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December 31, 1967
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ARTAMONOV, V., dotsent (Obabokeary) Point-contact silicon diodas in an upAlUde d4actor, Radio: noo9s52-53 S 163* (KLI*A 16t24) 4". AL.GARULNOVA, V.A. Isolation from Sr,ope Is carclmm4 of protel,11 jr&Otj"S Conp. tainixtE an inUbItor ot rabbit papillem r1rus. Yop,virus. 7 no,3002-306 MY-Je'62. (I" 16ts) 1. Otdol immungloe-i! 4 onkologil Instituta spidemiologii, i mikrobiologii Iseni 11.11.0amalei ANN SM,, *sku, (CAMER) (VIRLISM) (LILDW rwvuls) ARTAHLONOV I j t-MLOV, V.G.; ISACMKO, V.M.; M1SWINP V-]P-J "I ROZANOVp V.N.; V 9RAWY, I.?.j UVASVYMOV~ W.K.; YAKOVLEYS B.A.1 VUICMSXIYI IXS rw4o [civil defense in rural areas; a training immall Ox-azhdor,- skaim, oborona v ael'skikh raion%Mj uchobnos -mobiso Ko- skyap Voenisdat, 1965. 159 p. (KMA 18s6) SOV/118-504-6/a V.8 W AUTHOR: Artamon!v, V~.~. and Mikhsylovp B.A. TITLE: Transportation of Production in a Linen Goods Factory (Transportirovka produktsti na bellmo-otdelochnoy fabrike) PERIODICAL: Mekhanizatslya i avtomatizzatsiya prolzvodstva, 1059, Nr 3, pp 19-21 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article ant zes the mechanizstior. of linen goods manufacturing. liodernization in the loading of fabrics into boiling vsssels consists of a transrerenee of the loading mechanism from one side to the other, which allows the fabric to glide on both aldes of the machine. Formerly, the fabric was put into the boiling pots by factory women workerso who, during thi3 procedure.. were within the working space of the boiling vessel. In 195$s the first mechanioal loading mathines or botling vessels for fabrics were installed in the limen woombineO. Tho transport of fabrics from one floor to the other was Card 1/2 formerly performed by trucks,, driven by vrorlmen. No* SOV/118-C~J-6-6/U Transportation of Production In a Linen Goods J'aCtory this way of transport has been replmc-~d by a apecial automatic machine, directly lifting Vie rabric 40 a Into the unfolding machine. A special ds!vJ'&ce transports the fabric into the drying an6 stretching seetton, from where a conveyer brings it Into the sortInt, section. The conveyer has '.light and sound signals. Recontly, new devices for boiling and bleachinS of threaii have been employed, consisting of the machine AFOB BCOI, and the drying machine SKB 1L. All this equipment economixes, on labor and permits better working c-cnditIons. There are 5 graphs and k photographs. Card 9/9 6 ~7/0_0 0/0 G7/DU U Study of .3~.yleigh l1ne winf,,:3 as a functlon ~f temperature in 11 q ul d aby I.,he photoelectria method SOURCE: Fief. zh. Fizika, Abs. 7D688 RE? S0URC_-*: Sb. Optich. isaled. molelculyarn, dvizhenlya 1 nczhmolek- ulyarn. vz;~Imodeystv. v. zh1dkoatyakh I rastyorakli, Tashkent, N&uka', 1965, 36-39 T3P:C TAOS: photoelectric mathod, Rayloi;;h linoo.Haylelgh scattering, rotational relaxation, relaxition time, nonlinear optics, stimulated I A aman scattering, Rayleigh wing scattering, organic liquid ABSTRACT: A study was made :if the distribution of the intensity of Raylei'-h line wing scattering in benzene, pyridine, and paraxylene an a function of temperatlure. A photoelectric device employing an-"S?_-5V zpcctro6r~ph and a UF-84`camera,~"was used to record sne6tra. Strong low-pressure -mercury lamps (line 4358 ) wore used to excito tne apeeti,um. The scattering and resolving power of the device Imade It Ipossible to record scattering spectra in the region up to 1100 cm- from the center of the line of excitation. Data obtained In .Lcofd 1/2 ACC NR. A116033780 0 measurements were used to compute rotational relaxation time constant3.'l All L.he liquids studied showad the relaxation time to be a function of' tenperature: an increa3e in temperaturo brought about a decrease In relaxation time, the decreas4 being greater in the region of the Ray- 4.cigh line winG than further away from it. The latter indicates a difference in the nature of rotational relaxation close to and away i from the re.-ion of the Rayleigh line wing. V. Khodovoy. [Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 20 ACC NA, AP6034128 (J#,'*J-18OUiC9 COM UR/03IS/661000/004/0114/0160 AUTHORS Takushkins, Me 19j'Arj&Uou&V ORO I HDA40 TITLES Certain unique effects of jibbolslULt 04 plants W ' SOURCES N&u4hftyyo doklady vlorkey thkolyo siolostabookiya saake no. 4, 1966. 174-180 TOPIC TAGS: bl~, plant slowtho ~Arlcultur ABSTRACTS ong the metabolic effects of Sibbe"Llims on plants the siost Interesting are their growth promoting ~StttvLtiom and aspects, of their reactions with physiologically active submitanceso particularly vitaulaso The lowering of clUotlavin content In rice plants as && offset of Sibberallias has bass observed* Is tbis exporimento the effect of gibberollin on riboflavin (vitasim Sj) synthesis was studlede Experiments with ilea$ sugar boats, and peas Confirmed data Is pro- - viously published report@* Riboflavin contest was lowered *ad phospho- rus content lacreasedo altbough not as *sob as 10hes gibollavla oad ACC M14 AP6034128 Sibberell1m, were Xives toSether, Growth we* promoted b4st by a sib- becollIs-ribeflavis rx0patattess Oft$* &Vto has$ 3 tables 4s# I figure MAt $01 IVI, COM 061 Mn DATIO XIVOVGSI Onto IsIps 0351 O%s ull "I Cmd 2J 111 JI MIKHALtKOV, F.V., A.