he:Wrw-.tUjdhok4 J 1: O9*r62 WE ACQ'- I gbn63 VJ3 COW: PH AR mr wv~ ... 009 - - 11 ' j7 3V3 0, PH AF4)4625 i AUTHOP; Arsen. n, 'J. V. "1:*TLE: On potE. it Lal osc )-I ations oi!l. m wtrongti, 1~~Jhocoojpt-410*um 10,1Utie" f i cd pl_a SOURCE. IVUZ. lacliofiziira, ~v. 7, rio. 4, 1 1964, rove TO;?rC TAGS: in.%otroqeneoliv plagima, platmouth pij~mmk 143 t oscillation, di,lectric ~.,orztaxjt, ral-cf-bod plallim WA ABSTRAM By " ~;trong in.l.cmo4ferieft y" is jwainll,~ al-l'i iwlalty characteristic di.mimsion way I-ma, ricit only mucli, J,J%Ivijj~or bilt 341wo 001 paribIc with thf L-trmor tadius of the ionm in t1im plall-thal. '~rhe pol- ten-tial (Isclllat Lrw; o:r axii consilliolvild, ill-101 it is r by tho am0m., 1911'.4) b,,,xv 11javulO miLth ark.11L.-i trary clegree of n~otnoqren-L y r-itma,~vw i.n Iloratu al,mc for it stmtq~iif, Cord .1/2 L 15216-65 ACCESSION NR- AP4,348255 iho, I 1~ ~ 1 inhomogeneous neutral plasm%4, Itt is o~ d j lit i ~h parturbationa iv a rare,-'ie ~Iadtma &164 P~A.Ontio-! ~ strongly inhor-ogmeoua I. Imatao in Okich the PO'Cil ~clm i4vilwi-ty b3 t ~ aufficient~y 63% mirrjAvvil am ill funct~,iun of a (tti, cma port oscillatior-i uith a i-,quorcy apA,,fr hill f 11*11 for. 4rj1- OX:~-m A taly IL rrequency. "The author i. i -rmt-c-ful 'ttla V. L atid va luah 1e ud,i 15 ASSOCIATION: Ko,;;kovski)f (160scov Enqineerinq Phvs.~cs SUBMITTED: 00 SUB CODE: 14E I 1,R: RAP, salul 606 Card 2/2 ACCMUCK XR: APhalI39 iUTHOR3 Armenins Ve Yd.;Leontovich, M. A. mm: Beals Instability of A rwanm subawsaw" plam SOMM AN BMs D*lMy*v v. 156, sm hp VA,, 7".769 TCKC TACO: ji~ bess AmtsbUity VIssm rju Jwt&LUiW# MUjn4 job=*. Sam*" PI""j, plams =P*Uo 'APMMI The wthor investiptes the UatablUty mmftM vith tM plama ifthomogeneity at the As at a be= of fUdte viAtb, in a -mpwtla tula., Mm starUng Vednt Is a sYwtam of 11near"ed kln&Uo O"Ums VIO lWoOdflelsat flOldfor Olfttrms wd lomp SnIL tba nmp*U MIA eqwumm;,ooLUSUms am, a". regazdOds IpOr GIMUCItY. tbG Me$ Of 1010 MA 6100tivnio 10MOSMAty an ems"ared sepantaU. It tms out Vat tA* rim of the Uwam vwtablm idth Zrapect to abort wavelangth pmrtufttUu vhUft do wA sM%r $A & bamensom Wasma, even If the beims velocity is mmUor than tbo Umnsal WAIC414 of the puruciess no typtua &I" CC Us Johmpsatity is t&= to u 00govaag to the amerap lamew U4* mUmes Zu oftr IS V%Wft to V. 1. NOSM ftr Card /2 iACcmcmn: Aphans but no tiomms't a -mp"Iawo Mmmvokiy lahmazo; pbpjo I=Utuu) 00 so OCIM In SO M $"I on Card 2/2 L ACC n$ A-PS-0fi-240 /22 AUTHDR: ArOmIn. V.--V. k jiustitu'TT- j TITIE: StAillty of t m- toll Rlmma-lu buort t"Ps SOURM: AN SSSR. Dakimlys V. lest Do. G, 1465, M.69427~ 170PIC TAGS: plam ptpics, plugi& Oleatr6h temp*M'm'ftO0 fiid pluma ABSTRACT: Drift and dmml Invabluty,of 0 rumgLod analyzed in a trap which Is "1oMj"2 with resoict to i0mis, !eleCtVO a- 1U this CWO, the *WOtM It 406010 by with respect to the length of thc trop, 4n4 the 0 erably from those for a system of Infinite Ungth. 11i idealized c4we where the mognstic, lines of form out the entire length of the tra;, and the toap I Cord 1 cl, *ACC *Rs AP6003240 whiab are perfect refle' i 0 n jfor the ends are given and the diainottriatUs Atchi diatli 48 1from a trap of Infinite length a~.-e dljdussed~ AO squat ftr, tLons of a plasma of given densi-:yj in a ustel c Under y !for this equati m' Is found which sird;sfies the primidetivai boW t Opl, ilt is shown that the integral eltictrimi tem bas tic efftbct;~ Ohle ~osclllationsj and therefore that dtift instability I t#k*S 0 In O W b0 r~ ift. This conclusion my be extended to) OU muss! 'Wherie the: I I t elactron temperatunis are equal, it 4s foijn& that tjjj!,a~ on , in the fi it it l lO *fth th a t l l t A n e a so co uc n r vik er a or y Jength even when tho longitudinal. ilectron t4,tV*ztkt fe: !verse temperature. Canditlaw ftol"IOU6 * ,~ A ~ cussed. Orig. art. bass Lo ib"'Ut", I , SUB COM 20/ SM DATEt 2MptOf One Igo$ on/ !Cvr4.!. 2/2 .V it I I ARSIZIN, V. Ya. Friroda proyektoiy nel-otorykh V mozhestv, IAN, ser. =tem., 4(l%0), 403-410 SO: Vathewtice in the USSR, 19-76-1947 edited by Kw-ash, A. G., Markushevich, A. K. Rashevskiy, II.K. Moscov-Leningrad, 1948 Ll Lill F", 11, WAt 1~ jr .......... RMIRI IN 11 I uIL.111A T he rjjmI.I +1 311 w !% 1 .111111, ~ It 44?-1 11 1, , III SUBjECT USSR ?HYSICS CARD 2 PA - 1432 AUTHOR ARSENIN.V.JA., JAHMKO,lq.N. TITLE On the ,nteraction tetween Shook Waves and Propagated ;;aves. PERIODICAL Dokl.Akad.Yauk 109, faso. 4, 713-716 (1956) Issued: 10 / ;9-5r reviewed: 10 / 1956 For the two-dimensional flow of a perfect isothermal CaLs it in tr%;.e that: Q (av/at+v0v/Au)+c2aq/au - 01 6Q/8t+v8Q/8u + Qav/au 0 0 (1) 2 2 Here o . aTj Poo Zo p - pressure of the gas, Q - density, w - velocity, T - temperature, u - Euleria coordinate. Herefrom results, by the Introduction of RIPMANNIS invariants r a InQ + v and a --c lnQ + v, the following syst+a of "equations of invariants": ar/at + ((r+s)/2 + c;as/au 0; as/at+((r+s)/2 - c)Ds/au - 0. (2) To the system (1)(2) there correspond two families of char"teristicso, I. The r-characteriatios: du/dt a v + c a r+$2 o (3) II. The a-characteristics: du/at - v - c - ~r+s 12 c The HUGONIOTIS condi,-tions for the front of a shock wave, vhIch are valid in this case, are given and expressei by the invariants. A motion is a propagated wave only if even only one of the Invariants r,8 remains constant in the zone of this motiin. The propagated wave w" be a raxefaction- or a compression wave. Here the proisgated wave is written down in RUMMIS form. On the occasion of the passage of a shock wave past a propagated wave another propagated wave occurs behind the front of the shock wave In the tone of Dokl.Akad.11auk,1O9,f'a"c-4, 713-V6 (1956) CARD 2 1 2 PA - 1432 which the invariant rumains constant. Here the case is inTestigate-I in which a shook wave moves over a backgrou-ad with decreasing pressure and increasing ve- locity. The velocity jump and th#~ force of the shook wavot i.9. the ratio of pressures on the front of the shock wave remain constant as regards time. Con- sequently, alao the velocity of -he propagation of the shook wave in the material remains constant. Next, the velocity of the shook wave is expressed as a function of time. In the case of a shock wave overtaking a propagated expansion way* a propagated compression wave is produced behind the shook wave. The corresponding formula is written down and spenialized for automodellike waves. The problem is solved In a similar manner if a shook wave moves along a propagated compression wave. On the occasion of Interaction between shock waves moving against one another over a constant background their force remaIns constant. INSTITUTION: Department for Applied Mathematics of the Uathematical Institute "V.A.STEKLOV" of th.) Academy of Science in the USSR. 24(o) plus I BOOK IXP14W=OW SOV/3104 Moscow. Inzheuernc-fizichsskiy Inatitut. Wedre W4MUki Sboraik nauchnykh rabot (Collection of ScientiflO WOrks) IMOSCOWT) Atasizdat, 1958. 194 p. 1,000 copies print". Tech. Ed. B.A. Kelgrimovskaya. PUFME: This book 13 intended for applied mathematicians *nd *eoreticsl ybysi- cists. COVERAGE: This bock contains a -ollection of articles by loading SW1&t mathehla- ticians and physicists on toples in Wtomic F"ICSP jo Thmem-Peni Stnerml- ized model of the atom, distr-lbiations, coMpr*ssion of an isaftoAnic Ps, bound- ary Yalue problems, etc. are cliocussed. The book was Pablished. ~nftr the 4OP14*5 of the Department of Mathwatice of the Moscow Institate- No personalities are mentionet. References accftpwW WIVIdual saticles. Card 13 Collection of Scientific Works TABLE OF CONTEM: Arsenin, Ma., awl B.L. Rothdostvensidy, On t1w CCUM"661M Of AA Isothemic Gas Arseni V-Y -, and N.N. Yenedo On the Istension of 111scoutinAites in Ideal Gases 20 Vaa:Lllkzv, D.A. On the Flow of a Gas I* & PoroUg Naftum 110fta of Spherical Granules 80 Zhidkov, Ye. P. The First Boumbry Value Prdblm for a Partibolic Equation with Suall Parasoter *u4 RiGher DerIvative 85 Zhidkov, Ye.P. The Socond Boun" Value Problem for an Squotlon of Parabolic Type With Small Parn6ter sad Hiigb*r Derivative 100 Petrov, A.A. Proof of the Hypothesis oft Belonging to a Multiplicative or Additive Set of Distributions us Card 2/3 CoUeetion of Scientific Works Rozhdestvenakiy, B.L. On Certain rormulas of Quadrat=** 137 Yanenko, N.N. As7mptotic and Alproabuttion romam for Ot Pressure and Intemal Surgy of IMtar in the Thowsm-rend Generalized Model of the Atom 10 AVAILABLE: (Library of Congress (Qk3.N72) AC/W Card 3/3 3.21-60 32376 /61/000/01 V0010/0301 S/124 0 IL110 J~tl D237ID304- AUTHORS: SamarskiTg A. A.# ands ~Areen~1--b-I.- TITLE: on numorioal solutions of Sam-dynaftic equations with various types of viscosity PERIODICAL: Referativnyy shur , Mekhaaik1%0 no. 12p 1961p 17, abstract 12B92 (2h. vyabislo awt me i matem. fit., 1961t 1, no. 21 M-3601 - TEXT: Pinite-difference schemes of continuous caloxaation (in which lines of discontinuity do not appear) are considers& for the equaticne of gas-dybamice of a plans, ons-disensional isentropic gas flow with various types of viscos:ity, Viscosit'T is subject to the following oonditionst The oyOtsm of equations should have a continuous s3lution, influence of viscosity should be vanishingly small within the shock layerand,in the region of rarefaction wave, gyugonio f"Abstracterls note: Transliteratiog7 conditions should be fulfil'Led on the boundary of the layer Card 1/2 SAMARSXIY, A.A. (Yoskva): IUMIN, V-Ya. (Moskva) Numerical solution of the equations of go# Ornamics Involving different types of viscosity. Zhur. vych. Oto I mat. fit. I no.2:357-360 Mr-Ap '61. (MM 14ta) (Differential * stions-Numerloal solutions) rots dynwics) NRIZI - . L.IWKM4~ , A- NIN iT "Concerning the question ebout Working up the Spectra oC :' ,--k Says and Fabt Neutrons Measured with the Help of Single Crystal SciatIllation SpectrovOtOrs." report submitted ror All-Union Conf on Nuclear Spectro'SoM, IbIliel, lit-a Feb 64. KIFI (Moscow Engineering Mr.31ce Inst) TIKMNOV, ARSUINS,.,'!,Yt,. (*bkva) Ob-.6orI&An nohUpoav PAti- stpr~,~ 6$ ino.4six L 2283-66 EWT(MUSPY (n)-2,/A k(lb) M( A00USION NRS Ap.50169zr j, A AUTHORSS Tikhanoy,, A. ll.~. vmiuill Le Vej Mosrmvvyp v$ A... L TITIM NOW Metbod of nidenstruotloh of, brmao o0i iwa j SOURCEs Atomaya snergiyo,iv~ is, roil- oil 1* TOPIC TAGSs neutron ape-otr0a., nouWan.0"orl' MW I reaotor characterlstio., Lint4gral of atlbn, 04 on AWTRAOTt The artiols ;re to two is rA h 0~" X* 0 1,164 olt 6 M klou. 1 mthod of solvIng probldva sod on~ Wol 1 1* _0f too 041Z 10 whiah arias in the reduct4o Oltv 4 Ir actors. This method wac dpVtolopod - y of 4t ~10 tirlwwi ik''! 10 i , Aft i It- i. DAN SSSR v. 149, 5290 19 f Z0101 e4lat f I i Olt The first ex'Mie Gonsidwr5ithe 000 Wla the 'I spe-atrup pr seltbani lit, the results or n*Asur*MlrRFffb tho 6' b of to a Mica '61086 L 2283-66 14'1 AOMSION NRs AP502692T i d4zvot~d-to1hO.. 0401~tt It %be second example Id flux of thermal neutront; lni4i h*tsXsOj*rA6u# I Fol measurements of the dIrtot 1 t10 4 "s possibility of solving mono; rioblemo in, VIO ~rb !I experimentally c-btained opeXw M ~dist d~ isi 10 "Milhd of the measurement appo-atui or of ~hs as 'A~ Oil figuzIes and 9 formulas ASSOOZATIONS None RMWEDs 15JUn64 N* RIP, SOVI 004 Card H V r% 1 K H 'UNIC. A . N.ZN .IN, Processing of spectra or gamma quanta and fawt railti,ana memsursd by means of single-orystal scintillation SpectroMelors. law. 0 SSSR.Ser. fiz. 29 na,501.5-818 My 165. (KRA 18s5) M.L; AR 11, A. Yu * T.To; XA=WUADZX, S.N. lamw"NOMONOW Ketallurgical obamteristion of &Aakhlo, Adftml, DarkYett, aM Kotemotl limstonal [t0 GOOVIOU vith lusftX7 Ill Ruselaml. TruiV Inst. mt. I Cor. dela Al Gru2. 