-,i-TAMONCIS V.I. Cempiling the ma-.erial balance of the gathigring amd tiansFor- -tation of the cil of the Korobkovskoye oil fliold, Tmd-j VNIING no.2:81-86 163. (KM). 17: 10) A-r-~ W- Ar"6034L21U X 1 0 2 13 ! b 4 1 " QV U 4 J V I AUTHORI Takusbklnal No ORO i Mrt& TITLZI Certain uniqUe affects of Sibborellins on plants BOURCat Nauehuyye-deklady v1srhay obkoly. AlotagichsakLyo aauk# TOPIC TAM batorwy, plant growth* plant i gibberalLial agriculturejov" a bV9o0M*&4Mr& BSTRACTt&%ong the metabolic offacta*of Sibberallias an plaits the oat Interesting are their growth promoting ~ctivitloo and aspects of : 'their reactions with physiologically active substances, particularly vitamins* The lowering of riboflavin content I* rite plants as an effect of gibberellins hoo'been observed* In this esperimentg the effect of gibbovellia on ribollovis, (vitevia 52) synthesis woo studied, Experlisents with fleet s%14r bo:tl# sad pass comfiread data in prow viously published reports* -nits f dvis contest use lowered sad pboopbe- rus content Increased# elthough mot as oweb as *boa riboflavin sad I ACC Nri, AP6034116 - I - -- - - 11 41bberallin vere.given tosethere Growth was promet*4 host by a llb- berellinarlbeflovis proper-stim, Otis* art* boss 3 t0l-as &m4 1 figum, ARqTA!NMOIg1.h.Tadia likolayarLah; IDTIZOT. MY., re4sk1a; ZAXUROVA, Aot., -- -salmnichookly rodairtor [ThS flY IS OUr 00411W) NW" 046h TMS XO$k"d 008- W-TO Nil lit-ry. 1956. 15 p. CXWA 9:10) tnlemy - _A"AMI 10~VV" 1,,6~012FUMV, A.S., kand. tekhn.n&xdij L re ssnj~ t; Z~ Lnzh., retseasent; ]WHADDY, A.A.t insh, , ratemsent; YOLTAIDDV, 1. P. j kaa& t0ba. mukp aambqy red.; SACHM, N.A.# red. 1 ?SAL, R.K.p tokkm. ~W.j KRUMVAj D.K.9 takhn. red, (Zlectronic and autowtio control on oUps mW In slr~orwe mAO systmIllektroavtolatih suiAovykh I mml-etVkh mdUlokatsioa- nykh stantaii. Leningrad, Sadprowas, 1962. 362 p. (WPA 160) (Ships-214troftic d4utiftent) (JU04tranias 1A saviption) (AI-splanss-4LLMtronle aqvipmout) LiA features of Amotional changes in adolescents during tralaing at industrial schools in the morning and eveming shifts. MC.1 an, 25 n*o.91l.10-U3 3 160. MU 1319) 1. Is Institute gialysay truda I ;vof*msjM*jAtqb SdOlITSMy 40 SM i Hookovskago ninufto-ismisdavatel'sk6o instituft asalur4i i gigiyww 4ma4 1P.P.Arismans Ministorstva. (ADMUONU) (SMM BAFIVINTSETA, S.I.j GALATSKAYA, 0.1., ARTAMMOV, V.M.; MALXMKAU, N.H. Development of phymical fitness of the adobwent oi%wdsu dwdag the first year of IMustrial training. ft". dw 46 noxii3gi, 14W N 160. (9RA 13~U) 1. From the Institute of Ompatiama Bygisno and Profosaionkl Diseases and the lk-Isman Ressarob UaUtubo *f SWUM= *jA Hygiene., Moseow. (vowicnAL immiom) (PHTSICAL FITMS) ARTAMDNOV, V.N. Effiolent lubricating methodfi for plam-panUal and $=910 tioaks. lts. tekb. no.12il5 D 163. (MM 16M) ARTM401M...Y.S., kand.okoxmicbeskikh amuk, dotment Land utillsation an W st-WAmeding,f4mm lit UbWdsuiw., Trud7 TIIDGKH no.1421-, 155. (HIPA I~t4) 1. Kafedra zealous Uvitel Irsogo proyoktJxov**17n Toahkmatskogo institute inshenerm, L=igatnll i me'rhan' U sollsbogo khosysWiFa. (Usbakistm-Stock and stookbrooding) (#Arm AmMmont) j n gi rp, + 4v 4 A #.A I ---- P. RM, boa .1spowiffs lm~fv, 00 ;Wft"W1 IWO woo. W4 go as 010111 tow sea 00 Sol 00 as 0 0 411 0 0 0 a 0 9 a urliLriwl- IT F IF A A A POK1141 i- Al so C Somov. Pow Sh" an I bt I 0*4 Im 4d 066006 m i oommol is and I '" =1 00' - C 4 Offr4m 81% siod se"NOMOW =d ktft *ant swW so so#, 4 to 7.1 b U A y rM NL W so em"d wm lo . m Sh" -W Is, R -. , Ail 41 1- 4 4 4 4 0 if. 1 .1 Wi .1415 Ow rifflOPI 1*0 -941 1*61. N:o,'K 00~ 0 111 wvmkhm. ww"t . o1w adarow sArAft"4 low Orem a twro t, :d ft S:;r =w 11 lix r w . SK 13 to xw w" AD 00 milyd rt Of MAO #vwls~ slid ""' I'll M Wd.- IN cu. ud, nL. .. ... ..... As.; A A f ~j -j fri tat KAI, V Cdwo he =0 044 d. Iwo. sm t 00 4 , I Co COW 41r"t * bkb wro tb, 6w sm ew C4*w. m kic"MI hy 1* -IL." of c4s - a 44 WC *No al cdcol +p+ 7um t"oh ate NoWe up so 60, to we U44"N" fi"I. obalm awrmiack off am sbomM be mined com4w* awbf bin. wkkb 6-M bOO WAR-simillodi 0l. I- , 1, VM obfue" me ek4k*l by "S Co, Cs ;;~ OW X# Okkt*. 0V dwk Of 6"" 4"W0 w" 4abn *W440w C 10 "I o upto The kow MIRtam da Mft 4 lwo o 0 k C*O G? to 03. mmoor"Osto o0. &#dCrAlv*b, Ao ma j wkb pod %046KWW ow darm" NZA . um"lwl C& TTIV New e4. dtO at t 1; d C.A. 41. 3W~. stol, Tt"im, *I,, V"ll l4ilraiml~wawl fulam"46 wort.4144OW h4m 16114 .11 AM% IM4 $or IMAM to iA)*V , 4 gl* lu.0-4 10 310"'P. TOM 4W - ul ;: 110411, the timilravit til tht a tit .1 Ak Op to 0 111 1, If no "I I. In ivft V, '041ir PWJIV. A"d JWN 00 VrAVVljjJlV W46 01401" with it 411411011. Tlw -qu I*m"m% om-mv. 14111111 Illf Willi I I'M V f I StIk 111111,40, -111111110 lAilolO, I-m4r id 4,4,4~ Fill- OuplAnwalmy r~biku*l rAw. the wh*v oil% #*,*AiIN41 14044, So nxi* ~wd Wh; the bLwh 6" a wov 40 2.3. INA 2 76 FeA 3 3. awl Cs cha. .cm.-',k.c.u cons Ce 'ithlit 2 awl IFIA I'sq; lks /9;, T') lKbw r4., too wed btiol it gdif,,,, it" ... ........ ........ ...... A3TAKMT. V.S.0 k&Mldat 4*khvd - . e:,.. , NOR dOlk1kh zmko rems val 2 49 091AMIcatlon cabl6a &ON ~011 cor"4100 00 &Itwfta eurreat 0140.1. rallrftds. root 0 UX12 Mft J.%,Uft 13*02S37040 8 (JUctrIO coblis) (Alsot"Ime corromidla (mu 98u) ill 71 AR2AKONOV, V.S., kand. talchn. nauk. - ~. ProteatIvS rainforc*d concrete electric power p*jse from Corrovin. Test, TWI KM 16 no.7%34-37 0 157. (NM 10911) (Alectria Hads.