80 2s-175-197 049. (WIU Utl) (Cle orcla-Ums tons) PCs" sdoco 11irl Will k, V. 'I, it. IF. ~l IA Noto 195S. Mi. 11. ii,~M, alit- It 1.1 so 'atim lntlh~ml- 404114"113 0*0 d 04 its mvtlo$~ Aut qw. Milk ad' wm Wt dst lw4 -4 and kah c and bu,44 N104 rd a lidd V: LU'Awl"*444"Oh= . . .............. ..... fill AUTHOR: Arsenishvili, L. Yu. (Tbilisi) 24-9-16/33 TITLE: Oa the smeltinE- of the "MAK" (Bi-Ca-9n) alloy. (0 vyplavke spla-re MM) FERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akidemii Nauk SSOR, Otdoleniys Tekhaichoskikh Nauk, 1957, No.9s PP.110-113 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The process of producing Si-Ca-Va alloys is based on the reaction of aimultaneous reduction of the oxides of Ca, Si sad Mn as expressed by sq.(1)1 p.110. The process of reduction of these oxides should proceed without the& getting into the liquid state i a the smelting of this alloy from the respective oxilesoinosids an electric furnace should proceed by means of a slaglos$ process or with a practically ninimus quantity of slag, .Owl. to the and form n1on of high selective reduction of manganese at melting point co:qounds with melting points above the reduction temperature, the process of smelting of this alloy can be effedted without slag formatiom. Since the reduction processes should precede slag formation, the surface of conta.,.t of the reducing agent with the oxides to be reduced is of great importance and also the speed of heating to the reduction temperature, The experiments Card 1/3 described in this paper were carried out at verious On the smelting of the "MM" (Si-Ca-Un) allo.T. 24-9-16/32W voltages in a 25 kVA electric are furnace of the open type with a conductiag bottom. As raw materials waste slap of medium carboa ferro-manganese and silicon-manganese, quartz sand, limestone and fine coke were used, the analyses of which are given in Table 1, p.112. The first series of tests were carried out with a. charge containing medium carbon forro-mangenese slog, quartz sand and limes'~one using an initial voltage of 25 Vo a current intensity o4 900 to 950 A and a specific power of 9.45 kVA/dm4 of the furnace bottom; after five heats it became aecessary to clean the furnace by means of manganese ore sn4~ to change the voltage to 3U V and the current intensity to 800 to 850 As at which the furnace worked fully nornally; the chemical analyses of the obtained alloys are given in Table 2, p.112; Table 3,P.113, gives the anslysea of a second series of smelting tests using for the charge a Si-I(n slag, quartz sand and limestone. The results show that it is advisable to control the smelting in such a way as to avoid or at least to obtain a ver;r low slag formation. The ratio of the reduced oxides in ttie, chrirge should be ig,Aficted ffi-tc, obtail high -melting compWndit IM-1th Card 2/3 On the smelting-of the 'IDN" (Si-Ca-Mn) alloy. 24-9-16/33 melting point temperature not much higher tb*Ln the temperstur.e of their reduction with carboa. Tim quantity of the reducing agent must be calculated -Po an to obtaiA a complete reduction of all the oxides in the clwrgeg taking into Sonsideration losses. The pTocess should proceed vvith7high specific power with the appropriate electric parameters and dimensions of tho melbing specs. In the case of formation of a high melting point lining and formation of a deposit in the heartht periodic cleazing with manganese ore or limestone is necessary. The author recommends repetition of the uperiments on a semi-industrial scale. There are three ta7oles. SUBMITTED: July 10, 1957. AVAILABLE: Library of Coaress. Card 3/3 SOV/1371 -58-10-20784 T ran slation frorq: Referativnyyzhurna I, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 10, p6Z(USSR) AUTHORS: Kekelidze, M.A., Arsenishvili, A.Yu. TITLE: Experiments in the Smelting of a Silicori~nianganese-calciurn Alloy (Kuzrett-k Metallurgical Kombinat) !*Opyty po vyplavke krf!mne-margaritsovo-kalltsiyevogo splava (KMK)Jin Georgian PERIODICAL- Soobshch. AN GruzSSR, 1957, Vol 19, Nr 2, pp 197-202 ABSTRACT: An experimental single-phase 25-kva arc furnace with graphite electrode and conducting hearth was used to conduct experiments i-i the reducing smelting of slags from the melting of medium carbon Fe-Mn of the following Is composition: SiOZ 31.75, A1203 1.75, CaO Z6.6, MgO 2.5, Fe 0.84, Mn 19.35, P 0.07, S03 0.22 with the object of proft(ing an Si-Mn-C& alloy useful as a complex deoxidizer of stoel. When the stag is melted with Z01) coke breeze, alloys having the following S composition are obtained: SiOZ 22-26. Mn 5743, Ca 0.8-1.1. Al Z-2.5, ainc e the slags were melted at comparatively low temperature, and this inhibited total reduction of the CaO. Card I/Z Addition of Fv to the charge did not prornote a higher degree of SOVII 117-56-10-20784 Experiments in the Smeltin4 -)( a Silicon -manganese -calc ium Alloy reduction of the CaO. Additicn of quartz sand, and of it-p to Z6% CaCZ to the mix yielded alloys with t:-ie following Jo composition: Sj 35-45, Mn 29-49.5, Ca 6-7.65, but this yielded a very high-melting slag that flowed out of the furnace with difficulty. Bet-:er results were yielded by a rnix consisting of slag, limestone, and quartz dand. calculated from the reaction: ZSi02+CaO+MnO+6C=ZSi+Ca+Mn+6CO. This yielded alloysof the follow- inglo composition: Si44-S(,, MnZ5-32, CaIO-15.5, All.5-2, PO.02- O.OZ6, CO.45-0.75. The percentages recovered in the r%lloy wt!re: Si40, Mn 63, Ca ZO, the consumption of electrical energy being 20 kwhlkg alloy. The melting must be run with rapid heating of the mix until the onset of the reactions of reduction. Ye.z. 1. Calcium-manganese-sili2on alloys--Production 2. S114ts.-Processing 3. Furnaces-,-Operation Card 2/2 INKILIM, N.A.; ARSUM-11U, A.%.; MtLift, V.V.- ROW. S.11,-, TURIWN, A.11. - Replacing ~rax;;; Chiaturs, sanganess ores by Chiatum carbonate manganese ores in the burden of pig Iron used for steel numfho- ture. Trudy Inst.not. AX OrusAM 9t4347 159. (MIRA IM) (Chlatuft-MWOOSO ores) (CoLIS 1ro**-XetA11W&) UnUDZI, N.A.; ARaMISVILI, A.Tu.; MOVA, T.T.; Eaumv, L.P., TWE. 1.T. Using Chlatum cartonate mma#mese ores for the prodactlan of pig iron wed in sta6l manufactuke., Trudy last.wt, All Omo M 9:49-57 '58, (MIllk IM) (chiaturs-9monsse ores) (Cast Jrou***,%IlurRy) ARSAIMILI, A.Tu. Uperiments on 0-9 maelting of millcobsOMWOmmus bigt IS 6121002, TxWy Inet. met. A Gmx. SSR 10s29-38 160# (NMA 13:12) allm-Yatallura) MIRIASHVILI, Sh.M.; ARSENUNVILI, A.Yu.; BUMASEVILI, A.G. Viscosity of the molten system C&O - MnO - SiO2. Soob. JA Grus. SSR 27 no-3:313-320 3 161. (KERA 15:3) 1. Akademiya nauk Grozinskoy SSR, Institut setallurgii, Tbilisi. Predstaylenc, akadenikom F.M.Tavadso. (slag) (Viscosity) ARSENISHVILI, A.Y%. MakLr.g &Ijoys 4r . t " m & h '4 IV$ ted oharge, Trudy lin3t, Imt, AN GrUSo SiR vol, IIW5.50 162,. (MIRA 1739) jUSEN's NILI ;-,8OMA.WT, -p M.N. 1 GORIZONTOTA, To.JL,,; YEMKOVA., Te.I.j YEMBAWg N.I.; WFIC, H.Sh.1 URAVAMv A.M.110loOWV, G.M.; LDBDip N.V,p kand, sellkhos, noal 0,910 j Xh.F.,, d*ktor bilog, nook; MISHINO P.H.; PATRIXj LAsp kand, sellkhms, mukk; MM, V.X*v kaDd, oollkhcmb nauki SDtMp &Lj AbAsmik,- MOIM, A.I.; FIIASDVj V.7.; SHKWAj R.I.; solowum GOSO, redo; RCKANOVICH, le.F., -.*d.j LEVINA, L,G.v tekbu* r*do [Cbickers for meat] TBypliata iia via". HoAvaj lmd-o" H-wTa sell.khos. RVSR 1960. 197 po WPA 15: 1) boultry) 137-58-6-11278 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 6, p 3 (USSR) AUTHORS: Kekelidze, M. A. TITLE: An Investigation of the Manganous Sandstones of Chiatura (Issle- dovaniye chiaturskikh margantsovistykh peschanikov) PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta metalla i gorn. dela. AN QruzSSR. 1957. Vol 8. pp 53-58 ABSTRACT: The object of this work is a study of,the chemical and min- eralogical composition and of certain physical and mechanical properties of the low-grade manganous sandstones (MS) of Chiatura. Methods of utilizing them in the smelting of silicon- manganese are outlined in this work. Ithe MS of Chiatura are characte.:-ized by low Mn contents and high silicon con- tents (50-6"%). The AI;1,03, C&Q and P contents vary widely. The major non-orebearing minerals are quartz and calcite. The bin minerals are pyrolusitq, recrystallized Mn hydroxides and psilornelane. The average tp, gr. of the MS is 2.3-2.7, volu- metric we-.ght is Z.0-2.5, pbrosity is 5~ Z- 16.2. Pulverimability tests of the MS showed the amount of < 5 mrn fines to be 6.6- Card 1/2 10.0% ard tile Cbcompress to be 99-473 kg/crn2. When the use 137-58-6-11276 An Investigatiort of the Mang,tuous Sandstones of Chi-Itura of chalcedony was -3upplan7ec completely by that of MS, grade CuMn-20 silicon- manganese was obtai-ted. A.$h. 1. Manganese irc.,,--iropertles 2 ftiganese ores-Applicaltionn 3. Rock-Ana1ysis Card 2/2 Subject U33fl/hydraulle Engineering Construotion AID P - 1790, Card 1/1 Pub. 35 - 10AT Author : Arsenishvill, K. 1. Title : Study of effects of roll-*ng waves on hydraulic stroota"s Periodical % Gidr. stroi., v.94, nodil 34-3TP 1955 Abstract ; A aeries of tests made on canals with stoop inclin" is described withthe help of equations. Tho.canals sie, divided into two groups by shape: 1) waft~oas - wish sector and triangular dross-soctious 9) wsve-forming, with rectnngular-and tl%pelloidal or~;G-sections. 10 order to eliminate the Impediment ~a peration crooted by waves in tht canal, i~ Is suggistedothot speciAl wave absorbers be installed over th0outlet into the bucket. One table, 2 photos and diagrams are given. Russian references dated 1931, 194, and 1954 are mentioned. Institution: None Submitted : No date .1 /1- 124-1957-10-116Z3 D i-1 ? C7 C 0 15 11 b , /(1 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 10, p 61 (USSR) AUTHOR: Arsenishvili. X. 1. w- --- TITLE- The Action of Waves Impinging upon Hydrot4i-thnical Structures (Vosdeystviye noLbe&ayushchikh voln na gidrotekhmicheekLye soorumheniya) ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry on the Author's dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Azerb. Industr. In-t (Azerbay- dzhan Industrial Institute), Tbilisi, 1956. ASSOCIATION: Azerb. Industr. in-t (Azerbaydzhan Industrial Institute), Tbilisi Card 1/1 AIUMAIS takhmichomkikh nauk. do criteria of wave fernatiou Is chms"16 !with WHO $10", Oldro strei. 25 20-3141-0 Aj) 156. C-au 9SO (Wave$) 991-7-3/14 SUWXCTI U3SR/Irrigation 1191BORt Arsenishvilit 1.1-t. Candidats of *00401cal sciences and -Ra-fishvilit-G.L, Candid*to of Nochantoal Sciescoo TITLIs "Botton-type Vortex Discharge We Per hot Plowing Canals* (Vikhrevoy iodovypuok tips. donnoso kolodtoa Alys. kwmlov a bollablei uVonmal) PZRIODICALs Gidrotekbnlka 1 Nollorattlys.0# 19570 0 7, p1p 16-19, (USSM) ABSTRACTe The majority of canals in ths mountainous rs#l*as have strong currents# which render measurements of water doliverlso loth difficult wid Inaccurate& Laboratory tests hairs shown that satisfactory results can be obtained vith bottse-4y" gates, wbich give exact measuring data and a" not influenced bW turbulent water osrfacos6 Besides$ the wbirting offset at this type of head-gates provests silting# $Mae ptoo function satisfactorily at high rates of dimahop am "Il as a 't tur- bul*nt water conditions. In additional advantage to its low low cost of construction as compared with t~,o other types of gates, Card 1/2 # 99-7-3/14 TITLZs "Bottom-typ Vortex Discharge Get* For Bast rloving 08=180 "Vikhrevey -voi:vM#k tips donsop kolodtom, dlya tualov a bol'shini uklo *at) The article contains I figure and 1 table. ASSOCIATIONs Georgia Scientific Research Institute for Irfrotookalce and Melioration (Gruslaskly memobno-isslodovatelluty Institat sidratekhniki I mellarstsit) PRXSZNTBD DYi SUDKITTIDs ATAIUBLEs At the Library of Congress. Oaft 2/2 ARSENISHVILI, K.I. Sone charmoter-stios of advancing waTea, TrIACY OVIIINNGIM no.20M3-14 '58. (WATes) (Camis) (MIFA 15 15) ARSMI-MULL Y.I. doktor tiklw,. nauk, prof.; M-MADVIMLI-g- 0.1 r6d.j KMSISHVILI, V., tokhn. red. (Zffsct Of rOlI-W&V-8 on hydraulic structures) Vomdois-tNIm nabs- gaiushchikh voln an. gidrotekbnicteWdo noomshoolia. Tbillol Goo.isd-vo *SabehoV. 