-Polos) vji~ " A ~3 R Rx"? S.. k9lud. takha. a&,* corroolols of relleorcoa conarsto orwtural O'D 't"Ol' a nO-12:10-U JD 15S. P"u Oso fismov, ("I"fOrced corlerote-corrolliam) twu U32) ARTANDWY V. S. -."4"-foom~ " Nom Karallan pyrites In the ChOlftl IvAustry wt ~he norovostern U.S.S.R. Nauch.dokl.vym.Ghkolyt goolt-geogaisuki no.U19"O 159, (MMA 12:6) 1. PetrosavoWdy unly raltat, kafadra del&# (Cola, Xorthvestern-Pyritoo) kand.tnk',A-4 C,,rrosinn and 'protection of reinforced noorrete struc I urs. Trtidy TSKII WS no.171-10-14? 159* (ME" via) (Reinforced concrete-C-arrosion) ARTANDRDY, V.G#,, kikad, teldho. bank I'- 06rro4i~u damage to reinforeed conarsts *ideas aiA corrosion control wasures. Vast. "M M 18 1 '59. (van 13 t2) (Railroad tridgers) (Comorote-Corroslon) AXTAKOH& V-- TS- .-,- -k-l-LA-4-3-4--k-b-M.Mauk Prompeats for the mm Ot POIAO? coadroto. bt r4d2raii4s., Test, TUII KPO 1?[1,,*, 11 ucd?j7-ll 160# iml" 13112) -ARTAMONOV. V.S,- lUctroaheideal beUvlor of st"l la ooWsts, Zbw.sprMjdft 33 no*lOt23l1-2A4 0 160, (KM 415) (SUVIO-luouloal pnpwuao) (aafte"t4l) IRTA14 v.s.; nLIPPOVA, L.Sol red.; VOMNIMA, Lj.j tel0m. W6 (Protection of rolalcrood concrete trampoueWlan struWaves against corroslonl Zesbobita. at korrosli zwkh konstruktoli., Ho*vap pitei scaboMbenilap 1961. 35 WVA Usl2l (Corrosion and antioarroalv0s) (Rallroade-Buildings AM xtmo~mrool MIA A!C 88667 5. )LI'lu AWAOCII 1 C AUTHORs Artsmonow, V.S. TMZ- Polymer C;oatings for Protecting Underpowd ftuipsents Pro* Oorro- sion PMUODICkL: Byul. tokbn.. ekonom. inform., 1961, No. 1, pp. 21 - 2~ TEXT: In 1%0 at LenlWad, an All-VAlon as an the application of polymers In corrosion protective toohnIques was hs)A, which was concerned with AM problem of proteatinj uodel"Und oquipmonts of metals, aonorets, sM forrooonarete by effective oorroafta proteot4ve costs; can- siderod we" the followInS problem: 1) the synthesis of now aboalcally stablo polymers; 2) now liquid polymere and rubbarlIke coatings on their bag*, and the foreigb experience in applying polymerio materials In oar'r)sion protection tech. niques; 3) the gas-flaw ad whirling spraying of p)Astto viaterials onto kWId- ing constructions; 4) the applIcation of now varnishos twd paints on the poly. meric b9sei 5) the Improvement of the properties of htumin coattap of pipelines by the combinatlon of bitumen &M polywro; 6) the attompi to apply polymeric masticated rubbers for protecting undergroturA equipmenta Vron corrvsion. The Card 1/ 5 OU47 S'119t A005/w,~/tOl/W)p08 I Polymer Coatings for Protecting LWergrwxA ftuipmentis 11r4a Corrosion following polymeric materials are particularly promisbSt polyvUWlene, poly. propylene, polystyrene, the polymers of aromatic h4droaarbons, fluorlrAted poly. morn, etc. At present, the applicability of sIlIc*n OrSOMO DOMPOunds, And rub- bers as protecting coatings Is being investigat4d; synthstic rubber is the most promising base of coatings because of its hI& resistance to WreissIve media, alternating impacts and vibrational loaft, an well u thOr b1gh c."ticity, Otoj it Is used in corrosion proteoting techniques " elastic rubber colstings ad 11- v\ quid solutions, which can be apolled to the structures by pulverizoTs, tMIM, by steeping, etc.The VsesoyuzMj nsuabno-Issledovatel'skly institot slntetlv~es- kogo kauchuka (All Union Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Rubber) at lAningrad developed low-voloaular chloroprent rubbers (nvornes) ft:r industrial purposes. Liquid thiocol is another valuable material of this group and permits the production of pastes assuming rapidly the rubberlike st4to at room t"o"ature. The Teentral'nyy nauchno-Issledovatol'skly institut morkogo flats (Clentral 3*19ntl- fie Researoh Institute of the Navy, LwUnpad) developed amd introduced epoxy coat- ings reinforced by glass texture and hardened at low teoperAturej these ooatlngs are based on the epoxy resins side b7 side with th* eonv&Micnal epoxy coatino ork the base of the re3ins 3 -40 (")A -~ .41 (1-41), ?A -5 (ED-5) ma ED.6. For Card 2/5 88667 S/193AIA00/001AO3VW8 A005/AODI Polymer Coatings for ProtootiAg Underground F4uipmenta Nom Corrosion these coatings, the binder of the following composition is rooomandedi resin M-5 100 g, polyethylene polyanine 20 g, liquid thioaal 3D aj Instead of thlotol, dibutyl phthalate (10 - 25%) can be used In conns*tIon with rosin E" &M poly- amino. The reinforced two- ad three-lay*r epojW eoatUp of 0.8 - 2.0 me in thick- ness have high mechanical properties, sufficient elastialty, good roslotInS quali- ty under sea conditions, high Ohmic rosistanoe, *to. The aftot, ANA is *$*jai. latpd " hardener of the epoxy vanish M,IW, which MWIlItatox the working om- ditions and Increases the stabIlity and mechanical proportion. Rocently, powder. like plastic materials, applied by the Sas-flams sprsyjr$ " whirli" sprooW methods, COM Into use nine* the pol$"rIc powders ars available,, particularly, the fine-dispersed polyothylenoopowder. However, the metal surfs4o must bo,pre- liminartly heated up to 12D.160 b for luiproving the adhosion. For protooting un- derground structures from corrosion, the gas-flame spraying of niodified bitumen materials Is being applied. These materials combino well with some polygarjo a0erlafe (polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, eto)~ their adhesion to 106- We and concrete is goodj the preheating coMitione aro easier. Bitumen Oft. pounds, combined with polymers by emulsion oxidation &W cavitation processes, are applied to the protection of metallic pipelines. P61"ria plastics such as Card 3/ 5 M8667 A005 0 Polymer Coatings for Protecting tMerground Nquipmonts h~om O=ogjon polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene are resistant to aarossiva media, ha" good wear resistano* and long life under w4srgrouad oondittoms, thay wiwtma the effect of microorganism, they A" Impervious to W4t*r 60 haws high elocWo ijo- sulation properties. Beoauss of their high elasticity, they uv easily applied to the surface protected adhering closely to all roughnessee; the tape wrtW In most expedient and permits the mechanization of Insulatift the pipelines. The Institut khimii AN Aserbaydzhanskoy SBR (Chemloal rhatituto of the Aosdemy of Sciences of the Azerbaydzhan M) and the Olpt-omorneft' at Baku recommWad the following coating virlant for steel pipolinest a primo 00at layer of bitom, two T plastic material coating layers, and a lVer of kraft-p4p*r. ho masticated rub. V ber can be glued with a pasto of the following oomposition (in porcent)i petro- latum 70, natural caoutchouc 7.2; copper naphthenste 1.7, tiry vulcanized airidor impregnated by bichromate 21.1. The masticated rubbers of polyvIZ71 thloridt and polyethylene are recommended for plastic mass *ostings ln 'thicknesses of no Is*& than 2D0 micron and polyamidenK.4 (PKA) no less than 50 micron tMak, The UM are applied to pipes with overlap by 2-4 am. This coalArM is applIcAblo to pro. tectIon of pipelines in very aggressive saline SO 11' .3 and mtner&lized ground *,Ater$. Moreover, the polymeric plattj( ta6prialq arp the, OQrAmicc. card 4/5 51667 0/19), YM/WI~WVM k*5rxOWI Polymer Coatings for Protecting Underground Equipments Pma CorrDition tion cables of electrified railways operating on alternating Nrt"t; the high- magnetic armor of those cables has corrosion protection Oy the plasticated poly. vinyl chlorde 0 .118 (V-118) 2DD micron thic1h, which to sppliod to the amr in two-throo layers with 2D-N% overlap wd shielded from muchantoal damages by a cover of cable yarn and cable paper. Upariencs over five years showed that this cover, although permeable to water and decreasing the trAnsitIce resistance, is most reliable for cable protection from destruction. A Card 5/5 V - kand t b--- - - - V--- - Protecting reinforced concrete trAnsportatic4n r..truvturf Iron corrosion. Trudy NIIZIiB no.22:142-150 461, WRA 14t10) 1. Vsesoyuzn YY nauchno-19919dovatel'skly institut :tbejszhworazhnOS* tran3porta ministeretva putay soob*hc),*njy&. (Corrosion wA anticarrosives) (Conariete rotlinforcment)' structuros) ARTAMONOV, V.S.; NORATEIIEO, L.M. Protecting metal pipelines against cormajimi In atuatphoric conditions vith polymsr-cesont p4ints4 Zaoboh+ trub, ot ker. no.5:26-37 162. (KIU 1717) 1. Vessoyusnyy nauchno-WIsdovatelfskiy Anstitut sholesnodorath- nogo transporta Minieterstva. p4toy soobshchaniya. ARTAKONOV, V.S,,--kand.takhn.nw* Polymor-ament codLtiAp to proteot reinforced conareW elemnts frm dofftrtwtion. Set. L shel.-bst. 8 no.7017-320 Jl 162* OM 15:7) (Conmts P.O&Wtg) (Protective 004tirgl) Oilpm) ARTAMMV, V. 8o1 lc#Mo takhno nauk Recarditioning of conerato ties an the trj,*k4 putt I Mos. 6 w.lOtl7.l9 162. putl Omu 152 10 (pailr4adil-Ties, canwets) 7F5.,TMHl:lll i ARTAXONOVI V �.,,, kwid,takha,no* rAcroass the lift ekt tM rfolater"a "=rot* ~Ouwatjps #w pass of a embed ep .6 Thmp. strolo. U nooiNI6-18 a 162. Mostric ratiroWs) (NM - 16t2) WOSWO licoo-Mes and toors) ACM13.510N ?M: AT3902183 AUTHOR : A IVA%& Ill �g- (!:andidate of teaehnia,a D. (Mngineer1k1,-;11 ILI ~)Intsov, D. I (ZrAginev); Taftnoya I TITLE: Polyx~tr materials for corrqg SOURCE: Moscow. Veesoyu%ny*y il%~4t!ut 7b*10 to&, zhnogo transporta. Tru(%r, no. 242, 1962. Priaona#~- PIAIIJW~Ai n& Zh*1 41V-1 Mom transports, 134-147 TOPIC TAGS; polymer anticorrosion psiht, $Adge p~10111g, I F143-3 primer, KhV-113 enanel, SMON-17 snamelp EP-51 ani*.Al 11~4= pro P4 F1~3411 Al powder enamel, V1,08 prix,or, MV26 eviamel, Mht-~rj 5 atwaox~ 1 MY au~qlv kb: KhSO10 primer ~~j,r clo~iitl rr so k" MTRACT: Experiments with learious polo"re intmad~~- ,rr reported. A roview of bridgt~-ptdnting practices in i'0:1,vus 1301041q415 a a J10 axticle. Then soma physical and cheou.1 diftracher:Wd,tis "In ' olanted of th~i ed ot o nt following coating matytials: prW9:7 alPqd primer, Lt$010~Zopolraer of i~~ 6 _qT,j_.!;M!tLdA phosphate primer, protectivi zinc priamri E4V-26jj1hW--'7l5o P10114UN 4M Card 1/2 F1 hal uA, T1 ull ;N0 I ,' I I I ~ MR I i TV's L U160-63 ACCESSION NR: AT3002183 vizyl perchlcride 010"i (00=04%vs ml Yin i - . : Iva& 217 $1 eopo butyl eater); MBK r of ny~t tt Ide a Itir 1 ~ A261 lydll methyl-acrylaG j F -26 Md - kTptal .6 jai y .U$ )O%Wdd W "i mot. res Lus lacquer; FL-141. o1 resin plus pot-Ater rAcqua; ktrktiaXkyd-4 enAnel;' E-4021 tty; Urinyl-acetylane pointo in epoxy Pt' (zuai , I =ttt so was t a laboratory, at atmospheric-ca"osioq stmtIons, and CM I r1J 0 it, These physico-u.schanical characteristics of coats veOy ~t em adheal 0, 1~6- pact strength, bending strwigilh, thicimoss, hextineswo elkid c(M I coatings were also tested in a hydrostatic ihaabarp 0 xl.;~ur-40 to c 6r# weatherometer, and at, atmosiboric-corrosion stationi~ :jj~l Moscow iwd 14 Ktj h. Results of testu are describa:t in dotail. U* belpt I-Otsjilts wor-0 falubu ~bV following materWs which are,, therefor* revoomdWAir co%ubi~jg.the rr rid; ws: Fr-4021 epwW pu--ty, W-11.1 eimel over Pi;zg or FW11,t primorj 3111HR-17 a over the same p.,.