3akartvelo, a 1961o Ipe (KILA 15M (Waves) 01ydraulle struoturalm ARSENISHVIU, K.I. Waveless profiles of stremu. 160. Trts# Grua N1101.4 no.22:19$-2M (KM 16ti) (Hydrolog) Studying changes in Us vegetation 4over of sm4lvo soils W the AJAzan' Valley. Soob. M Grus. 82 27 ho.6039-446 D 161 (KML 15t21 1. Institat zoologii AN Ominakoy &9ft,, Tbilisi* ft-edstarlew akademikair N.N.Ketakho"li. (Alazarl Valley-FUnt suctesslon) (Saline and alkali soils) ARSEN ISM I LI , V. G. -, Forests &djacent to maside statices of the Alamani Valley. Soob. AN GruzSSR 37 no.2411-414 F 165. (1411M 180) ARSENITEV, V.I. Determination of lithium tWdroxide irs the electrolyte of &Ualirw storage batteries, :k4rlab. 29 ao,7007 16)4. (KUU 160) lo Doroshnaya khInUo-tekhnicheskaya laboratalp pammnoy sluor rushnoy shelesnoy 'icrogi. (UtlAux hydroxide) (Storage batteriss) j; k-Lshjljl:;v; uix. %n ~- ,, 1:14f, N,jnu)gL-&a (,,~~.oulratlvr ~~f nul,work ,raaaftumora -Alith Output up t,) I kv. Sdol to,! 12 ) of novor Ag teS4 10,111liIIIII, (:,I') AV0111) 1: 0 1' :1 s 1111 -41 L !at A A "ila"!! a gi=" alk-L L',fb% " ~.!' I "I ILI C, 1 11 a I t ki thle if I'd A Luj SO'.[-?,CE: Avtonatich scayu ovir ~i tic . e. 196i, -4-4 4- a 1 6 0 l' mm t:11V 1~,Dflit!03'441 04 'r the e4gel 131! trolo ark t4to W:1 Ilf':Jed bY 111111.118 V j ~111 Wulf p ~U r th 1:ii-oit,all :,r liviii of Nim- th'a Cord 1/3 TIMU-TIT'"If ~Jjiwj M limp", Iml ACCESSION NR: A? 50; .2 2 3 ra W, c-c I ec t rodo. rod,- . Dendri te it cmctivi~ty vaim duitemboodi bp inmollifliqi trsmvmej:,~c -.I T o e c t ., o 11 q) I f -.Jhe tok I !by Ou v- ind longitudinal r- It if - "olol han4mvisin was witiallIned t t -n 0' 1 t x W 'f-i fr.n el ingoto, cat Lifill-all; limkiii allicoun't dilziddra dtritc., of witfor III 'Jiluotiag tAlga Abr "I"A 1:1!11 1!-y ach 111,14111. 1. i'lkIlpts, Idi.&- PC t 1".1)s I till; If-l-riva; - . 1-111 ol: tha 1clate-S F; ci., I I i! I' 'direcAllif0cp 1.11 n(vt (PuTm ha.rdo-r -i,~i I, f lill : , o 11 it. .'I ij, I, I 1.- 0 d L, 1. con vo 1, 1 a-it 11) it It a'l - )km 11(givul4lt u t z a L I on 0 c t I. 1 1: L 1. prinripail dondrLito micilm malmot L1, poosiblit to' erthance the hardne I of metal 5 t. i alittil . 11314, pleollog cif 111flal.1 .1%pute of ate 11 reme I ted by the el trosiag mt t It d incre,asion the Of ItIM: IjUtting tqc I't bzj I reduco r, the i r L%jes r(njj;h)ly OLe lianke mlq~ 11111p hardamijis OC c Of f '41 !A~ , n i lq!d b-1 I-11t, 19 lg?,c lit 4 if$ tb U Ill ~ a IS rilit I 1: 1. flig it fill w,: yif 1:44). J,qn a t "1:1,71 , till,, I 1:)W1A* and fb 111:11,C. t 0i'll djoltiribulJO0 I T I, t r, d T* C PVT! r N 1, row gvAmo: Omt ingp:lt ti V011,14 Fiat: t1irn . The. OicriJI.- '41 '.Kv Im n J, :w f of f1pel(II41 I silmidicli,, alfill.. h4al! Card h I JAI a, -ffl ;3 figures, 1~ flt,1 ,ASSOCIATION: Altavskty politokif tehinkly inttitglt fai :Polytechttic tnatitLte) SUBMITTED: I b 6 EIWL,: 00 1100gil MH cc NO REF SOV: 1)05 Cord' RADGHENKO, V.(..; ARSENM, I.T.; WMIN, I.A. Electric slag reap 1ting of tool gt*01 sorsp. Aytaft. Ovar. 16 no.6163-65 Js 163. OaRA 160) 1. Altayskiy poUtakhnicheiskly InsUtut La. 41.Polsmova. (Tool steol-LleatromUllwV) (9crap utabs-BleatrawfAllargy) RADCHENXOS V.3.; ARszNxl?i, Y.T., SHABALJNI V.N.1 LIUMIMUITOV, D.M. rnereasing the resIstance of a cutting tool by- olsotroplag remelting, Avtom. ovar. 18 no.804,-36 4 165, (KRA 18oll) 1. Altayskly politekhaicheekly institut imeni Polaunova, 9abodtted February 18, 1965. .............. ZATZ ~EN K. T . Chromium p.'.ating of titanium anxi Its alloys. 'PhshinostrsAtell no.9:34 S 165. (MIRA 18:12) L 20930-66 EWr (ii ADO MR! AP6=57h Sourds Caut 6~) 1 AUM18i TIT Fsdovp So 16; 4k It. Go b4L 10 IMM16w Was n=w ~l 10, ?Ms Nstjwd for tabricstlaq.! rm~lfor *&w 42P to 8WHDIS ftUn*AM' ISOWWW& Of 140. 16 349651 i TOPM TAGSt comic productlp comdo satorld AN=Ts This Author CerUllosto piawnit~ it nota*C -,c4 Q for Aft1roaccustic apparatus. The! riogs are! sssomUsd ft3l wodjo fora of prism who" adjacaub aurk"jw *ft aiwiwea witt is subjected to polperizaticae To koduce prOstrqwdag~.of~ bla*x with t4w adwolve *oap,*vA!gVpU44 f4 on a band avA am sw*rif*g*i Nit a tapretwe to Orootow BUD CM191 U/ -1;M UUI 1wil" IA PALICHNFSXIY, r.T.; ARSIMIs, LT. Spectroootoostric detorffilfAtIOS Of the dissoolMlon DM*t&B*B ot x dibasto &aid. Ydet.UIU 15 no-10198-103 '60- (IOU 13:5) (Acids-ftelelty) (Dfts*l* 6014-OVOCirs) ARSE140IU, Cons-,antin I. Organiz-,.ng the sUmulittion aM polmlarizatlon of the Ojc$LL=t workers in socialist -ompetition. Manta sindic I uo.jjaz4p-'~ - N 163. 1. Prestdintele comitutUlul Introlwinderli do fonj, BasoAws regiunefi Argos* 76-32-5-32/47 AUTHORS: Fuzarokova, T. W., Arsenov, a. I. TITLE: 4ethods of krioskopiche$- likh izmerenly) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fLzi,.,heskoy khimii, 1958P V01. 