-imers, F.P-51 orAzel ovei, the itbovo *~4 mtkro zj~, 1 aW FT,-14 *zAl powder enamel over the above lirisers. Orig. art, hwit I tab:.Wt*4 ASSOCIATION: Vcesoyu=V*y z6ikuvhn*-ie81*d0V'atM11akU itus 0406100N4 Mo 0 transporta (W-Union ScientUlc Roo-parch in 1)~'~ P-4tute IL IrM jypgr. 080 I BOW C,,d 2/~ as/zo,. ----------- - ~ io,;- r*,-.- -~~% , ' ! '~ U,'! , w I.f. ill, '~' !~ 1, - ~'- ir. 3 -, - - '~ . ~r!O R4'C',L. I P31. , . - : ..-. ,, . -a - -' r!~ .*,;: 'r7~ .2'-3 1 .~ ", I , )g , C . "rptA 1,71u) AUKSKEV, 5-N.; Ai,-rIFD1, V.A.; ART9 ,jTAMOffOY.,'-Y"A4'-A1ALAmP G.A., inzh.; VOIDDIN, V.*Y&.; GO BERG, N.L.1 GORMU, B.S.; GOFUO D.A.; GRISHIN, P..Ye.) DWSHMICH, YV.V.; DORO1iMOV,IX; XLINOV, I.Yaop doktor tokU4. nauko pmf,; LErAIKH, V.E.; UMNIN, N.V.; MOLOWOV, L.V.p dots.1 NOGIN, A.Ya.; PAIUOMp NXI PROTOSMITSMAO Ye.A#j ROMOV, I.Y.; CHAPLIT8111, L.L1 TWTLIKO VOSHCHARSMp N.A... doktor tekbn. nauko prof.0 red.j PMMALYR, H.V.p red.izd-va; TEMKINA, Ye..L.p Ukhnor44, [Corrosion protection in the construction of :Lneustrial buildings] Zaahebita ot korrciii v proWxM*nK=. stroltall- atva. Moskva, GoostroLi2dato 1963. 406 p. (MIRA 16t12) (Corrosion mid anticorrovives) (Industrial buildings) ARTAMDROV, V.S., kwA.t&kbm.n&uk ------- Protecting railroad; oamw=jc&tjoq onblog fr*M D*rrOSJAM. Vftft, elektropron. 34*54 Js 630 (KM 16s1) (Slootric rv4Ir*ads-.,ComwjniOatj n sy*U%jg) Mlsetrii u%i**.qsdwvo,*; k&nds ts'lth4 rauk *Otr*. 0t I.00 apnol" morrOOlm of ro-lAfor,ed tome, ]Anl g On sl"trif"s' rall- h4ms- mtr-4, 13 D963 (WRA 1-197) ARUMNOVp V.S., kand. tokhn. nauk Polymeric Luterials for anticorrosive proteetIon of tTansportaticin structures. Vest, TSHII *3 23 no.607-41 164, OCKU 17t10) i i b 111111FIT. !,L J jTTM,.iT=7 MrT jMMMT ALLU B irf. Wiffl;J 11:1,: i :;~711111 TiLl;I'Ll I I , I ~ '; 1 1 rI j I I q 1, -1.. 11 1 rn ~, 1 :1 .,1 j 0 . I it tiAil, I Ilk j I AUTILORt tAr t amcnorA_ , Candidate of Technical 105-58-6-17/53 r: w~. noes TITIEs Computation of the Charsoteristic Values of an Electric Drive With Fr7quonay Control Lcoording to the Equivalent-Resistance Method Raschet kharaktoriatik slektropriyodw s chastotnym upravleniyea po metodu 9krivaleatnogo soprativloniya) PERIODICALt Elaktrichesivo, 1958, Ir 6p pp. 66-69 (USSR) ABSTRACTt This is a more exact method tb&4 that In the references I and 2. The more exaqt results are obtaineii in the computation by star- ting from the characteristic Motor tolues wh1oh are known for the nominal f6edingffrequency. The, substitute diagram of *on- nectione for the *synchronous motor with alternating f*oqu*noy can be represented in two partas one part shows-only the isflu- enci of the fooding-currens frequonVp the other only that of the load. It Is shown that the moohanical oh*raoteristjo motor values can be obtaindd from any arbits-=7 Zo*diag frequency by means of the known dependence of the oomput0i*4 voltq* on the parameterA by simple 0OAV*rSjOA Of Lthe natuml mechanical oba- raoterintlo values which can be -represented saalytically or gra- Card 1/3 phically.koreaver it is shown that the most effective use of Computation of the Characteristic Yalu*# of an Electric 105-58-6-17/33 Drive With Frequency Control According to the NqUiUlent-Assistanco Xothod the method discussed here is not the computation of the charao- teriatic values for any arbitrary frequency according to the known paramotdr of the substitute diapan of conneotiou but the conversion of tbo characteristic values oarrespondLing to the nominal frequency to other artitxay frequencies. The next chapter shows the computation of the Obaratteletatio working va- lues. The basic stage for the% is the detemination. of the com- putation voltage as a function of the load Wazater with known dependence of the feeding-source voltage an the frequency. The determination of that by means of equivalent resistance Is not complicated and is made for arbitrary uluos of the frequon*y and load parameters independent of the presense of absence of the frequency converter. The foraula for the determination of the (mathematical) computation voltage is derived. According to that all other characteristic values can easily be found. The coupit, ation ends with the determination of the electromagnetic moment whioblis developed in the frequency converter. According to the method described here the charaotoristio mechatdcal valute of the motor MTK-12-6 with 3,5 K-1. at 1000 rerd. per minute and, Card 2/3 feeding from an asynchronous frequency oonverter were calculated. Computation of the Charaotoriatio Yeaues of an Slactrio 105-5e-6-17/33 Drive With Frequency Control According to the SqUivaloat-Resistanas uOthod The formulas for the computation of ths Its of volisp varia- tion in the frequency converter, Oer* the constumi of the ab- olute slip of the motor is guagawo*&d irAspeadently of theva- ; ixtion of the feeding and *ad frequenciss, are given. Sinally the formula for th comfutation of the starting moment of the motor is written d:wa 26). There axe 3 figures got 4 referen- ces, which are Bovist. ASSOCIATIONt Xrasnoyarskij politekhnicheshy 14stitut (Krasnoyarsk Poly- toohnioal Institute) SUBMITTIN February 3, 1958 1. Electric motors-Mathematical analynis Card 5/3 ACC NAt AP7004746 '4i=C8'6M9"- INVWOR: Artamonovo Ve V, I CMAAwsklys To, Lo ORG: none TITL8s Contactleas discriminator of two s1palso Class 11,, No. JA9916 SOURCE: Izabrateniyas promyebleanyle obtastsy, tovatMe wAto no. 10 1967, 37-36 TOPIC TACS: sig"I detection, frequtaq diaccb4nation ABSTRACT: An Author CertifleAtS h" bass Issued for a afttottless 4tscriminator of two signals which contains a two-tbamel output mapatle decoupling amplifier with diode switching bridSe4 In the circuits of two vindiMs eonoct*d concordantly, and a switch-over magnetic amplifier* To select the chamod of Me largest signal at low input signal levels and the cbmwal. of the sadlest signal at high input elpala levels, a rectifying bridge is pUwtW In the Japut eitcuit of every abassial. this ACC Nib AP70047*6 ampliflarl 3 adtiAb-ovor brifteal 4 - rMuw" wM I" hrL469 to ludded with a OtIllslear rown 04 btidoe; the output of evoy sooli"ar rwmrsing bridge is joined to the cowV611000dift WIDAlft Of 6 WtCh-OWOT WP4tJA amplifier, the output of vUch Is commstod to 4W* wItCh-Ow bridpe. Orls. art. hams I figure. SUB C0091 09/ SURN DATSI l9ar"/ _c4" 2/2 ARTAMOXOVp VOV*p kaao takhoo nauk; IVANUI, X.I.P imb. lAvAlat*d resistawo-typ trAmistOr AMPlIflOr for twit Ln str" SptM. TrWr )GI 55sl53-164 165, (110A ]AtIO) AR INOT T.T.- FJMROT* A.A., doto*bt; lVnM* Nolo, 40tsOut TANC Improving the training of specialists In the oloctriflootion of Industrial Plantso Psoftselkerge 15 w*31j"9 * t60. kikk 1316) prsdpriyatly trasnorwok:ago VolitekbuiabsOcCo Institute (for Artamonov). 2. Kafedra elektrifiltateli promrAbleuWkh preprlystLy Mookovskago suorgeticbeekoV Instituls (for 1661mWo 3o Xdodn slektrifikstoll promyshlouWkh prodprUatLy trawyarakago politekhatcheakogo Instituts, (for Uselev), 01160trifloation) BORODULINt V.A., Inz"I.; A.."'., irzh.-, OTAMON011, 7.V., ~,,nzho ".1, ... - I " - , 4, rnvestlgating the effect of the depth *if propmration ca the cokuw pro. perties of petrographic ally hotercgenous Kumuitsk Basin coal. sauch, trudy %-zKT'l"Ugjecbng. no.2,198-20? 164. (,%IIRA 17110) . , : _i-,,- - , ET K. .,/ *~ , :,, , .1 . . f., . I , ., ,V . V. ,4rzr.; lz;'li;,lj0l:l," l."', !nzh.j KGROiLriov, V.,-, . . PI-7o', plant cokirtiz of prvtpired cvril r, r amninil rf "loier su f I 1,36rut a *.~a R~Iaksrka gorlor !.n th,--j riqli-n. Ifauch,,trLs# no.2:20'!-232 I &,,. (mm., 17, 10) ARTAMONOV, Is, I -- .111 The past and the proment. Vlast. iWl. 6 4*,8;j&Z2 $C 157, (NOICOW U814-00al MIMM &M mdaing) (Km lotg) ARTAXONOT9 Uov parloWOW t*ZLIiOwr In the Noscow Basin, Say* profsolvSy 6 W,1162_& j& (XM Us 30 loChlon presidium floutr&I'Mop kooito%& r*40GVA%h qpl#,*y, prourshlonoostio (Nowaft llwsla-t4al Stoorts) MV Ta b MY OhlOft VVIVISAUS **W**WlOYvM4-O - "Uhlan of Oosl NIDWIsO YA$6.991- 9 40,,414 AP t6O* (NDA 13112) (90640W bola-4w minor$) SMRNOVj M. 0 ohlen prof 9WSa raboahikk ugollnOY PlrwYdM6nno5ti WM 8 1914 god&, persenalllWy psnaiwwrl Oblsu protsoyUSS raboohikb ugollfty proWahbnnosti SM * 1917 Soda, persomal.'My pensionerl MINSt"t, V., master-varymdkl OULU* Lj, raboaMy ochistnogo saboys, kandidat v chl6iW ?IWAralluago UwMsta profsoyuss rabodAkh ugollnoy prosydbleumsti SSM; MAACHU, ?.I KIKOUYCHUN, V. Thouights on the reguUtions, Sov. dhakht# 11 no.3s24-26 W 162. (MMA 15 a 5) 1. Predse&tell uaMstkovolo kowitsta profe4jusa ahakhty 'Ob"yedlwnuq&4 treetta Chereakh"Oll (Aw x1my") 2. Shakhta Imni Kirova trettm tiogwahbogoll trar suilu). 3~ A%"dvjuAh&V orgmAzaUdomoonsiat" Wslom Ke oblantoolo kwitsteprofsaywis raboibbikh ugollacy pvWshlemomti WR (for Tolkattv). 4. DorombW motor sl*Mtiy Imni Xallmim v Donbass* (for likolqohuk). (Coal ainers) Ctsde =loco) i0 ARTAMNOT, TA.P., gorW lusheaw, perven4lMy psusionor CaMing out Ionia's 19&W. lospp.tmda v pros. 4 wAs3-4 AV 060, (MIS1319) (Ionia, Vladimir ll!ich, WO-19PA-) ARZMJOT, ye.'K., insh.; SSW, V.A., insh.; ==IBM, Ta.M., insh. 901"tive OffOctivt "s of calverts for zoilroM Umw, lop. tlp.most.moar. to.44.12&137 159. (92A 13W (malu%ads-coutnat lot) BAUSBOTM, LTU.; ARTA)DWY, To.A.: USROVA. To.?.; KIM111H, RMKil, LS; Iffectiveness Of using curved rainforeemoluts In prootressed spatial structures. Transpostrole 9 nooqt2l~-)j 8 05% NUA 1j: 2) 1. Vachallnik Mostostroyu No.1 (for B&TOOWN). 2. %chal'aik otd-ela tip"ogo proyektirovanlys Lentranamstpreyekta (for arsamonov). 1. Akehal'alk tekhmichatikop otdola No-stostroya No.1 (for Dubrova). 4. Rukrmoditell tly'"vokoy Uborutorli- stantsit Montr4onogo nauchno-issledoy4*611 stop Institute, avyaxi pri Hostootroye $0.1 (for ginchin). 5. Sotrvdaik Ity"Yekay labordtorti-stalitsii TSentrall"o nauabso- Issladayatel'skogo, institute avyasi pri Mostostrays No.1 (for Roysman). (Reinforced concrete construction) (Bridges, Concrete) ARTAMOrL_.Ye,:,A., insh.; KAWNTSEV, V.P., insh, Bridge bttilding it, rugogl&via. ?rangp. Strt)j. 13 YAO.6s6g-72 4 163. (XIRA 16%9) 1. langiprotranmost (for Artawnav). 