32, lir 5v PIP-1153-1154 ~IUSSR) ABSTnCT; The usual method of determination based on the measurtuont of the maximum temperature rise gives wrong resultst " can be seen from a given diagram, so the measuring values do not correspond to the real fr*osing point of the solutions. In deterairations according to V. Sakeyev (got 2) which arm based on the determination of the Matine ouves the error by undorco3ling in removedt hovever, errors lius to insuffi- cient mixing occur. An slectromapstic arrangement of afting is desorited, using a multivibrator with tvo lamps L -6US and I -6P 3 as well as a transformer ZW -.2. In oRer to improvi the distribution of the trystala the cryoS*0P0 has an elevcte4 bottom. In order to dwtormi!3e t1he fressiAg tem- perature the beating curves are taken by, plotting the t6m- Card 1/2 peraturs on the ordinate and the time on -the abscissa. By Methods of Cryoncopic Measurtments 76-:12-5-32/47 means of an sismpleg a solution of beamy1alcohol in benasnep the obtained diagrams are represented# Ohs malting tempors- tures (orysta'Alisati on) being datermihoi by the yoint ot inter- as:tion of two straights. The described electromagnetic mixer cai also be usel for other purposes. There are 4 figures and 5 references, 3 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: kkademiya na-k Kitakhokoy SSR til'i " Institut kh'imii ,Znsitut snarge- (Tratitutseof C.iemiiitry and Pouvr Engineering A3 X&t&1iskay& SSR) SUBMITTED: Mai* 3P 1957 1. Liquids-Freezing 2. Freezing poinU-De-,-ermL-at1on Card 2/2 ARUNDY, I.. lushouvr. Wy dust-eatching In prepkmtory alaing stopes. Nut.u4j no.3 3. w 1.0 (OU ?:41; 0 (Xing dut*) .5AV(;V , Dr. ; IAV N , V. ApplAcat.ion 310 cer*,.%Jri antIblotleaq in the corltroll of tile biropean foulbrood. lz*i Vet inst zaras parazit ',l 1?1-11~0 163. -1 - - aAVI)V, Dre; ARSEMOV, L, Actim of some chetima and pkpical oubotimoom ca tho Ahorlaw foulbroodt BY Vb-. !mot su-tu pamsit W95-42 064 .,~RSENOV, L. 4' "ad of the Anariam foulbrood in the area of the V.Tumov# District, Vburinarzy batitate, Iav llbt Ust sarn piravit Be 203-,U1 164 DORIC, Radidlav MOCICs ltrjana; PAVWVICP JOM; W"11C, *riQl4l ARMOVIC Alokmardar ~ P.-- - - - I - . Our exporlonoo with the spidood-c of pollomplitim in Sorka in 1956. Srpskl arb. colok. lok. 08 nc-5140MU AT '60# 1. Iliniim &a latektivne bolsoU Wdiclubog tskultotg Vni"roltata u Beop%ft. Upnvtiks mks-AmW pmf. & 1"U 10&"Ti*. (POLIOMMITIS 0w0"01) ARSW"Cq V. Wage rates in Galsn:Um RaterpUe in Zsmm%6 P- 1509 TMOMAm Beogards Vol lop No- IOP 1.955 801 33"s Vol 5j, lb- 7,9 A4 1956 ARSUOVIC, V. Premiums and funds as factors In the further development of vorkers lanagoment., p. 668. (Tahniks. Vol. 12, no. 4, 1957. Beograd, Yuloslavia) SO: Konthly l4st of laort lurolman Accessions. OW LC- Vol. 6. No. 7. July 195?. Unal. MaAN, 1-.M . jit 4 6, :'. ~ --'.; `FAUAN, N.A.j KAZARYAN, R.A.; AR.50YANO " '- 4erivatives of diones. Part It Some chlor. derivatives of butadienee Izv. AN ~rm,,SS& Khjx#nauki IS no~ls5O.59 165. (MIRA 1895) 1. Vaesoymn", -iouchno-imalodova tell skiy Institut pollmernjr1b produktov. ho linbarli4rl Bcatzm%tn e,""J AMEMIYEV, A.A. Fracture tectonics mW the diamond potential oC Um itmatern part of the Siberian Platform. Trudy WAR AN SWR Ser. geol. no.909-44 163. iWRL 16M) AFSEV I Y-I?V, A. A. Asympt)tic proprt lop of Llie tracS of the 01matral fmcLion of a self-adjoLit ellAptic dirferentUa operatc,r of secmd orde:-. DokI, AN WS11 157 no.4061-673 Ag 064 (MIRA 1798) j . 1. "oskovskiy g,)svd&rstvcnryy uni"raitet La. VA Lomcnarjora I rl-.stavleno akitiemikom S.L. 3L)KAevym. T i LZ 6.-t� EPRAE ;"Y)/'Ev r(d ~--Af I. EWP(9) Pqo-5/PG-4/ 'l,.4 E V/110 1: i ACCESSION HR: AT51033E5 :1.12563 1641 AMNINY0024,11011130 TFA TTTLE- Tmprovemeni of the ati I i! AM[ dyamitid prittlortlem 41V* turbiniii motor usirm a controlli.ble nAmsta dwrice vi.thAlk 4tim, j! we:l,..! SOURCE: Leningrad PolitoW!cimekly instt.tut, Trudy, Ito 232, 1910 o Tictlic 'Turbonachints), 26-30 shiny tot, t TOPTC ItAGS: ga-4 turbimil, viartebte a see 6'l Viii-I b _Sao t rbine, cosipretision gas tu,F-i-n7: consitin: te,tivetaturn &,aij turbit*,, lix.e twobl.dit m Of U fe 0e * .,AJ1$T1kAl',-?.# Movable gag turbinti to Ole 114wilt Up are e phase, and the gmtesit diffitc.lten w0unt T 11 a el!ficlancy of engl7es operatitc tgainat variable Ili. ~h I arci. 14t jrV11111111ta I thill varisbAe operating choiracterii t i:m of. a acnrollple 114i# tV611141 00011mileill 4,;40tdl to tho block diagram - hmin in Fis - I of the Eac3oaur Alt 4141iitulatLoold *t tu a bitte E town were ca- ried out sit t %qt averese %some rmdtlL. WiellicnicaiL m04 $Is* 14's al were tiekian care of by tkie tploi (1p A.ate aff ic tonc 1.1111 WhIlch 111all'o. all opitratiag cond ti-in.q. Thf erfect: of Ole inotWont tin vmille 44iotly I jd Jai T L ZM6-65 ACCES.11:10N NR: AT5)03385 vas titken Into account by 1.11AMOO only thilt Cil"Ponorlt, 10111111-1114 1 11 t it the compressor tui bine which :,,)I neitlen witb t.he I:anStmt tb ItIlto t0flItill LUOK of' it 16 pt,ofi:.e at the entrance edge 3( the tumnle; 1:11a4m, IfluellIL:111 tho 1 0 :0404 C 04 the working parts under all l3wis v 01:88UMIlild cornstailt A $md*!J~Ij 011 ture. The calcuLitions of the vatrisb 1C,64 *Pwratfilm tvl~ 1014 -4 jlsl siltt. eettitig of the no; cle blades of tht. pcmar tutbimol a coaIlj jolt r-jillis cot I q ~441 of tho turbo-compi lass ar block (im a result of thm rolllmtf~ l*1:1 ad.PtIO Oest 0; *4 %h I! pertinent nozzle t lad-as), and Om ecastancy of all" 0446141plie Imml-06itum a 1111M1 ed, again, by rottitini~ the nott. e blades of the we tt It's). injo k:cln*t It A teaperature, maint.mined even Juil1w partial. lood1m, w1kolm ItIlim alaIll3m Vlvry ecan c&1 although at t1, e, cl:cpenae of A:s pick-up respemme ~ IWO List dirOAllikok CjW A elfmfaat:e~d Sy Ope, '11.1-g the mt conotamil rMlattwitil HIM 1.4 Q ver, th I in tu! n, --vcAmce f; it. n I f i4r tenc of n lie devtvm,+ 1irtill, -urt.. has: Is I figures. ASSOCIATIOW: Leningr.idakiy pcl%tlbantchemitiy iffintitilt A I Ito '11'. 