2. Vsem*yuxta nawhj*.joo],a. dovatellskiy institut transportnogo strolttlfotva (for Ksmato0j). (rwalAvia,--Bridgest OoncreU) ACCZW1ON NR: AP4006822 AUTHOR: ArtSn=ov# Yee L; D211001tiYo Be N- TITLM ZLectronic pulse asciustor 1 SOURCM Pribory* i tekkaft sksperimenft, no. IZ-80 TOPIC TAGS: oscillator, transIstorised pulse oscill&W., Inds* ootillators pulse generator AMISWAAM: An electronic timer is described in wbii* 04art pWL*,so c=UM0"l:*; generated by an h-f multivibrator are switched by samiciolodbetor ldWox aniif~ triodes in such a way that a num of of RC "calls" art too.rigised in success". The last-coll pulse triggers the first call MW thus. sst*bMsbas a cyclo. The individual cells have differeut time perioda. Both sh4m*eoded aid push-p~ft type circuits are considered. A time interval of from a isir seconds to a ft, :iv minutes is claimed possiblo. jApparently, a laboratory hooltup was test44-0 Tht !cad 1/2 ACCESSION MR: AP4006822 effect of temperature an Savtot-rdalte resistors AM tAPIROWOrs *$a studied. all Well as the effect of temperature on the entire device. It Is elal*wd that, thaIWo:C to a built-in nudual compensation of temperature errors of ~do cotmpoasats mpeLts timer has an overall. error of only 0. 8% wftldn 20-60C at saWast to at a 2-4-min time interval; the same error Occurs at suwpvottap varlatious d~r t50%. Orig. art. has: 6 figures. 1Z tormulas, &W 3 table*. ASSOCIATION: Institut svtomstiki i telemakh-saik' AN WSR (Institute of Automation and Telomechanics, AN 88810 SUBMITTED: l4DscfiZ DATZACOt Waa64 ENCIA 00 BUD CODE: SD NO 1". BOYS 00Z OTVJMo 000 raw .4 FT A f V rV V , Vp , T . ; VI LTGFNN',K I Y, ~~ a N . Eloc t 'anic time-setting device. )-,rib, I w4t. pk~p 8 no.6;192-M fl-n 163. i 0 --h A 17 t 6', ARTAMUNCV, Yc.., -ATKNUER6, Yik.; GALIUMN, M. Strength aalculatitin of airoular culvert sootions. Ai,t,. dor. no.1r,id'4-25 0 164, ()CPA 17112) wMENINMMpm Afrl~,~MrN-;-7 '- ; -NIKINIIA, Yo.N. Deteminat"Lon of the hysteresis carves of forrinapol.1c materl4ls. , Nov.much.-isslomb.po#mstr. VNIDI no.5sl.,-6 164. (MIRA 1833) ACC NR, AP6009553, SOUX& CODS4 WA W~VWOIOO MeWA AUTHORS: Anell~ Cho& IM 19j knya&nftv~ Y", n- I WMM WRI - P at NOMVQS -Tu Olrio* 1, Lai T F -PolMehonko, V., A.1 Senchenkol SYAW L. Va, "1l I OROt none TITLEt hine for gatherinS, hauling, Obd 45, wo. 179539 ~announced by 4 0 skly ICE tirov,_ -_ letarxiLeningradakiy I ", - . . . . Mn VO .h2ni V ~10 I _Xeqhnical Ap keramsot*1 Loh a ademy (Lenu a skod MUM Isobreteniya, promyshleniWye obrintaWs 81111WO N TOPIG TAGS% tractors forestry, forestry product IJ ABSTWT& This Author Gartific"a pftm*o a transporting felled treass consisting of 4 t th, s tit. .steering axle connected with the tractor * a 11nivatma Into 40 is hol" To insure a continuous pick-up *f felled tress and thaLr U Log DOI 00 ftokdos~ tho latter is equipped with a movable bomj to the *rA $t %*M b is sttaMed a p ihoer, clamp. To improve the wansuverability of the Mum) tbi~ MOIT414 bOO14 Is 26unw on the tractor frame and the pick-up dsvUs on the haWe 't tho 5001-tmllmw~ 74 Cood 1/2 7T- ACC MR, Ap6,309551 Prevent damge to Me movable oartso the letter fastened abo," the saddle hitch devios. To 1a a of tress) 4 Pulley is attached to the protecti fig. 16 1 00 1 i 3 and post o ii 10 - stooring tootivo PIPOI 101 4 PiT Orig* artd hast 1 diap", il,A 'VJB CWZs 13 M/ 0 plgo lilt Ni. kssso~m- Wei 4 -At ii 9' lewd we PHIIIIIIII 1.illmlvl~ll , 1.111 I I I i'm . ~ imliltil MINIME I i 11 ! t I r : I 11m, Il Mill U1,11,11,11i I' - I" I . I . I I i !I L ., lil 11 k: 11 Ili-Hil i1 , 1. 1 1 1 1 Y.ARLINP ".V.j a Changin& the control Oyatem for reeler 4rives, sbor.MUp vnedr.v proizv. WOM 160. -Sao, (XMA 14:8) 1- NOV011petshy mtLUur4iah*#kiy sayod. (ROllibg Mills-Toobnological jawm%:W45) MM/Humn and Animl Flipiology (Norml and Pathological). TA Blood Pressure. ftfttWWion. Abs Jo,.w : Ref Zhur - Biole, No 16, 1958j T4ft Author : *LUaberdyevp D.&, Artamonova, A*Gs Inst. : - - Ob Title Changes of Chole =9 711raw), "MAXA FMOSUro* Orig Pub Zdravookhre Turimmstaw, 1957, No 3, 32-35. Abstraat In hot climates of Ashkhabad, a parAllelism Is conrirmed between the content of chol&storin of blood srA serious- ness of high blood pressureo. -- A.A., TI"v. Card 1/1 65 Soc. 6 VAI 11112 Ir.,foritril roid. Dev ro 7111. MINERAL METABOLISM IN E&SENTIAL HYPEAlMI44ION jit"stan tesq ROADYlk A. . - ZDRAVOOKHR. TURKM. 195Y, 4 (It-13$ The C= in the blood of Ca, 1% and NaCl was determimid ta 39 healthy P010- duals from IiI to 40 yr. of age SPA in 91 hypertimsivepatithistif the same,oleranp. 11he content of Ca was raised in the blow in UW majority of rtevsive patients in the lot and in the 2nd stages of the disease. The coattent 2~flrldld not display a tendency toward a rise. The K/Ca ratio was lowered in It or " putents studlit4i, was raised in only 7 irdividtials. and was within normal UMAO to 12. Th* NACI, content in the blood W" mimed in 39 hyperlonsivii patients. andi was joww wiwn normal limits in 45. No cor"latLoct between the Ittight of go systolic pressuriti amd, Ow N&C1 content in the blood was detected. An apprtclAble riso in the eoncentra- tion of Nacl was noted when the dissiolic Oft"Ure was greater ass 100 mm, Mg. 7U~ last circamstaxice appears to be an Indication of thie 110114d mature or Ow "It requirement im this cstspry pf patients. 