1114014(mwe iv nic Instttute) Arad Fulyte. SUMMED: 00 ONCLI 01- Im out! No R19F 80vt 000 ~Fftftw_ Is --Block, AL1gr"_"_1'4_t* tA cambushon chsibai~j'~Qf ~'4 0t mor (1044) If 11 1 lia ACC NIs AT7005792 tAq SMCK -CM91 IM/3240/66/iOM/002/004/0618 AWBORSt kleksapollskiy, D. T&-1 Areen'rMt To X, ORGs Mm*wv Polytechnic Institute (Xharlkmkiy politeMWA41*81dy institut) TITMs The effects or manufaoturMW tolarwool of impeller aoWinents ce the characteristics of a pump stop SOURCM Kharkov. Politekbuichaskiy lAstitut. lborgetichoWMs not 29 1966. GidroturbizW I drugiyo gidromaWAV (Irdraullo WWnes and other hydraulic machines), 12-18 TOPIC TAGSt centrifugal pump, impeller ABSTRACTs To determint the effects of manufacturing tolerances (whic'n are reflected In machining costs) on pump performance# experiments were performed with a oentrita& P=P of low specific Blood (% - 65) usiM impellers with inacooArate v4side Vitcho .blade edge profiles, and blade body pr*f1les, The model impollors wore :D2 s, 04% a in diameter with 7 cylindrical b1s4so spaced equ&14 460 spart, To vWUate the effects of pitch inaccurac-70 three modifications with rAt a 01.0138# 000159 "d 00025 end with APO 0 0.516l 0.9669 and 1.610 respeatively were Ustiod for ,at Is Wwm In fige, Is The Pw* itios an dwft In has Is Act tt%- A27005M 14 lp. pig. 1. Effects of pitch variatims it ca pimp charactwistims o - so"I , ; imPlIerl A 0 It 2# end rf4PWtlV*lr ACC NRI AT., `92 focw where 60Q Q - U3/sec; b - impeller widthe ml n - rpal 2 a of wator, coefficient I was found empirically for ne a 65--iOD to be The preours lose where *pi opt and fopt are the pressure coefficients of the tested saml model impellers respectively. Five modifications of blade inlet pronlea we"t atLAied (see Fig. 2). Here, modification a profile was obtained IV conformal rep*o4atation of a crlinder; modifications d and 9 have straight loading edpe with r&tA*s 1/0 - 1.5 "A 4 respeotivilyo Mw ooeffiaients and Kom WX ACC -Nlt-,kt7oo5i92- Fig. 2. Effects of bla" 11 JLALLi Wet woriles Ot & 0 0 0 0 *I a - Nowicatiou go of do and 0 re"Gat"Ir $7 ACC Wo AT7005792 (where QOt - flow corresponding to beat efficionqyl flow oarrespond1mg to highest pressue) were calculated and are tobtilated. It was fousd thatt althou& modification a (conformal representation) was bestq modifissUou s would be mat pmatials 5mral bias pWile wdiflationo wers t4oWo *M so opWml "uU= for the pressure loss werflolat (no 0 60-70 ORW we CsW to be IM(Ox+ 15.8 1) where (where it - maber of blades with cho",ed potile), It is wuluded tkukt the sigmitip cant effects of the tested veriatims warrut An-tkoer investigntim 0 Otbor inaccuracies and tolerances In other p=p components, Orig. ext. Moo 6 foniulass 5 figwm 9 md 2 tables * OU OMNI I -?/a= DMI now/ OW RVI ODI/ M M 001 ACC A-! f ITLID 11 ,, 4 DV,-k-~1--'L Wlki. T.4i 4 1 lip- DIF-14W WZ/A-W~0M AUTIMIS: Alcksapol'skiy, D. Ya.; UalyusheKa:o, V. Y. al'.G: jheksapollsk~y and ArsenlyiY7 Y Kharkov Polytechnic Institute (Darlkovskiy politekhnicheskiy institut); j%a1;rushenko7Sumsk& Pump Works (Sumskoy naaosmy zavod) TITLE: On the offect of the smoothness of machining the rotor on losses in a V=p SOMCE: Kharkov. Politekhnicheskiy institut. RnorgetieheAqu maohimostToyeniyes no. 2, 1966. GidroturbLrq i drugive ji4romashiny (Hydraulic turbines *ad other hydraulic machines), 59-64 TOPIC TAGS: centrifugal pumpt pr.?ssure gradientp frictiont friction loss, drag coefficient, metal machining, surlace roughness/ 5P6 X 8 centrifugil P=P ABSTRACT: The effect of the smoothness or the water ducts in a centr;.fugal P=P rotor an the pump power iv determined experimentally. ComWative tests of the rotor of a 5?6 X 8 pump with n - 2950 rpm, I~ - 260 mm, and q - 1.66 m2/min wd a rotor with an enamel coating were made. In the-low-delivery zone, the actul frict4on losses considerably exceeded the calculated ones. The differenco between Wt disk-friction power of the completely machined disks and the disks machined to DX w 0.7 D2 was found to be reduced with an improrrement in the surface swotbaess (soo Fig. 1). -khe amoothness of marihimin of the rotor ducts haa a substantial influenwo on friction. Card 1/2 ACC NX; Li,97005794 V ;k 401 0 Fig. 1. Specif io and relative disk-Trioti= losses vermw roughness ,The Optimal Value of S=face rougtoems is fowA to be 30--40A or V4--175- OIU- art. has: 7 formlaa and 4 SMPM- SUB CODE: 13/ SM LAM nme/ ORIO RM 005 Card 2/2 AUM 'TZV, A.A, Case ef recovery from talaxam. Falld, I akulbi, 2:5 ao.3r.41 W 160. WMA 13tO 1. abarachikslays lacUstkevaya bollultu, Chwaxliskqa ASM (?RAW$) ARSERIYEV) A.A. Fourier transformattLon of mi slowly decraimaing ftl2eticm. DoIcl. AN SSSR 154 no.2051-253 -ta'64.. (KIRA 17t2) 1. Prv-datavleno akadovdkon A.M. Kolmogorovym. KR.- AP4041032 810 190/64/000/003/012J/'O 125 ';AGCESMON AUTHOR: Potapov, Vo X.1 Arseut, vq ym, I A.."go- Piakunov, A. X.; Chishevskays'.N. N. TITLE: Autoxnatic recording of Ionisation tovv*$ !!'SOURCE: Pribory* I takha" eksperinnatso no* 3, 19640 123-125 It TOPIC TAGSt spectromnstars nass spectroxnater, MOL-1303 moss spsctro~fttori ~~.l ionisation cur" recording ABSTRACT: A device for autombAtic rsofttUf of Ionixod" c*mm (up to one i minute) in an IM-1303 nuts spectromnster is described' T10 $*a-doum i electron gun #eneratee 5 The -30-*4 eleetrooto for ionising $Oss or "r ionimation and Ion-extractift processes axe tinis-separaW. Itoponan" -Z~Wafi cation of the Ion current cot rodposdiq t0 the electron I04"m vith & IP04 Od energy scatter synchronous detecting, and the direct rocording *4 lods&Om ARq JTITIv*41mk4&jWx.AIr4kAQflch; PGYAJWII. I., rod.; FISMO, A.0 tokhn. red. (Store over China] 2vesdy sad Kitson. Unferapoll, Iryn. isdat. 