4 AMMUNOVA, A.G. sesistent - 7=:~~ Characteristics of atherosclerosis In AshkWade SarwyeTurke 2 no. 1: 14-20 J" 158. (KIM 1226) 1. Is Imfedry gospitallnor terspli (savo - dots. G-Lilhodabskuliyev) fickmenskogo gomuWstvannogo, maditsinukogo, tutituts too X-Tsdtaw lins I Ashkhabadskof gorodakoy kliatchasker 'ball nitsy Wool QU*Vy vrach - N.B.Shaptro), (ASMSUAD--ARMIOSCUMOSIS) Ao"'AMONOVA; A. U, Effect of vitamin B1, on the level of eb*lostarol in Lb^ blood of healthy 'persons and-In those with atherosclarools. Urn, Turk,. 5 no.3316-19 My-Je 161. (MIRA lAs 39)) 1. Is kafeft gospitallnoy torapii (sav. - dateent G.X.KbqdsMktaiyw) Turkmenskogo gosudarstvannogo m&ditsiwkA*o L"Stituta 'Mal I.T. Sthlina. (CXMOGOB&1AH1)U) (CHOLOTERM) (ARTUXOSCLEMIS) KHOaZlIAMIUV, G.K.; AiaMIONOVAU A.G. ~11- Treatment of ehroAic norwpo*ific dlosusli or the I=p Zdrav. Turk. 5 no - 51414-43 S-0 161 * jMUL 14012) 1. Iz kefedry gosplUaluoy forapii (say. - dot-semt O.I.iQwdxbmkuliyw) Turkmenskogo gosudarst"wop me4itsinskago ifistituta iwni LV,Sta~llna. AltTA=OVA, 1.0., kand.modenauk ANN --mommum."...~ Imis# Patlats w1th mpsutMo WantlAmo S&wbfwto 7 nooll" h Wo (SM-MAXTION) (NVA 2693) ARTIMONOVA, A. I. - wrhe Tendons " the Sue Was*" as P:LswUe MiLteriaL tqt UpjAcuw Tendon Defects (Anstaftou-9gerinentai In*8tjg*txon),* Gorlkly State Medical Institute Inmi So M* Kirov, (kirthyp 055, (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Nshcou 9;CjqjWq$,,,? So; Kmzhqa TAtopief No 39 1956 ARTAYADiDYA, A. 1. Histolooosl sWiss on tho rosults of oorroativ* tovUs defooU In rabbits IW memm of miens pUstle materials., 3ua, okap, blelo nod. 47 no.1279-83 44 159s (Xft 320) 2, Is kaf*dry gistolodl (10to - vrat. A*4L Rm=) Oftilskop gosn&kntvvnmp weditsimskop lustiftU# S*r*4 hme, Nedstaylais doystritollwa ahlenom AW $01 Yole fteralamkim, (MMIN. OwNerre plastio r"Ir In ralibits (Mum)) ARTAMDNOVA,-A--L PeustmtiAg wOuds Of th& OdOlidnia oavlt)o. Sov.sdrav.gir. no.4327-31 JI-Aa 162. (IPA 1518) 1. Iz kafod gospitallmW khIrmVil 4*.l (!potv. - pmr. Z.1. a Igesbordiyovi I otd6leMys asetlombnoy kMftrgit. (AMDMX--WUNDS AND lgnOLM) lCiMBERDIYEV, Z.1.1 ARTAMCINOVA,. A.I. Minical aspects of actite pancreatitin. $air* :odirars Mrs ro*A,/51 65-69 Jl-0063 (Mllu 17 ti) 1. la kafedry goopitallnoy khirurgil (sav. - Z.1-Igmberdlyev) Kirgisakogo gosudarstrennogo meditainokogo inatituta I Kil- gizalfoy reopublikanskoy kl Inlelid"-koy bollnitay (glaynyy vTaah V S.D. Rafibekov). 1-7 5/070/62/007/003/018/026 E132/E460 AUTHORS: Shamayeva, G.G., Artamo 1~1_onova~~ I TITLE: A visual X-r&y Method for orienting crystals of diamond PERIODICAL: Kristallografiya, V.7, no.3, 1962, 454-456 TEXT: An electron-optital image converter, $iving a brightness increase of about 1000 over a fluorescent scroan, was used for orientating single crystals of diamond. Awordinary~ sealeO-off X-ray tube was used and the goniometer head wAs adjusted by a mechanical remote-control cable. A screen to crystal distance of 116 mm was used. The peripheral X-ray spots on the screen are slightly distorted with respect to a photographic record. Crystals can be set in 2 to 3 minutes. Thero are 2 figures. ASSOCIATION: Gosudarstvennyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy rentgono-radiologichookiy institut (State Scientific Research X-ray-Radiological Institute) SUBMITTED: September 19, 1961 Card 1/1 SHAMMAS 0. 0.1 ARTAMMYL, A. P. X-my Tiful wwwd Of *Aentation of Ulamd er"imlo. "tallogrania 7 no,314W456 WoJe 162 IXW 1613.) I. Gands"t"roly mt9ofto- ramologlobookiy insiltut. (1-"W mwunograplw) (DIMIMM outuno ARTAXONOVAR E.P., insh. I llkng devico for toptiM t-nwaf*T"r oil# tswrgoidk n no.n12l N 163. (MM 36:n) ir~MM- - A #- A rare Cauo*mian corml Feetwe longiaristAtmi (lr&:ko) Sam. et LeY4, Nauoh. dokl. vyo. shkolyl biol. mmki uo.2s135,4315 161. I lxm 3415) 1. Rokomendavans kafedtoy pobopmiki Hookaysiogo gom*irstva u~iTermitets im. M.T.Ummeavas (CAUCABOO-OATS-VARIUM) ARTANONOVA, I.K. Same charnateristito of vegetative reproduMon in Po4 loWit"Im. Trin. Mauch. dokl# wye. W**Vj biol. nauki no.31ll9-224 063. 1. Rekomendavane, B 'tmd (" *29) te, x. V aboskin sedan K*ekovgkW gosoUrsWowtop universite , Lm*noa*va. Obadov grass) (nants-Roproduotlom) ARTAMONOVAp I.K. Norphologioll MA pwu4swlogial optaftaom. Ole Pot folU Tria, V~&U Nook. us. Bev, 6s K*16~ 'Oebv. is 40.6s - it 38-47 " 163, (IORA 161ll) 1. Botanichookiy "d Mookovskogo mitsvidiotwo 3/190/62/004/001/020/020 III 06[r) 10 AUTHORSs Korotkov, A. A., krtesonove, I. L, TITLEz Reaction of titanium tetrachloride with butyl lithium PERIODICALs Vysokomolokulyarnyye soyedineniyal v. 4, -,Lo. 1, 1962, 145 TEM M. H. Jones and collaborators (Rot. 2s see bolow) found that the reduction of titanium tetrachloride with butyl lithium did not proceed quantitatively. even with high excess of the lattorl honaeo they concluded that butyl lithium was a poor reducing agent. Contrary to these statements, the authors found butyl lithium to be a good reducing agent for titanium tetrachloride. The reaction flask was heated in vacaus to 2500C beftre the reaction, and iry argon was passed through. A brown precipitate was formed when conducting the reduction at 25 0 by vigoTous mixing and adding butyl lithium dropwise to a solution of titanium tetrachloride in hexane. Within 15 min, the tetravalent titanium was more or less quantitatively reduced to the trivalent stage when the reactants were in equitolar ratio. lf the reaction took place under equal conditions but in reverse order of Card 1/2