1959. 117 P. (NIRA 13:7) (China-Mosarlptlon and travel) 12 TITIT. A.I.; TUH&TOT, redaktor; SHUS"MA, V.I., mdaftor; VM--wwllRnWI' T.V.. teAmIcheskiw redaldor Narthwork by means of tractor and Persper units] Rezrabotka mostoroshdonli traktmrno-skreperrovi agrelgatnal, HOokwap Oics. naucbno-takhn. ltd-vo lit-ry po obernot I tovetnot satallVgti, 1955. 135 P. DM 8:6) (Ikrthvark) ZAPIDNOF, Radian Favlovicb, professor, doktor; PRMOPIYW. Ywgmuijy Petroviah. professor, dektor; STASIZOV, llk*W Antomowljob# professor. d*Uor; Mtl4UtN. dakmandr TamIllrovIdb, pWossor, doktor; KLIAIROF,G.N., prof easor, 4*tor,, retoomment; - 11 1 0, A.I., retsensent; MII,Y,To, profossmo d*tO3t, reteftoWl KAffUOV.Y.X.. I -Aid&$ t4khalaboakikh &a*, totsamssat*$ AIMS. =F,A.'I.. ka"IdL. takhatch"kith omk. rakeoseit., IMN20Wtelftlebeskikh uuk, ressassatl IM0,0J., doktor tdfttw. cheskikh nmk, ketsetafttj TALAS(N.L.Ya.. rediftocr; reds"or; MUR,0*6., tekholobeakly rodaktor [Underground workingo of area ad deposits] Vadsamnalst rasraboUm radrqU I rossypayth mostareshAssil. Moskva, 14- vo Ilt-f), po chernot I.tavotsol matalliargli, 193$o 680 po (Mining agineertag) (XIM 90) ARUNITV, A.1-, kRndidat UkKnichooskikh tmtk; XITACE. G.M.. gornyy insberar.- 1333CHWULU. A.A., gorVy 1=hener Two-level excavator toripaces, Gor.sbur, no.6sl&19 -to 153. (NM SO) Wivoy Rog-Iron Obse mA minjag) (Kilo h*ulMo) ZMMATLU. S.P.; TARA , N.V.; Uuxwr, G.M.; I . T.T.; ImmkTAN", XOT* t ZHUXOT, M.N.; KADMUTIT, D.A.; SMOTAX, A.Go; IDOZ11f. V.,$*; XWTI A*X.; A2!!S=l A.I.; SHUTRIM, T.S.; SWAIDDY. G.T. up~ ORIalag are doposits.0 M.I. Agoehkov, lwd*wA br 3,P. Rha*vIev ant others. Gor.shur. ao*7-.63-464 JIL 155. (MIA 8:6) (Klass amd alurva retoaross) (Agodatov, K.I.) AR=noy]ff AII-1, kandidst kelchnich*01kh souk; UtWO, (I.N#, prWy FAMMMMOOMM I immoser: xVMCMZD, A.A., gorW laxboner. Practice *f %reach digo In rsok. Ofo.sbar. me,12:U-23 D 033. (grivoylog-Strip sininglig (KLU 904) AUTHORt Areentlyev, A.I.0 Candidate of Technical Sciences 127-12-6/28 TITL13 A Not-hod to Model the Development of Mining Operations In The YuGOK Open Pit I.S osob modeltravaniva rasvitlya gcKrnykh rabot n& karlysre YU06 i PERIODICAL: Gornyy Zhurnal, 1957, ft l2j pp 22-26 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In order to vinualiss the oorreot course of stining In an opal pit and the relationship of the opening and tiplottation pro- cesses, the author has mad* a cardboard modol of the mining development of the TUOOK open pit of a scale of 1o5,000. The outlives of the open pit and geological dats. war* designated on each level of the models This methad. made, It possible to determine the minimum amount of mining dovelopmeiat which would be necessary to ensure reliable prograts of an open pit and the maintenance of normal working areas* On the basis of these data a graph was constructed from which oat be concluded that it in expedl.ent to divide ths mining operations in the, YUGOI 2pen Pit Into 3 periodess 1. Tho starting period when the #:gploitatiox coefficient of openin; must be ro lose than 2.2 07n3t 2. The normal exploitiation.poriod when st$aiaj; operations will Card 1/2 go down to the level of t 0 and the valuo of uplottatiosk a.- 127-12-6/28 A Method to Model the Developsont of Mining Operations lit the TIAGOK Open fit efficient of opening will be no less tWm 0.64 10/x5j 3. The period Aea the mining operations will lover to the level 3f -45 m *nd the Opening Coeffloisut must be no lose that 0.27 a /m3. The durations of these periods are as follow-at the first - de- pendent on the Intensity of operations during the starting time; the asoon4 period will last more th" 10 roaxop and the third period will last about 16 " so The aver4kp coefflolent of op-taing Will amount to 0-53 mi7al * The aTticle contains I graph and I calendar plan of mining operations. ASSOCIATIONt Krivo7 Rog Mining Or* Institute (trivoroshokly gormorudn" inatitut) AVAILABLEt Library of Congress Card 2/2 TATUR, G.I., prof., doktor takhnnauk; ARUNTIYU, A.I., date, kand. takhn.nauk Orrivor Reg) W~141 Readers' response to S,N. DambvIs article 03aft loenalApS bank height for vork with excavators and uschati,oal sho"Immo U901' 32 no-12136-39 D 157. (mm na) (81trip ARSW'Mo Alsksandr Ivanovich- BTIWTMATA, S.N., otir. "d.; L06 it 'I --I- rf o; BWYJWAs ZoA~t tokhn, red. [Dotermining the proftotivity end boundorles of skrtV ldnes] Cprodeleale prolavociLtollnosti I granite kor orow. Kookwo, Go*.wmchno-tokhu* is&-wo lit-ry po gornom dela, 1961. 242 p. (Strip minim) (MDU 1415) SRSTAKOVP M.4.; POUNER, ZoB.j Inzhq;fflM ksM. takhn. nouk; ~ - , !a YESHIMERK0, A.A., gornyy Inxh. SYSt"m Of mining-with lateral ju4p wW without oroms tronobso, Gor. shur. no.20.12 F062. (HIM IM) 1. zameatitell glavwp inshenera Tgentrall"o gomoobogati- telfroco kombinata (for Shootakov)j, 2o Treat po proyaktirovan#s shelesorudnykh prodpriyatiy Krivoroshakojo Wosaynt (for hrue?) 3, Krivoroshokly gorborudqy ihstitut (for Arment*yevo Tesbobsh*~ Ai-iS=IITVR A.I. dotsent; rESHCHUXO, A.A. inM#l BUYID), I.P., lash.; 0$ A.A.1 insh. Cautrtwting an opm-pit in tba Cmu*l mv-Dromaing Combim, In. neachob.say.1 g,3r.Ww, 5 sa,,2375-M 162# (MM 2514) 1. LrlvoroWwkly gorwrudqy lutitut (for ArsarWyev Tesbwwwto). 2. Mentrallayy paimbagatit*11myy (tw- i;;o, TwesheMm (Iri'my tog B"It'.4trip 3AVITSX119 I.I.; USMIM A,I.t land,tekbao"k Planning the develepment of malft Opo"U048 In an OPOO pit Ot the Southern ftiing #a ore Dragging C=bdLng. Gor.shv, nojs 10-U My 162. (M 16d) 1. Direktor Tus"o g*m*--obopt4.tGj,nN* k=b$mt^l yrlvcW Rog (for SevitWy). 2. JrjvOrO*b4dy gm*TWMy justitut (for Areentlyev). Mrivoy Rog ftoi"trip sialft)